Social Services kidnapping and drugging of innocent children for population control and reduction.

Perfect example of why first of all, you must not register your child of God into a kid of Satan (Cestui Que Vie 1666 Act going to the Papal Bull Unum Sanctum of 1302) and why you should not ingest poisonous foods sold on the shelves of poison warehouses such as War*Wart controlled by, The Worshipful Company of Mercers for the Amalfi merchants (greatest merchants on Earth) and the powerful Curia Generalizia who subordinated the Amalfi in 1798 and the Vatican in 1814.

The Crown Maltese are creating the chaos to bring in the order they desire. They desire your children and the break up of the family unit, therefore they harm the populace and in this case the children with vegetables oils, unfermented soy, sweeteners, radiation, pharmaceutical drugs, Vaccines, lack of saturated fats, high intake of refined sugars and the processed slop claimed to be food, which is lacking in vital minerals needed for good health and protection. So of course the now registered kids start to have Spleen dysfunction leading to weight gain which will never be fixed without complete mind frame change on diet and knowledge of herbal medicine. These kids then continue to hinder the Spleen further with the eating of raw foods, cold or freezing foods and drinks aka ice-cream and soda pop.

What chance do they have? These poisons are in almost everything sold today. This was why The Worshipful Company of Mercers destroyed the local food stores that were independent and used to sell locally produced foods and raw milk etc. They want you stuck on only what they supply, which eventually would be all genetically modified to boot. The final phase is to bring in United Nations laws where you will not be able to own or grow your own food or else you’ll be fined or even imprisoned if found doing so. Of course it will be your stasi conditioned, gatekeepering neighbours who will twit on you to the Police and then you’ll be at the mercy of, The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and then the corrupt, Inns of Court working under Uniform Commercial Code of 1933 and Admiralty Law (Vatican Canon Law last adapted in 1984) veiled as Roman Civil Law and usurping God’s English Common Law. Welcome to the real now and your future to come!

Children must be unregistered and home schooled at all times. A Television set must not be in use or very little. An old fashioned lifestyle must be adhered to. Once your child enters, The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers controlled schooling then you’ve lost them, the State now controls their mind and quickly turns it against you. Just listen to lyrics of pop music since the Tavistock Institute created it and you’ll see exactly where I’m coming from. Their minds will be lost to the psychotic drugs of, The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries craving for a ninety plus percent of kids doped up on their mind numbing and brain rewiring poisons for profit, control and depopulation.

Welcome to the Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical-Financial-Educational complex aka Fuellers-Mercers-Apothecaries-International Bankers-Haberdashers, all of course working for the Curia Generalizia at the peak of this power mountain in control of St John’s Wood, England.

-The Unhived Mind

Thousands Of Children Stolen By UK Government Every Year – ex-NATO Security Chief


Cut in delays on care decisions in UK family court

Couple given suspended prison sentence for hoarding

Poor quality advice from family court so-called experts

Graduates will be fast-tracked for trainee social workers ready for child kidnapping

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    Parents of seven told: Your children are too fat, so you will never see them again

    By Jane Simpson
    Last updated at 8:10 PM on 4th September 2011

    Four obese children are on the brink of being permanently removed from their family by social workers after their parents failed to bring their weight under control.

    In the first case of its kind, their mother and father now face what they call the ‘unbearable’ likelihood of never seeing them again.

    Their three daughters, aged 11, seven and one, and five-year-old son, will either be ‘fostered without contact’ or adopted.

    Either way, the family’s only hope of being reunited will be if the children attempt to track down their parents when they become adults.

    The couple, who have been married for nearly 20 years and are not being named to protect their children’s identities, were given a ‘draconian’ ultimatum three years ago – as reported at the time by The Mail on Sunday.

    Warned that the children must slim or be placed in care, the family spent two years living in a council-funded ‘Big Brother’ house in which they were constantly supervised and the food they ate monitored.

    But despite subjecting them to intense scrutiny, social workers did not impose rules on what food the children should eat, and there was apparently little or no improvement.

    News of the decision to remove them was broken to the couple, from Dundee, on Tuesday. Critics called it a disgraceful breach of human rights and a chilling example of the power of the State to meddle in family life.

    In an emotional interview, the 42-year-old mother said: ‘We might not be the perfect parents, but we love our children with all our hearts. To face a future where we will never see them again is unbearable.

    ‘They picked on us because of our size to start with and they just haven’t let go, despite the fact we’ve done everything to lose weight and meet their demands. We’re going to fight this to the bitter end. It feels like even prisoners have more human rights than we do.’

    The couple have not committed any crime and are not accused of deliberate cruelty or abuse. Their solicitor, Joe Myles, said there was ‘nothing sinister lurking in the background’ and accused social workers of failing to act in the family’s best interests.

    ‘Dundee social services department appear to have locked horns with this couple and won’t let go,’ he said, adding that the monitoring project caused more problems than it solved. ‘The parents were constantly being accused of bad parenting and made to live under a microscope.

    ‘We have tried very hard to do everything that was asked of us. My wife has cooked healthy foods like home-made spaghetti bolognese and mince and potatoes; but nothing we’ve done has ever been enough’

    The couple have three older children who are all distraught and angry at the ruling.

    Speaking through tears, their 15-year-old daughter said: ‘The social workers should hang their heads in shame. A person’s weight is their own business and only we can do anything about it, not them. My parents are good people and they love us all. The four little ones don’t know what is about to happen to them.’

    Social workers became aware of the family in early 2008 after one of the sons accused his father of hitting him on the forehead. In truth, he had fallen and hit his head on a radiator – a fact he later admitted. However, the allegation opened the door to the obesity investigation.

    While the couple admit experiencing what their lawyer calls ‘low grade’ parenting problems, which would have merited support, they were aghast when the issue of weight was seized on as a major concern.

    A council report at the time said: ‘With the exception of [one of the names], the children are all overweight. Advice has been given regarding diet but there has been no improvement. Appointments with the dietician have been missed.’

    At that point their then 12-year-old son weighed 16 stone; his 11-year-old sister weighed 12 stone; and his three-year-old sister weighed four stone. It is not known how much the four younger children weigh now.

    The couple were ordered to send their children to dance and football lessons and were given a three-month deadline to bring down their weight. When that failed, the children were placed in foster homes but were allowed to visit their parents.

    After the couple objected to this arrangement, the council agreed to move them into a two-bedroom flat in a supported unit run by the Dundee Families Project. They insisted on the couple living with only three of their children at a time.

    At meal times, a social worker stood in the room taking notes. Doctors raised concerns that the children put on weight whenever they spent time with their parents, a claim they vehemently denied.

    The couple and their children also had to adhere to a strict 11pm curfew. This involved ‘clocking’ in and out by filling in a sheet held by an employee who lived on site.

    Although the children’s weight was the major concern, other allegations were included in a report. It showed that social workers were worried when the youngest child was found crawling unsupervised. The parents point out they were never far away and the flat had no stairs.

    They also found her ‘attempting to put dangerous objects’ in her mouth. The family say this is natural in toddlers and she was never successful.

    To have a social worker stand and watch you eat is intolerable. I want other families to know what can happen once social workers become involved. We will fight them to the end to get our beloved children back.

    Social workers were further worried when she crawled through the contents of an upturned ashtray – an ‘unfortunate one-off incident’, claim the parents. All the concerns were dismissed by the family’s legal team as ‘low grade’ problems.

    It is understood the father crumbled under the strain of being so closely monitored in January this year and moved into a council flat elsewhere in the city.

    In the next few months, the mother breached the lunch and dinner meal observations, by her own admission, on ‘several’ occasions while taking the children to see their father.

    She personally never broke the 11pm curfew but once allowed her seven-year-old daughter to remain at her father’s flat after she fell asleep. She did not want to disturb her and argued the child had ‘two parents, not one’ and was in ‘good hands’.

    These breaches led staff to declare the trial a failure and the mother was asked to leave the unit in April this year. She moved in to her husband’s flat but the children were then handed over to foster parents.

    Her solicitor said he planned to use independent experts to prove that the children want to live with their parents and have been damaged by the social workers’ intervention. He added: ‘We may ultimately look towards human rights laws.’

    The father, aged 56, said: ‘We have tried very hard to do everything that was asked of us. My wife has cooked healthy foods like home-made spaghetti bolognese and mince and potatoes; we’ve cut out snacks and only ever allowed the kids sweets on a Saturday. But nothing we’ve done has ever been enough.

    ‘The pressure of living in the family unit would have broken anyone. We were being treated like children and cut off from the outside world. To have a social worker stand and watch you eat is intolerable. I want other families to know what can happen once social workers become involved. We will fight them to the end to get our beloved children back.’

    It is estimated 26 million British adults will be obese by 2030, with obesity levels running at an all-time high among children. Official statistics show those who are overweight spend 50 per cent more time in hospital, placing extra strain on the NHS.

    Tam Fry, honorary chairman of the Child Growth Foundation, said: ‘This is a disgrace. These parents have clearly attempted to comply. They have, if you like, played Dundee City Council’s game and yet they are still losing their children.’

    Dundee City Council said: ‘The council always acts in the best interests of children, with their welfare and safety in mind.’

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