By: The Unhived Mind – 14th March 2015


Keenly; Do you think the new pope has really distanced himself from the fondi families? Or is this a front?

Daneil Estulin; No. “Pope” Francis is member of Freemasonry. He does not like the Inspector General of the Vatican Police Force (Domenico Giani). Bergoglio was going to remove Giani. Giani complained to some higher-up. He received a phone call from his own Masonic superior in Argentina.
Masonic higher ups told Bergoglio, “You may not remove Giani. I know you don’t like him, but you must learn to like him.”



Freemasonry is a continuum of the Knights Templar traditions after they gained the knowledges from the likes of the Moret peoples of Palestine. Venice plays a big role in both Freemasonry and Jesuitism. The Jesuits would like to believe they’re the heads of Freemasonry due to their origins being the true continuum of the Knights Templar. Please remember that the Knights Templar were the first commercially accepted Papal Order and the creators of our international banking system until the Order of Malta took over in 1312 via the Ad Providam Papal Bull. The only true Knights Templar continuum today is in fact the Society of Jesus aka Jesuit Order. Why? Well when the Pope and the King of France destroyed the Knights Templars as a whole, the Pope actually let a certain privileged few survive and continue in the powerful and wealthy land of Aragon (Spain) as long as they didn’t go under the Templar banner. This group eventually over the years became the Jesuit Order formerly known as the Los Alumbrados (Spanish for Illuminati). So you can see how they believe their the true Masonic masters regardless of how other former Templars devised certain Masonic teaching in places like Portugal and Scotland (the Sinclair’s).


The world’s authoritative religion is indeed illuminized Freemasonry! The World religion for the herd will be another hoodwink based around Freemasonic teachings but not in a way where you realize you are fully following Freemasonry but in fact you are or will be. I’ve told you before that the final throne in Jerusalem will not be a Catholic throne it is a Freemasonic throne which is being rebuilt by the likes of Grandmaster Giuliano De Bernado a modern day Hiram Abiff. Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Zionism, Torah and the rest have to be morphed into one and following the same new line set by the powers through the Illuminati which is very real and heads Freemasonry. The morphing of religions is achieved through the Jesuit controlled World Council of Churches, Ecumenism Movement and the veil of inter-religious dialogue such as the Genoa originating Pallavicini family veiled controls within Islam and even the Sanhedrin. I do question why the more alert Russian Orthodox religion is still hoodwinked by this same World Council of Churches power since it is a member to this very day. I should point out that the anti-Jesuitism followers of the Seventh Day Adventist religion are not part of such a deceptive council. The Illuminati are made up of people of great collective power within some of the highest levels of our systems so for instance the Superior General position of the Jesuits has been a member of the Illuminati level for a very long time as highlighted by former-Jesuit Alberto Rivera. So yes certain Illuminatized levels of Freemasonry will hold power over the anti-popes like Benedict XVI and Bergoglio. I should assure you that both Bergoglio SJ and Adolfo Nicholas SJ aren’t the most powerful Jesuits even though it may seem this way, there is a far higher collective power than both of those beings within the order which stems from within the Jesuit Conferences. The old internal authoritative system of the original assistancies were dissolved during the internal schism back in the 1940s.


So yes the Catholic Church lost the battle to Freemasonry and when did this start? From the first day the Catholics were foolish enough to accept the Jesuits. Many Cardinals knew what would happen by accepting these dangerous mavericks but Venetian powers managed to get their way and guess who were behind the founding of the Jesuits? Yes the Venetians who handled the one and only Ignatius Loyola who was a bum in comparison to Francis Borja the true former-head of the Jesuits! So for a while the Jesuits will have made out they were all for the fight against Freemasonry but secretly they were all for Freemasonry. Some true Catholic Popes and Cardinals realized these things over time and they were all fed up with the actions of the Order so as you know in 1773 the Order got the chop but this move only ended up increasing the speed of the battle from 1776. The Jesuit didn’t take kind to the destruction of their order and a lot of their wealth from the likes of their super power Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie which in would make Apple look weak if compared in today’s markets. This all resulted in a rapid destruction of the Catholic Church from 1814 onwards and most definitely from 1870 with the Doctrines of Infallibility. Since that time the Jesuits utilized the House of Rothschild in order to preserve the wealth they managed to keep from Catholic banking powers loyal to the Pope. The most clear sign to any educated herd of Jesuit (Freemasonic) dominance over the Vatican was in 1963 with the Jesuit renewal of the Council of Trent known to most as the Second Vatican Council. It was now quite obvious that Catholicism was almost dead and on its way to being buried. This resulted in many loyal Catholics removing themselves from the Vatican system and instead forming their own organizations as well as exposing Vatican criminality, these forms are known as traditional Catholics. During this same year of 1963 you had the illuminati merging many of its satellites into one, so for instance the Alliance of the Orders of St John came into existence to bring the powerful Templar merchant orders together since the split that Venice first instigated.


I should remind you that the big fight here is really between Venice and the Vatican and has been since the 15th Century after Nicholas of Cusa and the Renaissance began which stripped Satanic Venice of its powers. Ever since that time Venice has done everything in its power to regain its former glory but it has done so through New Venice which is known to most as Britain (City of London[Londinium] and Westminster). Note how Freemasonic the City of London is with all the Livery companies being lodges with their own Worshipful Masters whilst also being known as Worshipful Companies or Societies such as the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London (Big Pharma) and the Worshipful Company of Mercers. Now do you understand what is happening and are some pieces of the puzzle falling into place? Anti-Catholic talk is basically redundant because Catholicism doesn’t exist and its been taken over like all else ready for the soon to be scrapping. This is why the likes of controlled opposition Alfed Webre now mention the Jesuits as well as to keep their Operation Greenstar operations going. I’ve highlighted the real enemies and if you want to see if you can go further than this level then feel free but make sure it stems from Venice out to its origins and thus we have to look at Semitic levels and the Phoenicians. Those who have an interest in Switzerland should note that many of the Moret peoples went to this land during the suppression of the Templars and now the Black International such as the House of Savoy (hand-in-hand with the Doria) have controls over the Cantons such such as Geneva. Where do these levels want to centre their final power at least spiritually? Al-Quds aka Jerusalem the centre point for world trade, remember everything is about trade and commerce to these money-changers from hell the Synagogue of Satan.


I would assume that Domenico Giani may have stronger connections to Bavaria and anti-Pope Benedict XVI if he’s disliked by Bergoglio since this being seems to have a deep disliking of Ratzinger. Lets not forget that Bergoglio stole the position of anti-Pope from Cardinal Angelo Scola who I highlighted as the next pope many years prior to the Conclave. It later came out that Scola was the chosen one which upset a few within the Vatican who believed he was groomed for the job. I should remind you that this issue caused such an uproar within the Vatican that an assassination plot was drafted up against Benedict XVI. Now it is interesting that Domenico Giani is now throwing around the idea that the Islamic State (New Venice’s veil funded through Qatar by HSBC Bank Middle East) may try and assassinate Bergoglio but to me this is just Giani warning Bergoglio to not over step the mark with him and his clan or else. We also have the Nattino family desperately wanting to eliminate Monsignor Nunzio Scarano with the Cup of Borgia. Take a look at the location of the Nattino family’s Banca Finnat Euramerica and you’ll see it sits within the Jesuit lair known as Piazza del Gesu. Do I smell the Jesuit stench in the air?

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