Conspiracy research interview #1 Oct 2013 with The Unhived Mind

Conspiracy research interview #1
October 2013
The Unhived Mind

Interview by Poseidon Media


Who is the Superior General of the Jesuits?

The current General is Adolfo Nicholas S.J who took over from Peter Hans Kolvenbach S.J. We have reason to believe that Kolvenbach still plays a major role in the Jesuits and may be a hidden second General working out of Lebanon in a time known as ‘The Era of the Two Generals.’

Is the Superior General the leader of the Jesuits?

The Jesuits do not have a leader if you look at the power structure in more detail. Yes the Superior General is the supposed head of the military order but the General is monitored closely and has to give confession to another Jesuit. Now ask yourself how powerful that Jesuit taking the confession of the superior general can be. The Jesuits exploited royal houses using the confession and catholic religion.

What other Jesuits have great power?

The Jesuits within the Assistancy and Councilors to the Superior General. A Jesuit from the United States known as James Grummer S.J is the most powerful in the Assistancy. Jesuit Grummer works closely with the Superior General. Any Cardinal Jesuits are important due to the direct implantation within the Vatican in the College of Cardinals level. Spanish Jesuits have a lot of power and say within the order. Most Orders and powers are run by members who are unknown or not mentioned often. A Monsignor Jesuit also holds a lot of power and can usually be found in the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. A Jesuit Pope like Francis I is important within the ranks of the Jesuit Order.

What is the location of Superior General and his Assistancy?

A small sovereign region next to the Vatican called Borgo Santo Spirito. The Jesuit headquarters is known as the Curia Generaliza. Superior Generals have been known to boast, “from here we rule the world.”

What is the known most powerful office in the world

The Office of the Holy See is the most powerful office in the world. Behind the scenes the Jesuit Order have taken power of this office since the 19th Century. The Infallible Pope of Rome is overtly the most powerful man on Earth. The Pope of Rome is the Osiris of Egypt, the Sun God and his Cardinals are hinges to the Sun door. The final Pope of Rome will end up becoming the risen Horus!

Why do the Jesuits use Jesus in their name when they detest Jesus Christ

The same reason the Vatican uses Jesus Christ, to infiltrate and manipulate true-Christianity. In the Jesuits mind they use Jesus Christ to also infiltrate and manipulate Catholicism. Jesuits also use Jesus Christ in the name of the Order so when addressed within the Catholic Church the addressers have to show subordination to the Jesuit Order. Any mention of Jesus should be received by a removal of headgear and a bow. The Jesuits love have Cardinals and the Vatican bowing but many within the Vatican get angered by having to do this. Vatican officials desired the name of the Jesuits to be changed to stop this overt subordination.

What do the initials IHS mean?

We have a couple of definitions but the first is the Egyptian Isis, Horus and Set. Another is the Latin wording, ‘In Hoc Signo’ meaning ‘in this sign’. The full Latin wording is, ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ meaning in this sign conquer but the Jesuits and Knights Templars miss off the V so as to try remove the image of military orders. The Jesuits claim they are no longer a military order, of course this is a complete lie. If you look at the ‘h’ in the Jesuit logo, this is the ancient symbolism of the Saturn God. Saturn being the reaper of souls, the god of judgement and time. Saturn is the astrotheological symbolism of Satan. Saturn has a powerful force which works with the base chakra or sexual chakra and therefore is connected with creation and the Generative Principle in Freemasonry. Saturn is the God Kronos who’s son is Zeus or the planet Jupiter. The Vatican is based on the the worship of Apollyon/Zeus. The name Peter comes from the planet Jupiter and Egyptian God representation known as Ptah Rekh. Many Irish Catholics masculines are named Patrick, this comes from the Ptah Rekh. The Catholic feminines are usually called Mary and this is the worship of the Moon Goddess Isis who breeds with Jupiter to produce Venus known as Aphrodite the hermaphrodite.

How far back can we trace the origins of the Jesuits?

Jesuit origins can be traced back to the beginning of the Knights Templar. The Jesuit Order are the original Knights Templar revived all but in a different name. Other Templars survived and fled from the suppression of the Templars in the 14th Century. Many former-Templars and Morets fled to Portugal, Scotland and Switzerland. The only true continuum of the Templars originated in the Kingdom of Aragon. The Pope of Rome allowed a small amount of Templars to survive and moved them to the Kingdom of Aragon. These Templars were not allowed to use the Knights Templar name and order but they could create a different order with a different name. This leads us to the later Order of Calatrava and the Order of the Montessa. Some people are aware of the Los Alumbrados origins of the Jesuits and how this was the Spanish Illuminati a long time before the Jesuits formed the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati in the late 18th Century. Royals and Nobles claim the Jesuits have stolen lands and properties throughout history. Royals and Nobles forget how they suppressed and stole from the Jesuit Order and Knights Templar in times of old. In many ways the Jesuits have just desired revenge for these original thefts by the Nobles and Royalty. The Jesuits made sure this time that no-one could attempt to destroy them. This time no-one would emulate the suppression of the Templars or the Jesuits. Everyone speaks about Ignatius Loyola but as I have highlighted in the past the Borgia family played a role bigger than what is being mentioned. Loyola was the head of the Los Alumbrados and had a run in with the Pope for practising witchcraft. How in the hell do people think Loyola managed to worm his way out of the charges and get an audience with the Pope? Loyola had powerful connections and backers including the Doge of Venice who was Andrea Gritti and Venetian Cardinal, Gasparo Contarini not to mention Alexander VI Borgia who was behind the Los Alumbrados order the for-runner to the Jesuit Order both creations by the Cult of San Rocco (Venice). These two in combination with the Farnese family bought about the creation of the Jesuit Order. Many in Church detested the ideal of the Jesuits and knew they were trouble from the beginning. Some who opposed the Jesuits were removed prior to the orders acceptance. It is this Cult of San Rocco who created Opus Dei!

What is the true definition of the word Jesuit?

The old and true definition from old dictionaries and encyclopaedias is ‘a clever person who deceives the people‘. Today’s suppressed education system removes such truths. Now ask yourself why Jesuits are seen as persons and not beings? You will have to look into the Uniform Commercial Code of 1933 and further into Admiralty Law to understand the difference.

Are the Jesuits followers of Catholicism?

High-end Jesuits can tell you more about Catholicism than anyone on the planet but this does not mean the Order at the highest levels follows Catholicism. The Jesuit Order is a witchcraft occult based order and any research on the Knights Templars and Los Alumbrados will highlight this fact. The Jesuit Order command the Mystery School teachings for the high elite families. The Superior General is the highest authority in Freemasonry. The Vatican has a covert Freemasonic Lodge inside Vatican City borders called the Grand Lodge Ekklesia. The Vatican has a close connection with Grandmaster Giuliano De Bernado. This Grandmaster of the Academy of the Illuminati is behind the movies Da Vinci Code and the Angels & Demons. Some could think of Giuliano as the modern day Hiram Abiff due to his leadership in the rebuilding of King Solomon’s Temple.

Have the Jesuits always mastered Freemasonry?

No the Jesuits had to infiltrate and take over all forms of Freemasonry. The Jesuits achieved this with the creation of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The Jesuits had to take over the Grand Orient of France and the Sinclair Freemasonry. Freemasonry is the continuation of the findings and true-religion of the Knights Templar. The Jesuits believing themselves to be the only Knights Templar continuum, ended up taking over all other freemasonic powers. Whilst the York Rite of Freemasonry loses more status by the day, the Scottish Rite continues to grow. The overt headquarters of the Scottish Rite is located in Washington D.C. and called the House of the Temple. The true headquarters of the Scottish Rite is located in Dallas, Texas. John F. Kennedy was assassinated near the true power of the Scottish Rite. Dallas is an important region of the United States for hidden hand control. Dallas is far higher above the sea level compared to Washington D.C. and this is one of the important clues. You do not put all the power in the path of possible flooding. Both the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana were symbolic ritual killings. The thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite has a covert dedication to the Jesuit Order.

Who’s research would you recommend for understanding some of the symbolism behind both the Jesuits and the Vatican?

I would tell you to research the excellent work of two Seventh Day Aventists called Jim Arrabito and Professor Walter Veith. Both of these researchers will make it easy for anyone to start seeing this hidden power for what it is.

Do you have a good example of a Jesuit connection to Israel?

Yes, Shimon Peres was trained by the Jesuits in Poland this fact was presented in the autobiography of Rabin. Shimon Peres is a loyal hofjuden to the Pope and Superior General. No one can doubt the power Shimon Peres has within Israel. If Peres does not like you then expect either the cup of borja, slug, dagger or strangulation cord. This is what happened to Rabin when Peres and his handlers desired it. Shimon Peres played an important part of the Vatican taking over East Jerusalem in 1993 with the signing of the Oslo Accords.

What is important to the Vatican about East Jerusalem

This is the old city of Jerusalem known in the Vatican as the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. From Jerusalem the leader of the world will rule from within the King Solomon’s Temple III. I will not call this leader the Pope or Superior General because by that time I do not believe Catholicism will be in existence. The new world religion will be in place but the original powers of the Vatican will head this new religion wearing new garments and with new titles. Non of the current religions will survive the end of the old age of Pisces.

Who else could be put on the throne as the front man for this new religion?

Jesuit-trained King Juan Carlos of Spain is the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. I believe he may be made visible in East Jerusalem if he is still alive by the time this event occurs, otherwise it will be Prince Felipe. King Juan Carlos is a member of most of the most powerful orders on Earth like the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Order of Malta, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and the Order of the Garter. King Juan Carlos of Spain holds the powerful title of ‘King of Jerusalem’ which originated with the Knights Templar and the Sepulchre. This powerful Templar title grants the King with full power over Jerusalem as well as most of the entire Middle East and North Africa. King Juan Carlos uses his organizations such as the Union for the Mediterranean to exercise his power and desires for these regions. Nothing happens in the Middle East without the say so of the Bourbon king or his aides like the Spanish Foreign Minister. Watch as hofjudens like Shimon Peres come over to Europe to visit the Vatican and Spain. King Juan Carlos has a strong influence with the Piazza di Spagna located next to the Congregatio pro Gentium Evangelizatione which holds immense power within the Vatican. King Juan Carlos stays in Piazza di Spagna whilst in Rome and he stays at the Villa Borghese. The Jesuits installed King Juan Carlos as head of Spain in 1975. From this time onwards King Juan Carlos took over the power of the Temple Bar and masters the physical bodies of the slaves as well as the Commonwealth Crown. The Jesuits and King Juan Carlos of Spain control the ancient city of Londinium (City of London).

Who in your opinion controls the financial system

The Jesuits, Vatican through the Canon Law created Admiralty Law and later Uniform Commercial Code of 1933. I believe the highest Papal Orders control the financial system with Venetian merchant expertise. The Order of Malta, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and Opus Dei all have massive control over the wealth and monopoly illusion of the world. Some speak of the power of the Catholic Legatus organization when dealing with finance. Take a look at the origins of this organization and you will notice it is linked with both Opus Dei and the Order of Malta. The founder of Legatus is an Order of Malta member called Tom Monaghan. The City of London is the power over the financial world aided by New York City, Frankfurt and soon Dubai. Eventually the financial system will be ruled from Dubai.

Can you name a powerful merchant bloodline connected with Venice

Yes you can start to research on the powerful Pallavicini family. Note how both Yayha and Felice Pallivicini play a big role in the control over the Arab world through inter-religious dialogue. Felice Pallavicini is a member of the Order of Malta and has direct connection to the Sanhedrin of the Jews.

Who controls the trade in the Middle East?

I would suggest you start to focus on the Middle East Association

Who controls the trade of the world

I would suggest you start to focus on TheCityUK and masonic lodges like The Worshipful Company of Mercers and newer The Worshipful Company of International Bankers.

Who created controls the education system?

The education system we have was created by Venice and Britain through The Worshipful Company of Mercers, Gresham College and the Royal Society. Sir Isaac Newton was a member of the Venetian Party of the North! Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of Venice if you study far enough into her bloodline you will soon see she is a Guelph. Venetian powers call Britain the New Venice! The First Cestui Que Vie Act from 1540 was mastered by the Venetians!

Who gained the powers of the Templars when the order was suppressed?

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta took control from the Knights Templar in 1312 when the Pope signed the Ad Providam Papal Bull. The SMOM are known today as simply the Order of Malta.

Who heads the Order of Malta?

The overt leadership is the Grandmaster based at the Magistral Palace. The Grand Master is backed up by the Grand Chancellor. Someone behind the scenes will take care of the day to day running of the Order and I believe this to be the Prelate of the Order of Malta. The same happens in the British version of the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem which is front headed by Prince Richard the Grand Prior of the Order. Prince Richard is also a Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Masons and a Patron of The Worshipful Company of Pattern Makers. Prince Richard is a Freemason. The current Grandmaster of the Order of Malta, Matthew Festing comes from the Grand Priory of England. Matthew Festing replaced Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie who was also a cousin of the Queen like Prince Richard. From the looks of it you would presume Grand Chancellor Jean-Pierre Mazery has a lot of power over the Order of Malta but you would be misled. Mazery is only a Knight of Obedience and not a Knight of Justice.

Who do the Zionists answer to?

Quite simply the Order of Malta and the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem.

Who subordinates the Order of Malta?

The Order of Malta has been a slave of the Vatican for hundreds of years. The Jesuits subordinated the Order of Malta by the end of the 18th Century.

What other titles do the Grandmaster of the Order of Malta hold?

All Grandmasters carry the title of Cardinal

What is Queen Elizabeth to do with these Knights?

Queen Elizabeth II is a Dame of Malta and a Patron of the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem. Queen Elizabeth II holds a lot of power over the British-Israel World Federation system. All the hofjuden Zionists answer to the Knights of Malta. The Sanhedrin once said the “Jews have no King but Caesar.” The Pope of Rome is the Caesar and his College of Cardinals is his Senate.

How do the Order of Malta and the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem work together?

Both work together through the 1961 creation of the Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem. The Order of Malta control all other recognized Maltese Orders since the Order of Malta is the original order. This is why the Order of Malta have British Grandmasters today.

So you say all these ancient powers never dissolved but have in fact gained strength

Yes, the ancient Roman Empire and Vatican has increased power like we would have expected. Papal Orders command and create everything. The Knights Templars and Morets created the modern world we live within today. The Knights Templar created international banking and what you use today.

If the Knights Templar created all we have today then its creator must be the real source of this knowledge?

Incorrect! The Normans play a large role in the founding of the Knights Templar but it is not the Normans who built the great cathedrals and gave us the knowledge we have today.

If not the Normans then who did give us the knowledge

It all stems from the Middle East, everything comes from this region with Mesopotamia being important. Mesopotamia is what most know today as modern day Iraq. Go back and look at the Sumerian tablets but beware of Freemasonic Zacharia Sitchin’s disinformation. The Templars came across peoples in Palestine who had great wisdom and knowledge like no others of that time. These people known as the Morets were made up of doctors, architects, mathematicians and all sorts of wisdom. The Templars bought the Morets into Europe and used the great knowledge they possessed to do everything which was credited solely to the Knights Templars. During the suppression of the Order in 1312 many of the Morets went to Switzerland. I believe the Sturgeon teachers of wisdom within the Knights Templar angered the Pope often by teaching wisdoms that the Vatican did not like being made known. So this higher-level within the Knights Templar had often angered Vatican authorities let alone the debts the Vatican and other nations clocked-up to the order. Jealousy reared its ugly head and it is known what eventually happened to the order. No matter who tries to claim they are the original Templars, the only original Templars are the Jesuit origins because they was allowed by the Pope to survive in Aragon. No other Templars was allowed to continue even though they did in orders such as the Knights of Christ.

Do you know a powerful financial bloodline connected to the Knights Templars?

If I was you I would look at the powerful Doria family who still exist today and control the Swiss Canton of Geneva with the powerful Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV. No one can deny the powers of the House of Savoy controlling a lot of the world. Take a look at the World Society and the connection to the Savoy. Prince Emanuele IV has a grievance with King Juan Carlos over the ownership of the King of Jerusalem title. Both these people hold extraordinary powers in this conspiracy web and both are members in the most powerful orders on Earth.

Is there a Roman Empire today

Yes the Roman Empire never died, it somewhat just split and this gave illusions of the Spanish, Portuguese, British and American Empires. The American Empire does not exist and never did because this has always had the strings pulled by the City of London and Westminster in Britain. The New Holy Roman Empire existed before the 19th Century changes. It was the Congress of Vienna in 1814 that kick-started the New Holy Roman Empire that became more visible as the Little Horn from the Bible. A further aid to this Empire was the Treaty of Verona in 1822! Jesuit handled King George III used to sign his name Prince Elector of the New Holy Roman Empire. Queen Elizabeth II is today a Princess of the New Holy Roman Empire. King Juan Carlos is a Prince of the New Holy Roman Empire. The head of the New Holy Roman Empire is the Supreme Primate (Pope of Rome) currently a Jesuit named Pope Francis I.

Where do the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion originate?

Zionism is a modern creation by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits created and handled both Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. Both Zevi and Frank aided the splitting of the Jews and to bring over loyal hofjuden to the court of the Pope. Yet again division of divisions of the Jews always to keep the Jews from the original teachings of God. This goes all the back to Judea and Babylon and has continued to this day. The Protocols mentioned are simply renamed after the original orders of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati. Those protocols are the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion not Zion. All of these protocols go back to documents which originated in Rome back in 1482 before the Jesuits even existed. The Jesuits just used those instructions in order to create the Illuminati and also destroy the Jansenists with another version of this same system.

What organizations control Israel

The Council on Foreign Relations head-quartered in New York City. This Council works on behalf of the Pilgrims Society in Britain. The Organization the Institute for Jewish Policy Research also have a hold over Israel. Foundations like the Ford Foundation play a big role in the social engineering of Israel.

Which is more important, the United States or Israel

Israel is not important in the slightest. What is important is the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Vatican and the Jesuits do not care about Israel as a nation, they merely use it for now to create social engineering in the Middle East. When all is achieved by the Jesuits in the Middle East, the nation of Israel and Zionism will be no more in existence. The Middle East will end up become one big trading block modelled on the European Union. The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem will be the Capitol City of the New Middle East not to mention the spiritual head of the world. Dubai will be the financial head of the world and Iraq will be the political head of the world. A lot of what sits in the West today will end up being located in the Middle East as the West is turned into a third world slave plantation. The Vatican will be destroyed by either a giant planned disaster or terrorist event resulting in a massive holocaust burning of souls as a ritual prior to the Roman powers moving to the Latin Kingdom.

Is Tel Aviv more powerful than Washington?

Not in the slightest! The Tel Aviv gang do have a big influence at times in the States aided by the likes of AIPAC but overall they are insignificant compared to the US Government. You have seen recently how Obama can give Netanyahu a hard time so do not believe Israeli powers command the United States.

But Israel attacked the United States on 9/11 did they not?

No! The attacks on September 11th 2001 were planned by military powers under the City of London such as the Ministry of Defence, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Royal Canadian Air Force, Bombardier Master Trust and rogue intelligence units of Israeli origin. I have informed you that the Zionists are mastered by the Knights of Malta. Israel would not dare interfere with the world economy and system of power unless it had orders to do so by the New Holy Roman Empire. Any attempt to go against this structure of power would result in what happened to President John F. Kennedy but on a larger scale but veiled as some other event to cover-up the third truth reality.

Do you think an airliner hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

I do not believe that for one minute. I believe elements of French and Israel intelligence units under The Worshipful Company of Ship Wrights used an adapted vessel in the Atlantic to fire a Russian Granite missile targeting the Pentagon and the Office of Naval Intelligence. This allowed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to take control of the Operation Looking Glass server system and remove power out of Washington and into Chicago before finally placing control of the United States in the hand of the British Ministry of Defence under Geoff Hoon. So was it Israel, France or NATO? No the operation goes back to the head of the illusionary American Empire and that is the British Empire and the City of London. Always follow the trail and also the funding not to mention the economic reasons. The City of London Patent Pool took control of a covert $73 trillion a year business away from the U.S. Navy and connected software contractors like Cantor Fitzgerald based in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Were the air attacks planned in Canada?

No! The Royal Canadian Air Force and Bombardier Master Trust executed the attacks. Of course some training and planning occurred in Canada but the master plan was drawn up in the inner sovereign area of New Jerusalem within the outer sovereign City of London aka ancient Londinium. All the planning was mastered by a high-level former-Royal Air Force Baron who’s partner has been a Worshipful Master of the World Traders Livery Lodge of Freemasons and Imperialists. The Order of the Bath and the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators planned the 9/11 air attacks. In some location somewhere will be legal documents with powerful signatories who signed off on this staged event. The 9/11 event aids the ushering in of the post-democratic and paranoia society all for draconian control under what is called the New World Order.

What is special about Canada?

Canada is ruled by the Jesuits and Queen Elizabeth II. The Hudson’s Bay Company controls the Americas region and the United States is subordinated to this power based in the Rupert Land. Study the ancient history of The Hudson’s Bay Company along with the Virginia Company of London and Plymouth. The same ancient powers still hold power over these regions. The Worshipful Company of Skinners took over a large amount of the former controls once owned by the Virginia Company. The Worshipful Company of Skinners called in the settling debt of the Virginia which forced Abraham Lincoln to dissolve the nation and incorporate the region as a business vessel on the high seas. This was supposed to just be a temporary measure but the Jesuits and Mercers already angry they did not get the lands were also angered the nation could not be put further in debt. Instead the Greenback came forth and could make the nation wealthy as well as pay off the pirates of the Skinner Liverymen. The Mercers decided they liked the idea of an incorporated United States better than the American Republic known as the united States of America (lower case ‘u’) which once gave the people many rights never seen in before in history. The Jesuits decided to keep the corporation and so they assassinated Lincoln with the ancestor of Cherie Blair known as John Wilkes Booth and John Surratt. Now the corporation would stay a corporation forever and soon enough the Greenback could be destroyed and replaced with a fraudulent debt instrument IOU. This is how the Mercers have enslaved the United States and the US Citizens since 1868 and 1913. Today the US debt is increase by the removal of the Glass Steagall Act and the increase in unlawful derivative trading. The Federal Reserve erodes the value of the Federal Reserve notes by Quantitative Easing and printing up billions a month. The funding for the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy originated with the Bank of Montreal in Canada. John Wilkes Booth was paid £50 for his part in the slaughter of Lincoln.

What do you think of Stephen Harper

Yet another treasonous terrorist hindering the people of Canada on behalf of the Jesuits and Queen Elizabeth II. Stephen Harper and his party are an illegitimate supposed Government.

Can you name some Knights of Malta connected with the intelligence community?

Instead of giving you a long list of members some already are aware of, I will simply give you Leon Panetta the former-head of the Central Intelligence Agency. He serves Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush another member of the Order of the Bath like the Baron behind 9/11 (you connecting the dots yet?)

Who in your opinion controls the majority of the alternative media?

The majority of the alternative media originates in the United States. Take a look at the main hub of this conspiracy information and it comes from Austin, Texas. That State of Texas sure holds a lot of significance in the conspiracy-exposure agenda does it not? Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush controls the majority of the alternative media. This controlled-opposition media tries to install self-helplessness and paranoia amongst intelligent people. This controlled side of the alternative media never highlights the true powers of the Vatican and ancient orders. A lot of this media does not even mention the Zionists although recently more of this talk has started to occur. The only reason they allow some Zionist talk is because at some point the masters will destroy Zionism. The Jesuit talk was hushed up and hardly ever heard until I helped raise awareness on the subject based on a lot of information I processed from Eric Jon Phelps. Mention Jesuits on any of these main conspiracy shows and you will be verbally abused, deleted or banned. How can anyone be ignorant of a power going back hundreds of years and who still exist today? Mention the Order of Malta and you will be abused and made out to be a fool by counter-intelligence programs. To me the foolish being goes around bragging about the ancient power of the Templars as they explain the modern conspiracy to a herd of sheople. This same being later denies the power of the Order of Malta whilst knowing the Maltese existed before the Templars whilst also taking all the Templar power and wealth with the Ad Providam Papal Bull. The Order of Malta exist today and have the same intense powers they always had all be it veiled to the herd who live in an illusion handed to them. How can anyone deny such a powerful force? The problem lies with the Jesuit controlled education system now classing anything over thirty years as ancient history. How can you teach anyone about hundreds of years if they think thirty years is ancient? The herd have been socially engineered to crave fiction and live in a fantasy. They do not mind hearing about powerful ancient orders like the Templars but only in the past, this way it stays a fantasy to be played around with in the minds of the gullible. Anything in the now will spoil this mindset and illusion. Today you have people craving to find out that aliens rule the world. If you explain to the herd that the power is held by a bunch of old men in frocks, this will burst the illusion bubble and security blankets fail.

Do you have a good predictive programming movie that could help us understand what you just was trying to highlight with social engineering?

I could use many examples from Hollywood but I choose a more modern movie called ‘The Island‘ by Michael Bay. In the near-future the global population on Earth will eventually become the underground population in this movie.

Who was behind the slaughter of Princess Diana?

The Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem, The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, Prince Philip, Secret Intelligence Service, GCHQ and quite possibly the hit was executed by the Special Air Service.

Is there more to the assassination than just a slaughter?

Yes all these events have more happening than just what is seen on the surface. This was a planned out blood ritual like all these big assassinations such as John F. Kennedy in Dealy Plazza. The intelligence services do not just decide on a simple day of a particular month for the event to occur for no reason. The dates and location are chosen in accordance with occult principles. They will chose old ritual sites of ancient Gods and they will want certain monuments present like Cleopatra’s needle phallic etc. Princess Diana was murdered in an ancient place of worship of the old Goddess Diana the huntress within Paris the city of Isis. The planning for such events is deep and of course compartmentalized so the uninitiated profane do not understand the greater wisdoms towards the Great Work. Only those doing the bidding of Lucifer may handle in white gloves since they believe they do the bidding of God.

Can you give us a Catholic connection to the Bush family since we believe they are Protestant

Easiest one would be John Bush (Jeb) being a fourth-degree Knight of Columbus who kneels down to the Pope of Rome. Plenty of pictures exist on the web highlighting this action of John Bush. Hows about George W. Bush coming out of Red Mass, George W. Bush takes a liking to the communal wafer (Sun symbolism). The Nazi Bush family take orders from King Juan Carlos of Spain and his house of Bourbon. King Juan Carlos and the Bush Family have been regular visitors to the Cherlieu Palace of the Desmarais family up in Canada! Do you think King Juan Carlos would bother to waste his time going anywhere unless it had importance? Connect the dots!

What do you think of the Bible?

It is a book of spells for witches which has been used by followers to attack supposed witches. I will say that these spells have had some positive effects on mankind but some of the spells have also had a negative. If I wanted to use a book of spells then I would choose the Geneva Bible 1560/99. I would not touch the King James Bible with a barge pole since it was mastered by an occultist named Sir John Dee (007) of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. How can a book of spells telling you to stay clear of the occult gain acceptance by anyone knowing it was mastered by an occultist? Take a long hard look at the history of the Bible and the suppression of the Geneva Bible and ask yourself which one you would choose. Do not be put off the Geneva Bible by those pushing the King James claiming it was a perfected Geneva, use common sense. Do you think the Puritans would have used inferior texts that needed radical improvements? It is all lies. Has not man speaking words and writing not caused most of the troubles we have today? Has it not been mans’ writing and spelling which has created the pseudo-science and education systems of today which imprison us all. If man was left to his natural self he would be far better off and so would the biosphere and life on this planet. The Bible has a lot of good sides which must be understood and practised but it is not the final authority of perfection. Do not follow any other Bibles as they are inferior and pushed by the Jesuits to help destroy so-called true-Christianity. This interview is a form of witchcraft, made up of a series of spells via words creating a thought-form (magic). I hope you can understand the points I express.

Do you know of any special organizations in Switzerland connected to the financial power?

You might want to research the Universal Postal Union based in Berne, funny enough it is just around the corner from the Vatican Embassy. You might want to look at the connection of the KPMG International Cooperative to the Livery system of the City of London.

Why are we suffering strange weather and new environmental disease like Ash die-off?

This has all been created by the U.S. Air Force controlled Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering program conducted through the international Treaty of Open Skies. When nano-particles of metals like aluminium and titanium get sprayed into the stratosphere, they act as a shield stopping the light of the Sun hitting Earth in the quantities needed for life. Today NASA admit the Sunlight hitting Earth has dimmed in recent years. Without this sunlight we will have problems with pollutions as fungus, bacteria and virus can breed. UV rays kill bacteria and cleanse areas. Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses are the biospheres natural cleansers to remove filth from the planet. If filth cannot be cleansed then pollutions build up creating more fungus’s and so forth. Pollution causes trees and plants to die under supposed strange circumstances and with certain diseases like ash die-off. You could quite possible reverse a lot of the ash tree disease by pouring a litre of homoeopathic silicea around the base of the trunk in the soil of each tree suffering. Is homoeopathy the answer? No! The answer is to release the light onto Earth as god intended. Interesting is it not that whilst they block sunlight with SAG they still get you to load your body with titanium particles in soaps etc as well as sun block? I believe the sun block may be in part for when they place the SAG at a lower level which acts like a turkey in tin foil aiding the cooking of the below surface? Could they be trying to turn you into a giant antenna somehow increasing your aura signature so satellites can pick you up easier on their surveillance system? We know the technology is out there now to track individuals from their own unique aura signatures. I cannot prove if a mobius coil wrapped around a quartz crystal then powered by a positive square-wave generator can stop your signature being read but its quite possible. I think you will find the odd hint at why they may be using SAG in that predictive programming movie, ‘The Island‘ I mentioned earlier. It is all about generating excuses and fear in order to control. The U.S. Air Force wants to control the weather by 2025. A lot of the weather system is manipulated by lasers from space based weapons platforms and satellites connected with the Department of Defense. People often speak of the Space Preservation Act and claim Dennish Kucinich was the master mind. No it was Alfred Webre who masterminded that act! Alfred Webre is a controlled-opposition disinformation agent. Alfred Webre’s agenda will be to discourage people from viewing those who team up with him. Guilt by mere association shall I say! If you look at the background of Alfred Webre you will note the connections to the mind bending Stanford Research Institute (SRI International or shall we say Tavistock West) and Yale University the home of Chapter 322 (Skull & Bones) with the Russell Trust. Do you want to trust someone with these connections? It is like trusting Paul Craig Roberts after he has been trained at Georgetown ‘Jesuit military fortress’ University.

Do you believe the world we live in is real or some kind of illusion?

I believe the world is holographic! The minds and thought-forms help to create what we believe something is real to touch. How can anything be solid when an atom has no mass? It is impossible so what created the solid form like a table? The collective thought-form of the people and possibly some kind of software system by the creator making sure no glitches can occur in case the thought-form has some kind of breakdown and is not constant. We live in a dimension shall we say or a wavelength within a particular frequency range. If we could alter that frequency range we might be able to do or see something different. I believe some of these real Buddhist monks at the highest level can alter this frequency range which may account for some of the strange actions they can perform. There is a lot to all this knowledge of things like the Chakra system. The planets are seen as the Gods due in part to their influence on our chakras. Chakras are not wheels of light in the way they show you. No hole opens up inside the body or spiritual system. The chakra creates a tubing around the body which then forms into one big giant aura type system which some try to film using kirilian photography and videoing. This is the type of wisdom the Jesuits use against us on a daily basis. The Jesuits can use an event based of an emotion to coincide with a particular chakra affecting energy affecting a similar emotion building process. The Jesuits can also attack your chakra system with various chemicals, pollutions and space-based weapons platforms. Disease and thought are manifested in the spirit before the physical.

Have you always believed in the holographic theory you just explained?

Not always, when I was part of the herd I did not have a clue about this kind of information and thought. Luckily I came across the knowledge early on in my awakening period! I did start to have some doubts based on some information that seemed quite credible at the time. I now follow the holographic data again after finding out the amazing power of Samuel Hahnemann’s homoeopathy form of medicine. I have witnessed the power of this healing system and it has been a great help to re-enforce my old views again and cement them in place.

Thank you for such an intense interview and hopefully we can continue this discussion soon…

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