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Hacking Group “Anonymous” Has Issued A CHILLING Announcement

Something seriously bad is happening right now and it’s about to shift the face of democracy in the free world.

George Soros is well known by now for his donations to BLM and other extreme leftist groups, not to mention the millions he’s given Hillary.

Things just went to code red though, because Jill Stein has just initiated a campaign to demand a recount of the vote.

What is about to happen could possibly cause a civil war. Anonymous, the infamous group responsible for hacking multiple high-level officials and agencies, just made a grave announcement:

“It’s over, folks.

They are absolutely taking this from Trump. If you were able to see these stories they already have prepared for us to start running next week, your jaw would hit the ground.

They are going to “find” that the results were indeed “hacked”. They have everything set in place, and have been ready to play this out for over a week.

All 3 states (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania) are going to be reversed and awarded to Hillary Clinton. Speculations are in the midst of who is pulling the strings, but this is undoubtedly going to happen.

Start preparing for the news to pour in, NOW.

When Michigan is reversed, it will send a clear message of irreversible corruption; the state had only paper ballots. Furthermore, the votes have already been certified. The stringent program was designed specifically to defend against cyber attacks.”

There is already evidence that death threats were sent to multiple electors, but that didn’t work. Jill stein has already raised enough money to trigger a complete recount of the votes in Wisconsin—the other 2 states are even cheaper.

This is BAD News

Trump may have taken Michigan, but it won’t matter. Jill Stein demanded a recount, and as a third party it will be carried out. The election WILL be rigged. January 20th is literally 2 months away. Do you seriously think they are going to remain idle for 2 months?

I’m a realist—I call it like it is and I don’t care who I offend. But, do not be mistaken. This is BAD news.

It’s already happening. Multiple fake “computer experts” have stated there are “anomalies” in the vote that favor Trump. Who have they blamed? Russia.

So then what happened next? Jill Stein was able to push a recount order on these grounds. If foul play is “detected”, a recount can be initiated (even if the “foul play” is completely false and planned as a scapegoat to initiate the recount for Hillary).

Rogue Hacking Groups Like Anonymous And WikiLeaks Gave Us A TREMENDOUS Amount Of Factual Information During The Election Race. This Warning Is Not To Be Taken Lightly.

But wait a second. How is Jill Stein connected to Hillary and why would the recount benefit Clinton? The answer lies in a serious screw-up that became apparent when a bot was found in the donation system.

Go to the fundraising website and see for yourself! The campaign was started literally yesterday and already has over $4,000,000 in donations!

This Is NO Coincidence. Do You Think A Man Who Has Spent BILLIONS Will Stop Now? The Media Is On His Side, Pushing The Entire Narrative!

That’s not the scary part though. What gives away the entire operation is the behavior of the donations. The funding came in at an absolutely perfect $160,000 per hour. That wouldn’t be odd, except the donations continued full speed through the middle of the night when all of America was asleep!

Jill Stein now has the money she needs to initiate the recount. Where did the funds come from? Soros. The mainstream media is pushing the narrative hard right now that the votes were hacked, even In Pennsylvania where that’s not even possible.

They are openly and brazenly lying about everything. Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are all censoring the spread of this information, creating dissent and misinformation. To make things even worse, the establishment has launched a campaign against “fake news”, allowing the mainstream media to dictate reality for hundreds of millions of Americans who receive constant news!

This is BAD news people, and it’s about to get even worse. There is no reason they would be attempting to pull this stunt unless they had absolute certainty it would execute successfully.

Please spread word of what is about to come. I will continue to keep you informed, but you must join me in this fight and spread word. This news is being suppressed on literally every channel. We must fight back.

Alex Cooper, CDP, Reports.

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  • theunhivedmind

    I’ve warned people for months that Jill Stein was a puppet of New Venice (Britain) who serves the House of Windsor/Club of Rome/1001 Club who’ve mastered the genocidal green policies/cult for Global population reduction hidden behind a one-World religion (Gaia cult [Luciferian Doctrine]). Jill Stein played the game as she was ordered where by she took the role of controlled opposition against Hillary and she even said she would prefer Trump over Hillary due to World War III issues. The game never went in the favor of New Venice you’re now seeing Stein trying to put a spanner in the works which could expand and aid the overthrowing of the democratically elected President Trump.

    Now ask yourself why Stein would do such a thing unless she’s a paid up stooge? Why would you want to hinder Trump when you know that your party’s votes ain’t worth a recount? Why pick Michigan? Why not pick other areas? This is simply because it’s a shoehorn to causing issues with the elected Donald Trump. Why would Jill Stein suddenly favor world war three over general peace under Donald J. Trump? Trump might remove her Green cult but would any sane person who’s supposedly for the environment want to keep a job just to only end up frying in a nuclear holocaust? This is most definitely Zionist George Soros meddling and attempting to kick off the Trump side so there’s utter chaos in the U.S. The only way to sort this out is to lawfully detain/execute George Soros and his accomplices under treason laws. Trump must start these proceedings against Soros, Clinton and many others as soon as he’s inaugurated in January.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind