UHM – Depopulation by Radiation,
Chemical and Rodent Virus

By The Unhived Mind 22th April 2012

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This is not for your benefit its for the benefit of the profits to The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries controlling the pharmaceutical industry. If they do not spot anything they can work on with mammograms they lose the opportunity of using ‘mustard gas’ chemotherapy worth $150,000 and more. If this treatment cannot be used not only do they lose mass profit but the Governments also do not meet population reduction figures called for by the Club of Rome and it’s Global 2000 Report tied into the United Nations Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development ‘hidden’ genocide by the Malthusian overlords. If Governments do not meet the demands by these Malthusian overlords then funding is cut off by The Worshipful Company of Mercers or at best lowered until these demands are met. No different to you not getting all the loan you desire because you failed one of the parameters needed on the credit scoring.

Anybody putting any chemical or foreign body into their own body is a fool especially if its not an emergency like a hip replacement. For those people who have been stupid but have had their previous nonsense removed, they may wish to use homeopathy to aid the removal of any left over poisons in their system. Its about time woman realized that the mass Cancer around at the moment in the breasts is man-made on purpose for population reduction. Sit and think please for one second at the extent of this problem and ask is it normal? No it is not normal and do not ever think that way.

The increase in Breast Cancer is down to higher Cesium, Strontium levels and at specific times Iodine 131. The later only occurs in the first and short period after nuclear problems such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. The Cesium and Strontium is a far worse problem thats prolonged. You can deal easier with the Iodine 131 such as using Potassium iodide ingestion prior and during problems. You can freeze your milk for 14-21 days to make sure this iodine is removed. Its far more difficult to deal with Cesium which the United Kingdom is loaded with since the Chernobyl disaster. All three radioactive compounds mentioned have an affinity for the mammory glands so does it not make sense whats happening around you today? Ask yourself why is the U.S. Department of Energy so closely knit with the medical establishment these days? If you still do not understand then I strongly suggest you study their connection to nuclear energy and then things will become far more clearer to you. You may also wish to look into the real reasons for cattle mutilations falsely veiled (Operation Greenstar) as alien encounters to cover up the real agenda of poisoning and testing of the effectiveness of those poisons. Notice they take the tongue, anus, eyes and so forth where the poisons first hit and enter then exit.

Study the connection of low iodine levels alone with breast cancer and then look at all the bromide and fluoride ingestion going on thus lowering the natural iodine levels even further. Where is your intake of natural iodine coming from in the first place? Do you even get any of worth at all today? So how can you afford to have these halogens displace what you have and need already? You cannot afford this obviously so does it not make sense to start concentrating on Iodine a bit more in food? Make sure though that you do not choose Iodine rich foods close to nuclear disasters since the iodine of the food will be made up of the iodine 131. This problem is now occurring with Kelp in California tested since the Fukushima disaster of March 2011. An event which will raise Global breast cancer and thyroid disease through the roof within the next three or more years. This will be an extinction level event whether with humans but definitely with many animals. May I remind you how dangerous strontium is especially aerosolized and yet daily we are sprayed with this poison by the U.S Navy and U.S Air Force working with various commercial aircraft Worldwide to aid coverage of the aerosol program conducted using the civil and military ‘Open Skies Treaty.’ All in the name of geo-engineering, population reduction, space based weaponry and Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation.

Then we have the far more secretive biological weapons being used for population reduction such as the Mouse Mammory Virus (MMV) which causes breast cancer. How many people speak about this? Couple them altogether and what do you get? An epidemic of breast cancer and thyroid disease just as we are seeing right this minute. Wake up people the Malthusians want a mass populace of just one billion people ideally by 2050. They are not content with this because once this figure is achieved their Malthusian mindset continues to where their ultimate goal is a mass Global populace of just 500,000 people as evidenced by the expensive Georgia Guidestones which I believe have now been taken down since all the exposure. Study the desires of Malthusian Audrey Tomason the current Director for Counter-Terrorism who believes in ‘humane depopulation’ by increasing background radiation using nuclear weapons/disasters. Now does it all become clear to you?

Do you still think these events are freak accidents. Think again people, not one of the three big events of Chernobyl, Deepwater Horizon and Fukushima have been accidents they were all planned and executed perfectly. Deepwater Horizon being targeted in order to aid the population migration out of the region and then population reduction of those left in the area. Why would they do this? The U.S. Navy knows exactly why this is being executed and achieved due to their prior knowledge of a possible real disaster coming in the next forty years or so. Whether this will be man-made on purpose or totally genuine who knows but it looks like its definitely coming. Expect more man-made events tied to the West Coast and East Coast of the United States and a big event tied to Union State of Illinois. Expect the location of Hollywood to be moved possibly to China but a move will be taking place regardless and I cannot see it moving to Michigan as some have claimed. A movie studio setup has to be in a warm climate not in a climate that has regular bad weather. Why do you think California was chosen in the first place?




  • theunhivedmind

    Would not the Bible be a contradiction of your statement? The bible was supposedly inspired by the thoughts of God, but was in reality created by men. If God created man in his image and man wrote the scriptures which was inspired by God, then that would tell me that the creation has all the truth of the Creator. Remember, the Bible clearly states that, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” So, your statement contradicts your chosen belief system.

    “The Holy Spirit reveals ALL truth.” Where is your proof? Why are self-proclaimed Christians no different than Atheists when it makes to making unprovable claims? I tell the atheist to make me a tree out of nothing and they tell me it can’t be done because the tree magically appeared long ago. I tell the christian to make a tree out of nothing and they tell me it can’t be done because God did it out of nothing long ago. Neither group has valid proof, only evidence which of course can be construed to meet any agenda.


  • theunhivedmind

    Your comments sound very Luciferian and anti-Christian. Remember when people followed the Bible the society you had was more free and pleasant than anything you have today. This is why the Papacy and collaborators want to destroy Christianity. Nature is paganism and connected to the worship of of devil through the green man of the grove. The study of the Universe is astrology forbidden by true-Christianity as tinkering with issues one should not. This all comes down to that serpent giving the fruit to Eve in the Garden of Eden. One must only follow the Puritan Geneva Bible 1560/99.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • theunhivedmind

      Luciferian? I do not worship Venus and your comments make you sound like a Cathari. Right, right when people followed the Bible they were more free and pleasant. How about the man from the old testament who was stoned because he was picking up wood for a fire on the Sabbath? Perhaps a better example would be during the reign of Elizabeth I? Where did she get her power again? The lady in the lake? The problem is that we, the poor, are always under the heel of some self-proclaimed ruler who assumes the position only because he/she has a supposed divine right to it. The reason you sound like a Cathar is because they believed that all material objects, including nature, were created by the architect a.k.a. the god of this world who the Bible says is Satan. You say nature is paganism which doesn’t make sense because I am talking about becoming closer to nature. If thou dost deny nature, nature shall deny thee as is quite evident by the current events unfolding before our very eyes. The study of the Universe is astronomy not astrology and I have seen you talk about astrological occurrences that correlate with worldly events so I can deduce that you have indeed studied astrology as have I and the reason we have done so is to expose the evil-doers. So, for you to say that is hypocritical. I have never liked King James I because I am positive he was a homosexual, therefore I cannot see how the Creator would allow him to create an “Authorized Version” and continue on his pagan path. I do like the Geneva Bible better, but there are over one hundred books that were not put into Scripture. Look at the Pyramids of Giza and their alignment with the Orion nebula and constellation. The Jesuits know about this alignment and they keep it well hidden. Another topic they hide is the legend of Atlantis. Athanasius Kircher was a Jesuit scholar who found a map of it.


      • theunhivedmind

        beranm don’t make the error of looking for truth in the creation over the creator. The Holy Spirit reveals ALL truth.


        • theunhivedmind

          Spiritual enlightenment is obtainable only if one is constantly seeking the truth. I can’t even imagine how many men and women have settled on the Bible or some other religious text as being the finality in their spiritual development. It saddens me to think that they have closed off their minds and spirits to nature and the universe, thus delivering themselves back into a continuous cycle of spiritual ineptitude.


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