Colin Kaepernick is a JEW stirring up a race-war agenda

Kaepernick is a JEW

Jim Stone

Yep. Race baiting POS. Kaepernick, the quarterback who won’t stand during the National Anthem until America “addresses” it’s “race problem” the Jews caused is a JEW. All I had to do was see his picture and I knew, and when I checked it out, he is in fact Jewish. He’s not black, as claimed, either.

And anyone with an ounce of wit in alt media knows what it means when a Jew pulls this kind of crap, with the Jews being the masters of stirring discontent among the races. He’s obviously the spearhead of a Jewish psy op to divide Americans as much as possible. He should get booted out of the NFL for what he is doing and I hope he does.