Exposing the Energy deceptions by the Rupert Murdoch clan

Exposing the Energy deceptions
by the Rupert Murdoch clan

By: The Unhived Mind – 29th November 2014

In reference to; Fox News verion or UHM backup article

If all this was down to U.S. fracking then we would have an outright attack on a faction within Saudi Arabia attempting to bring in Gaddafi’s wishes of a Middle Eastern/North African gold-backed credit Dinar currency which is very close to happening right now. At the same time it is an attack on oil-rich Venezuela which is nothing new and remember the connections of Venezuela with the BRICS and sovereign Iran. Finally as you’d expect this is an outright attack on the Russian economy in an attempt to cause a default after Russia ends up using more of its currency reserves. The City of London and Wall Street will not achieve their goal in attempting to bankrupt Russia and put it into a state of slavery like the rest of the World since 1933 onwards.

The BRICS Development Bank will continue on and become the new monetary power from 2016 whilst that outdated slave-master IMF/World Bank falls into hell where it belongs. Do not believe the Russian Navy were in the English Channel for the reasons you were told, it is a subtle warning to the covert British Empire to watch itself. Just as the Russian Navy was at the coast of Australia to protect Vladimir Putin’s life from attempted skyjack or air attack during his flights to and from the G20 Summit in Brisbane earlier this month. He left early in order to not be poisoned by any assassination attempts at the final dinner (never believe the cover stories given by Fox, CNN, Sky or the BBC they are all British Intelligence cluck forks of Associated Press and Reuters)..

Fox News is a front for both the British Secret Intelligence Service and the Central Intelligence Agency. I might remind you that British Intelligence (Sir William Stephenson) created both the CIA and the Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. The CIA was part funded by Nazi stolen funds from the Holocaust etc. The CIA was made up by merging part of the Office of Strategic Services with part of the Nazi Schutzstaffel whilst many of the pink triangle Nazis entered into the Charles Boneaparte originated Federal Bureau of Investigation all of which work for the illegitimate Federal Government mastered in Washington D.C. Washington D.C. has nothing in the slightest to do with the American Republic and mainland in reality it only controls itself and the false states that were wrongly added to the false Union. Washington D.C. is made up of lands partly of Virginia and Maryland giving us Virgin Mary symbolism. It becomes more obvious why when you know both lands used were owned by Roman Catholics of the Carroll and Pope families. The Carroll’s founded Georgetown University and it will give a clue why all the war criminals come from and are tied to this vile University which is powerhouse veiled from the herd.

U.S fracking has been largely over-hyped and it costs more in most cases to create and export shale energies than it does crude. Many of the fracking companies have already gone bust and wells have dried up not to mention the environment and health costs. As oil prices come down these same U.S. fracking companies will fall like dominos. You should bare in mind that many of these secret oil finds were kept secret until oil prices could be manipulated high enough to cover the costs drilling and extraction. Equipment costs are far higher for such tasks just like whats needed to truly tap the massive oil reserves hidden in the Falklands (do not believe claims that there isn’t the oil once thought in the region its all lies). Now can you see why we went to war for a poxy piece of land when the herd either fell for the propaganda or questioned it themselves but ever had the answer? I thought this was a prime example of how pathetic the propaganda whorehouse Fox News and the Popish Rupert Murdoch really are. Note that Rupert Murdoch is a Knight of Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great.

This is simply an attempt by SIS/MI6 under the permission of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers to attack the traditional crude oil markets of supposed enemy nations (anti-Petrodollar slavery). We always knew the U.S. was going to become the biggest exporter of oil from 2017 onwards if the hidden fields and known shale were bought into play and what they were claimed to be. We knew the agenda was to destroy the Middle Eastern oil system and replace it with the U.S. model. We knew China had put into place massive oil deals with Russia in preparation for the destruction of Middle Eastern oil. Henry Kissinger’s Nazi petrodollar rigged game is now up and so he wants to go back to domestic supplies and others secretly sitting in waiting. They’ve hidden a lot of these oil supplies for so long because they wanted to manipulate nations, peoples and have an unlimited credit within the current economic system, Now as they are preparing to bring in a deeper economic prison under the IMF/World Bank they decide to pull the plug on this economic system and make sure it enslaves the World in more debt as they take it out.

All this is just the vermin attempt to bring on the next system and as I said use their own domestic supplies of energy. This will put a stop to the Middle East attempting to free itself or so they think. Factions in Saudi Arabia are well aware of what is going on and how those following it in other factions have wormed their way into other investments outside of oil in preparation for this event. Vladimir Putin is well aware of what is going on and will aid the Middle East as he has been and also aid his own nation’s energy independence and national security. David Rockefeller and the Fuellers will soon suffer for their long-term actions against the people of this World. The sooner David Rockefeller is horizontalized the better but his son’s assassination was a beautiful and better option. How? Well his Malthusian population reduction son Richard Rockefeller would be taking the seat of power from his father since David Rockefeller is ninety-nine years old. What better way to help stop an evil agenda than by removing the younger scion. Families like the Rockefeller’s love their scions to complete their long thought out agendas. For good measure I think Putin should have the FSB horizontalize David as well so we can all rejoice.


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