Dr. David Duke — ZioMedia Caught Stone Cold in Their Lies at LSU!

Dr. David Duke — ZioMedia Caught Stone Cold in Their Lies at LSU!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2015 AT 9:00 PM

Media caught cold in their own lies –Dr. David Duke

There are three important things to learn from the Black Lives Matter protest at LSU:

    1) The media lies and lies and lies, so much so that they often contradict themselves in their attempts to denigrate and belittle any defender of European-American heritage.

    2) That same media does everything it can to make the haters of European-American heritage look good, even to the point of covering up their connections to Marxist, terrorist movements such as Black Lives Matter.

    3) The media also tries to divide and conquer any white resistance. Unfortunately, they can always find traitors to our heritage who will attack those who defend us rather than those who seek to destroy our people.

Here are two headlines from Louisiana’s leading newspaper on the planned protest at LSU in support of the “Black Lives Matter movement.”

The first major article is from The Advocate headlining that a meeting held by The Daughters of the Confederacy is “a slap in the face” and that a “Protest with a Confederate flag-burning ‘barbecue’” would occur.


The content of the article clearly states that the organizer named Best,

    “…characterized the NAACP-sponsored event slated for 5 p.m. Thursday as a ‘Confederate barbecue,’ where the flag will be ‘roasted’ on a grill.”

The article also quotes the NAACP leader at LSU as saying:

    “the demonstration would be a celebration of the Black Lives Matter movement….”

Of course, there was no mention of the fact that the Black Lives Matter movement is run by three open Communists whose patron saint is cop killer Assata Olugbala, who has asylum in Communist Cuba. A leader, Shakur, is currently on the FBI most wanted list. Nor does the advocate mention that their leaders have called for the murder of police officers.

Assata hero of Black lives matter

Now take a look at the headlines after I came to LSU when LSU students asked me to help support their counter protest against the “Black Lives Matter” attack on the Daughters of the Confederacy.

The Headlines of the Advocate are as derogatory as possible against me and the article is a clear attempt to exculpate the Black organizers who suddenly stopped being Black radicals who were no longer going to burn the Confederate flag which is loved by a majority of students at LSU and who no longer demanded that the United Daughters of the Confederacy be banned from campus. The lying media had suddenly morphed them into advocates of “inclusion” and “unity.” All that other stuff just went down the memory hole of the Advocate.

    They Dindu Nuttin, just were havin’ a friendly Barbeque where even David Duke was invited, but were “amused” for some reason when he didn’t show up!

The headline trumpeted the Black Lives Matter movement celebrators were now Friendly Barbequers and how even the Daughters of the Confederacy realized that the only problem was that awful racist, ex-Klansman “David Duke”

    The Headline reads “LSU ‘Confederate BBQ’ organizer amused as Duke counter protests; Daughters of the Confederacy say he’s not with us.”

Here is the Advocate writing about this

    “It’s a shame that they would go after such a fine group of ladies,” he said of the Daughters of the Confederacy. “These are very fine ladies.”
    The organization, meanwhile, swiftly sought to distance itself from a man whose name has become virtually synonymous with the word “racist” -— a label he rejects.
    “He is not an invited guest,” said Sarah Grace Brooks, president of the Baton Rouge chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy. “Our values and our morals do not align with anything he stands for.”

Well, yeah, if David Duke defended our Confederate heritage for his whole life, then obviously we can’t because “our values do not align with ANYTHING he stands for.” We won’t condemn the Black terrorist racists of Black Lives Matter, Let’s condemn the man who came to support our right to meet, and worst of all, he is someone who actually wants to preserve the lineage of the Southern people and not want our children to be ethnically cleansed from our own land. Nothing is more evil than having the same principles as the actual Confederate Veterans and even worse: the original White founders of America!

This article and the previous Advocate article the day before did point out that students asked me to come to LSU and support their counter demonstration against the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter movement and oppose their attempt to wipe the Confederate heritage from LSU.

I never claimed the Daughters of the Confederacy asked me to come and give a formal speech. It was the students who asked me to come. Even the WBRZ film itself shows me clearly saying this after they try to denigrate me by indicating I was invited the UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy). I didn’t even mention publicly that I had also been contacted by a number of Daughters of the Confederacy and SCV members who asked for my help in this mater.

The WBRZ television broadcast was an even more disgusting display of character assassination than the Advocate. Ironically, they begin the broadcast saying that I said I was invited to speak at the UDC meeting, and suggested I was a liar by supposedly saying something I didn’t say!

But, the liars can’t even keep their own lies straight as they show me in the interview clearly saying very clearly that I was asked to come to LSU by the students. That fact was also confirmed in earlier editions of The Advocate.
The WBRZ news coverage also said that I was immediately kicked out of the hotel when the fact is that I was with the students and visiting with some of the ladies of the UDC for over an hour, talking with them and a number of the Sons of Confederate Veterans SCV who came to say hello when they heard I would be there.

In the middle of all this, at the request of some of the UDC ladies, I escorted a kind, elderly lady from Morgan City, LA, to her car who was afraid there might be some Black Lives Matter thugs in the parking lot. I did so happily in the pouring rain.

After giving a spirited defense of the Confederate history and exposing the Black Lives Matter terrorists to the media present, I and others were shocked to see Thomas Taylor start telling my SCV friends to “stay away from David Duke” and a number of us watched the SCV “leader” cowardly influence a UDC woman to denounce not the Black Lives Matter thugs, but denounce David Duke to the media, saying I didn’t have anything in common with the UDC, that my values don’t align with “anything I stand for.”

So little of the good words I spoke made it to the public after the media had what it wanted: the juicy stuff of most ardent supporter of Confederate and European American heritage being attacked by the people he came to defend!
Here’s some pics from the WBRZ Video with Sarah Brooks looking back and forth at Taylor for approval if she is saying it right!

I guess this it what happens when one has a lifelong love of our Confederate heritage, and has made untiring efforts to preserve and defend our proud Confederate heritage. In fact, I am one of the few people in America who actually saved a Confederate Monument which was taken down and slated for demolition. I stopped its destruction and made the city of New Orleans put it up near the old site: The Liberty Monument honors the Confederate Veteran heroes who died to overthrow the murderous Black Reconstruction in New Orleans in 1874, the same way our American forefathers died in 1776.

In truth I feel sorry for the woman who denounced me, that she was so susceptible to being manipulated into a so-called Son of a Confederate Veteran who was willing to cater to and be manipulated by the lying, anti-White racist media. As one Daughter of the Confederacy pointed out to me, and as I saw him doing it from across the courtyard, it was Thomas Taylor who was hiding behind the skirts of Grace Brooks, telling her to denounce me.

Over the past few days I have heard from many SCV members who apologized for his actions which they said was absolutely shameful.

“You have always fought harder for us than any other elected official,” one said. “You got over 60 percent of the White vote statewide for both Governor and U.S. Senator, I never met a SCV member who didn’t vote for you every time you ran. Thomas Taylor doesn’t speak for us and his actions shall not be tolerated by us.”

The next day I heard that some of these Sons of Confederate Veterans with a lifetime of service to the SCV have been threatened with expulsion for simply supporting me at LSU. But now the letters are pouring in from the many wonderful SCV rank and file and leaders who deeply oppose Taylor’s actions.

There is nothing worse in my mind than to be a traitor to the brave men of the South and a traitor to our people’s freedom and existence, the very reason for which they fought and died.

NOTE by Staff: We request that all true SCV and UDC across America and all true Southern and American patriots contact every SCV leader across the nation (SCV and state SCV organizations with contact emails and numbers for officers are available all the way down to the camp level. Certainly all true SCV members must understand that the work of Dr. David Duke is vital for everyone who wants to preserve our precious heritage in America. He should be supported not pilloried.