Greenscam–Fake Money & Fake Inflation/Deflation as Theft

Greenscam–Fake Money & Fake Inflation/Deflation as Theft

Jerry White’s Report, Sept1, 1998

Article 1 Section 8. The Congress shall have Power……. Tocoin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin,

Alan “Greenscam” has been allowed to raise interestrates 9 times since 1994 — for a total of 2 1/2% — during aperiod of wage deflation; adding 125 billion dollars to the budgetdeficit, and robbing home buyers and consumers of 100s of billions. This thievery has strengthened the dollar 80%; resulting in aqua- drupling of the trade deficit, and costing thousands of Americanjobs. The bankers on the other hand have enjoyed record profits,due to this massive transfer of wealth. ACCELERATING PRIVATEPARTICIPATION IN INFRASTRUCTURE IN EAST ASIA The World BankGroup has estimated total market requirements for infrastructurein East Asia at US$ 1.2 to 1.5 trillion over the next decade.Despite keen interest, the number of private projects underwayis well short of the potential. This session will focus on criticalconstraints to increased private participation and possible remedies.

The gap in expectations and perceptions of risks

Government objectives, commitment, and decisionmaking processes

Sector policies and legal and regulatory framework

Unbundling, mitigation, and risk management

Domestic capital markets and mechanisms to provide long-termdebt

Transparency and competition in contracting Instead of ourtaxes being used to promote the general welfare, they are beingdiverted to the multinational companies (foreign aid, Export/ImportBank, IMF-World Bank). According to Ralph Nader, this corporateWelfare is costing the American people over 200 billion dollarsa year. Also, instead of promoting jobs for Americans, they arecreating employment for foreigners. I believe that giving aidto enemies of America — multinational companies — constitutesTreason!