1. theunhivedmind

    After reading so many of your posts on hom(o)eopathy I decided to give it a try. My teeth are sensitive and after researching what to take for that awful unpleasantness I bought a bottle of Staphisagria 30C.

    I’ve been taking it for about two weeks and my teeth still hurt but the pain is not as sharp. The thing I wasn’t expecting is my back, which hurt all the time, is now suddenly pain-free for the first time in a decade.


    This was very good to hear because it has showed you the potential power of homoeopathy. You chose a 30c which is a nice dosage for helping acute symptoms and it seems to be resonating well with your back problem which is excellent. What you want to do is take it for a short while and then leave it off for a few days and see what happens. Make notes on your back pain and teeth pain, if the back pain returns or your teeth get worse then continue again and continue notes. You might be able to get to a point where you do not regularly need the homoeopathics but you will have to suss this out for yourself. Make notes of any other problem you come across if any. I have a bottle of Staphisagria but as an LM1, I have yet to use this but I will be at some point and thus I have no true experience of it. Can you describe your sensitive teeth problem to me in depth and see if any of the sensitive teeth issues below match or come close to your problem. We may be able to find you a closer remedy for your teeth.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Tender; left
    Tender; right
    Tender; morning
    Tender; morning rising after
    Tender; evening
    Tender; air
    Tender; air; cold
    Tender; bed; in, amel
    Tender; biting teeth together
    Tender; brushing
    Tender; chewing agg
    Tender; chocolate after
    Tender; cold agg
    Tender; cold agg; filled tooth
    Tender; cold agg; least
    Tender; dinner, during
    Tender; draft agg
    Tender; drinks, after cold
    Tender; eating agg
    Tender; expiration agg
    Tender; inspiration, on
    Tender; menses, during

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