Babylon on the Thames is run by the ROYAL MAIL


BY :The-Unhived:Mind @ 6th December 2019


The United Kingdom is controlled by the Royal Mail on behalf of the Universal Postal Union in Berne, Switzerland and it has been this way since July 1st 1875. The Port Authority, Courts (foreign vessels in dry dock), Government, Treasury, Bank of England, Military, Intelligence, Police and all else are controlled by the Royal Mail under Int’l bankruptcy.  The Int’l bankruptcies are set up and controlled by the Sabbatean ‘copper-blooded’ Rothschild family and these forms of bankruptcy enslave the once nation as a corpse/corporation for seventy-years in length.

The world’s structure is controlled by two organisations one being the Universal Postal Union (one street away from the Vatican Embassy) and the other being the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.  If you invent something or have any data which threatens either the UPU or the IBWM then you’ll be silenced either by threat or by assassination which will usually come in the way of the intelligence services such as MI5 in Britain or the Secret Service in the United States.  If you come up with a superior system for weights and measures and openly speak about it then you can expect a knock on the door and the same with the commerce.

Who’re above these two organizations of the UPU and the IBWM? The answer is the Sabbatean Frankist powers and the highest end of the shabbos goy Freemasonry far above the thirty-third degree level.  Please understand that although they have a master these the two organisations of both the Post Office and the IBWM are the rock solid foundation in which everything is run and conducted through. The UPU controls all of the World’s commerce which includes the both the IMF and World Bank (both would be handed over to Persia/ELAM if the Rothschild’s would honour their debt with Persia from 1750). What you have beneath the Post Office are its postal gangs such as the likes of Clinton vs Trump, Bojo vs Corbyn and even the deepstate is just another postal gang although a bit higher in the pecking order.  They’re all vessels fighting amongst themselves but only at their levels and never at the level of the Post Office.

Watch Donald J. Trump 2.0 (the original seems to have been replaced after the Koch plotted assassination of Trump 1.0 on October 10th 1989 when the Agusta A-109 helicopter crashed carrying Trump.) with and hugging the gold-fringed flag of COMMERCE/MARTIAL LAW/SUSPENSION OF CONSTITUTION.  Now again who controls the COMMERCE and MILITARY power? The POST OFFICE controls both military and commerce and in this case it’s the U.S Postal Service in joinder with the Universal Postal Union! Now notice how Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Flag is almost always wrapped in a gold fringe and now you’ll know who controls him.  Why do you think Putin will NEVER reveal the whole scam or Freemasonry etc?  Putin is a part of the scam under the Sabbateans controlling his Presidency through Russia Post and the fact that Russia has been mastered by the UPU the same as both America and Britain which was July 1st 1875.  Russia’s economy is dominated by Moscow based Orthodox Jews of the Chabad-Lubavitch who’ve had a hold inside Russia since the 1920s.  All these actors playing the fake roles as leaders do and just bickering amongst themselves as the postal gangs and just on their lower levels of the tyrants and conspirators webbing never exposing the black widow.

The system is all a scam run by nine ruling families and not this so-called Illuminati 13 bloodline level of jesters as spoken about by others like Springmeier. There are then three-hundred families (Committee of 300) with around eight-thousand family members many of which are at lower levels of the postal gangs.  Now believe it or not most of these powers have zero wealth because it’s all placed into Trust and this is done to keep everyone in line.  Why?  If you don’t tow the line you don’t have any funding and you’re out on your ear and so elitists used to the luxury lifestyle will fear such a drop in lifestyle if they fail to meet the grade of the Trust.  The Trust hands out funds to the elites as and when they’re needed like a sort of Universal Basic Income type affair but whilst you’re in the club the payout is a lot more extravagant.  The Trust doesn’t pay any taxes and it keeps all these devils in line and each one of them is within the Trust.  So whilst you think the Rothschild’s have $500 trillion you’re mistaken as in truth when push comes to shove they’re poor no different really to how Knights etc would give up their ownership of items and wealth by handing it all over to the Church and its Orders.  In fact the word mail originates with the Knights protecting the commerce wearing their chain-mail body armour.

Now understand that there was a Navy/military with the Post Office in America a long time before a Government.  When people realise this then they can start to grasp how the Post Office dominates the Government.  When it comes to the military the top dog is the NAVY and this is directly connected with the Post Office and they even used to run the mail.  So now if I ask you which is more important in the United States, the Central Intelligence Agency (U.S Army) or the Office of Naval Intelligence then what would your answer be?  Yes it’s the Office of Naval Intelligence which was created in 1882 just seven years after the UPU capturing of America.  As an admiralty product (registered birth) you yourself can call on the protection from the Navy.  You have a naval, a belly button which was tied to the protection of the placenta the same as the NAVY protects the Post Office.   Why do you think the Post Office always sends in first the Navy to the battle zones and usually also starts wars in the seas?  It’s all a shipping scam folks based on Int’l bankruptcy timelines all taken care of by the Rothschild family who’s routes go back into Etenoi (Venice), Khazar and even further to when they were first cursed in the Nile-Delta as the Menes-heh.