As of next week (17-Oct-2016) prepare for flu symptoms to start occurring amongst the general public. Is it the flu season? Well of course October onwards is known as flu season time but really the problems start once the flu vaccination program is implemented (as you’ll notice if the program is ever delayed). This week see’s the Public Health (Death) England starting their vile flu vaccination poisoning program. You must study my work with immediate effect as linked below and make sure your home has the following homoeopathic remedies:

Influenzium in a potency of 30c (Nosode)
Gelsemium in a potency of 6c

Influenzium can be taken a prophylaxis and/or during flu symptoms and works to prevent or lessen flu effects. The Gelsemium will only be used if flu/cold symptoms are present and taken when needed due to the perfectly balanced potency of 6c.

Prevent and Defeat Flu the homoepathic way