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26 Aug 2012

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The British Government does not give a damn about true-Christianity or even the false Catholicism. The British Government is as Luciferian as they come. The British Government is using the Frankfurt School to destroy morality in the region whilst claiming to be doing the opposite. The British Government love to kill innocent children still in the womb of life going totally against the word of God and then using their remains in vaccines, cosmetics and even to improve chemicals for food flavouring enhancers (Pepsi controlled by Dame of Malta, Queen Beatrix and Nestle controlled by the Vatican of all people). The British Government do not want you reading that you are a man and woman created in God’s image as in Genesis of the Geneva Bible and that no man’s blood should ever be spilled including that man has dominion over all of the animals! They want you thinking you are of no importance which obviously aids the U.N Agenda 21 program closely connected to the Global 2000 Report of the Club of Rome front run by the Peccei family. This also ties back to 1906 with the Food and Drug Act basically classing you all as animals so they can slaughter you as they do regular if you are not blind to whats really going on. The greatest slaughter is being done covertly through the medical inquisition run by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers.

The Bible empowers man whilst the British Government lowers man into it’s Marxist State as we head into World Socialism at a fast pace to eventually be openly run by the dictatorship called the United Nations. New Jerusalem (the City of London) destroyed the real Bible when they created the King James Bible. The Geneva Bible was destroyed to remove its defiance of Rome and questioning of the Divine Rights of Kings (who created the Kingships? Its the Pope who also created the title ‘Sovereign’ through the Papal Bull Aterni Regis of 1481). So New Jerusalem had an Enochian occult master called Sir John Dee (007) pirate the Geneva Bible minus their censorship and this was called the King James Bible. All done under the vile The Worshipful Company of Mercers by a band of ancient Masonic merchants of the pirates of the Livery who truly run Great Britain and much of the World today with the hierarchy of the Vatican itself. May I remind you that the King James Bible sits in almost all of the Freemasonic (Luciferian) Lodges Worldwide. May I also remind you that anti-Christos groups attack Christianity based on the King James Bible through its use of astronomy within. Freemason Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell was one of these hateful Luciferians who did just this with his deceptions. Could he have done this to the true-Christian Puritan Bible called the Geneva Bible? No! Has he or others ever mentioned this Bible? No! Ask yourself why and ask yourself why it needed to be banned just because another had been written (pirated).

The Vatican has nothing to do with true-Christianity and is just a major usurper (Council of Nicaea) of Christianity in order to do whats happening today, to destroy it and bring in the Luciferian Age of Aquarius. All as the Catholic Church slowly morphs into the next World-Religion where the Pope will end up being named something else just as the Caesar of Rome became the Pope of Rome and the Senate became the College of Cardinals. All being run soon in East Jerusalem known as the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem where the King Solomon’s Temple III will be rebuild by Grandmaster Giuliano di Bernardo. East Jerusalem became openly controlled by the signing of Cardinal Ratzinger’s Oslo Accords by Jesuit trained Shimon Peres in Jesuit Washington D.C. overseen by Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University. Do not be fooled and study well who controls the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenism Movement. Study how their power over the religions is hidden behind a veil called inter-religious dialogue. Study their destruction of Christianity via the hoodwink known as the Charasmatic Movement.

The British Government cannot have U.S. Citizens (chattel property slaves) turning back into free Americans and fleeing from its boss New Jerusalem (the City of London) with it’s enslaving Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 (tied to the Papal Bull Unam Sanctam of 1302). U.S. Citizens have to be slave property to Old Europe through New Jerusalem and Montreal, Quebec for the rest of their lives, they cannot become Americans again following the American Constitution on a land made up of people. The prison of the U.S corporation and its dead corporations passed off as persons shall continue to be pushed and all based on Vatican Canon Law based fiction laws usurping the laws of the land in favour of the Sea of Souls. U.S Citizens are to be trapped and turned into peasants by TheCityUK and The Worshipful Company of Mercers just as they purposely destroy the middle-class Worldwide in accordance with the Club of Rome.

How dare anyone talk of real money (moon-eye) called gold and silver. You all know what happens to those who challenge the The Worshipful Company of Mercers banking system, they all end up dead such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Saddam Hussein (Iraq) and Muammar Gaddafi (Libya). Roger Hayes of the British Constitutional Group now challenges their banking monopoly with his ‘The Lawful Bank’ and look at what happened to him recently. The Committee of 300 Olympians have created a debt prison using monopoly tra$h palmed off as money. You are using debt-instruments which are promissory notes nothing more than an I-Owe-You. You cannot use money in a bankrupted Nation now turned into a corporation. You have a promissory note which gives you equitable title to that worthless note but not legal title. Therefore you only have a right-to-use but do not own. The owner is the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve etc. Same as you do not own your home even if you have a deed and have paid off the mortgage. Why? You only have Fee Simple and can never get Alloidal Title meaning real ownership of land and property. Ask yourself why you have to pay tax on something which you supposedly own. Ask yourself how they can make up fictional acts and statutes in Legalese dictating what you can and cannot do with your supposedly land and property. Right now no one owns anything, only the illusion they do. Shortly you will overtly learn you own nothing as the World is turned into Socialism controlled by the United Nations. Listen to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine‘ predictive programming song originating from the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations who created The Beatles and the ordo-ab-chaos Pop and Rock music culture ruining society today aka the Frankfurt School.

Britain has been so degraded by the Frankfurt school and Jesuitism that the pagan-Catholic based so-called Church of England (destroyed by the counter-Reformation aka Council of Trent which still stands to this day) now goes around claiming that Jesus Christ and his followers were mentally-ill. What else would you expect from a filthy Church front run by a Druid called Rowan Williams who kisses the Pope’s ring in total subordination as well as prays with the Pope in the Vatican and has even lectured at the Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome which houses a very powerful Monsignor Jesuit. Not to mention how Williams is constantly shadowed by Red Cardinal Cormac O’Conner. I personally believe the Bishop of London is of more power than the Archbishop of Canterbury.

All this should be ended right now and the British Constitutional Group should remove this filth from English, Scottish and Welsh lands. This is Luciferian and totally anti-Christos whilst also being the destruction of man not the perfection as these Luciferians love to think in their alchemical mystery schools like the Rosicrucians riddled in occult. Resist their mind-reframing and stay clear of their brainwashing with neuro-linguistic programming techniques.

Resist Common Purpose and their destruction of Britain along with their Marburg version in the U.S. Watch out for their armies such as Serco, Geo-Group and G4S working for The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals at the top. The same lot who will try to turn you into overt slaves either in the Big Society or in one of their many profiting private prisons working unpaid or for peanuts to compete with other slave labour abroad which their masters created in order to destroy our economies/middle class and to redistribute the wealth in accordance with U.N Agenda 21. Remember that both Serco and G4S are involved with the Nazi Department for Work and Pensions slave labour unpaid back-to-work schemes such as the ‘Work Programme’. Where corporations use unpaid workers whilst sacking paid workers so they too can become slaves working for piddly benefits equating to a third of the legal required minimum-wage. Serco runs the corrupt, fraudulent A4e program whilst G4S runs the vile 4Star program. Both use the number ‘4’ as it is in Witchcraft known as scourg and punishment to purify and make right whilst it is symbolized by the ‘$’ sign of all things. Remember Freemasonry is identical to Witchcraft and remember the pirates of the Livery are all Masons with each company being a Freemasonic Lodge known as a Worshipful Company headed by a Worshipful Master. I will remind you that the corporations taking on the most slave labour are all the ones now controlled by vulture private-equity firms like Warburg Pincus (Warburg family behind the U.S. Federal Reserve) and the Carlyle Group (backed by George H.W Bush). The Poundland stores look today like dysfunctional jobcentres as Warburg Pincus fill them completely with slave labour from the unemployed slaves. Holland & Barrett is another tied to this unpaid scheme and they are owned by the Carlyle Group. A company desperately trying to fire its paid workers by spying on them every other day with mystery shoppers and giving warnings for the slightest petty things.

What happened to Roger Hayes the Chairman of the British Constitutional Group recently? He was kidnapped from his home in the morning and placed through a Star Chamber with no defense or proper trial and then placed in a Liverpool jail within hours for a period of twenty-one days. Why? They could not defeat him in the overt Court system (including High Court) which today is all a fraud and nothing more than merchant administration Courts masquerading as Common Law Courts not working to the Oaths given and all in order to hide the covert bankruptcy of 1933 and the enslaving of the people of England, Scotland and Wales to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 held at Temple Bar shall we say the slave master Pope’s Tiara.

Notice the Government Whip? What is a Whip? It is basically a form of Jesuit soldier who controls, masters and punishes politicians. Who for? Not the Party but for the City of London Corporation. Do your homework immediately on New Jerusalem (the City of London). Do your homework on the Magna Carta of 1215 and the Papal Bull Ad Providam 1312 and their connection to New Jerusalem. Study the ancient Orders who have controlled and controls this region and who those orders serve at the top. Study the events closely of the 14th Century and think about whats happening today. Your answer will be most obvious!

I do not support the Republican Party, I do not think they are trying to help the United States, quite the opposite. I do believe they may now be using Ron Paul’s talk to aid Muslim Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) getting back into power. Until I see America come back following the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and with a precious metal based economy following the desires of Kennedy I will never believe in any of the Parties supposedly leading the U.S. Until the Knight of Malta controlled Central Intelligence Agency is disbanded there will never be no peace in the U.S. and that goes for the Senior Executive Service too. The Republican Party is governed by Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush who serves his Great Master Prince Charles and who is the thirty-four year long American spokesman for the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst which hides in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the CIA. Do not be fooled by these pirate merchant crooks ruling the roost for vile priesthoods. Do not be fooled by the Federal Reserve and any changes or rants for auditing. The real big boys in finance over the U.S. is the U.S. Treasury which commands the IMF, World Bank and the Federal Reserve all through the Exchange Stabilization Fund. So the Federal Reserve is not as big a deal as many would like you to think as they divert your attention away from the bigger player. Timothy Geithner is more dangerous than Ben Bernanke and the same was for Henry Paulson over Knight of Malta, Alan Greenspan. All of these are dangerous but there is always more to these players and system than originally meets the eye. By all means follow Eustace Mullins information on the Federal Reserve, it is highly important. But TheCityUK and The Worshipful Company of Mercers dominate the arena tied to Geneva, Switzerland and of course Bern, Switzerland with the Universal Postal Union located only one street away from the powerful Papal Nuncio. Take a look at the location for instance where the stockholders of The Honourable East India Company were based. This was of course the canton of Switzerland known as Geneva which is governed by the House of Savoy and the extremely wealthy Doria family. The House of Savoy is dominated by Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV a man almost as powerful as King Juan Carlos of Spain within the new unHoly Roman Empire. Both are the highest of the high Papists serving the Jesuit Order.

May I remind you that Mitt Romney is from the Mormon cult which is nothing to do with true-Christianity. The Mormon cult was a creation by the Jesuit Order to aid moving people away from true-Christianity and it is controlled to this very day by the Jesuit Order at the top. It was Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ who gave the Mormon cult the Utah Union State. It was Smet who handled and controlled Brigham Young. The same Smet who also controlled the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike. You all should know the power of the Scottish Rite in the U.S. by now and especially the Valley of Dallas where Kennedy was slaughtered by Permanent Industrial Expositions tied to Montreal, Quebec and paid for through the Bank of Montreal. The Scottish Rite being made up of twenty-five degrees totally crafted by the Jesuits with another eight added whilst the thirty-second is actually dedicated to the Jesuit Order if you delve deep enough. All designed to destroy all other forms of Templarism so Red Masonry aka Armageddon Masonry could take control under the Jesuits (the Aragon Templars). Mormon Intelligence is run at the very top by the oldest western intelligence agency known as The Entity which was created in 1566 way before the over-hyped British Intelligence (creator of the CIA and MOSSAD). The Entity is run by the Jesuit Order and made up of Jesuit soldiers both for intelligence gathering and assassination. Now bare in mind that CIA Agent Everette Howard Hunt admitted on camera that the Jesuit Order is the greatest intelligence agency on Earth.

Look into the past of this Baroness Warsi and would you trust her in the slightest? I think not, like all these politicians today, see them for what they really are, tyrants of the Marxist tyrannical state. I honestly prefer the great Vladimir Putin of Russia to all these fools in the West. I plead with and call upon Vladimir Putin to target his nuclear or scalar arsenal at the City of London, Washington D.C., Vatican City, Dallas/Texas, Denver/Colorado and finally Montreal, Quebec. Barack Obama is as communist as they come and Andrew Breitbart was going to highlight this so they had him assassinated. Obama is the worse President of all time and actually makes Knight of Malta, Tony Blair’s (Booth connected) puppet (you read correctly) George W. Bush look impressive. Obama is a complete fraud from Indonesia who cares more for Islam than Christianity. Obama is mentally insane and should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment immediately. Obama is a terrorist with connections to the Weatherman Underground Organization and Bernadine Dohrn. The same WUO which bombed The Pentagon of all places. Wake up to this propaganda that has been fed to you and see the truth.

Please remember it was Tony Blair who installed George W. Bush as U.S President in 2000. Tony Blair used £3m taken from Barclays Bank and then money-laundered it through British Secret Intelligence Service Humewood proprietary accounts into Bear Stearns in Florida. A State then run by 4th Degree Knight of Columbus Jeb Bush (Pope’s ring kisser on his knees). This fund was then split out to officials and media to rig the elections (2012 Greek elections were a fiddle too). Cable News Network had a cut and that is run by Knight of Malta, Ted Turner. Do not believe for one minute Tony Blair was the puppet of George W. Bush. Tony Blair is a puppet of the Vatican and the City of London! No U.S. President masters any British Prime Minister who represents the City of London Corporation interests. Its the other way my friends as evidenced by Le Cercle member Margaret Thatcher (Catholic controlled through the Powell family) lecturing to George H.W Bush at the Aspen Institute to start the war on Iraq. The Powell’s are a major force connected to The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Watch the British Politicians dress up with their dickey bows and frilly shirts and tux when surrounded by their true masters at The Mansion House. You will also see this in the States just prior to the Election when they have the Al Smith Memorial dinner commanded by the powerful Archbishop of New York from ‘The Powerhouse’ St Patrick’s Cathedral, the real King of New York not merchant pirate David Rockefeller.

The City of London Corporation controls the United States via the British American Project utilizing organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and merchant banking in Wall Street aka JPMorgan which loves to fly the Union Jack on supposed U.S. soil, most of which is owned by Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II and leased to phony U.S. merchants and corporations such as the Rockefeller Institute. The wealthiest land owner in the World is Elizabeth II and she is a Guelph. Again I plead with you to study the 14th Century and then sit and think with common sense. Forget the German connection to the false Monarchy of Britain and go straight for the jugular. Too often the so-called alternative media (American Protective League continuum) will give you a snippet of truth but keep diverting you from the further truth. Welcome finally to the truth and yet another search that is needed to progress in wisdom and knowledge.




  • theunhivedmind

    I was watching the idiot box the other day and there was a commercial for Foxtel (subscription tv in Australia) that has a guy walking along with catholic priests at one point and then soon after that it has U.N. troops rushing through a door.


    • theunhivedmind

      Perfect example of the coming post-democratic society in the zero-growth post-industrial plan society started by the Club of Rome through puppet U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Watch as the false pagan Churches work hand-in-glove with the Nazi Luciferian takeover shortly. The United Nations is the most vile organization on Earth yet all the sheep look up to it like lambs to the slaughter they are. The best thing you can do is buy up or gather as many Bibles (Geneva Bible) as possible and hand them out. Mind you these books will be classed soon as domestic terrorism. If they can now call Jesus mentally-ill and gay well what do you expect next. These tyrants much be overthrown by Vladimir Putin and the awakening people quickly or we are totally doomed in a Nazi World our ancestors fought and died to prevent on false pretenses.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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