Ask yourself one very big question and that is would the British Royal Family use Homeopathy if it did not work? Of course the answer would be no! But the Queen has a Homeopathic doctor by the name of Dr Peter Fisher. What does this tell you all? Have you known the Royal Family to be constantly sick? How rare is it to hear of a Royal being ill these days? Wake up people.

I have done all the different treatments including ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine which I recently rated as the number one of them all. Now I have actually started to look into Homeopathy and I have found it to be even more powerful than Chinese medicine. This Samuel Hahnemann is a genius like George Lakhovsky, Royal Ramond Rife, Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla. Homeopathy is extremely powerful and works ultra quickly like nothing I have seen before. Just touching a homeopathic preparation will have the treatment inside you very quickly. I touched some Natrum muriaticum whilst preparing some for my Cat. A couple of hours after I bent down to get some of my Goji berries and all of a sudden my nose poured out and I just thought nothing of it. Then it did it again and I had to wipe with my hand. It then did it again every time I bent forward and when I looked there was a mass of almost pure yellow pus that was coming out. This occurred for a few hours and I was shocked out my head because I had not ingested the Nat Mur and only handled a couple of pills in the hand (not ones I gave the cat). This to me tells me this treatment is working on the frequency level as close to the spiritual level as possible.

You can have a big cyst on your leg and take the right homeopathic treatment and watch it start to drain within as little as two hours or even less. I have not witnessed this strength and speed in any Western herbalism or Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture. I only use the best quality professional supplied herbal medicines which are even bio-dynamic organically grown to the Moon/Seasons and all that occult knowledge. I still have not witnessed anything like Homeopathy! Anyone who attacks this amazing treatment is either totally ignorant (brainwashed) or working for The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries who control the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone who tries this and has a reaction will soon see what I’m saying is absolutely correct.

I’ve had poisons released into my system from suppuration from a homeopathic remedy called Hepar Sulph. In fact I overloaded my system with poison only the other day and suffered greatly for it because I broke the rule. That golden rule is when there is any detoxification going on you must make sure you are taking proper levels of water. I broke this rule and paid for it that night. I lost my vision and had serious Heart issues and more going on. I knew instantly my Liver was in trouble and most likely I had suffered an overload of poison. I had been spitting out poison as soon as I woke up that day. This had occurred a few days before too but luckily I was fine that other day. I knew also my Kidneys had taken a belting as my Heart span out of control for a while. What herb did I mostly use to save myself? I used Melissa Officinalis known as simply Lemon-balm as my main line of defense especially for the Heart and head issues. I was lucky I had it still lying around as I need some more herbal stocks as I’ve run down. I also utilized Hawthorn berry to aid my Heart and Spleen. Luckily just these two were enough as well as a lot of water drinking to bring me back.

I know I’ve had changes in an area I’m working on, I know the poison was draining internally from this region. I may have just had too much too soon and then no backup dilution and cleansing from water. So if you are going to use any suppuration remedy and you likely have pus or something wrong like that then you must drink a minimum two and a half litres of water or else. Once I felt better next morning I felt a little lighter which reminded me of when I used to water fast. This has continued somewhat and I know it was all for a positive reason. I now have to rebuild my Heart area to at least what it was prior and I hope from then on its improved further. Then I will have to try again but this time make sure I use the water and take a break.

Honestly I am now amazed by this treatment and wished I had not listened to Dr Richard Schulze many years ago when I was starting to learn herbalism. He was against Homeopathy because of some of the substances used. Many of these healers of one profession are also ignorant of other professions and snobbery comes into to. I on the other hand will not do this usually although I did with Homeopathy through ignorance and lack of study. I will now try to utilize homeopathy with Western and Chinese Traditional Medicine from now on. That will be the ultimate system and if more would do this then this World could be an even better place and we could annihilate the pharmaceutical quackery once and for all. Please start your studies on homeopathy and fast.

May I also remind you that Israeli scientists have been able to hold one terabyte of computer data within just one inch of water in a test tube. What does this tell you? By the way watch that cocky unscientific twerp James Randi crap himself at 41:33. Notice the interesting choice of numbers nine and eleven! How obvious of this Freemasonic setup by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries commanding the pharmaceutical industry worth billions per year and controlling whilst culling the population. How often do you see these vermin using these numbers of completion and judgment? Hows about on September 11th 2001? Regardless of the video go to a Homeopath and try it out properly for yourself then decide. When you see that Cyst disappear in front of your eyes then you be the judge of this amazing treatment. Remember just a magnetic field can negatively affect a Homeopathic preparation, do you know if any shenanigans has gone on? Reminds me of how the FDA use synthetic vitamin E for all tests with vitamin E in order to screw the vitamin over. Hows about this creepy and annoying Randi paying his one million dollars out to someone as they watch their cyst drain away quick enough instead of playing with these figures?

The video was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation who always try to make hit pieces against the things they do not want you to use or conspiracies. They rely on the continual brainwashing by the establishments predictive programming techniques from birth. This show being yet another programme on their television in order to tell you through your vision to programme using either 50/60hertz cycling to affect your brain patterns or Silent Sound Spread Spectrum technology. Both of which aid the transference of their programme into your brain no different to a computer using a hard drive or Internet. Think of the 50/60hz flicker rate or Silent Sound Spread Spectrum as being similar to a WiFi system. The BBC will hinder the mind against logical and critical thinking using mind-reframing techniques and neuro-linguistic programming. Not to mention how well chemicals like fluoride in the water hinder critical thinking. I know one of these zombies of the mass population, I quickly mentioned their Television tube is breaking because parts of the screen are turning yellow instead of white. This being who watches it constantly had not even noticed a thing. They live in a dream World and guess what? He consumes cigarettes, aspartame the lot on a daily basis.

Look at how almost all of the BBC staff are now Common Purpose trained. Study that evil organization. The BBC sings to the turn of The Worshipful Company of Mercers and always will. Those that understand the Television will never watch it and they also know its dominated by the intelligence services whether in this case Secret Service and the Secret Intelligence Service or in the United States the Central Intelligence Agency. There is nothing that you watch that is not controlled by them. Anything they do not like on Public Access television will end up simply being removed from the station like I believe they did against Sherman Skolnick’s ‘Broadsides’ show.

-= The Unhived Mind

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”Former CIA director, William Colby

Popular homeopathic cold and flu remedy Oscillococcinum under attack in Canada
Critic of Homeopathy Professor Edzard Ernst exposed


  1. I found a book by a former NASA scientist who cured her son of moderate autism! Amazing stuff. Probably will choose another book as an intro though – plus now I will be reading your blog!! Thanks again!!


  2. From watching this video, i went into a health food store and spent some time talking with the owner about homeopathy. He was a archive of knowledge, the conclusion i formed from the conversation was, its not that homeopaths don’t work its just a matter of finding the right one that will work for you. Do you have any further info about homeopath that i can research? thank you

    P.S. Ive tried some of Dr Schulze products for arthritis, i saw some results maybe i didnt try enough. My question is to what level is Dr Schulze understanding limited to about his expertise and/or speaking on another area that he isn’t the expert of and what do you suggest to prevent arthritis?


    • Yes you have a have a correct diagnosis and have the correct preparation. If you are dealing with the twelve tissues salts this is a different ball game because they are needed by the body to function correctly so these will always have some kind of reaction somewhere whether you feel it, see it or not. Study the twelve tissue salts and start from there. Remember all vitamins, enzymes etc are useless without minerals which are the key to all the reactions of the body. You may want to take a look at the site I link below and build from there.

      Dr Richard Schulze has some good information but he like so many have not fully understood the body and lack far behind traditional Chinese doctors. For instance Schulze will tell you to eat multiple raw cloves of Garlic per day. Although Garlic can be wonderful for the body it can also be a danger to the body from the heat alone. One of the first places you will notice that starts to play up after doing his Garlic eating will be the Lungs. This is because the Yin of the Lungs starts to dry up as the Yin of the body depletes. Now anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the Lungs have to stay moist at all times otherwise the Lungs will shred and you will die. This is one of the reasons for the side-effect of a typical asthma attack, its because your body is desperate for water through histamine regulation overload and the body knows it can always find or should be able to find water at the Lungs. So if one has bad Asthma and finds relief with Garlic for a while, long term this could become dangerous if they still have the odd bout of attacks. Understand? Its call balance in the system.

      An emergency protocol for Asthma sufferers if they have an attack is to drinking a small bit of water and put a teaspoon of salt on their tongue for a few seconds then drink a glass or more of water whilst ingesting the salt. This will fool the brain that they are completely hydrated and the attack will stop or become easily under control. I’ve used this on myself in the past not for Asthma but for the same breathing issue due to severe hyperthyroidism and it works so again I have experience of what I talk about. I learned this emergency trick from the great Dr Fereydoon Bathmanghelidj of Iran.

      Another example of flawed work by Schulze is his pushing of large amounts of Cayenne Pepper, again its a similar problem as with Garlic and thats heat. The body must never have too much of one thing and certainly not on a regular basis and the same for over stimulations. You may help one issue for a while or for good but bring half a dozen worse issues to your door. If you overload your Yang Qi (Heat) it is extremely different to bring back down and takes a long time even with the coldest of herbal medicines. What happens is the heat pushes deep within over time. Cayenne will overload the metal of the Lungs and again cause Lung issues which can result in Liver problems leading to Spleen and Kidney issues. If you overload the heat of the Heart where the fire is generated in the first place then you will suffer the Lung issues as the Heart over balances or under balances the Lungs regardless. Its a fine balance and long term treatments like Schulzes are dangerous. The same for these formulas these Western herbalists push, one formula will not treat everybody and may cause someone more harm than good.

      An individual questioning and individual herbal medicine done in balance is the answer not any slap dash formula. Until one studies Traditional Chinese Medicine they will never grasp what I’m saying properly. One can have a particular disease but have other symptoms underlining it than the usual. One being may have a mass of heat in the Liver aiding the loss of their weight, another may have it in the Spleen doing the same thing. Would it be wise to put heat into either of these organs during their disease? You may have a supposed weight gain herbal medicine but unless it reduces heat as well as restores say the Spleen then its useless and will harm you. Milk Thistle is a wonderful Liver herb but its warming so would I use that in this case or would I go for the cooling Artichoke Leaf? Of course I’d go for the latter every time. Understand? I started my herbalism knowledge via Richard Schulze but then I moved on through experience and then with the aid of Chinese medicine went to what I believed was the ultimate level. I have now come to find that the ultimate would have to be a correct combination of both TCM and Homeopathy.

      Arthritis has many angles but one of the main methods of preventing Osteoarthritis is to look after your Kidney function which means making sure your Liver, Spleen and Kidney matrix is restored and functioning properly. This will also involve never eating or drinking anything cold or frozen and making sure most of what you eat is cooked. Now Schulze and people like that will have you eating raw foods all day long but this is not the way at all and also does harm to the system usually through Spleen dysfunction. The Chinese are the masters of health and this is because they have balance and follow the proper balanced and needed Chinese diet system.

      Richard Schulze will have you at the toilet 3-6x per day which is totally wrong. In Chinese medicine they expect only one good bowel movement per day and this shows you have good balance in your system. When your body is off balance you will go to the toilet regular in the day like thyroid patients who can go multiple times in the morning alone. In Chinese medicine if the body is just slightly off then they will allow a bowel movement more than once but the total movements should only produce the equivalent of what the balanced one bowel movement produces alone. Any more excrement in the day is a sign of more serious unbalancing. Understand? So does Richard Schulze’s hammering on to everybody about bowel cleansing sound good to you? Its only of worth to those suffering with large blockages through the standard U.S. diet. Whilst getting the area free it must also be restored until they can only go to the toilet once a day and have a great full bowel movement. The body has to be hydrated meaning the Kidney function restored making sure the electrolytes and minerals (Kidney glands) are in order and no gates staying open through Yang Qi deficiency. The Lungs have to be bought into balance to aid the bowels too.

      So do you see Schulze still in the same light now? We have to progress further and further because those people still do not have the answer. Okay so lets look at Schulze and Christopher’s eye formula is it good? Yes. Can the formula do as claimed with some people? Yes. Does it fail with some people? Yes. Now ask yourself if an eye is suffering through a heat issue in the Liver or even the eye itself would it then be wise to put Cayenne in the eye? Of course not. We would have to treat the heat in the Liver with something like Artichoke leaf whilst making sure the diet is not putting heat in the Liver either and then use herbal foods for the eye itself as a wash which do not contain heat. See what I’m saying here?

      -= The Unhived Mind


      • Thank you sir for all the info, I wasn’t sure about Dr, Schulze overall, you gave me much to think about and research. Ive always planned to visit China and talk first hand with the appropriate parties there about healing. and i will definitely look at this link soon. Ive had arthritis for awhile and always thought there is a way to cure it or treat it but didn’t know how. Also have you heard of Dr Christopher? I hear he has good products for building healthy teeth and gums. I recently discovered i have two cavities and was planning on using cod liver oil and butter oil as remedy for it. Ive read a few things about this treatment and it looks interesting.


        • Dr Schulze was a student of Dr John Ray Christopher. Christopher was far better than Schulze but both have flaws when one understands the medicine of the Far East as I’ve previously described. If you are suffering with your teeth then you have Kidney dysfunctions which should be addressed and I recommend you start looking into Chinese yam as a herb or food to aid Kidney function. Yes it seems you are looking at the Weston Price information on teeth which you will not get much better information than that since Price did a lot of indepth studies on the subject of teeth. You can only give it a try and see how you get on but do not get too excited on the Christopher information on teeth go for Price’s first of all.

          -= The Unhived Mind

  3. Thank you sir for the info I have been looking around hpathy.com there’s a lot of useful info on there i will be reviewing it everyday. Since i was a child i never liked conventional medicine. I would always wonder why people i love would day after taking pills and Iv treatments and do people like the Chinese and Kapanese live over 90 years old in decent health. Now as an adult i can understand why. I just finished watching the new videos you posted here also. And i will be trying the cavity fill remedy suggested by Dr Price and will tell you the results, what’s a good way to reach you sir? I hope it works because i’m starting to have pains on the side of my face that the cavities are on. Also do you have a good source where i can study traditional Chinese medicine? Thank you for your time..


    • These Far Eastern cultures do well not just because they know medicinal herbs for illness but because their diet includes nourishing needs of the body. They have correct levels of iodine and other compounds regular. In Western diet we get virtually nothing from our food except mostly sugars as fuel and chemicals as poison, but little else in comparison with the Chinese so we therefore deteriorate far quicker. Our lives and lifestyles are demonic and twisted whilst being very stressful, we have no meaning in life. A China man has options of doing martial arts etc and they take what they do very seriously unlike we in the West who become unhappy with life. We all need a meaning and if we do not get this then we wake up then we start to get depressed and think what is it all for? Understand.

      For example I watched some video footage of a boy in a large farm land amongst crops of his father’s. The audio that went along with the video was that this boy has nothing and as if his live was meaningless in this state. He of course was brainwashed into craving our modern lifestyles. Now the lifestyle he desired through brainwashing leaves him really with nothing in reality. How can someone who has a family farm with acres of land and real food crops of their own have nothing? This is how they fool people into thinking meaning is nothing but their illusions and technology means everything. They do not want you to wish for or own a farm getting quality food for free. They want you going into their merchant supermarkets from hell like Tesco and War*Wart picking up the poisonous foods they desire you to ingest at the time. Depending on the population reduction (Club of Rome) measures of that region you live within will determine how much poison is added to the produce. This is why a tube of toothpaste from Poundland UK originally destined for Russia may have twice the fluoride content of a U.K. version.

      If you are having trouble with your teeth like this then you may also wish to use homeopathy called Fluoricum Acidum along with Asarumn Europaeum and Kreosotum. Do some studying on them and see if they may suit your teeth needs and other body functions. I assure you homeopathy correctly prescribed/diagnosed can do miracles. Want a personal experience example? Since having Acupuncture weekly for over a year I developed a lump on the side of my leg in between the knee and ankle region. It was the size of a typical marble ball or maybe a little bigger. My Chinese doctor told me it seemed like it was full of air rather than puss or fat and I believed her word on that. I never took any Chinese treatment which would have been long and drawn out and cost a lot of money. So I left it and tried Castor oil for a short time but didn’t see any difference but I only did it for just over a week. I really wasn’t in the mind frame for keep plastering my leg and putting plastic bags on every night to sleep. You see I’d done all that for weeks on end a few years back for chest healing and the thought of all that again, well I thought no not just now my mind has to be on the ball for it.

      Since taking homeopathic Nat Mur and Hepar Sulph for just 2.5 weeks at max the lump had dramatically gotten smaller like half. Since stopping Homeopathic for the time being due to the severe herxheimer reactions I’ve been getting, I have seen a further change over the last week or so and this last couple of days. Not only is my body altering in other places but still in this leg region too. Tonight the lump is hardly visible at all. Homeopathy is the real deal my friends and thats from real experience. I can also tell you that three burn marks on my legs from Chinese mugwort burning on the Stomach meridian are now disappearing rapidly also. I have had those burn marks for months now and they have never altered color in the slightest and kept themselves dark as if new. Well now thanks to homeopathy the one is almost gone completely and the one above is getting closer to the same. On the other leg the one there is fading too. Seems my body wants to concentrate the most on the leg with the lump.

      I sat down and thought the other day do you honestly think only the Chinese would have good health knowledge to aid healing of the body? Do you honestly think that the race of people who rule the World from Europe would not have a secret equivalent or better perhaps? Well my friends I’m proud to announce to you that we have and its better than Chinese herbal and acupuncture medicine (which is a mean feat indeed). Homeopathy is the real deal and once again the Queen’s homeopathic physician (Dr Peter Fisher) proves the point just nicely don’t you think?

      Many Chinese go over the age of ninety my friend and into the hundred levels and still with nice skin, great mind work and very supple bodies. The area where China excels is the use of Qi from around you though Tai Chi and Qi-Gong. I’ve done Qi-Gong for a while now but I’ve lapsed for the last month unfortunately. When I get over the herxheimer reactions I will then most definitely start again. I saw a chiropractor yesterday who was impressed with my back and I hadn’t been for three years. At one time I would go every three months and I’d get moaned at each time and need more doing. This I believe is thanks to the Qi-Gong work I’ve been doing. The only thing that was very poor was my neck which I expected since I had a bad fall on ice a couple of years ago and hadn’t visited a chiropractor in total for three years due to specific healing reasons.

      I went to the chiropractor because of the vertigo herxheimer reaction I’m going through at the moment after previous and recent homeopathic treatments. I suspected my Cervical 1 and 2 may well be in trouble. Guess what? My Cervical 1 and 2 were very poorly blocked on the left side and then three on the right side were just normal issues. It was the left side turning that really caused problems with the vertigo switching on. I never told my chiropractor details like that or about my cervical questioning, I wanted to test him out. Well there you go! I had the manipulations and things have improved again.

      More proof that if you are going to try to correct the body you must free the system in order to ease herxheimer reactions. Imagine having a serious head blockage then taking a powerful homeopathic which unblocks an area of the head but not the blockage caused by a subluxation of the neck. What will happen? Serious blockage will occur, inflation and pain most likely. So you simply go to the chiropractor and free yourself up then take the homeopathic treatment to smooth the healing out and aid the ease of the direction of the cure. Its nice to have your thoughts proven correct like that yesterday, I was smiling to myself inside during and after the treatment. I also had a lovely couple of loud neck cracks whilst being aligned back up, I do enjoy the neck cracking its the fun part others dread. I will soon be seeing a very experienced Chiropractor that works on famous Wrestlers from the U.S. and Golfers from the PGA so that will be a great session for me.

      Sorry I do not have a lot of information on the Chinese medicine via the net for you but there are a few good sites you may be able to learn some good tips from. I will give you another tip and thats to get yourself a bottle of Woodlock in your home and use this in times of injury or pain as a muscle rub or meridian point activator. Its a favorite of the Chinese and its similar to Tiger Balm but usually far more powerful.

      -= The Unhived Mind


    Ruta 6 selectively induces cell death in brain cancer cells but proliferation in normal peripheral blood lymphocytes:
    A novel treatment for human brain cancer
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  5. Queen’s Homeopathic Physician vs Allopathic Quack Ben Goldacre

    Debate on “Does Homeopathy Work?” at the Natural History Museum in London, featuring Dr Ben Goldacre, medical doctor and science writer for The Guardian newspaper (www.badscience.net) and Dr Peter Fisher, clinical director of the Royal National Homeopathic Hospital in London..

    Ben Goldacre is a British science writer, doctor and psychiatrist. He is the author of The Guardian newspaper’s weekly Bad Science column and a book of the same title, published by Fourth Estate in September 2008.

    Goldacre is the son of Michael Goldacre, professor of public health at the University of Oxford, the nephew of science journalist Robyn Williams, and the great-great-grandson of Sir Henry Parkes.

    Peter Antony Goodwin Fisher, FRCP (b. 1950), is a prominent figure in the international homeopathic medical community, contributing on multiple fronts to the investigation, practice and propogation of homeopathy. A Fellow of the Royal Academy of Physicians[dubious — discuss], he is board-certified in rheumatology and homeopathy. He currently serves as Clinical Director and Director of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, Europe’s largest integrative medical facility. He is editor-in-chief of Homeopathy, a Medline indexed medical journal. Since 2001 he has been physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom[dubious — discuss]. He is Clinical Lead of the National Institutes for Health and Clinical Excellence of the UK National Health Service for Evidence in Complementary and Alternative Meidicine, and is a member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Traditional and Complementary Medicine.

    Fisher’s interest in homeopathy began during a trip to China while a medical student at Cambridge University. He later trained as a junior doctor on call at The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.

  6. May I remind you that Samuel Hahnemann lived into his eighties. You at first may not think much to this age today but you must remember he started his life way back in the middle 18th Century. People back then were lucky to hit thirty-five even nobles suffered a lot of illness. So can you imagine what Samuel could have been like today since the hygiene changes? Bare that thought in mind.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  7. You’ll notice that U.S. patriot President William McKinley thought highly of Samuel Hahnemann and even had a statute made in his honour and placed in Washington D.C. at Scott Circle. McKinley was executed by The Worshipful Company of Mercers just as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were. The only American President amongst them was Abraham Lincoln until he dissolved the Nation in 1861 to pay the Virginia Company of London debts to the City of London. Since 1868 you could call the United States corporation simply the continuum of the Virginia colony or the Virginia Company itself. It still sends twenty percent of the profits to the City of London as it did back from the 1607 Charter. This is done through the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  8. Antidotes that Interfere with Homeopathic Treatment

    By Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSW

    Global Raids on Credit Card Info For Sale Sites

    Certain substances or influences may interfere with homeopathic treatment, even when the correct remedy has been given. This phenomenon is known as antidoting. We usually think of antidoting in terms of stopping the effect of a poison. The antidote to an acid, for example, is bicarbonate of soda. No one knows exactly why these substances interrupt the curative effect of homeopathic medicines, but the phenomena has been observed over and over again by homeopaths around the world. The vital force, which is responsible for all healing, appears to be detrimentally affected by these substances. When antidoting occurs, symptoms which have been healed by homeopathy will return. Sometimes the interference is total, causing a sudden, complete relapse. At other times, the relapse is partial or temporary. Some of these substances, especially coffee and electric blankets, have been found, totally apart from homeopathy, to have harmful effects on health. Others, such as camphor and peppermint oil, are innocuous or beneficial, but apparently disturb the homeopathic healing process in some way. For any given antidoting factor, about 60% of patients may be affected by a given exposure. Sometimes it takes a number of exposures before a relapse occurs. In other cases, one sip of coffee, for example, is enough to interfere with process of homeopathic treatment.

    There is some controversy among homeopaths about whether antidoting actually occurs, or merely indicates that the wrong remedy has been given. We discussed this issue recently with Roger Morrison, considered by many to be the foremost homeopath in North America. He drew the same conclusions that we present in this article. Although not every patient is susceptible to all the common antidoting influences, we believe that avoidance of these substances during homeopathic treatment is wise in order to prevent lost treatment time and suffering of the patient.

    In the cases below, strong improvement with homeopathic medicines was followed by sudden relapse after exposure to interfering substances.

    Debbie’s health improved dramatically from Sulphur. Her vaginal irritation was improved, her hemorrhoids gone, her premenstrual symptoms no longer a problem, and her energy much better. That is, until she ate some coffee-flavored cookies at a Christmas party. “A week later my symptoms returned… constipation, hemorrhoids, itching. I felt dramatically different. After feeling so good for seven months after taking Sulphur, my health took a nosedive. My energy lagged. I had headaches, mood swings, and premenstrual acne again. By mid-January, I couldn’t stand feeling so bad anymore. I went back to get another remedy. Make sure those cookies don’t have expresso in them. It’s really not worth antidoting your remedy!”

    Don’s venereal warts had disapeared completely after a dose of Thuja. They were gone for many months and he was quite well-so well that he decided to party. After using marijuana, much to his dismay, the warts came back. He returned for another dose of the remedy. Thuja worked again and the warts were gone.

    Barry had pain in his toe joints, cold feet and night sweats, all of which resolved well after Causticum, that is until he decided to take the chill off with his electric blanket. His symptoms promptly returned .

    Lisa was a teacher’s nightmare before Veratrum album. She was up out of her seat constantly, bothering other children and asked incessant questions. She just could not sit still and do her work. Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, she responded very well to the remedy, and was doing very well in school for the first time. Then she freshened her breath with Binaca, and the teacher almost had a nervous breakdown when her hyperactive behavior returned. This cycle repeated itself when she improved again with Veratrum, only to have her grandmother use Vick’s Vapo-rub on her for a chest cold. The teacher complained again.

    Nancy’s migraines were completely relieved by Natrum muriaticum, but they returned at three month intervals like clockwork. This was a mystery until we matched her frequency of having her hair permed. Whenever she had a permanent wave, her migraines came back.

    Not every person is affected by potentially antidoting substances in the same way. Antidoting may occur at any time, even two years after a remedy has been given, if the effect of the exposure is strong enough to affect your vital force. There is general agreement among homeopaths that the substances and influences below often antidote homeopathic remedies. Many practitioners give their patients a list of which substances to avoid. Others decide not to make antidotion an issue unless it actually occurs, so as to not limit their patients’ freedom unnecessarily.

    What to Avoid While Under Homeopathic Treatment:

    Coffee: This is the one substance which is most often responsible for homeopathic antidotion. Even one sip of coffee or a small amount of coffee ice cream, kahlua, or coffee bean candy may antidote a homeopathic remedy. It appears to be the oils in coffee rather than the caffeine alone which is the culprit. Although caffeinated tea is not a problem with homeopathy, strongly caffeinated substances like Zoom or No-doz should also be avoided as well as guarana and mate (caffeinated beverages from South America).

    Electric blankets: They affect remedies by altering your body’s electromagnetic field.

    Aromatic substances: Avoid camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, and any products which contain them including Vick’s, Noxema, Tiger Balm, Ben Gay, Calamine lotion, and cough drops and lozenges containing these substances. This includes menthol and other aromatic mouthwashes; and Vicco Ayurvedic toothpaste.
    Citronella oil, pennyroyal, and other aromatic herbal mosquito repellants, all thuja and tea tree (melaleuca) products, peppermint oil, and lavender oil may antidote remedies due to their aromaticity. Chapstick, Blistex, and other aromatic lip balms should also be avoided. Strong fumes from oil-based paint, turpentine, paint thinner and certain household cleaning agents such as Pine Sol, Lysol, and strong-smelling industrial chemicals may also interfere with remedies.

    Medications: Homeopathic medicines will not prevent prescription drugs from working, but prescription drugs may interfere with homeopathic remedies. These include antibiotics, cortisone, and antifungals, whether topical or oral. Consult with your practitioner about any drugs which you are taking. If you experience severe pain, aspirin or Tylenol usually do not interfere with homeopathic remedies.

    Immunizations: Immunizations may interfere with remedies. Whether you take them or not is your personal choice, however you may want to discuss their effects with your practitioner.

    Dental work: Homeopathic remedies are often antidoted by dental drilling and the use of novocaine. It is preferable, if possible, to wait at least three or four months after taking a remedy to have dental work done. In the case of emergency dental work, have it done and call your practitioner afterwards. In many cases, homeopathic remedies will relieve dental pain until you have a chance to visit your dentist.
    Drugs: Avoid all recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine, LSD, barbituates, amphetamines and prescription pain medications. Alcohol in moderation will not interfere with homeopathic remedies.
    Other homeopathic remedies: Do not use Bach Flower remedies, cell salts, or other homeopathic remedies without discussing them with your homeopath first.

    Herbs: Check with your homeopath before using herbs for specific medicinal purposes while you are under homeopathic treatment. Herb teas for beverage use, when varied from day, to day are fine as are culinary herbs. Chinese herbs and moxa may antidote remedies. If you’ve been given Natrum muriaticum, you will be advised to avoid peppermint in all forms, including tea. The remedy Sulphur may be antidoted by chamomile tea and Sepia by vinegar.

    Vitamins: Let your homeopath know which vitamins you are taking. Taking a particular vitamin to eliminate a particular symptom may make it difficult for your homeopath to evaluate your symptoms. Multivitamins and minerals do not disturb homeopathic treatment.

    Beauty treatments: Permanent waves often antidote remedies because of the harsh and aromatic chemicals. Some skin products and facial treatments will antidote remedies if they contain aromatic substances.

    Other therapies: Acupuncture and therapeutic ultrasound have been found to often antidote homeopathic treatment. Some homeopaths have found certain forms of bodywork, including shiatsu and rolfing, to antidote their patients’ remedies in some cases.

    Factors Which Do Not Antidote Homeopathic Remedies:

    Medications: Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, when used infrequently, will usually not interfere with homeopathic treatment.

    Heating pads and water bed heaters.

    Medical tests: Blood tests, X-rays, mammograms, Pap smears.

    Dental examination and cleaning (except when ultrasound is used).

    Cleaning products: Ammonia and bleach. ( Wear rubber gloves and dilute.)

    Personal care products: Most toothpastes (except Vicco), deodorants that are not strongly aromatic, aftershaves without menthol. Soaps, perfumes, and colognes which do not contain the substances listed in the antidote section are fine.

    Therapies: Massage, (using non-aromatic oils), chiropractic adjustments and many other forms of bodywork are generally compatible with homeopathy. If your complaints are primarily musculoskeletal, it is best to discuss the frequency of these treatments with your homeopath.

    If you think you have antidoted (interfered with the action of) your remedy, your homeopath will usually wait one to two weeks before re-evaluating your case and deciding whether to repeat your remedy. This waiting period is necessary in order to evaluate whether your previous symptoms return and to give you a chance to bounce back without the need for repeating the remedy.

    You may feel that the list of potential antidotes places too many restrictions on your life and makes you feel rebellious. The idea is not to make you walk on eggs and fear any potential influence, just for you to be reasonably prudent about avoidable exposures. Most homeopathic patients find that it becomes relatively easy to avoid these factors and that allowing their remedies to work over time is well worth the effort. Patients generally find that the increased freedom in their life resulting from homeopathy is greater than the freedom of drinking coffee or using menthol. If you do feel too restricted by your homeopathic treatment, discuss this with your practitioner. Perhaps you are avoiding some substances unnecessarily. If your treatment has been going well and you feel you just have to drink some coffee, you can test it, but let your homeopath know so he or she can adjust your treatment accordingly.

    This article was excerpted from The Patient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine, which will be published in 1994. Drs. Robert Ullman and Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman are board -certified diplomates of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians. They teach homeopathy for the professional course of the International Foundation for Homeopathy, of which Dr. Reichenberg-Ullman is president. They practice at the Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds, Washington. They may be reached at 206-774-5599.

    • Surely antidoting cannot be this easy otherwise hardly anyone would bother with the treatments in the first place. I cannot see X-rays not antidoting when some of these other things are supposed to. Do you honestly think if it was this delicate that the microwaves from transponders and cell phones wouldn’t ruin all hopes of homoeopathy cures? Remember you should not really use an Orgone accumulator in today’s modern World due to environmental pollutions which was not in existence when Wilhelm Reich bought forth the technology. Just make sure you stay away from Camphor, Eucalyptus, Coffee and Menthol whilst keeping your preparations away from strong electromagnetic fields and Sunlight.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  9. Homeopathy: Swiss Government review

    The Swiss Government’s Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine

    Posted: 02/15/2012 8:56 am, Huffington Post, Dana Ullman

    The Swiss government has a long and widely-respected history of neutrality, and therefore, reports from this government on controversial subjects need to be taken more seriously than other reports from countries that are more strongly influenced by present economic and political constituencies. When one considers that two of the top five largest drug companies in the world have their headquarters in Switzerland, one might assume that this country would have a heavy interest in and bias toward conventional medicine, but such assumptions would be wrong.
    In late 2011, the Swiss government’s report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland’s national health insurance program.

    The Swiss government’s inquiry into homeopathy and complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to conventional medicine in Switzerland, not only from consumers but from physicians as well. Approximately half of the Swiss population have used CAM treatments and value them. Further, about half of Swiss physicians consider CAM treatments to be effective. Perhaps most significantly, 85 percent of the Swiss population wants CAM therapies to be a part of their country’s health insurance program.
    It is therefore not surprising that more than 50 percent of the Swiss population surveyed prefer a hospital that provides CAM treatments rather to one that is limited to conventional medical care.
    Beginning in 1998, the government of Switzerland decided to broaden its national health insurance to include certain complementary and alternative medicines, including homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, anthroposophic medicine, and neural therapy. This reimbursement was provisional while the Swiss government commissioned an extensive study on these treatments to determine if they were effective and cost-effective. The provisional reimbursement for these alternative treatments ended in 2005, but as a result of this new study, the Swiss government’s health insurance program once again began to reimburse for homeopathy and select alternative treatments. In fact, as a result of a national referendum in which more than two-thirds of voters supported the inclusion of homeopathic and select alternative medicines in Switzerland’s national health care insurance program, the field of complementary and alternative medicine has become a part of this government’s constitution (Dacey, 2009; Rist, Schwabl, 2009).
    The Swiss Government’s “Health Technology Assessment”
    The Swiss government’s “Health Technology Assessment” on homeopathic medicine is much more comprehensive than any previous governmental report written on this subject to date. Not only did this report carefully and comprehensively review the body of evidence from randomized double-blind and placebo controlled clinical trials testing homeopathic medicines, they also evaluated the “real world effectiveness” as well as safety and cost-effectiveness. The report also conducted a highly-comprehensive review of the wide body of preclinical research (fundamental physio-chemical research, botanical studies, animal studies, and in vitro studies with human cells).
    And still further, this report evaluated systematic reviews and meta-analyses, outcome studies, and epidemiological research. This wide review carefully evaluated the studies conducted, both in terms of quality of design and execution (called “internal validity”) and how appropriate each was for the way that homeopathy is commonly practiced (called “external validity”). The subject of external validity is of special importance because some scientists and physicians conduct research on homeopathy with little or no understanding of this type of medicine (some studies tested a homeopathic medicine that is rarely used for the condition tested, while others utilized medicines not commonly indicated for specific patients). When such studies inevitably showed that the homeopathic medicine did not “work,” the real and accurate assessment must be that the studies were set up to disprove homeopathy… or simply, the study was an exploratory trial that sought to evaluate the results of a new treatment (exploratory trials of this nature are not meant to prove or disprove the system of homeopathy but only to evaluate that specific treatment for a person with a specific condition).
    After assessing pre-clinical basic research and the high quality clinical studies, the Swiss report affirmed that homeopathic high-potencies seem to induce regulatory effects (e.g., balancing or normalizing effects) and specific changes in cells or living organisms. The report also reported that 20 of the 22 systematic reviews of clinical research testing homeopathic medicines detected at least a trend in favor of homeopathy.* (Bornhöft, Wolf, von Ammon, et al, 2006)

    The Swiss report found a particularly strong body of evidence to support the homeopathic treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections and Respiratory Allergies. The report cited 29 studies in “Upper Respiratory Tract Infections/AllergicReactions,” of which 24 studies found a positive result in favor of homeopathy. Further, six out of seven controlled studies that compared homeopathic treatment with conventional medical treatment showed that homeopathy to be more effective than conventional medical interventions (the one other trial found homeopathic treatment to be equivalent to conventional medical treatment). All of these results from homeopathic treatment came without the side effects common to conventional drug treatment. In evaluating only the randomized placebo controlled trials, 12 out of 16 studies showed a positive result in favor of homeopathy.
    The authors of the Swiss government’s report acknowledge that a part of the overall review of research included one negative review of clinical research in homeopathy (Shang, et al, 2005). However, the authors noted that this review of research has been widely and harshly criticized by both advocates and non-advocates of homeopathy. The Swiss report noted that the Shang team did not even adhere to the QUORUM guidelines which are widely recognized standards for scientific reporting (Linde, Jonas, 2005). The Shang team initially evaluated 110 homeopathic clinical trials and then sought to compare them with a matching 110 conventional medical trials. Shang and his team determined that there were 22 “high quality” homeopathic studies but only nine “high quality” conventional medical studies. Rather than compare these high quality trials (which would have shown a positive result for homeopathy), the Shang team created criteria to ignore a majority of high quality homeopathic studies, thereby trumping up support for their original hypothesis and bias that homeopathic medicines may not be effective (Lüdtke, Rutten, 2008).
    The Swiss report also notes that David Sackett, M.D., the Canadian physician who is widely considered to be one of the leading pioneers in “evidence based medicine,” has expressed serious concern about those researchers and physicians who consider randomized and double-blind trials as the only means to determine whether a treatment is effective or not. To make this assertion, one would have to acknowledge that virtually all surgical procedures were “unscientific” or “unproven” because so few have undergone randomized double-blind trials.
    In my view, for a treatment to be determined to be “effective” or “scientifically proven,” a much more comprehensive assessment of what works and doesn’t is required. Ultimately, the Swiss government’s report on homeopathy represents an evaluation of homeopathy that included an assessment of randomized double blind trials as well as other bodies of evidence, all of which together lead the report to determine that homeopathic medicines are indeed effective.

  10. Pancreatic Carcinoma: The case of Vittoria

    Author: Claudia De Rosa
    Hpathy Ezine, March, 2012

    A case where the homeopathic remedy produces deep changes in health and begins the cure of a pancreatic tumour.

    Date: February 10th, 2010

    Woman, age 69

    Presenting Complaints:
    Pancreatic carcinoma (conventionally diagnosed: carcinoma of the head of the pancreas)
    Diabetes mellitus (conventionally diagnosed)
    Hypertension (conventionally diagnosed)
    Glaucoma, left eye (conventionally diagnosed)
    Abdominal pain

    METHODOLOGY USED: Constitutional prescribing associated with organ support therapy.


    Woman, aged 69.

    First Consultation: February 10th, 2010

    Conventional Investigations

    ERCP, TC, Blood and Feces test

    Conventional Diagnosis: Pancreatic Carcinoma of the head of the pancreas, type IIA

    Case: Vittoria, 69 years old, widow, housewife, complains of pressing pain in the pit of the stomach and extending to the right area of the abdomen, > pressure and bending or lying on right side, < lying on back. She also complains of nausea < by fatty and rich food, nausea with pressure pain and after eating, constipation alternating with diarrhea; yellowish discoloration in stools. The pancreatic carcinoma was diagnosed 3 years before. Treatments: chemotherapy and radiotherapy stopped 30 days before homeopathic consultation. A few weeks before consultation she developed general yellowish discoloration of the skin.

    Constitutional Prescribing

    Repertorization indicated Phosphorus, Sulphur, Natrum muriaticum and Calc. carb as the uppermost remedies. However, striking keynotes and her emotional state referred to Sulphur.

    Sulphur LM1 was prescribed along with Pancreatinum in ascending potencies: one pill of 6C, 9C, 12C on first day; 30 C, 200C and 1M on second day; Orange remedy 6x.

    Miasmatic evaluation: active Psoric miasm.

    Follow ups:




    February 10th , 2009

    Sulphur Lm1 ,

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks


    1 pill on first day: 6C, 9C, 12C

    1 pill on first day: 30C, 200C, 1M

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 30 days

    Attached medical reports:

    Blood test:Glycemia: 303 mg/100ml

    Feces test: traces of blood
    CEA: 22ng/ml

    March 25th, 2009

    Sulpur Lm2

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks


    1 pill on first day: 6C, 9C, 12C

    1 pill on first day: 30C, 200C, 1M

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 20 days

    After 6 wks since the first consultation, patient reports:

    Blood test:Glycemia: 298mg/100ml

    Feces test: traces of blood CEA: 21ng/ml

    May 10th, 2009

    Sulpur LM3

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks


    1 pill on first day: 6C, 9C, 12C

    1 pill on first day: 30C, 200C, 1M

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 15 days

    On second follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 210mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 19ng/ml

    June 22nd, 2009

    Sulpur LM4

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks


    1 pill on first day: 6C, 9C, 12C

    1 pill on first day: 30C, 200C, 1M

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 10 days

    On 3rd follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 184mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 17ng/ml

    August 2nd,2009

    Sulpur LM5

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks


    1 pill on first day: 6C, 9C, 12C

    1 pill on first day: 30C, 200C, 1M

    On 4th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 154mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 12ng/ml


    September 16th,2009

    Sulpur LM5

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks


    1 pill on first day: 6C, 9C, 12C

    1 pill on first day: 30C, 200C, 1M

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 10 days

    On 5th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 138mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 11ng/ml


    October 29th,2009

    Pancreatinum Lm1

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 10 days

    On 6th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 134mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 8 ng/ml

    Due to CEA report and glycemic level and because of Vittoria’s constitutional state I decided to stop Sulphur administration and prescribed Pancreatinum LM1


    December 10h,2009

    Pancreatinum LM2

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks

    On 7th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 121mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 6 ng/ml

    Due to decrease of CEA levels and glycemia, the patient was asked to repeat ERCP and TC.


    Meanwhile, Pancreatinum LM2 was prescribed


    February 4th ,2010

    Pancreatinum LM3

    1 teaspoon daily for 4 weeks

    Orange remedy 6x

    1 pill 6x daily for 10 days

    On 8th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 110mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 5 ng/ml

    ERCP and TC showed a reduction of the pancreatic carcinoma of 75%

    Pancreatinum Lm3 was prescribed


    March 24th ,2010

    No prescription needed

    On 9th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 101mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 4ng/ml


    June 30th, 2010

    No prescription needed


    On 10th follow patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 98mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 3ng/ml

    ERCP and TC show a further 25% reduction of the carcinoma


    December 14th, 2010

    No prescription needed

    On 11th follow up patient reports:

    Blood test:
    Glycemia: 98mg/100ml
    Feces test: clear
    CEA: 3ng/ml

    ERCP and TC show a further 5% reduction of the carcinoma

    Claudia De Rosa

    Claudia De Rosa is a Classical Homeopath, qualified Nutritionist and Psychologist. She is author of five E- Books. Visit Claudia De Rosa at her Website : http://www.claudiaderosa.com/

    • That guy is a cretin and a vile being trying to stop the wonderful Homoeopathy like the medical establishment have tried so many times in the past. Hows about Herring another James Randi back in the day who ended up becoming a homeopath and one of the best. These people rely on people being backward and believing their lies about homoeopathy not working. You do not need a substance to be present for the action to occur and I assure you all that Samuel Hahnemann was far more clever than James Randi who is nothing more than a magician in other words a con man. Anyone spending their time constantly hammering something and especially when they should not be, then they have an agenda and they are being promoted to do so. I’ve experienced Homoeopathy and its amazingly powerful and I’d love to ring the neck of this old bearded weasel out to aid the synthetic drug poison industry. I’d rather have zero compound and healing than masses of compound and disease creation/management. Lets see James Randi go up in front of Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II and tell her that homoeopathy does not work. No he would not do this because he’s probably taking homeoepathic preparations daily and having the balls to attack it in order to stop you getting it. They must have their profit, misery and population reduction you see. Its okay for these cretins but for the mass people they term serfs and useless eaters, oh no its a no go. Take no notice of him at all. The Queen’s physician is a homoeopath, says it all, PERIOD! Who has the greatest record for healing acute disease in very dangerous times such as smallpox, influenza and cholera? Yes Homoeopathy and thats the final PERIOD!

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • I already had ER II in mind when I watched this Santa Claus lookalike trying to debunk homeopathy.

        Does any one wonder why she and her consort have lived to past a ripe old age, it can’t be all due to genetics and good luck.

        I would like to ask Randi as to why homeopathy has survived this long if it does not work.

        Surely sick people would not keep spending their time and money on something that is bogus.

        If they cannot outlaw it like they did to cannabis then they will use shills like Randi and Myth Busters on their Military Industrial news media to poo poo it as it cuts into their massive profits from the poisons that they sell.


        • Its not just the profits its the population reduction desires of the Club of Rome have to be met. Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II does not travel anywhere without her homoeopathic remedy first aid kit of preparations. Why would she when homoeopathic is the number one in acute disease? How can it be genetics with these families when they suffer a lot of DNA damage through inbreeding too much? The answer is the homoeopathic and herbal medicines they take. Ask yourself how Samuel Hahnemann lived into his eighties back in the 18th/19th Century when people would be lucky to get to thirty five even in well off families. If his homoeopathy did not work then how could he have achieved this amazing feat? If homoeopathy does not work then why has a lump on my leg almost disappeared quickly after starting this treatment system? When you consider I do herbal medicines of the high grade to boot, yet only the homoeopathy removed the lump (which came from old acupuncture work). Why have I had violent aggravations (herxheimer reactions) from homoeopathy if theres nothing to it? Why do I have to worry regular at the moment as I try to heal my body further in case of further nasty aggravations? This Randi is a prized idiot going around claiming placebo nonsense when he knows all too well how this works on pets and even farm animals. For God sake is it not obvious to the idiots listening to his videos that this man is a prized Charlatan? If I had serious pandemic flu, anthrax or small pox, then the first system I’d be using would be homoeopathy as it is by far the number on in acute diseases even of the most dangerous around.

          -= The Unhived Mind

  11. Yes Unhived Mind, the population reduction program is a big part of why they want no competition to their sanctioned money making poisons.

    Inbreeding in these so called royals has not affected their longevity it seems, the queen mother lived past a hundred years although her mating partner, George VI lived only to 57 years and died of most probably of stress induced cancer. Queen Victoria and mad King George III also lived to ripe old ages.

    As long as they do not become a “displeasure ” to their Jesuit handlers, they have the capacity to reach enviable old age at the time of their death.

    -Ken Ardel

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