Book Review: Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government

Book Review: Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government

August 26, 2016 / Gilad Atzmon

Book Review:

Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government

By M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein Published 2012

By Scott Free

I started this book several times and kept putting it down because the politics of the authors bled through so quickly that I could tell I wasn’t going to agree with their spin on history. Evans seems promising enough, having penned the re-habilitating book about Joe McCarthy “Blacklisted by History”. The other author is a little more hurting for credibility having worked in US propaganda operations and as staff of the “House Intelligence Committee”.

The authors posit a titanic struggle between the “West” and the emergent Soviet communist “power” whom sent spy after spy into the US penetrating the highest ranks of the US government. Though this book was written in 2012 it fails to mention any of the work of Antony Sutton who wrote “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” back in 1974; in which he decisively shows that the Bolshevik’s were backed by Wall Street Banks and the revolution was largely hatched from 120 Broadway NY, NY(Big claim, but backed up with documents and evidence).

The authors could not be faulted for failing to consult another book… “Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel” by Alison Weir in which she also decisively shows that the US government had been very heavily penetrated by Zionists who were hell bent on creating the Golem “Israel”. This book was written in 2014 and is a must read for any true understanding of American Political economy.

I bring these two other books up, as way of introduction to the most mind blowing part of “Stalin Secret Agents”. It comes early in the book. Getting into history that is not talked about much… specifically the health of Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom Roosevelt was surrounding himself with, and what really happened at Yalta.

Here are gems; in the middle of World War II, “Roosevelt spent long periods away from Washington, going as often as possible to his home in Hyde Park or his retreat at Warm Springs, Georgia, taking a month’s vacation in the spring of 1944 at Bernard Baruch’s estate in South Carolina, and embarking on his lengthy voyage to Hawaii. We now know, thanks to Alison Weir, that Bernard Baruch was a member of a secret Zionist group called “The Sieff Group” “A sophisticated version of Brandeis’ Parushim” (p80 Against out Better Judgement).

The Yalta conference took place in February, 1945. At this conference, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and their staffs met in the Crimean resort town of Yalta, to discuss how they were going to divvy up Germany, Europe, and Asia. Supreme war crimes were discussed and agreed upon. There is a lot to say about the whole thing, but let’s cut to the chase.

Evans has new material: specifically the papers of Edward Stettinius Jr. secretary of state at the time of Yalta. “As the now available Stettinius papers reveal, both the official Yalta compilation and the posthumous memoir (of Stettinius) are considerably less than the total story.” (p.10 SSA)

I am going to excerpt a couple of longer parts of the book, the first shows the heavy hand of Romerstein(I’d wager) in which in the midst of this significant advance in historical understanding Romerstein attempts to undermine it. The second exert is from the official minutes at Yalta that were edited out of the official state department record on Yalta.

“At Yalta, FDR would make even more peculiar statements, in terms highly embarrassing to his supporters. One of his strangest comments concerned an upcoming visit with Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud, scheduled immediately after the Yalta summit. When Stalin asked what concessions Roosevelt might make to Saud in dealing with the Middle Eastern issues, the President replied that there was only one concession that he might make and that “was to give him (Ibn Saud) the six million Jews in the United States”

“Though this astounding comment was edited out of the official record, it survives in the minutes preserved at the Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York and in the Stettinius papers. Such a remark of course did nothing to burnish the President’s reputation as a crusading liberal—which is doubtless why it got excised—and might be construed as evidence of anti-Semitism, of a type not unknown among the patrician classes from which he was descended. An alternative explanation is that this response suggested a kind of aphasia—the lack of the sort of mental filter that keeps people from blurting out impulsive statements” (p.34 SSA)

This ends the authors direct discussion of what was said in these released minutes. Oddly, (thankfully, I’d wager Evans) they included in the book a photo copy of the minutes of the meeting marked top secret and everything. More oddly still, perusing the actual minutes yields a whole different understanding than the authors had just stated!

THE PRESIDENTanswered that he had three Kings waiting for him in the Near East, including Ibn Saud.

MARSHAL STALIN asked whether the President intended to make any concessions to Ibn Saud.

THE PRESIDENT replied that there was only one concession he thought he might offer and that was to give him the six million Jews in the United States.

MARSHAL STALIN said the Jewish problem was a very difficult one—that they had tried to establish a national home for the Jews in Virovidahan but that they had only stayed there two or three years and then scattered to the cities. He said the Jews were natural traders but much had been accomplished by putting small groups in some agricultural areas.

THE PRESIDENT said he was a Zionist and asked if Marshal Stalin was one

MARSHAL STALINsaid he was one in principle but he recognized the difficulty

I was definitely impressed that the authors could go so far as to imply that Roosevelt was “anti-Semitic” While “suppressing from the record” Roosevelt’s declaration of support for a racist Jewish state! This 6 million number, is it some sort of secret society code? Roosevelt challenging Stalin to declare his love of a Jewish state?! Stalin submitting!

It is quite clear to me that Roosevelt was going to let Ibn Saud in on the fact that American Jews were landing in Palestine like it or not, and he FDR was a “Believer” in the cause. And so was Stalin. And so, like Word War I, it appears that World War II was really about establishing a Jewish hell hole in Palestine. From Versailles to Yalta, the real agenda seemed far from what was stated to the people of Europe and America.

Evans and Romerstein spend the rest of the book documenting how high and how far reaching in government, academia and the press ‘communist party members’ had penetrated. Their failure to flag the Zionist connections in all of this gives their effort only 3 stars. Their failure to analyze the true nature of the secret society that was (and is?) the communist party and whom really sat at the top of the pyramid also marks down the effort. To me it becomes clearer and clearer that Nesta Webster was right, that secret societies sit behind most, if not all, subversive movements; revolutions are not spontaneous uprisings of the people but coups with a great PR department.