By The Unhived MInd
25th May 2012

Dr Richard Schulze is ignorant and a snob stuck in one mind and one field of health and a lot of that is wrong. I used to follow Dr Richard Schulze and Dr John Ray Christopher. I then studied further and found on many occasions they were wrong and far out of balance causing potential other problems. Dr Richard Schulze is the worse offender with his regular massive dosages of Cayenne pepper and Garlic. Hows about how Schulze wants people to go to the toilet three to five times a day? This to me shows you have lack of balance in your system and the Chinese tell you that you should only go once a day to the toilet for a large excrement. If you have to go more than once then both times should be no more than the one good movement. If not then you will be either constipated or out of balance leading to further health issues.

Schulze is also another pagan pushing the dangerous vegan diet lifestyle which I followed for a decade and which caused me problems. The Puritan-Christian Geneva Bible tells you to eat meat but the Jesuits detest the Geneva Bible and divert you away with Mormonism which Jesuit soldier Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ controlled. Funny enough guess who was a Mormon under herbalist Brigham Young? It was Dr John Ray Christopher the teacher of Richard Schulze. Most people need meat and some need to make sure they are getting red meat the big boogeyman in the myth pushing media. If anyone wants to argue then they should go over the extensive work and experimentations of Dr William Donald Kelley a truth pioneer of reversing cancer.

I’ve also heard Schulze attack Homoeopathy and well thats a very wrong move seeing as Homoeopathy is the most powerful of all the treatments if done correctly and the number one against acute disease. If you are still struggling with an health problem even with quality herbs then you will most times find homoeopathy is the stage you need to start the drawing out of the disease properly. This will allow your body to see the disease properly and start to change the disease state. Herbs change you but Homoeopathy changes the problem by switching on your body to recognizing the problem and dealing with it correctly. Believe me Homoeopathy is the most powerful treatment I’ve experienced and I’ve done them all. Samuel Hahnemann was a complete genius and had a life span over eighty years back in times when even nobles were lucky to hit thirty-five.

Instead of being a wrong ignorant snob Dr Richard Schulze why not become intelligent and combine Western herbalism, vitalism, Chinese medicine and homeopathy with added Chiropracting and have the ultimate healing system that is bulletproof? Thats my idea right now but I use Western herbs to the Chinese system otherwise its pointless. Homoeopathy is second to Chinese medicine in complexity and in some ways it is even deeper. I thank Hahnemann for his wonderful Organon editions and his wonderful LM dosage knowledge.

You will notice all those who wish to attack Chinese medicine always use this brainwashed animal rights as their excuse. I’ve even had it from ignorant Chiropractors. Then you have the nonsense about contaminants in Chinese medicine which is just The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers aka the medical mafia pulling a fast one on the gullible so these Livery companies do not lose profits of nearly three trillion dollars a year. Might I inform you that those same Livery companies hide their British Empire control as veiled charities which also allows for tax evasion. Then Schulze uses the attack on herb quality whilst he trumps up the quality of his own herbs to try to win the sale.

Dr John Ray Christopher taught to eat from your own fig tree and Schulze tries to put people off foreign herbal medicines. Tell me who would give up the opportunity of using American Ginseng in Britain or China? How about Withania somnifera from India? These foreign herbs are highly important amongst many others which work far differently to many other herbs. I cannot believe how much I looked up to this Schulze at one time because now I see he is riddled with errors of judgment and no where near a true vitalist like he would love to think.

Quite frankly using the idea of insects as a way to gatekeeper people away from a medicine is pathetic. In some countries insects are eaten regular as a nutritious food and many indigenous tribes eat bugs and worms you would find disgusting to look at. The idea is to heal the body in order to become well. If an insect leg has the ability to do this then why would you not use this? I noticed Dr John Ray Christopher would jump off the subject if raw milk or similar was bought up in questioning or a conversation. I do not know anyone who has proper raw milk who has anything bad to say about it or their health, in fact quite the opposite.

The Chinese people are one of the healthiest races on Earth and it is nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with their nutritious/herbal foods, Qi-Gong/Tai Chi, lifestyle and rituals (Qi Frequency work). Anyone who argues with this race on health is a complete fool because Chinese medicine has kept that race in excellent shape both mentally and physically for six thousand years since the creation of the Earth as highlighted in the Geneva Bible. The Chinese were masters a long time before Dr Schulze’s teacher was ever close to learning about herbal medicines in the most minute of senses in comparison. My God the Chinese even have songs about green tea, it is simply mind blowing to see this kind of acceptance of real healing amongst an whole culture. As I said before the only thing that comes close to Chinese medicine is Homoeopathy which can even defeat acupuncture if you have the perfect preparations for your needs.


  • theunhivedmind

    Thank you for this post. when I saw Schulze talking about Chinese medicine i knew i had to let you know sir. I’m still looking into homeopathy and I’m still looking for good sources that talk about Chinese medicine.


    • theunhivedmind

      Yes I’ve heard the same old dross from Richard Schulze when I was first learning herbs and studying from him off his lectures. Unfortunately I was not too interested in Chinese medicine after those and certainly was not interested in homoeopathy. This is why people like Schulze are dangerous because they box your mind into tunnel vision the same as The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers do with the global education system. I am lucky in that I can deprogram fairly easy or over time where as some people cannot and stand boxed into one thinking mindset even if it is wrong or not complete.

      Schulze and Dr John Ray Christopher have some good emergency healing work where there is no time to play around with balance because the patient will die soon. They have some good emergency advice like Cayenne Pepper for Heart attacks and breathing difficulties and yes I’ve proven them correct in those types of situations. I have gone from a tight chest with lack of breath and lack of oxygen to the head to within half a minute having three quarters of the chest tightness relieved and better head with proper feeling in the legs again. So yes those procedures do work and are life saving I assure you. Its like everything out there, eat the meat and spit out the bones, replace the bones with further meat from someone else and so forth until you build a collectively better system of healing.

      By knowing the true source of the problem using the Chinese healing you can use Western herbs far more effectively. If one keeps ramming Cayenne or Garlic down their throats like Schulz would like then they will end up with Lung complaints as the Lungs start to dry out which is a big no no since the Lungs at all times must be well moist otherwise asthma like symptoms will occur. The Lungs protect you from infection and if weakened the infections can enter far easier. Lungs also provide you with your air, oxygen and largest regular Qi content. Does it make sense to hinder the Lungs? Of course it does not. An example of asthma symptoms is when the body is having an histamine issue and believes its in need of water in a particular location. If you are what it see’s as subclinically dehydrated then the body will at some point attempt to steal water from the Lungs. This shows the desperation of the body and how its ill functioning to even attempt this. Without air for a few minutes you are dead, without regular Qi for half a second you are dead. So why would the body make sure a dreadful judgment of error like this? Disease from pollutions and chemicals using confusing the body along with localized constipations. To help yourself in a dire state such as an asthma attack then you must fool the body that you are completely hydrated. You do this by first taking a mouthful of water wetting the mouth then swallowing the water. You then immediately put a level tablespoon of salt onto the tongue for a few seconds before drinking a large glass of water. You will notice the bronchi quickly open up and no longer a need for any quack inhaler with its synthetic poison. Ideally use Himalayan or Redmond salt but in an emergency any salt will do. Your body needs a small amount of salt intake daily in order to survive but it must be a balanced amount of course.

      The body usually is spot on in its judgments even in disease in order to save your life. Osteoporosis is not a bad disease, if you did not get it then you would die very quickly from the deeper cause. The body tries to keep you alive with a counter-measure for the deeper problem. So if it cannot get anything from you the normal route it will then take it in this case from your bones. The same as if you are pregnant and your child needs something but you have very little, the child is given it first as it is a new life and you will lose out. Thats why a proper nutritional program for one to two years prior to attempting to having children is crucial and especially if one has taken contraceptives prior. A good herbal program to nourish ovaries and gonads is wise for three months prior or more to wishing to conceive.

      Another issue I have Schulze is that he is all for raw foods with his vegan diets like most gullible people. If you study Chinese medicine you will see that the Chinese eat very little raw food and a lot of the fruit is cooked too. This is because they do not wish to disturb or damage the heat regulation of the Stomach by the Spleen. Any decent changes in temperature above or below the normal level will damage Splenic energetics and thus cause digestive problems. If this continues then immunity, weight, Qi and blood issues may arise as well as Kidney balance may be damaged and certainly the Liver will have to work harder to balance the Spleen and die off quicker especially with the added drag from the arising Kidney problems too. So we should mostly be eating cooked foods and the right combination of foods to buffer any slight negative from a certain cooked food. For instance Hawthorn berry is excellent for aiding food stasis and digestion so we’d use Hawthorn berry with certain foods. This is what the Chinese are masters of and everything is done for a reason.

      Have you seen how long it can take for a Chinese lady to do her ritual just to prepare, brew and pour her herbal tea? As I said anybody who wants to argue with the Chinese on health is a crazy fool showing their ignorance on the subject. In fact I would go as far as to say they should join The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and its old London Missionary Society which tried to destroy Chinese medicine back in the 19th Century and the former is still attempting today and getting closer to its goal in these Chinese Universities luring Chinese students with pseudo-science quackery called synthetic drugs which big fancy antiChrist Latin names. Stick to powerful Mandarin and Cantonese herbal medicine my Far Eastern brothers and defeat the Apothcaries and Barbers of the City of London once and for all. Yes I have given the people the two names of the real medical mafia unlike those who just band around the name of the Rockefeller family.

      If you want the real power you have to go to the Livery system and onto its masters deep in Europe. The same as vaccines, lets go and see who really invented them for the West after stealing the knowledge like a typical Roman Empire always has. The Jesuits created vaccines, it was Francis Xavier SJ and the Order using fronts like Mary Mongau, Francis Balmis, Luigi Sacco, Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur to cover the Order’s tracks and goals. The latter was another Roman Catholic and complete crook who was destroyed in truth by Antoine Bechamp. Of course the Bechamp truth and mindset would not aid population control and profiting by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The vaccination system was created to destroy the Reformation, Liberals and enemies of the Order. The medical mafia have used vaccination to control and reduce the population to meet the goals of the Club of Rome and its Global 2000 Report. People have been trained to trust their doctor and believe he is for their good. No matter what this doctor does its very hard to change that brainwashed mindset. The Jesuit uses this brainwashing to help commit the slow kill on the enemy populaces. Now as their Temporal Power increases more than ever the slow kill is rapidly transmuting into a fast kill system.

      Once the new carbon trading platform economy is put in the place you will see the mass quick slaughter of populations under controlled situations such as biological weapon pandemics using pneumonic plague. In this situation quality homoeopathy preparations and homoeopaths are vital. You as you exhale will soon be seen as a polluter and this kind of pollution removal can be very profitable. Do you think Al-Gore Jr will think twice about you getting whacked when his thieving company Generation Investment Management stands to make a fortune from carbon dioxide reduction? His company reaping a massive reward from the 9/11 attacks after the massive theft of the U.S. Navy’s number one carbon trading platform software through Cantor Fitzgerald. A carbon system back in 2001 worth a secret $73 trillion a year so imagine what this is worth annually today. Where did this massive wealth get transferred to because of the 9/11 attacks? Straight to the sovereign City of London aka New Jerusalem and then within a couple of years old Al-Gore Jr starts his company headquartered where? The English, London City at Vine Street which says it all does it not?

      Still believe 9/11 was Arabs in a cave? No it was the Bombardier Master Trust the number one electronic warfare specialist in the World along with the Royal Canadian Air Force, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, U.S Senior Executive Service, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, The Honourable Company of Master Marines and the UK Ministry of Defense headed by City of London whip bully boy over the Labour Party, Geoff Hoon the real commander of the Knight of Malta, Tony Blair’s party. The whips being the Jesuit style storm troopers for the New Jerusalem. The 9/11 attacks were part signed off by Privy Councilors Lord Peter Goldsmith and The Right Honourable Patricia Hewitt aided by Tony Blair’s shadow puppet The Right Honourable Tessa Jowell.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    How can i check and see if my kidney and liver is working properly? I only have knowledge of Dr Schulze detoxes, is this the direction to go? And do you know of anything that helps heal the pain of arthritis? a Chinese rub or something. I just started jogging and its going well with my endurance but it takes sometimes a little bit longer for my leg to heal from the jogging..


    • theunhivedmind

      I would promote a Liver specific herbal formula and the same for the Kidneys rather than any of these cleanses being pushed on the Internet. I have done most of these cleanses out there and I know which are of worth and those which are not. I also know that things can go wrong and cause serious dangerous health conditions. Some of these cleanses can also help reverse some conditions. The problem with cleanses that we face when dealing with with a variety of health problems is that they are simply too powerful for the rest of the body which usually is locally constipated and suffering blockages of both physical matter and energy. If you suddenly open up a channel and allow a mass of energy through whilst others are still highly blocked then what will happen? You will suffer an aggravation or herxheimer reaction which will be a negative even though on one hand its a positive. When you take herbal medicine as long as they are suitable for your body environment at the time, you are asking the herbs for help. The herbs will change your body to help correct your problems in a more steady and safe approach. These herbs and the body are usually intelligent enough to buffer out many possible negatives that may have occurred doing a single cleanse which gives zero buffering if something goes wrong. If over time you find herbal medicine is struggling with your problem then I suggest you utilize homoeopathy to start the final and deeper phase off thats obviously needed. I’m currently in this phase right now and I thank God for all my herbal medicine work before and still to this day. If I had not have had herbal medicines I would have been dead by now. I must also promote the most wonderful Artichoke herb when dealing with the Liver, I’ve witnessed the results of this herb through a before and after allopathic test after giving someone this herb for a couple of months. Artichoke is often left out and forgotten when dealing the Liver for Milk Thistle but Milk Thistle is not for everyone. If you have a lot of heat in the Liver does it make sense to heat it up further with Milk Thistle? Of course not so then we opt for the cooling Artichoke with virtually the same properties. We both heal the Liver and cool the Liver to increase the speed of healing.

      You speak of arthritis but you are not stating what kind of arthritis you are suffering from. This is quite important because for all I know you may be suffering rheumatoid arthritis and I would be thinking of osteo arthritis. At the end of the day whatever itis it is this means inflammation. If you are looking for a ointment or rub that may help your pains then you might like to try and see if Woodlock ointment helps you and if you cannot get hold of this then see if the less powerful Tiger Balm has any aiding actions for you. These both work better when one understands the meridian system and root of the problems. If Woodlock is going to help it may still help quite well directly rubbed onto the offending region.

      I do not recommend people do jogging or running as this just causes unnecessary wear on the joints and over stressing of the body. All you need to do daily is as little as ten to fifthteen minutes of a good quality Qi-Gong brocade. If you do this then watch how quickly you see a difference in your balance and endurance. I combined this with direct earthing of myself and I could do up to one hundred head and knee high rotating kicks off one leg with perfect balance. If I stopped earthing for a couple of days I would see a drop in the number of kicks from a hundred down to say eighty and this would go down over time without earthing to around thirty. If you also utilize the Hawthorn berry twice daily you should be surprised the difference in your breathing etc. You will notice if you jog and take Hawthorn berry regular that you can go further using less breath than ever before and its far easier. I know my friend because I use all what I speak about online and I’ve done my own experimenting proving these herbs. I have proven treatments I have learned from others and I have also found out my own over time from experimentation and wisdom gained. I can now make up my own far superior formulas for health problems to really get to the root and correct problems far better than many well-known Western herbalist formulas many of which have errors when one truly understands the body.

      If you want to know a very good Liver specific formula then you would take the same equal parts combination of Greater Celandine, Berberis, Vervain and Boldo. May I remind you that the medical mafia want Greater Celandine and Boldo banned so this should make you more interested in those herbs because these cretins attack the best herbs first. They have done this many times in the past like with Ephedra and Kava Kava. Anyone who was taking these in the past will swear by them but the medical mafia butts its beak in and well the herbs get banned much to the delight of the turncoat The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Babers making almost $3 trillion a year. Its not about profit, its about control, the Livery system create the economy and do not want promissory note IOUs for themselves only real wealth as in bullion, land and treasures. May I also remind you that Boldo will be one of the few things in existence which will save you in a very serious pandemic cytokine-storm situation along with another special herb I will not mention at this moment since they watch me and others to pick up on what they want to ban next.

      If you want your Liver and Kidney energetics checked then I would suggest you source a good professional Chinese Doctor and have a pulse and tongue diagnosis done. You have to understand that the energetics is very different compared to tests done by an allopathic quack from hell. An energetic test by a Chinese Doctor can spot problems in an organ months or even years before an overt physical problem even occurs. Any injuries you may get in the future always remember the good old heated Castor oil pack which works wonders when used for one and a half hours to ideally eight hours a day on the damaged area.

      If I remember correctly Schulze’s Liver flush lacked the use of Epsom Salts. It did not surprise me that some people were not happy with this Liver flush. Its common that even the Hulda Clark Liver flush would not produce no visible results in the toilet bowel the first time or more. So if Hulda’s struggled initially then rest assured Schulze’s flush will struggle. The Epsom Salts is a major part of the flush in order to really open up the Liver ducts. It also makes the flush far more safer in case of blockage which could block a duct resulting in your death such as if you block the Pancreatic duct. Again as usual there is a downside to Hulda Clarks flush too and that is the Epsom salts is not a natural substance and in fact its really a poison. Mind you I would much rather take the risk of the Epsom salts than the risk of blockage from any large hard stone that may be present in the Liver. You could always antidote the Epsom salts using homoeopathy later on. You would be much better off utilizing Liver formulas and if you suspect you have Liver stones then you would look to powerful Chinese herbs like Coptis Chenesis a very bitter herb that does wonders on the Liver and this very problem. Hulda Clark simply took the old Western herbalist Liver flush and added the Epsom salts to aid passage and quicken up the process. You will most likely find that a good organic coffee enema probably does more for your Liver than these flushes.

      If you want to improve your Liver and Kidneys then you need to be eating black, green, yellow and white foods regular. You also need to be eating salty, sour, sweet and pungent foods regular. Ideally you want all those colors and red to top it all off. Ideally you want all those tastes and bitter to top it all off. You have to understand that color alone is a healer and thats why even a drink made of pure poison would have at least one positive depending on its color. Study color therapy to understand why and remember we exist in a World of color and vibration. A World based on frequency and a electronics. If we lived more on the land amongst the green plants like the tribes people do then we too would have longer lives and better health. Green is the most dominating color on Earth and it affects both our Livers and our Heart chakra systems which connect us up to spiritual realm.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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