Conspiracy research interview #2 Feb 2014 with The Unhived Mind

Conspiracy research interview #2
February 2014
The Unhived Mind

Interview by Poseidon Media


Was Ignatius Loyola the true founder of The Company of Jesus?

No, I have said many times that the forces behind Inigo de Loyola used him as a front. The powerful figures of Francis Borja and Alessandro Farnese and it was these beings who controlled behind Loyola. Why do you think the Jesuits still to this day worship Francis Borja as Lucifer? Without Francis Borja and his wealth the Company of Jesus would not have existed. Never believe anyone who claims that Francis Borja was second to Inigo Loyola! The Jesuit world headquarters known as the Curia Generalizia is even located in an area named after the Borja family known as Borgo Santo Spirito. Look into the history of Francis Borja and his connection to Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor. The Papacy has been controlled by Spain since 1527 onwards since Charles V and his sack of Rome.

If you look at the front of the mother church of the Jesuits known as the Chiesa del Gesù you will read Alessandro Farnese’s name above the pillars. Alessandro Farnese funded the building of the Chiesa del Gesu. Alessandro’s name is also over the tomb of Inigo de Loyola. The hidden power of the throne is never made visible but instead fronts are put into public view to divert attention away from the hidden power players. For instance who else handled Inigo Loyola? You have to look to Venice and the Venetian Doge Andrea Gritti along with Gasparo Contarini. The others involved in the creating of The Company came from the Catholic nations of Portugal, France and Spain. These included Simao Rodrigues, Peter Faber, Diego Lainez, Francis Xavier (hidden creator of inoculation for poisoning), Nicolas Bobadilla and Alfonso Salmeron.

When exactly did the Jesuit Order first exist?

It is claimed The Company formed in 1541 but this is not true. The Company was formed in Paris, France in 1534 within the crypt at the Church of Saint Peter of Montmartre. It would be wise for researchers to study the history of this Cathedral whilst remembering that Peter Faber was a Frenchman who helped create The Company. In the same year that Jesuit soldier, Jorge Mario Bergoglio become Pope Francis I, he canonized Peter Faber. Peter Faber was the third most powerful player within The Company behind Francis Borja and Inigo Loyola. With what I have told you so far, do you still believe this Jesuit Pope named himself after Francis of Assisi or Francis Borja? The secretive intelligence division of the Jesuits known as The Entity was created in 1541.

Is the known head of the Jesuits still as powerful as he was when he was known as the Black Pope?

Yes the position of Black Pope still holds the powers granted to it by Francis Borja in 1565. The Black Pope is the second most powerful position in the Catholic Church behind the Pope. So when the current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolas SJ claims he is not a Black Pope you had better not believe him. As I have said before the word Jesuit means ‘a clever person who deceives the people.’ What this means is that both Inigo Loyola and Diego Laynez never had the power that Francis Borja and the Black Pope’s have had. Is it not any wonder why the Jesuits worship Francis Borja so much? Francis funded, founded and even created such a powerful position as the Black Pope within the Catholic Church under the powerful Papal Bull system.

Within the Jesuit Order and the Order of the Malta high level members run these organizations and do all the hard day to day work. I informed you to look at the Prelate position of the Order of Malta over the Grandmaster of the Order. The Curia Generalizia has to do little work and could not exist without the rectors and provincials. I’d suggest people look more towards Jesuit soldiers like Timothy P. Kesicki, Francois-Xavier Dumortier SJ, John J. DeGioia, Michael J. Garanzini, S.J and Joseph M. McShane, S.J. The Superior General does not choose his successor, this choice goes to the General Congregation made up of numerous Jesuits. During the term of a Superior General a number of Jesuit Congregations are decided and deal with what has to happen within The Company. This type of congregation will be held every three years! I informed you last time that even the Black Pope is spied upon by his own order and has to take a confession. I believe his confessions will be taken by American Jesuit James Grummer SJ.

Why was there no Black Pope from the end of 1942 until late into 1946?

The last Black Pope in 1942 was Wlodimir Ledóchowski SJ the mastermind of World War II and continuer of Franz Xavier Wernz SJ’s World War I. The Black Pope in 1946 was Jean-Baptiste Janssens but you will notice another gap after Janssens death. This gap lasted for two-thirds of a year in length until Pedro Aruppe SJ was named as Black Pope in September of 1965.

This is a sore point for the Jesuits and Old Europe! The death of Wlodimir Ledóchowski was not a natural death. Ledóchowski was assassinated on the 13th of December 1942 by assassins commanded by Jesuit soldier, Heinrich Himmler SJ. The leader of the Schutzstaffel got betrayed by his leader Ledóchowski using Ioseb Jugashvili another Jesuit trained soldier. A large schism occurred within the Jesuits just as we saw in Freemasonry in the 19th Century. The two opposing sides of the Jesuits were made up of the New World Jesuits being from Britain, Canada, United States and Australia. The opposing side was made up of Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland Jesuit soldiers. Heinrich Himmler SJ became the unofficial Black Pope for Old Europe and ruled until his death in 1945. The Jesuits of the Venetian New World became lead by Edmund Walsh SJ connected with Georgetown University which rules over the United States aided by the Senior Executive Service and other branches of the Crown Corporation.

Even though Black Popes continued to be elected by a General Congregation this is did not mean the schism had ended. The provincial Conferences became used as a medium from 1972 to help bring about a truce between the Jesuits which occurred in 1983. Is it any wonder Pedro Arruppe had to prepare the Jesuits for a New World Order? If you look at the World today and all the changes it becomes most obvious that the Venetians control the show behind the scenes using New Venice (Britain) and the United States instead of Europe. Do you think the Venetians could be split like this? Heinrich Himmler’s legacy is not all lost as the Nazi’s continue on to this day through the Deutsche Geozentrale (German Geopolitical Centre) and the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst headed in Dacahu, Bavaria. This Nazi powerhouse has branches known as Odessa, Liebwache, Scharnhorst, Edelweiss, Lustiger Bruder and Sechsestirn. The Nazis have infiltrated into many areas including Britain which should not be a shock when we understand that the Cliveden Set wanted to side with Hitler.

What is the connection of the Jesuits to finance?

Since 1572 the Jesuits have been dealing in finance like the order’s original Knights Templar origins that was taken from them by the Pope in 1312 and his Order of Malta. The Jesuits created and controlled the United East Indies Company which was the first ever mega-corporation. The company only went bankrupt because the Jesuits had been suppressed by the Pope since 1773. In the United States just for starters you can look at Bank of America, JP Morgan and Chase along with BNY Mellon. In Switzerland you can look at the Lombard Odier & Cie. The Jesuits moved a lot of gold bullion out of France and into both Swiss and United States banking houses back in the 18th Century. The Jesuits are the secret controllers of the Vatican Treasury which they have guarded by the Rothschild family, the official Guardians of the Vatican Treasury. You’ll find the Jesuits, Vatican, Queen Elizabeth II and worldwide syndicate families are involved in banking. The financial system is run by the Order of Malta and The Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem. The Order of Malta having taken the power via Papal Bull Ad Providam in 1312 away from the Knights Templar. The Jesuits subordinated the Order of Malta in 1794 aided by Napoleon Bonaparte. The Jesuits and Rothschild alliance used the Bonaparte scam in order to take control of the Bank of England.

Where do the Jesuits keep their Vatican wealth?

In the ancient land of Turicum which you will know as Zurich, a canton of Switzerland. Shall we say yet another example of Jesuits with Protestants.

Why was Pope Benedict XVI dethroned?

Yes most definitely but do not believe he was a Pope because he was an anti-Pope since he had not managed to remove the Second Vatican Council of the Jesuit renewal of the counter-Reformation. In the alternative media it is claimed he was dethroned over the paedophilia troubles and because he has a homosexual lover. This of course will be the smokescreen put out by Vatican intelligence sources. It has to be something of importance because Ratzinger was well schooled and respected by many and why not? After all Ratzinger did create the Oslo Accords which once again bought back Jerusalem as the Latin Kingdom back in 1993. Joseph Ratzinger was punted and demoted to Pope Emeritus! Since September of 2008 the financial crisis has been a rebellion by various banking dynasties and the Pope (Benedict XVI). This banking system has been in place now for two centuries.

The elite power structure is not as rock solid as it should be and now is the time for attempts to take over before it is too late. Has Ratzinger failed in his attempt to dethrone the Jesuits? Well we now have a Jesuit as the Pope replacing Benedict XVI. Will the Pope Emeritus still be working with banking houses against the Jesuits from behind a less visible arena or has his attempt been squashed? We still have the banking system for now without a complete meltdown. So I guess we will have to see if a meltdown comes or if a new system or current system improves or morphs into something else for the next eighty or more years. I believe a lot of the cravings for a gold-backed currency is connected with the Ratzinger faction. Is this rebellion connected with the arrest of Monsignor Scarano? Why is Scarano under the impression that the Jesuit banking Nattino family are going to poison him? You have to admit it is likely this is the true cause of Pope Benedict XVI’s removal and replacement with a Jesuit. The first overt Jesuit Pope in History! Why only now has a Jesuit decided to be throned? All challengers be warned that the Jesuits dominate!

Was the Bank of England created by the Jesuits?

Venetian merchants created the Bank of England, helped along by the passing of the Usuary Act of 1571 and the ramblings of John Locke.. The 1st Earl of Halifax, Charles Montagu a Privy Councillor and member of the Order of the Garter helped to create the Bank of England. Charles Montagu was the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time of the Banks existence. He later rose in power in the 18th Century when he became the First Lord of the Treasury. William Paterson fronted for the founding of the Bank of England. The first meeting of the Bank of England was held at The Worshipful Company of Mercers Hall in the City of London. The Venetians adore usury which means the charging of credit forbidden by God. In fact the Venetians make loan sharks interest look cheap in comparison. Some Venetian usury rates ended up into the triple figure range. The Venetian greed can cripple nations and even themselves. To a Venetian oligarch the God of this world is gold which is named after the creator with an added ‘l’ for good measure. The military-industrial-complex is the Venetian mind set of endless wars, finance and depressions.

Was Frederick the Great a Freemason and did he have a connection with the Jesuits?

Frederick the Great was part of the House of Hohenzollern and a powerful figure in Freemasonry. Frederick was a homosexual handled by homosexual lovers connected with the Venetians. Is it any wonder he gave shelter to the Jesuits? Is it any wonder the Jesuits showed a more open alliance with New Venice (Britain)? Where would the Jesuit reductions wealth go if it could not be put in Catholic banks?

Did the Jesuits create the Illuminati?

No the Jesuits did not even in exist when the original Gnostic Illuminati was created by Pythagoras of Samos. There have been numerous forms of the Illuminati with the Jesuit Order itself being one of them. The Los Alumbrados was the name of Loyola’s prior organization. Los Alumbrados in Spanish means the Illuminati.. The Venetian-Jesuits created the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. The Venetians used another front to claim the founding of this Order called Adam Weishaupt a supposed former-Jesuit but in truth simply a sheep-dipped Jesuit solder continuing the cause. The founder of the Illuminati for the Venetians was an occultist and member of the Order of Malta known as Giuseppe Balsamo. The same man who screwed over France.

What is the power structure of the Illuminati?

The Illuminati has it’s own Druidic internal power structure made up of various councils all subservient to the Jesuits including the Grand Druid Council. The Illuminati is made up of various powerful bloodlines such as the Pallavicini and Agnelli. In truth these are more powerful than the Pope as they are closer to the action the same as the Provincials of the Jesuits are the real power players of The Company. Lets face it would the Pope on his own defeat the military might of the United States? So whoever funds the military-industrial-Complex has some serious power and basically it is all the corporations like NASA, General Electric and so forth including the covert drugs trades through the Exchange Stabilization Fund subordinate to Georgetown University and the Knights of Malta. Below the Illuminati families you have the United Nations. The Black Pope sits under his Provincial powers and above the Illuminati power and Papal power. Quite how the Jesuits manage to be so dominate is a mystery but it is a fact for now. A power exists above the Jesuit Order and that will have some form of Genoa/Venetian roots going back into Phoenicia. The Jesuits were on good terms with the continuum of the Hashashins. Loyola meet with the famous Hashashins of the Middle East. This system is a lot more complex than people would let you believe and it is not all clear cut or at least not just yet.

Who controls the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry?

This is commanded by the Jesuits and Venetians through the Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem which answers to the Order of Malta through the Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem. This Rite is connected to the Norman continuum powers such as the Clan Bruce of Scotland. It is from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry we have the New Age Movement and Zionism. The Rite’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas not the front known as the House of Temple in Washington D.C.

Who was behind the Reformation?

Venetians commanded Henry VIII using Francesco Zorzi under orders of Gasparo Contarini who mastered the whole farce of the Reformation and the counter-Reformation. The end goal was to hinder Europe and put a stop to any attacks against Venice. Instead Europe and Christianity would be in a battle wasting time and energy of those suckered into the illusion. Yes people were killed during the Reformation but these were the herd who fell for the illusions. The hidden leaders of the illusion sat back and worked it all to their own gains. To them it did not matter who was in the Giovani or the Vecchi, both sides were puppets to the puppeteer Venetians. Francesco Zorzi was the hidden creator of Rosicrucian order not Christian Rosenkreuz.

Is the Roman Catholic Church still Catholic?

No the false-Church has not been Catholic since 1962 when Pope John XXIII bought about the start of the Second Vatican Council. Since this time all supposed Popes have been anti-Popes. So when you hear the sarcastic term “is the Pope a Catholic?” You can now explain why the Pope is no longer a Catholic. If you want to understand this subject more then I suggest you study the Vatican Second Council along with the work of traditional Catholics who have separated from the Vatican. The Second Vatican Council is the Jesuit renewal of the Council of Trent and the counter-Reformation. The Jesuits have destroyed the Catholic Church as it was once known. Many of the old hierarchy of the Vatican knew from day one that the Jesuits were mavericks and dangerous to the Church. Those who knew what the Jesuit agenda was all about made sure they opposed the Jesuits at all costs. I think their warnings were well vindicated don’t you? Why were the Jesuits formed? The Jesuits were formed as a military order to counter the Reformation created by the Venetians. The Venetians controlled both sides of the coin until they could manipulate everything over the centuries to the results we see today. It is said that the Order of Malta are the greatest merchants on Earth. This is not true because the Venetians and Genoa are the greatest merchants on Earth. The Venetians had the best intelligence network centuries before they bought forth the Jesuits. Look at the system we live in today. Can you deny it is not a Venetian masterpiece?

Is there a female version of the Jesuits?

Yes although it is not a division of the Jesuit Order there is a powerful feminine order known as the Order of the Most Holy Savior. The head of this order is a close aid of the Pope called Madre Tekla Famiglietti known as the Abbess General. This Order’s headquarters is based in the Piazza del Gesu in Rome where the Mother Church of the Jesuit Order is located. In the same location where you have the Bank Finnat run by the powerful Nattino family who have a connection with the London Stock Exchange and the Pallavicini family of Genoa.

When did the modern Holy Roman Empire start and where is its capital based?

The Roman Empire never truly ceased, it just fragmented somewhat as I have told you before in the previous interview. I mentioned the Congress of Vienna and the Treaty of Verona. This Roman Empire of today started to form from 1850 onwards and it was aided by the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs known as the 3rd Viscount Palmerston, Henry John Temple who was also a Privy Councillor and a member of the Order of the Bath and the Order of the Garter. Temple was aided by the head of the Illuminati known as Giuseppe Mazzini from Genoa along with David Urquhart, Louis Bonaparte, Privy councillor James Stansfelt, Anthony Cooper the Earl of Shaftesbury, John Stuart Mill, William Henry Ashurst of the Inns of Court and John Bowring. People will be aware of the connection of Albert Pike and Mazzini. Albert Pike was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ. You could say this was the time when Freemasonry started to take over bit by bit. The capital of this Roman Empire today is the powerful City of London which is the ancient Londinium of the Romans. All based within Britain which is New Venice, favoured by the Venetians for being an island similar to their old city of Venice. The Venetians believe they are the chosen people. All of the Livery companies are Masonic lodges with a Worshipful Master. The Superior General and hundreds of other Vatican officials are Freemasons.

Why is the information on the Jesuits getting out after all these years?

Like I said before it is part of a power struggle within the Catholic Church. Cardinals and Orders within the Church structure dislike the Jesuits having a noose around their necks. The Jesuits rule with an iron rod and control everything in the Church. If you have funds then the Jesuits take them. If you have land then the Jesuits will take them, if you are lucky they might let you keep infertile lands. Sometimes being too strict on your slaves is not in your best interest as they will start to rebel at some point. This was the difference between Catholic and Protestant slave masters. The Catholics were evil to their slaves whilst the Protestants were far more considerate to theirs. Who would you hate the most and want to rebel against out the two? I should remind you that the Venetians are the biggest slave traders and built their wealth based on slavery. So we have insiders within the Catholic Church and orders like Opus Dei drip feeding information out in order to cause complications to the Jesuit Order as part of this attempt to reverse the Jesuit stranglehold.

Why are Jews put in positions of power at banking houses?

Irish Roman Catholics sit in banking house positions of power at well! Whilst you are to be fooled that all races on Earth are equal and the same, the establishment know different. Each race is unique and have there own positive qualities over another. With the black race they have the superior human body and this is why they are excellent at sports. Have you noticed how you do not see any black racing drivers? Lewis Hamilton is a mulatto not a full black race so he cannot be included. Blacks are susceptible to detached retinas. The Turkish-Edomites take up positions of power simply because they have a mind capable of excelling in accounts and bookkeeping. If you wanted to run a perfect system would you put a black in charge of accounts or a Turkish-Edomite? I think we have seen what happens when the wrong races are put in positions they cannot fulfil, the cities of the United States are full of the results Like bankrupt Detroit.

How powerful are the B’nai B’Rith?

The B’Nai B’rith was created to aid the creation of the modern Holy Roman Empire by Privy Councillor, Henry Temple. Henry Temple was the Grandmaster of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and to this day this Rite controls the B’Nai B’rith organization. You will notice how Albert Pike controlled the second version of the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan is nothing more than the Scottish Rite’s one of many systems in order for the Venetian-Jesuit Britain to master the United States under its Holy Roman Empire started by Henry Temple.

Who created Zionism?

The Venetian-Jesuits created Zionism using Sir Francis Bacon, Robert Cecil and Anthony Ashley Cooper. They pushed Zionism from within the Jesuit controlled Baltimore in Maryland. I would suggest a study on the evil Jesuit intelligence network known as The Leopold foundation. The Jesuit assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln has origins in Baltimore. This would then aid with creating an anti-Catholic hatred in the region when it was realized that the supposed Church murdered Lincoln. This resulted in a dropping of diplomatic ties with the Vatican until 1984 under Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a Honorary Knight of Malta and pawn of the Jesuits and whom they had groomed to become President from as early as 1940 when he played George Gipp in the film ‘Knute Rockne, All American.’ You will find a big connection of B’Nai B’Rith to this Jesuit intelligence network down in Baltimore.

Thank you for another great interview and hopefully we can continue this regularly…

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