The Unhived Mind speaks on Al-Gore Jr

16 Feb 2012 – By The Unhived Mind

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This cretin really disgusts me by the day he’s as evil as they come but puts over this whiter than white veil. Just how dare he compare subprime mortgages to natural and needed carbon. Just who in the World does this fraud think he really is? He’s nothing more than a sock puppet for Jesuit sheep-dipped Ottmar Edenhofer’s climate change claptrap proven claptrap with many facts and of course the Climategate scandal which these morons try to brush under the rug. The economic collapse today has been bought about by derivatives and thats thanks to Georgetown University controlled William Clinton and Robert Rubin. You will notice that Hillary Clinton is teamed up with Robert and they have a corporation known as Clinton-Rubin LLC. Do some focusing on the real causes of the problem the derivatives and see how corrupt this system really is today. The Worshipful Company of Mercers wants massive debts attached to all nations so they can all be destroyed and raped and forced into the New World Order as regions of various blocs such as E.U regions of the European Union aka the Roman Empire. Just look at how the Drumcondra Mafia are raping Ireland with the International Monetary Fund for Ireland’s natural gas and resources. Ireland being the largest natural gas reserve in Europe. All this goes back to of course Stuart Popham and the Royal Institute of International Affairs along with TheCityUK controlling all World Trade for the Mercers.

Al-Gore loves attacking carbon and scaring you with lies because he stands to make serious currency. After the Mercers, Royal Canadian Air Force and NATO destroyed the U.S. on 9/11 the top carbon trading platforms were quickly transferred to the City of London. These were then later on tied in with Al-Gore Jr and this Generation Investment Management at Vine Street. They stole these platforms from the U.S Navy and Cantor Fitzgerald the creator of the number one carbon platform worth ten years ago a whooping $73 trillion a year, imagine what it would be now? They then proceeded to dump the Russian P700 missile right into the Office of Naval Intelligence to aid in the taking over of the Continuity of Government from the U.S. Navy into the hands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization using secret prime numbered keys through the Entrust Public Key Infrastructure network transferring it into the vipers den of Chicago the true second Capitol not Denver for now at least. Then NATO headed by treasonous traitor General Joseph Ralston of the U.S. Air Force transferred power out through Chicago to the U.K. Ministry of Defence run by Geoff Hoon and The Worshipful Company of Master Mariners run by Commodore Barrett, all of course for the Mercers. General Ralston of course having full knowledge of the GAPAN planned attack by proxy that day. What you witnessed on 9/11 was a professional hit and act of war upon U.S. soil by Western Nations. The P700 was also a master stroke as it sent a very harsh warning to the U.S. indeed of what may occur at any time if you attempt to retaliate. Of course this couldn’t occur as control over the whole show was in the hands of the enemy. Now do you truly understand why The Pentagon was so exposed and the lack of intercepting fighter aircrafts? Don’t fall for the alternative media outlets blaming it all on war games drills. The war games were merely used as an aid to the larger deception. Remember the alternative media is Catholic funded and nothing more than the American Protective League continuum like the Council of National Policy backings etc. Never forget that the whole conspiracy arena was created by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ in order to control most levels of the intelligent populace.

Do the math and see through this Al-Gore Jr shill. Yes he has enemies within power such as Meeker Fong and Francis Kan Fong both of the Chinese Te-Wu along with James Vassilos, Gary Collins, John Brown, Charles Hayes and Mark Sato of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These enemies do not mean Al-Gore Jr is a good guy, even if he may have been set up over being tied to treasonous actions with secrets to the Far East.

Al-Gore Jr is up the backside of Prince Philip and both of these individuals want you dead in accordance with the Club of Rome and Global 2000 Report. Why do you think he uses the term ‘Sustainable Capitalism’? This is sustainable development, one of the veils for U.N Agenda 21 aka planned genocide under the false guise of being good for the planet. Al-Gore Jr gains off every man or woman who dies as they no longer exhale carbon. Think about it for a minute. This is the new economy coming to replace the old economy soon enough. Is it any wonder they want you dead? It was in their interest to have slow kill rates at one time because they did need a certain level of us with their current system. When this next one comes in you will see people dropping like flies. If you want an example of them not needing us as much anymore then take a look at the Annual Financial Comprehensive Report. You are seeing the gradual shifts in speed of illness and death if you open your eyes wide enough today. This will only get worse. Do yourself a favor and do not listen to this clown. I think he has had one to many Adrenochromaffins. I just wonder how many adrenal glands he’s had destroyed or are they now using a synthetic substitute?

So why hasn’t Al-Gore not addressed the facts that we are now in a mini ice-age period and have been since 1997. William Cooper an ex-officer of the Office of Naval Intelligence tried to warn us of this happening but people ignored the facts. They have known for a long time the ice-age was coming and its coming in slowly but surely. Check out the cold spells over the last few years and how the intensity is increasing. This will be increased by any large disturbances in the Gulf of Mexico with the Deepwater Horizon incident created in my opinion by Bombardier Master Trust and nothing to do with man-in-the-middle British Petroleum. Why do you think the Governments of the World are granting homes to be insulated up quickly for free with loft insulation and cavity wall insulation? When do you know of Governments giving you anything? Either they don’t want you dying off too quick from a lack of Qi due to severe cold or they wish to poison you with fumes from some chemical in the mix. There has to be something in it for them I assure you. It’s certainly not in their interest to cut your costs on energy and don’t believe the peak oil nonsense. The Russians proved a very long time ago that there is continuous oil below the mantle if you drill deep enough. No different to how a human body can regenerate blood over a period of time. Once blood leaves your system the Liver kicks in to build more blood. Theres a delay and time frame to all of this but this is how it occurs and it’s the same for the Earth and her system of survival.

Notice how NASA try to trump up the Sun at times as if it’s getting out of control and coming back alive when we all know the Sun is naturally lowering in strength and this is the reason for the ice-age we are now in. Everything you are told about the Sun is a lie, from being told we orbit the Sun to even the distance of the Sun. All a calculated set of lies by the Jesuit Order to create discouragement against the word of God. You are not told about the hidden energy waves that come from the orb of life known as the Sun which will provide you easily with 6kWh of electrical power for free. Mind you maybe with this current lowering of power this may drop in balance somewhat as well, maybe not much but it would have to drop regardless. They cannot have you understanding this energy because they you will understand anti-gravity and then you’ll see through their coming alien hoax. Why do you think they are conditioning you daily via Operation Greenstar to the idea of aliens? Oh you mean those genetic creatures made in deep underground military bases ready for the hoax even bigger than the non-existent hiv virus? They also do not want you having store front nuclear generators also known as atomic pigs that are safe and go underground powering up large areas for two hundred years maintenance free. Its depopulation time, the guillotines are ready and your organs will be harvested and sold on to the highest bidder in Chicago. Finally the West will be able to compete with the Chinese TeWu when it comes to organ harvesting and sales.

Now people if you have doubts on my work then why do I suffer Internet harassment from Carpathia Hostings Incorporated down in the intelligence land of Virginia, U.S? Do you know how many high-end U.S. Intelligence agencies this hosting company hosts for? Do the math and see how they have attacked myself and had my websites with masses of data destroyed through sanitizing me off the web as best they could. I give you the highest level family names in the Roman Empire, I give you agencies and people you have never even heard of. I take the pieces of the puzzle and put them together clearer for you to see whats going on. Copleston never wanted the amalgamation of data he wanted division creating lack of true understanding. Its time to shine the light on the highest levels of the Roman Empire and its fine web of intelligence systems.

Did you know that The Entity goes back to the Middle 16th Century only a short time after the creation of the Jesuit Order by the Borgia and Farnese Families? Do not believe The Entity is new, its the next best intelligence agency on Earth behind the Jesuit Order who use The Entity. Remember Howard E Hunt told you himself that the Central Intelligence Agency admit the Jesuit Order is the greatest intelligence agency on Earth. The Entity is totally behind the Mormon intelligence and lets not forget how Jesuit Soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ controlled Brigham Young and even gave the Mormons the State of Utah. You want to argue? Even the Curia Generalizia told you this on their own website in plain sight as I highlighted. Smet also controlled Albert Pike the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which was created by the Jesuits in Paris, France all to usurp the Sinclair family and Scottish Templar Freemasonry. Mitt Romney is an asset stripper, crook and socialized medicine genocidal Malthusian aid not to mention also a Temporal Coadjutor with his strings being pulled by Jesuit soldier, Thomas Smolich SJ at Georgetown University. Notice who’s backing Romney? Its Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush the thirty-four year-long leader of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst which hides in the Directorate of Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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