UHM – Dysfunction leading into the Chinese blueprint NWO for Western Generations

UHM – Dysfunction leading into the Chinese
blueprint NWO for Western Generations

By The Unhived Mind 09th April 2012

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Of course its plain as day to people free from denial and the mind reframing systems placed over them during this wicked Age of Aquarius. They have made the new generations almost totally dysfunctional on purpose. Many of these who produce children actually do not even want the child and/or wish for someone else to bring them up instead of themselves. Its all been purposely done so the State can offer the poor parents (since planned economic collapse) some debt instruments and then take the child for life both in the physical and spiritual, no different to what happens right now in China. China is the blueprint for the New World Order system whilst those controlling this system hoodwink the populace by verbally attacking the system they desire and are actually slowly implementing in the West.

These children will live in boarding school type systems which are basically prisons that will be guarded by G4S, Serco and Geo Group prior to these security companies merging as one at some point. All of which are controlled by The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. These indoctrination camps called schools or academies will soon be led by the military ready to boot thug these new generations into that mind frame from day one. Where do you think the human resources will come from to fight all these World War III battle zones for the next ninety plus years during this Clash of the Civilizations? The education systems being controlled by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, all whilst the military is controlled by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. The United Nations will not allow any family unit to get in the way of what they want their World Citizens to think or be.

Over a few decades the new society will be in and it will only spiral down worse into the fascist wicked New World Order. Predictive programming such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Running Man’ movies will actually be how people live. Only 30% of feminines will be allowed to breed and even less masculines at just 5% at most. Now can you see another angle to why masculines are being turned uranian/homosexual and feminized so quickly now as part of the Hermetic agenda? Plastic and other known chemicals placed in society and within the food and water supplies to aid the process through estrogenic means. Children will be profiled mentally and by DNA and then put either into the military or into the new Guilds (clue to the City of London) system. Those children who are not useless eaters and not put into the military will be assigned a particular duty or job to do in society. They will never be able to train or do any other duty in their lifetime.

Eventually all children will be replaced with synthetic, clone laboratory created creatures designed for the needed specific tasks of the time. These will have in built interfaces for transhumanism upgrading all ready from the get go. Only the amount of creatures needed by the State will be created at any given time and no more. These creatures will be hermaphrodites and all one look, no races or sexes any longer. These creatures will not think for themselves at all and will ultimately end up connected via network to a mainframe system. Think its far fetched? Open your eyes already and do your studying on the agenda and also take a look into past Nazi experimentation especially with Joseph Mengele and his work since. Start with a look at what Mengele was doing through Jesuit/CIA controlled Jim Jones and Jonestown with all the children they got their hands on.

Now can you see why these elitists are showing the death of mankind in movies and articles of their mainstream propaganda outlets? This is how the Club of Rome is going to finally wipe out the human being and replace it with a new creature. Various planned disasters will aid the quickening of the population reduction, events such as Deepwater Horizon, Chernobyl, Fukushima and Elgin. Once The Worshipful Company of Mercers brings in the new carbon based New International Economic Order then you will really see the ramp up of the population reduction agenda as man-made pandemics start rolling out. You have by that time become a polluter who can be killed off quickly and earn them lots of carbon credits in the process. Right now you have to die slower and more disguised so they can squeeze ever last drop of profit from you first and then take all the collected bond profit at the Central Bank through the escheat system when you die.

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