BRICS fights the Zionist New World Order

Bolshevik Russia: Anonymous sent:
,,,2016-08-19 23:28:56,”Beginning in the 1970’s Russia and her leadership began returning to Christianity. Occupation of Russia in 1917 by the 85% Bolshevik Jews who secretly governed USSR finally went bankrupt in 1990. David Rockefeller saw these Bolsheviks as a useful, experienced resource, hiring many stateside, but the ruthless lot soon climbed over him for bigger fish. These Bolsheviks took over the Neocon-run GOP putting Pres. George W. Bush in office in 2000. That election was rigged as were all others since.

Both main parties were puppets of Soros, an agent of Rothschilds now banned from both Russia and China. Zionists had decided by 1990 to destroy America (Finks Bar rant by Netanyahu). Zionists have been exploiting American Forces to enable “Greater Israel” expansion from the Nile to to the Euphrates by using them to destroy Arab nations in endless wars for Israel, thus also trashing the US economy. A Zionist fifth column in the US has been selling out American industry offshore, mostly to China whom they had planned to be their future NWO slave state.

China’s industry has seen heavy Zionist investment and is burgeoning with growth. Russia was wise to their Zionist Oligarchs who tried to plunder post USSR Russia. Putin deported or jailed them many years ago. China seems to have learned from Putin about them, joined BRICS, and followed suit. China offered to share this windfall to restart the new BRICS financial system and eliminate world poverty. The coming 2016 election has a new option to consider. Donald Trump, a wealthy, capable, and popular outsider is running in a sincere bid “To make America great again”. Trump is in no ones pocket, is absolutely detested by MSM and world Zionism, and polling 80 percent.”