by The Unhived Mind – 3rd August 2013


Lets be clear before we start as to whom commands the internet and all technology developed (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst) and used by the military and civilian population. Technology comes under the power of hidden British Empire continuum of The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists a pirate of the Livery under the City of London Corporation merchant power. The City of London which rules for the Roman Empire continuum as the continuum of its once Portuguese and Kingdom of Aragon (origins of the Jesuit Templars) powers of old. Notice the the WCIT has important members such as Tim Berners-Lee and Bill Gates within its ranks. Bill Gates suits these pirates as he always has been a big pirate of other peoples’ software and then making it his own. Yes Gates has been ripping off people all whilst double-speaking and attacking free software and others who may pirate just to save currency. The same man now depopulating the planet through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (tax-free), vaccination and other projects he is aligned with. He is doing all this for the Peccei fronted Club of Rome and its Zero-Growth Post Industrial Plan signed off on by Chatham House slave, Jimmy Carter when they selected and handed him the U.S. Presidency.


Now we come to the matter at hand and this is the takeover of internet hosting. Hosting is where a company has a rack of servers and provides you with a service where by you can set up a website on these servers for a fee. People around the world can then view your website for as long as you pay or the company survives. I have warned time after time that people should watch these evil flock of vultures known as private-equity firms. They are all controlled by elite families who are big players in this illuminist plan for a New World Order (Temporal Power). In this case we have to study the private-equity firm called Warburg Pincus LLC. I have warned in the past about this deadly firm who are ruining the lives of a lot of people. Warburg Pincus own companies that accept slave labour from those unlucky to be trapped in unemployment and forced to do workfare. Workfare is where you have to work but you do not get paid a living wage, you are forced to work for your pittance benefit. The UK Government are doing this to the unemployed in Britain through the Nazi Department for Work and Pensions and its Work Programme in league with Unum, Serco and G4S evil corporations. It works out that the slave does not even get a third of the minimum wage based on his benefit income but the UK Government scam the law so they can legally do this. Warburg Pincus owns a company called Poundland in Britain which almost solely takes on workfare slaves as its non-paid employees. If you visit a Poundland store then notice how some of these resemble a jobcentreplus benefit office, filled with scruffy and uneducated people, even the tills are manned by these people most of which cannot do maths let alone take currency (hurray for credit and debt cards huh?).

Now you can understand why the technologists have created the computers to do everything for man. This allows them to be able to dumb down the populace whilst the technology buffers out the lacking human intelligence by using advanced computer systems. A dumbed down populace is an easily confused, lied to, easily led and controlled. They want a populace two-thirds more dumber than we have today if you can believe that is possible since it is so bad today as it is.

Warburg Pincus is mastered by the Elitist family known as Warburg. The very same family who are behind the creation of the private bank called the Federal Reserve in the U.S. currently fronted by Ben Bernanke. This bank is destroying the lives of billions worldwide and especially U.S. citizens holding Federal Reserve notes which are nothing more than Monopoly debt instrument currency worth only wiping your backside with from day one let alone since the inflation creating quantitative easing programs. These few families like Rockefeller, Warburg and Rothschild are buying up and controlling absolutely everything for their higher masters in the new Holy Roman Empire (Congress of Vienna and the Treaty of Verona). The Worshipful Company of Mercers plan to take down the global economy after a period of massive debt creation using derivatives trading aided by their minions like Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin and Barney Franks. The latter is also an aid to the coming bail-ins with the Dodd-Frank act allowing for banks to rob peoples deposits like what we have seen in Cyprus where people have lost forty-five percent of their savings to the thugs down as the Livery.

Have a guess who is buying up all the small once-independent internet hosting companies? You guessed it Warburg Pincus! Why would they want to do this? Well of course there is a lot of profit to be had from websites that need hosting, remember almost everything soon will be hosted on the web, this includes all public services. They want to profit like all merchants but they also want control over the internet. The internet has been the biggest bug bear to this conspiracy from a mass people point of view. Now the masses are waking up quickly and realizing something is wrong and finding out almost exactly why. The establishment do not mind you realizing something is wrong, they want you to know this so you accept there is a need for change, a change they have planned for decades. What they do not want you knowing is why it is happening and who and how it has been manipulated to happen. I just named three people involved with the derivatives scam above, in their eyes this has to stop! Information against the state has to and will be labelled as terrorism. The still unaware peoples have to be made into STASI snitch teams to gatekeeper and protect what few veils the establishment have left.


Only recently we saw Godaddy and some other major hosts accepting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which would see sites taken down on a whim for anything they dislike to see and hear. Freedom of speech no longer exists today and things are only going to get far worse. So I will give you a perfect example of this hosting agenda in action. When Godaddy said they would follow SOPA what happened to a large amount of their userbase? These people upsticks and moved to the then excellent Hostgator who was one of a few independent hostings against the SOPA. Now what do you think has happened? Hostgator has been takeover by Warburg Pincus through their front company, Endurance International Group, Inc. Not only has Hostgator’s defenses been lowered but so has their standards of service as the company now tries to make as much profit as it can rather than looking after their users and hosting needs (Godaddy round two). So now do you see my concern with what is happening today with the internet? These internet hosting companies that have been taken over will easily end up accepting any draconian act thrown at them in the future and of course will be well connected to the desires of the National Security Agency and GCHQ.


The above example is also happening in a similar way in the UK with health stores like Holland & Barrett. Holland & Barret were taken over by the Carlyle Group private-equity firm connected to the evil Nazi SS Officer George H.W Scherrf (Bush of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst). This store now fills its shelves with more and more coal-tar synthetic poisons whilst removing more and more of the natural proven remedies. Holland & Barrett are nothing like what they used to be when they were owned by Heath & Heather. The Carlyle Group front Holland & Barrett using a company they own called NBTY, Inc. Any legislation tied to Codex-Alimentarus and the treasonous E.U will be accepted with ease by this company. They only want these stores to profit from and ruin peoples health with more of their poisons. May I also point out that Holland & Barrett also abuse the unemployed through the Work Programme (workfare) slavery. Holland & Barrett then try to find all ways they can to reduce the number of paid staff so they can be replaced by free labour. All this is done under the guise of work experience.

Below is a list of the hostings that the Warburg family now own and command:


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