By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 23rd January 2020

What this video below proves is that even those within this deception system don’t know what they’re really doing and how it works.  Do not attempt to get remedy in these foreign vessels in dry dock because even if you could get remedy the pure dysfunction of those within will not give you remedy as they themselves don’t know or comprehend the remedy.  Now below I give you a play-by-play exposure of this fake court:

Former judge Leticia Astacio sentenced to 180 days in jail


“State of New York” actually isn’t the state it’s the COURTHOUSE never think this is a state.

The word unified means NO CONTRACT.

The sign (simulation) on the wall is a SEAL and all seals are WITCHCRAFT. The word S-TA-TE means SPEAK-TALLY-CONTRACT. The wings up bird is an Eagle showing POSTAL SERVICE jurisdiction.  All Courts are controlled by the Port Authority under the Dept of Transport under the US POSTAL SERVICE.

All Courts are scams the real court is the document the vessel. A court should be a level playing field like a tennis court but these fakes are stacked against you using planes meaning different levels and no contracting. Notice everything is done in a box such as the dock, ju-ry (no-contract) and everything in a box is unseen and not heard as called for by the INTERNATIONAL STYLES MANUAL.

When the reaped souls rise at the beginning they give this fake court jurisdiction (no contract) and if you wont rise they’ll threaten you to comply using contempt of court.

These fake courts are foreign vessels in dry dock.

There’s no such thing as JU-S-TI-CE which is simply Masonic parse for JU/DGE(NO/CONTRACT) TITLE SPEAKS NO (law) since a court is fiction it has no fact or law.  Everything that’s spoken is nospeak babble and the same for everything written since it’s adverb verb making it all gobbledegook.

The phoney ju-dge (no-contract) reaper will walk in wearing their black (Saturn reaper and god of judgement/time) gown which is MOURNING FOR JUSTICE. Notice she sits under a phoney flag that’s gold-fringed claiming to be an American flag? This isn’t an Old Glory and it has military dimensions even before being desecrated since July 1969 by the COMMERCE gold-fringe. This flag tells you that you’re in the USA Corporation jurisdiction which is a vessel/corpse not land/country. The flag also tells you that you no longer have the American Constitution whilst also telling you that you’re under Martial Law with you being an enemy of the state since 1933. America ceased to exist on July 1st 1875 the same date the same happened to Russia, Britain and Germany all turned into corporate vessels. If you look on top of the flagpole you will see who ultimately controls the venue/jurisdiction/contract. Whilst the flag tells you that you’re under the US POSTAL SERVICE (controls the US Military, Government, Treasury etc) the pole tells you that this court is under the VATICAN. If the bird’s wings are out and upward (Eagle) this means POSTAL SERVICE where as the wings out but down means RISING PHOENIX of the VATICAN.


The word OFFICER means NO CONTRACT remembering any vowel followed by two consonants means ‘NO’ just like the word ACCident, ACTion, ADDition (NO CITIZEN CONTRACT), ATTorney, ATTend, APPear, APPeal, ASSerted, OFFense, ARR-est(NO-CONTRACT), IRRespective, OCCured.

Any words beginning with PR/PRO/PRE/PRI are future based and thus fiction meaning ‘NO’ since we’re only in NOW TIME so for example PRO-CE-EDings (NO-JU/DGE-CONTRACT) or PRObatION (NO CONTRACT), PROsecutION (NO CONTRACT), PROve.

The word RE-PRE-SENT is a NO NO CONTRACT. You cannot represent yourself because you’re unseen and unheard as you’re in the dock the square and so you need representation (no-no-contract-location-contract).

As soon as you walk in this fake court you’re immediately guilty because you’re actually TRESPASSING since you esoterically need four special documents to avoid trespass on the foreign vessel in dry dock which speaks a different language to you using the Dark Arts.

The word UN means NO so now what’s UN-DER-stand mean? NO-CONTRACT! How about UNilaterally? Now RE and DE both mean no so what now is a RE-cord, RE-call, Re-ceivem REcommended, Re-morse, RE-voking and a DE-linquency? How’s about DE-fenCE (NO-JU/DGE), DE-pression, DE-fiance?

Never SI-gn anything as this is an admittance of you being a reaped soul a vessel since it’s a SI-mulation of life as you’re a corpse. Only ever correctly AU-tograph which is a graph of your autonomy in now time we do NOT want wet signatures these are meaningless.

It’s a scam when they say “the people” since these fake courts only reap souls/vessels. Once the birth is registered then the being becomes a lost soul/vessel and so there are no living people on the land and there’s no land only sea. At one time it was all about the high seas then it became the global sea and today and since 1969 they class the Earth itself as a vessel in the sea of space.

The word IN means NO like as in IN-correct so now what is this IN-carcerAT-ION (NO LOCATION CONTRACT) also IN-dividual (NO ORIGINAL CONTRACT), IN-appropriate, IN-IT-IAL (NO CITIZEN CONTRACT), IN-ju-ry (NO-NO-CONTRACT), INsuranCE (NO-JU/DGE), IN-FORM-AT-ION (NO-FORM-LOCATION CONTRACT).


There’s NO FACT in this case since it’s all done in FICTION and a truth+truth+fiction = fiction.

This woman can be an ATTorney, JU/DGE or whatever she wants but if she stupidly enters a court thus trespassing on a foreign vessel then she’s unseen, unheard and will take a penalty. Even if this woman is correct but the prosecution wants a conviction she will be convicted because her words were unheard she’s not there in the court.  First of all she’s trespassing then she’s in a box with no representation outside that box.  Do you people get what I’m telling you?

The bench is Latin for a bank and all these phoney ju/dges are postmaster/bankers serving the POSTAL SERVICE which controls all COMMERCE.

The word EN-TER is NO-EARTH.

In a Dark Arts court a ‘person’ is a vessel/cargo/thing/dead soul/corporation not a live being.

Now this lady was NEVER DRIVING unless she was carrying a PASSENGER (PAYING PERSON) or GOODS for COMMERCE as is the legal definition of the word. This lady was controlling/travelling her carriage or even motor vehicle (Corporate term). The legal definition of the ‘driver’ is ‘a PERSON operating a MOTOR VEHICLE on the PUBLIC HIGHWAY carrying GOODS or a PASSENGER for COMMERCE’ what this refers to is someone like a taxi, bus or a delivery driver but not a normal being travelling in their carriage. The problem is that the carriage is registered as a MOTOR VEHICLE now making it a VESSEL and so you’re the CAPTAIN of a vessel and vessels are seen as doing COMMERCE.

The word OR-DER means NO-CONTRACT.