Double Cross-Triple Cross, It’s Blowback!

Wednesday November 4, 2015​

Double Cross-Triple Cross, It’s Blowback!

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that the bomb placed on the Russian plane in the Egyptian airport was done by a mole who was employed at the Egyptian airport who had direct ties to the nation of Yemen and the U.S. CIA-Israeli Mossad al Qaeda cell headquartered in the nation of Yemen.

Note: The al Qaeda fighters that have been trained in the nation of Yemen have been used by U.S. CIA and Israeli Mossad to destabilize and kill Christians in the nations of Syria and Libya.

P.S. This intelligence fingering the Yemenese mole has been available for over three (3) days to Republican Intelligence Committee Chairmen in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, including Senator James Risch, Republican of Idaho, and Congressman Mac Thornberry, Republican of Texas.

Direct message to Gloria Borger of CNN: The head of the West Palm Beach County Election Office in Florida, Patricia LaPorte, who helped steal the year 2000 presidential election with the infamous butterfly ballot, had been a Bush Crime Family registered Republican six (6) months before she became a Democrat (laugh out loud).

Note: Borger also ignored in her year 2000 election documentary the BBC compiled evidence of noted British journalist Greg Palast reference 50,000 African-Americans who were illegally purged from the Florida voter rolls by former Florida Governor NAZI Jeb Bush 30 days before the election having their misdemeanor traffic tickets illegally changed to felonies on Florida election computers.

These African-Americans were turned away from Florida voting polls by armed Florida State Troopers in NAZI Gestapo Jim Crow tactics.

Reference: Al Gore won the election hands down.

Another direct message to Gloria Borger of CNN: You are right, Gloria, the year 2000 was an endless election aka a coup d’ etat against the American People. The good news, Gloria, the election isn’t over yet. Stay tuned!