UHM – Big Pharma’s latest attack on
Herbs aiding deadly drug side-effect

By The Unhived Mind
October 27th 2012

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First of all I have to say that on average each year three-hundred thousand people, yes a third of a million are killed by pharmaceutical poisons from quack coal-tar synthetic drugs. Are you scared yet? You should be! Can I ask how many recorded deaths we have per year from herbal medicine? Why do we not get these statistics? Especially those herbal takers who do not take drugs. You will not get this because you will see how perfectly safe herbal medicine really is. The agenda is to destroy herbal medicine so you are left with just big pharma run by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers who are both merchant pirates of the Livery of London (veiled British Empire continuum).

So instead of demonizing herbal medicine based on drug side-effects why not stop the use of poisonous drugs altogether and instead only use herbal medicines as God intended? Oh there is no profit in that for the pirates of the Livery. On top of that herbal medicine cures and heals which does not suit population reduction and population control agendas of the pirates of the Livery either which are being implemented through the Club of Rome and United Nations.

They do not tell the people how herbs like Mistletoe and Reishi Mushroom are used to combat the dire side-effects of chemotherapy quackery for barbaric cancer treatments by allopathic death doctors. It does not make an ounce of sense to take any known poison from the doctor. If you check out the Physicians Desk Reference you will notice the side-effects of all drugs are usually far worse than the issue they are being used to mask not cure. These drugs cause further more dangerous imbalances of already non-balancing functions and organ dysfunction.

The human body was meant to only intake minerals, vitamins, enzymes and compounds from plant material. Never synthetic or even rock or land minerals etc. So does it make sense to take synthetic drugs made from coal-tar? Its poison! Most of the supplements are made by five pharmaceutical poisoners such as Pfizer with their useless Centrum vitamins. Many of the health stores like Holland & Barrett are now owned by vulture private equity companies like the Carlyle Group who’s members are heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry. This is why many herbs and decent medicines are being removed from H&B shelves today. They are taking over these stores so they can strip what profit they can from pushing coal-tar masked as supplement health and then they will quickly close the stores once EU legislation calls for it. Then the big pharma has a free-run to kill and profit from misery of the slave common man.

Echinacea is a massive problem for The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries. Since the introduction of synthetic poisons many of the top herbs were ignored and lost favor in the people due to propaganda and programming to the acceptance of the medical quackery. Echinacea is now almost an household name for fighting flu and illness. Big pharma cannot afford for herbs to become as popular as they once were. The more people that use them the more people will realize the truth that herbs work and work well whilst drugs do not work and also kill. The people will be able to defend against veiled biological attack by these swines and their population reduction programmes. This cannot be allowed so these dictatorship pirates are now out to smear and attack the medicines so the gullible uneducated populace accept the nonsense like they do for everything else put out in the mainstream lying media.

Allopathic treatments can be destroyed overnight if the people were taught the truth from Antione Bechamp rather than quack Louis Pasteur. If one’s body is clean then one can fight most of the problems out there if they stay nourished at the same time. This is why today the establishment push over processed and GMO foods to weaken Spleen and Kidney functioning whilst lacking any nourishment at all. Once the Spleen function is dis-balanced then the mucus and phlegm will build up and create a food and future breeding ground for bacteria, virus and fungus. All of which are God’s method of cleansing muck from Earth in attempt to have a clean biosphere. If you are unfortunate to be riddled with filth so bad that you may be killed by these cleansers this is not necessarily a bad thing. You are seen as muck and no longer worthy of being on Earth to breed inferior damaged genetics. Therefore the nature of balance wishes you removed unless you can clean yourself. Understand? This is one of the reasons why we have such an unhealthy populace on top of the poor foods etc. Today these swines put petrochemicals into our foods and biosphere most of which cause health problems in a similar fashion. For instance isopropyl alcohol is a food and trigger for the dreaded sheep liver fluke which can set off cancer problems.

The establishment like to attack the lung function as you can see from the dramatic increases in COPD and other respiratory illness aided by aerosol spraying known as chemtrails (Operation Raindance, Red Sky, Cloverleaf.) Why is this? Well first of all the Lungs when functioning properly will protect you from external illnesses through blocking of these illnesses using Wei-Qi. The lungs are the authority for producing Qi before distribution around the body even more so than the Spleen but both go arm in arm as the Spleen generates the force for the Lungs to work. When the Kidneys are impaired this causes problems with the Heart which will then unbalance the Lung. So a slow Spleen and Kidney attack method is best preferred in order to slowly attack the populace making them vulnerable eventually to Lung problems. This makes it harder for the populace to see or ever work out they are being directly attacked. Compare it to outright quick attacks on the Lungs no different to an army killing masses quickly where they know about it. Everything has to be done slow so the people do not catch onto the Global 2000 Report, Memorandum 200, UN Agenda 21 and Apocalypse Equation. If you go without Qi for half a second you die, so forget the importance of water and oxygen in comparison.

Now study why the Order of Malta’s Grace family were really studying immunology and the respiratory systems. Then go and study the Avian Flu (H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1) etc and their main side-effects. With herbal medicine we can effectively regulate the immune system whilst increasing it to kill the infection. Echinacea is not one of these herbs though for fighting a pandemic flu with cytokine storming. We have special herbs to deal with this problem. I will not name this one herb in particular online since big pharma monitor this site and others to see our tips and techniques so they can ban them in the future.


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