Regarding the Unhived Mind’s April 15′s gracious and edifying response to Shinji1976:

Wow, thank you so much for such a wealth of information. There’s truly so much to learn in the Unhived Mind.

Now, I have four inquries if you wouldn’t mind:

I had heard of some talks by Glenn Beck, a well-known evangelical Christian Joel Rosenberg, and some other well-known Christians including Walid Shoebat, that the man of sin / son of perdition / antiChrist would be the Islamic 12th Imam / Mahdi. And to make the long story short, I had somewhat come to believe that.

Now, as I have been studying various comments, and the blessed history of Reformation, and as I have been learning a lot from Calvinist Christians like you, one question arose in my mind. Could it be that the idea of the 12th Imam/Mahdi, which both the Shia and Sunni radical beliefs propagate, be a hoax planted by Roman Catholicism, since Roman Catholicism did infact create Islam in the first place? If that’s so,
– it would make sense since the Vatican wants Islam to be one of the primary entities to blame for their evils instead.
– there could be a fake antiChrist appearing in the future as the Mahdi / 12th imam in order to deceive true-Christians and that way diverting the proper attention toward the fact that the ruler of the Vatican is the one. After all, the Vatican has not stopped its counter-Reformation efforts until today.

For those who have no idea who’s really behind Islam, seeing the Islamic so-called “prophecy” of the Mahdi, could wind up thinking that there has been a supernatural effort by the devil himself in the imprinting of that ideology within Islam. Such supernatural phenomena would thus naturally be a supernaturally imprinted anti-thesis of the Biblical antiChrist. As Walid Shoebat has said, “What they believe is the exact anti-thesis of what you believe.”

What’s your take on this Mahdi ideology? Is it just another Catholic invention, which would manifest in the future as a means to divert attention from the real antiChrist?

Secondly, where and how can I buy a non-facsimile copy of 1560 or 1599 Geneva Bible? I have come to a conviction that Baptist-Calvinist Puritanism is the purest form of Protestantism, and that the Geneva Bible is the English translation of my choice. I want to buy one as soon as possible.

Thirdly, when the Bible prophecy says “beast” (e.g. seven-headed beast, beast out of the earth, etc.), what do you take it to mean as? An individual human person or a regime / empire / kingdom?

Finally, I’d also like to mention that I live in Japan. Will there be also an upcoming food crisis or something like the American FEMA round-up going on here too? Do you think the Japanese government or the US military aircrafts in Japan have been spraying chem-trails all over? (a friend of mine said that he had seen something like that around where he lives). Is there any brief comment you can give me as how the Jesuit NWO’s diabolical agenda are currently affecting Japan and will effect Japan in the near future? I’m also married and blessed with two young girls. My wife also has been working for the US Navy-Japan defense alliance here for many years (I wish she could quit her job now after knowing all that I have learned so far), and I’m running a new small business. Is there any brief advice that you can give me?

Thank you so much in advance.

Forget agents of deception such as Glenn Beck who are out to deceive and to make profit in doing so. His career should show you who he is controlled by and you had better believe he’s still controlled by them to this very day. I do not trust anyone with the Rosenberg surname my friend because this is a bloodline offshoot of the Orsini Papal Nobility family. Note Lee Rosenberg controls AIPAC. Anyone who claims the Mahdi is the antiChrist is a fool because the antiChrist is the Temporal Power of the Holy See and this has been known for hundred of years and is highlighted in the Geneva Bible.

The Papacy love to hide themselves and force the blame onto others and this is how they have stayed shielded from the uneducated masses for so long. The Reformation did for a period of time help to highlight the vermin but the Jesuit counter-Reformation has brainwashed the people enough to not use logical thinking today. The Council of Trent still stands to this very day! All education today is controlled by the Jesuits covertly through The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.

Islam has to be built up as the great enemy of the World to aid the state-sponsored false-flag Al-Qaeda terrorism to come which will help bring about the martial law/police state post democratic society which is in preparation as we speak through the National Defense Authorization Act and similar treasonous Civil Law acts. You will never be told that Al-Qaeda was created by Georgetown University through the Chicago Marcy family headed by Carl M. Marcy. Carl’s daughter-in-law trained at Georgetown University created Al-Qaeda through her powerful Senior Executive Service via the U.S. Small Business Administrations 8(a) Program. The same feminine who has controls over the U.S. Government through the National Academy of Public Administration

Whether or not the Vatican were behind the creation of Islamic religion it does not really matter. Why? Simply because the Vatican pull the strings regardless today and that side of history could be seen as irrelevant as such. Islam is controlled through inter-religious dialogue veils by the Jesuits such as Thomas Michel SJ and Knights of Malta such as Felice Pallavicini controlling less powerful Islamic families such as the Gulen’s of Turkey. Felice Pallavicini can even be seen in meetings with high end Samhedrin members and their controllers the Roman powers which should highlight his importance.

The Middle East is dominated by the New Holy Roman Empire through Emperor Juan Carlos the Protector and Defender of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jersualem who uses his Union for the Mediterranean in his dictatorship over the region and North Africa. Juan Carlos serves the Curia Generalizia headed by Adolfo Nicolas SJ. Juan Carlos also serves Jesuit soldier, Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ currently located in Tripoli, Lebanon. Nothing happens in the Middle East without the say so of these people and Kolvenbach will have a greater say than Nicolas because of Kolvenbach’s experience of the Middle East. Adolfo Nicolas being the master of the Far East in knowledge.

Somehow at some point Islam has to be destroyed from the minds of those who follow it. How will this be achieved? I do not think they will attack Islam individually because this would mean each religion has to be destroyed the same. Trying to destroy a religion is almost impossible apart from one very easy method which should do the job within minutes. What they may attempt is to turn a lot of the World Islamic which would make the job far easier but I do not think they have to even go that far either. So how will they achieve their goal?

The Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst will roll out the greatest hoax ever known to man. This hoax will make the Moon landings and HIV hoaxes pale in significance. This hoax will bring the World into a World Government within hours. What is it? A false alien contact or even invasion, the latter may be likely since they keep hinting at this in their predictable programming. On the other hand it may simply be a contact hoax, hoping that scaring you for years via their social engineering on the subject will make you instantly accept and bow to the hoax. The little gray creatures they show you will be real to the eyes, touch and even smell. They will not be like animal and man but most likely a hybrid of both with plant DNA to boot. These will not be creations from God and they certainly will not be terrestial beings and not Gods although they will be claimed to be Gods. These are simply DVD genetic creations that have been secretly created since the Nazi programs started and continued after World War II.

These false-Gods will be rolled out and they will tell the World that all the religions were created on purpose to control individual peoples but now we must all join together. You will then hear a bunch of New-Age Movement propaganda stemming from the Jesuit soldier Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ camps as the excuse to why. The social engineered populace will bow to the acceptance of the new one-World religion based on paganism and psuedo-science dictatorship (Luciferian Doctrine). A war scenario with aliens may be likely in order to help create a space based weapons race based from Antarctica and this is why Argentina is key today and why Licio Gelli is a dual Argentinian and Italian citizen. Anyway a long time before this all happens they will scare you with asteroid threats first. All this recent talk of mining asteroids is the first hints being thrown out and you’ve already seen the predictive programming ‘Armageddon’ movie with Bruce Willis.

I believe the Geneva Bible can be bought from Amazon at this moment. What I will say is that anything bought from commercial names like these should be checked. Ed Cuppett has highlighted in the past that many King James Authorized Bibles have been altered on purpose and how he only uses certain ones. Ed Cuppett checks all his Bibles but just a shame he does not follow the true Puritan Christian Geneva Bible. Instead he uses a pirate Bible then complains about pirate/altered Bibles of that Bible. Both the Geneva Bible and King James Authorized Bible 1611 are almost identical but the Geneva is the original and true Bible highlighting that wicked sinful Rome much further such as the footnotes.

I think you may want to check out the work of William Cooper and also Professor Walter J. Veith on the understanding of the ‘Beast’ and the Kingdom knowledge. The most important area is the little horn which is the final New Holy Roman Empire since the Congress of Vienna.

The World is going to see a massive food shortages and also you do not need a food shortage to have a famine. How? Simple economics my friend, with hyper-inflation and inflation people will be not be able to afford food as we are seeing today across the World. The planned Club of Rome food crisis in the Middle East has been a tool to aid winding up gullible citizens there to join Al-Qaeda terrorists and starting the Arab Spring.

If Japan is within either the civil or military ‘Treaty on Open Skies’ or both then Japan will have been sprayed on a daily basis with poisonous chemicals, metals, biological weapons and nanotechnology as chemtrails or aerosols under the U.S Navy and U.S Air Force with the aid of some commercial aircraft. I do not believe it happens in the People’s Republic of China at the moment or Paraguay. Try to check out the ‘Treaty on Open Skies’ system and the answer will there. Go check out how this truly came about thanks to Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in 1989. You can say that chemtrails started Globally around 1993 which should not surprise you in the slightest when you understand this Treaty. Now go back over the big push to stop tobacco advertising and anti-tobacco social engineering programmes which really finally took hold from the nineties onwards. Interesting connection huh? Do they not want you dying quicker from the cigarettes whilst chemtrails are out there? Or do they fear the tobacco stopping their devious agenda on the populace? They could of course try to alter cigarettes and they have not done this so what is the real agenda here?

If I were you I’d want to get out of Japan immediately and would have wanted to do this straight after the Fukushima attack. Japan is a very dangerous place to live because there seems to be some very serious in-fighting going on where many Japanese people will get killed in the process. I also believe that Japan will be sunk by around a 2050 time frame. Why? Well its what the U.S. Navy are supposedly expecting so if its good enough for them its good enough for me. Its irrelevant whether its man-made or natural, the event will occur and the area will be no more. I believe more staged events will come to aid the evacuations probably to mainland China with its ghost cities lying in waiting.

Manufacturing is the backbone of an economy and all this has now been thrown into the Far East. It seems China and South Korea are the big boys. Now if you were expecting a major disaster which was natural and uncontrollable by man what would you do? Would you keep your manufacturing where the disaster is going to cripple? Or would you move it out somewhere safe so some form of economic normality could continue or start up again as quickly as possible? I think more is going on behind the scenes than just the typical New World Order greed and take over. Why do you think the very people behind the conspiracy push intelligence of the conspiracy into the alternative media they control going back to Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ? So you get engrossed at a certain level whilst they hide deeper levels not always what they even desire but they will simply take advantage of at the time. This is why they’ll have you thinking man is more powerful than he really is because they do not want you thinking otherwise, simply because then you would not fall for the World Government saviour idea.

If you have a business then all I can say is any profit you make must then be invested into physical gold and silver. Do not invest a lot of currency into your business because shortly the economy will be collapsed. I would collect on all retirement funds, pensions and insurances whilst I could and take any penalties in doing so. I would then invest this currency made into physical gold and silver as well which must be held at all times in your own possession. Do not worry about penalty costs in dropping these schemes you may be within. What you gain or save by going into bullion will more than cover that peon losses of penalties. If you do not then you will lose everything in schemes whilst any savings deposits in banks will be lost by a minimum 50-75% with any currency devaluations. Whats left of our saving deposits may take you a long time to get physically hold of again, maybe as much as twenty-five years at worse (read the small print of false Government backed guarantees). If you start seeing banks suddenly promoting their Government backed guarantees with billboards and posters you know very shortly the collapse will start. Try to move away from the system as much as you can and anything connected to the central ‘war’ bank in your corporation you reside within. In your case this is Japan run by the Bank of Japan aided by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst merchants via covert North Korean operations. The Bank of Japan sings to the tune of TheCityUK and its master The Worshipful Company of Mercers who run the Global banking empire and intelligence. At a lower level the Bank of Japan sings to the tune of the Federal Reserve of New York.

-= The Unhived Mind

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