Anti-Truth Leftist Communist Internet Censorship as Stormfront is shut down

Stormfront got shut down

Jim Stone – Aug 2017

It was not a site I frequented or ever found anything useful on. But it must be noted: I never saw race hatred at Stomrfront, and they let the trolls run amok, posting counter posts to everything. I can’t see how in a million years taking Stormfront down was justified, other than as symbolism and proof it can be done. Granted, I never went off the current news page, but you’d expect to see bad behavior in all sections if the site really was bad. 4chan was a LOT LOT “worse.”

The left, which has gained control of most web providers, is proving what true facism is all about

If they took Stormfront down, everyone is targeted now. The left will just keep inching forward until all opposition is removed from the web. It will probably take less than a year for them to kill almost everyone off. They have accomplished true facism, where corporations play the role of government. And that is just perfect for the left, which lives via hypocrisy and always accusing their opposition of being that which they in fact are – I gotta say, if they are getting the job done via web providers and not court orders, that is FACISM ALL THE WAY – that is precisely what facism is. The future is now clear. The writing is on the wall