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December 4th 2012

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The Jesuits may have authored the Protocols of the Elders of Zion but the real masters of this work was the Vatican in 1482 within Rome some fifty-two years before the founding of the Jesuit Order by Alessandro Farnese and the Aragon Knights Templar continuum power of Francis Borgia and Ignatius Loyola.

The marriage between the Rothschild’s and the Aldobrandini’s is between David de Rothschild and Princess Olimpia Anna Aldobrandini. The family named after the very important occult Aldebaran bullseye star mentioned in the Rolling Stones song 3000 Light Years From Home.

The King James Bible was mastered by an occult magician connected with British Intelligence and more importantly the Masonic lodge called The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The King James Bible was authorized by Sir John Dee (007) in order to do away with the true Puritan Christian Bible called the Geneva Bible. If you look in the Bible it forbids you to use and play with the occult and witchcraft. So is it right to have a magician in the occult create a Bible to replace thee Bible? The Geneva Bible was used by Queen Elizabeth Ist for God sake! Study up on the suppression of the Geneva Bible. Note how the King James Bible sits in every Masonic Lodge as it was mastered by a Masonic lodge and we all know that Masonry worships Lucifer. The Worshipful Company of Mercers have done everything in their power to move people away from the Bible especially through their scientific dictatorship using pseudo-science through their Gresham College and Royal Society. All whilst they hide the true science for their own power and control. For instance hiding Biblical Geo-centricity which hides the influence of the Sun for anti-gravity and for nuclear explosions. For more on this then study the work of Bruce Cathy and his Harmonic 33 book. Is it any wonder the Jesuit counter-Reformation in control of the City of London want to create Atheism and try to constantly attack the Bible such as they do with the pseudo-science of Temporal Coadjutor, Charles Darwin.

Privy Councilors Edward John Stanley and Roundell Palmer were behind the authorizing of the assassination of President Lincoln. The Worshipful Company of Horners were behind this assassination after causing Lincoln to have to destroy America in favour of a corporate United States in order to pay debts to the Horners for the old Virginia Company of London settling. Roman Catholic, John Wilkes Booth was paid sixty pounds in money via the Bank of Montreal for his part in the hit. Quebec is controlled by the Jesuit Order and I suggest you study the power of the Catholic Desmarais family in the region and especially Paul Desmarais. Note how even King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Bush family etc visit the Desmarais in Canada. Canada is the executor of the desires of Old Europe where the orders come out of the City of London (New Jerusalem) with the City of London Corporation and the pirates of the Livery (British Empire continuum).

The Muslim Brotherhood goes further bank than just the 20th Century, its origins is within the Middle East but connected to The Honourable East India Company which was run by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The main shareholders of The Honourable East India Company were all based in protected Switzerland which has been neutral since the start of the creation of the little horn new unHoly Roman Empire back in 1814 with the Congress of Vienna. An invisible Empire commanded by the Priesthood of Baal and Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain.

The Oslo Accord was created by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. He utilized his powerful merchant Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden to aid bring this about and one of these was Egdar Bronfman. Jesuit trained Shimon Peres transferred power over East Jerusalem to the Vatican in 1993 with the signing of the Oslo Accord in Jesuit Washington D.C. For bringing the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem home to the Papacy, Cardinal Ratzinger was promoted to Pope (Antichrist) when John Paul II died. The autobiography of Yitzhak Rabin exposed the face of Shimon Peres being trained by the Jesuit Order in Poland. Shimon Peres had Rabin assassinated two years later. Washington D.C. is on Catholic soil that came from the Catholic families of Pope and Carroll. The later being the family who founded the Jesuit U.S. Headquarters known as Georgetown ‘Military Fortress’ University. An area of land once known in 1663 property records as Rome and which is made up of part of Virginia and party of Maryland giving you the Virgin Mary or shall we say Queen Semiramis the wife of Nimrod who worshiped Saturn known today as Satan which controls your sexual base chakra system so highly prized by Masonry and others with their phallic and vagina worship such as the Generative Principle and six-pointed star.

The Union for North America will not start until between 2020-2024. A feminine has to be seated as a U.S. President before the Union is created. This is so it can be said that both a black (really a mulatto with a larger white brain) and feminine have held the position. The later is also part of the gender mind conditioning of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations aiding the bringing in of the perfecting of man in the eyes of the Order of the Rosy Cross and their alchemy occult utilizing the petro-chemical industry and their toxins controlled by The Worshipful Company of Horners. The next feminine U.S. President is likely to be the wicked witch of North America, Hillary Clinton who’s husband is Jesuit trained at Georgetown University. The same Jesuit powerhouse who trained Hillary’s handler in the Marcy family based in Chicago who control the secretive, Senior Executive Service.

People need to understand that all Knights of Malta Worldwide are controlled by the Order of Malta and its Grandmaster who is also a hinge (Cardinal) to the sun door (Pope). The Grandmaster controls all recognized Knights of Malta orders via The Alliance for the Orders of St John of Jerusalem which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva canton is controlled by the House of Savoy and the Doria family. The head of the House of Savoy is Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV who is a very powerful Roman Catholic who rivals King Juan Carlos of Spain. Both are present in all the major orders such as the Order of Malta and Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Both serve the Temporal Power of the Supreme Pontiff.

The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem is dominated by King Juan Carlos of Spain who is the ‘King of Jerusalem’ the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. This ancient Templar title gives Juan Carlos great power over both the Middle East and North Africa. Gaddafi’s execution and removal from Libya was ordered at the top by King Juan Carlos. One of Juan’s power branches over these regions is his Union for the Mediterranean based in Barcelona and Malta.

The Worshipful Company of Horners and Fuellers will never allow hemp to be used widespread like before until they stop trading in the global currency which is black gold aka oil. So much today is made from oil and plastic, even your window frames are plastic today and front doors. You name it and most likely it is made from plastic which comes from oil. Your plastic carrier bags are made from one mug of oil. They use oil as a biological weapon to aid in the perfecting of man agenda of the Order of the Rosy Cross. This is through attacking masculines with xenoestrogens which has all been planned to aid turning masculines more feminine. This allows men to have homosexual thoughts and actions towards other men as well as the visible metro-sexual conditioning. They are altering masculine genetics to aid the coming of the Aeon of Ma’at. All prior to the endgame of the trans-humanism agenda using a laboratory created hermaphrodite. Check out the Tavistock predictive programming shows with the likes of Joey Essex and see what they are doing with this metro-sexual. So many masculine youth today are very feminine and many are bisexual or gay. By doing this they are killing off gender and class all-in-one (study the Uranian ‘third sex’), all thats left is to kill off race which will be done and is happening to the plan highlighted by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in his Practical Idealism written in 1925.

The Gulf of Mexico was hit in order to aid the eventual evacuations of the regions of the United States nearby. These regions and up into Chicago and also the East and West Coasts have to be evacuated in preparation for the coming event around 2050 which some claim is now 2100. I believe for now it is still on for 2050 just as the U.S. Navy is fully aware of. Deepwater Horizon was destroyed by the World’s number one electronic warfare specialist called Bombardier Master Trust based in Jesuit Quebec. British Petroleum is not the enemy, this company was man-in-the-middled to take the flack. The ultimate enemy was Bombardier Master Trust who made sure before they attacked the platform that they never allowed Schlumberger to do a cement bond log. They purposely fiddled an emergency message for Schlumberger to leave the platform before they could do a cement bond long. This is because Halliburton had purposely done a poor job of the cement bond. This poor cement bond could then be used as the cover-up to the real attack on the platform. We are dealing here with the real terrorists from Old Europe who did 9/11 and this time it was also about Geo-engineering of the planet.

Osama Bin Laden was killed in December of 2001 by the British Secret Intelligence Service mastered by Sir Richard Billing Dearlove under the orders of the Sir John Scarlett and Privy Councilor, Winifred Ann Taylor in December of 2001. He was then quickly buried in the People’s Republic of China. Please note the connection between the British SIS and the Order of St Michael and St George run by Grandmaster Edward Patrick who is a member of the powerful Order of the Garter. It is quite correct that Obama did not have Osama killed, as usual it was Old Europe who then use the U.S. to front their atrocities thus veiling the real power players. This also aids hatred towards the region which the mainstream media aids by using words like America. Notice when there is a negative against the U.S. they term it America. The United States for a long time could not be whipped publicly but they purposely whipped the once sovereign and free land of America which they purposly destroyed in 1868 after forcing (Horners) Lincoln to destroy the nation temporarily in 1865. After Lincoln was whacked this corporation was made a permanent affair in order to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. By 1933 every once American was totally enslaved to this corporation through the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 mastered now by King Juan Carlos and attached to the Papal Bull, Unam Sanctam of 1302. Today the truth is there is no Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Jessie Ventura lets slip about Legatus because this is of course a financial division of Opus Dei. The same group Dan Brown tries to portray controls the Vatican whilst he never ever mentions the powerful Jesuits. The Jesuits have mastered the Vatican since 1814 after seeking revenge for their suppression in 1773 first of all with the Knights of Malta in 1798 and then the Vatican in 1814. Opus Dei is mastered by the Jesuit Order otherwise it would not even exist. The masters over the financial part of the Empire above the Mercers are of course the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Opus Dei and the Order of Malta. May I remind you that the Order of Malta took control of everything tied to the Knights Templar through the Papal Bull Ad providam in 1312. The land of the City of London belonged to the Order of Malta who rented it out to the Livery. Yes Opus is a big player but not as you have been fooled to believe by the Vatican and Freemasonry alliance tied to Grandmaster Giuliano de Bernardo who by the way is the Vatican’s man behind the creation and coming completion of the third King Solomons Hebrew Temple to be placed over the Al-Asqa Mosque. Jessie Ventura’s show on the water theft ignored the fact that this agenda and UN Proposition 21 are connected to the St Lazare Foundation and World Society run by powerful families like the House of Savoy for the Vatican.

The medical empire is dominated by the City of London Corporation and its pirates of the Livery. When looking in this arena you have to focus upon The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers. These two Livery companies dominate the medical industry. Yes you will also have The Worshipful Company of Horners involved via the oil as well as The Worshipful Company of Mercers via the finance. The only true powerful healing system is of course Samuel Hahnemann’s homoeopathy. Quite simply there is nothing that comes close to this practice, not even herbal medicine or acupuncture. Only the human body can heal itself with its own algorithms. Forcing a body to do something with a herb or acupuncture can never cause true healing only the illusion of healing and sometimes not even that. Where some herbs can fail, homoeopathy triumphs with ease. Vaccinations were actually invented by the Jesuit Order by soldier, Francis Xavier as a method to poison the Order’s enemies. Homoeopathy highlights and anti-dotes the dangers of the soft-kill vaccination programmes.

Laissez-faire capitalism has been killed off for quite some time. What we have at this very moment is a capitalist system where The Worshipful Company of Mercers have removed all the checks and balances. One such check and balance was the ban on derivative trading which Jesuit Georgetown University trained Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin had removed in order to aid the destruction of the corporations (once nations prior to 1933) by placing them under massive non-repayable debt. The planned economic collapse that is taking place is to aid the mental conditioning of the peoples into accepting socialism Worldwide under the United Nations coming World Government. Groups like the Occupy Movement and more to come will spring up and these will all be mastered by the Club of Rome just as the Occupy Movement is today. Please study a book from the nineties called ‘The First Global Revolution‘ by the Council of the Club of Rome. Notice how the Occupy Movement did nothing of worth first time round. All they managed to do was fool the gullible into detesting capitalism whilst now making them favour socialism. They may even be used in the future to bring about chaos on the streets so that martial law and the post-democratic era can be ushered in quickly. Welcome to the post-industrial zero-growth plan.

Rome’s responsibility for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (1897) [PDF]

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