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Hi there, I don’t know where to start but I’ll try to start at the beginning. I’ve been “sick” for the past 6 months on and off, it’s been very frustrating at times and sometimes I’ve almost lost it completely. If it wasn’t for my faith in Christ I don’t know how I would have responded to all of this since I’ve almost never been sick, that’s something I thank the Lord of greatly! 6 months ago, probably mid/end October last year after being with some friends eating a local pizza place I kinda felt something directly afterwards. Suddenly I felt sick and almost threw up. The first thing that came to mind was food poisoning or something like that, but strange as it was no one else seemed to be affected by my sudden symptoms indicating something else. Later that day I couldn’t even sleep because of the pain and ache. I did not throw up however. Next day it continued and I didn’t honestly have much of an appetite, but id did try to stay hydrated. But I guess I still didn’t drink enough water now when I think of it. It continued for a couple of days and all I could think of was to ride this one out. I started to take some Colloidal Silver, it seemed to help and after about a week I almost felt completely recovered. Then It came back but not exactly the same as before. I was eating some onions with some food after I was done I could immediately feel my gut/stomach just reacting in a strange way. Back to square 1 again. This kept on going and the symptoms enhancing during a period of time. I also lost weight due to loss of appetite and since then I’ve struggled to keep my weight and to keep my hope up. And then came constipation that was horrible and extremely painful. No number 2 in almost 4 days so I talked with my doctor and he examined me and couldn’t really figure out the cause of this other than to respond with: You should eat more fiber. I thought he was joking because I was already eating plenty (which I know is not the best diet) but anyhow I asked him the questions he was going to ask me. I asked if it could be parasites, candida, viruses/bacteria of some kind. He responded that it would not be the case when examining me. So I asked he could check the blood to see if anything seems off or differ. My blood seemed fine when looking at all the values. Personally I don’t really trust blood samples because they only indicate the state of your body right the moment you take the sample. So I went home trying to cope with the situation. It wasn’t until mid November I took some more test to rule out celiac disease/lactose intolerance. It all came up negative. Mean time I started to get this chronic fatigue, I tried to rest it out but that is impossible since it’s connected to a lot of organs and imbalances and maybe fungus like Candida but it could also be dehydration. I felt and still feel like something is blocking my absorption of nutrients/ingestion of food. Then the next symptom started showing up, pale and very dry skin, especially in the face. It’s still very dry and has bad elasticity. Another symptom is cold hands and feet. Bad breath is another one and what seems to be thrush on the tongue. Brain fog and very mild headaches are also symptoms that keep on bothering me. I can’t concentrate and I even had to turn down an Interview for a job I had applied for as I had problems even getting out of the bed. Sometime in November if I remember right I went in to the emergency room at the big hospital after having pain in my abdomen. After some tests(taking bloodsamples, temperature, faeces sample, heart pressure etc) and examination they concluded that they couldn’t not notice anything and told me to have further contact with my doctor. I talked to an surgeon who said it could be an inflammatory bowel disease of some sort or some kind of ulcer. With that I went home and as time went by my symptoms were still there I tried to cope with these issues. The only comfort has been my faith in the good Lord and my supporting family. However later on I thought there was a breakthrough when I in late november took som new stool test since my constipation had passed to a more loose stool not completely diarrhea but something close to that. My doctor wanted to test to see if parasites in fact weren’t the case since there has been a recent but small breakout here in Sweden. After waiting about another week or so I got the test results and behold It showed that I had a “parasite” called dientamoeba fragilis and another one called blastocystis hominis. I was angry because I had asked about shis at the very beginning. And so he recommended antibiotics and I wasn’t so sure about that being such a good plan, as dumb as one can be I followed his advice which I can not understand to this day why I did it after all we know about antibiotics and what they cause. For the next 10 days I took 3 pills a day of Metronidazol(Flagyl) and man, those side effects were horrible and I was devastated. I could feel a metallic taste in my mouth that was revolting and my urine turning to a dark almost brownred color and extreme nausea. Nausea was already a symptom from before and it was enhanced like 10 times which made my situation and daily life harder. After those 10 days and after Christmas and new years eve I felt better…for about 2 days then it started getting worse again. I guess the antibiotics killed of all the good bacteria and that left me even worse than before. After that I made some new test for the parasite to see if that at least was eradicated, the test were all negative but my symptoms remain. So later on I asked to check to see if there is any vitamin deficiency, blood samples showed that I’m low in vitamin D3, I’m at 39 which is quite low. My doctor recommended me to up my calcium intake and supplement with kids vitamin d3 drops. I went and bought natural multivitamin(holistic supervitalis)instead and I started taking it and I didn’t notice much difference. Since then I’ve had numerous tests and I can’t remember all but I did an ultrasound and it came up negative, nothing wrong the liver or the biliary tracts or the pancreas. Early in all of this my doctor gave me the diagnosis IBS which I don’t really agree with so to speak. The last tests I did were done about a week ago to check to see if I indeed do have an inflammation somewhere in the abdomen or the gut. A new stool test to check on the levels of calprotectin as an indication of inflammation and a blood sample test to check the CRP. I don’t know how accurate these test are in comparison to gastroscopy/colonscopy but they came back normal. Which kinda leaves me in total confusion. I mentioned to my doctor that I used to drink Nettle tea that I had made myself, It’s something I used to right before all of this and somehow I think it is connected to all of this but my doctor didn’t agree of course, not that it is anything wrong with nettles but I think that the nettles I gathered the last time before I got sick were not clean enough and I did in fact gather them in the wrong period and very close to a farming land where they had used fertilizer close by. Could this all be because of that? Is it true tat nettles can become poisonous if they are growing near fertilized ground? Then there’s this whole issue of nitrates and stuff but I don’t know to much about that. I used to get out and jog and I lost a lot of excess fat and my condition had not been better in the last few years and then suddenly one day i all changed and got worse by the day until this very day, that’s strange I think. Lately I’ve also had problems with a burning sensation in my throat and a sour stomach, at least that’s what it feels like. I also have very dry and sometimes light sensitive eyes which is annoying when the weather is actually very good. It’s a shame though with all the chemtrails some of the days, blocking out all of the good sun rays making it harder for people to get vitamin d, at least that’s why I think is on of the main reasons they are spraying. I don’t really know how to resolve this since the sickness seems reluctant to go away. Lately I’ve tried some colloidal silver again but in pretty small dosages, with a strength of 10ppm. Still no luck though. Maybe I need some dietary changes as well. I do notice that chamomile tea is having an effect that quites down the symptoms a bit sometimes, I drink about 1-2 large cups a day. I still suspect fungus is the main cause since I’ve had dandruff or some kind of eczema fro the at last 4-5 years and I’ve lost a lot of hair and sometimes it very hard flaky and has a yellowish whitish tone and it itches very much some days. Could this all be attributed to Candida? I would really appreciate some help, as I don’t know what to really do or what the main cause is. I’m really tired of the school medicine and I’ve never really trusted it and I don’t know why I did it this time. Though there are good doctors and certain things with school medicine that is good but as Kent Hovind said and many others have said they only treat the symptoms. They plug out the oil light of the car instead of filling up the oil required to fix the problem. Sorry for the wall of text but I appreciate any help or advice given. Keep up the fight exposing evil and may God bless.

It is very late right now so I will be brief for now but I can tell you that you are suffering 100% through Spleen problems this will explain the digestive issues, nausea, weight loss, fatigue and loose stool. Weight loss also comes if the Lung has too much heat present which strips the weight from you quickly as in hyperthyroidism for instance. Your describing of your Skin shows me you have Lung disturbances which will most lost likely be stemming from the low Qi from the Spleen. This Lung issue will start to affect your Liver which will affect your Spleen even further. You brain issues sound similar to thyroid issues and will be tied to Kidney disturbance as the Spleen no longer balances this area well. If left this will then start to affect your Heart either by increasing its performance or under performing the Heart depending on the state of the Kidney system. When one has too much heat in the Lungs this will manifest within the throat like a sore throat, lump, trouble swallowing or just dryness. You can sometimes get this too from too much heat in the stomach meridian which flows in the neck region also. This heat can come from the Liver which if that has too much heat within then you can also lose weight rapidly. Dry eyes tells me that you may well be suffering from heat in the Liver. Eczema is a problem stemming from heat in the body and this is especially when one sees the color yellow showing a more severe heat problem.

Vitamin D3 is useless to you as first of all its a tiny part of your health issues and like urinating in the ocean and expecting it to rise. Vitamin D will not work in the body without Vitamin A as well working synergistically together. Both Vitamin A and Vitamin D on their own are toxic to the body but when together they buffer the negative of each out. Vitamin D3 in the form of supplements is very toxic and its a main ingredient in rat poisons as is fluoride. If you want Vitamin A and D in good quantities then you need to take fermented Cod Liver Oil. Problem being your Spleen so for now CLO isn’t a great option as you’ll probably have wind or other disturbances.

Nettles are one of the greatest nourishing foods around other than Hemp or similar. If you have been injured since using these it will more than likely be the chemicals not the Nettle.

You do not want to be taking any spicy food or hot foods that you may find in my Chinese food list in the chinese area on my wordpress site. You want neutral or cooling herbs and foods. If you want to go for a parasitic cleanse then you could try the Green Black Walnut Hull but I’d keep away from Cloves and Wormwood for a while. For your Liver I would strongly suggest you take Cynara scolymus daily for at least three months or more. For your Lungs I would recommend you take some Chrysanthemum Flower or Fever Few daily. I suggest you also take Licorice Root and Hawthorn Berry for numerous reasons but these will aid the adrenal glands on the Kidneys. For your Spleen I would recommend you utilize Astragalus. If you want to replenish friend bacteria then I’d go for the unpasteurised Kombucha tea after your stomach starts to improve as Spleen work is concentrated. So what are we looking at quickly:

Licorice Root, Chrysanthemum (or Feverfew), Green Black Walnut (or Black Walnut hull or leaf), Astragalus and Artichoke root. Diet must be watched to lower heat in the body. You should also drink water regular in accordance with the knowledge of Dr Batmanghelidj but if the Kidneys are playing up then this still will not work well. Constipation can be tied to the Kidneys and dehydration where the water isn’t getting to the colon properly to moisten up. Proper salt levels in the body are crucial for this functioning and for the contractions to work properly. You may find Nat Mur homeopathic of use for constipation at around 3x dosage. You may also find Silicea 12x of use for your lungs. Take a look at Calc Flur 12x 2 times daily which should aid your eczema skin problems along with Kali Sulph. For your throat issues you may wish to look at Baryta Carbonica 30c. You may have some reactions which may seem negative at first but these should aid the problem over time. When using the homeopathic remedies you can sometimes see dramatic differences within hours, things like pus from lumps draining in a couple of hours etc just.

Ideally what you need to do if possible is visit a local professional Chinese doctor who can tell you specifically what is wrong with you right this minute and treat it exactly. Otherwise you will be working on bits at a time and now and then missing things.

May 29, 2012 Posted by DI:

I forgot to thank you for all the great information you shared good sir! Unfortunately I’ve not gotten better, actually worse since I have a hard time finding all of the things you recommended. I found the hawthorn in tea form and I take it once or twice a day. I also found artichoke root(a.k.a jerusalem artichokes) but I haven’t utilized them too much yet. I also bought licorice tea but I have taken a bit of a break from as of now. I have some further questions revolving around how I should take/ingest all of the things you recommended. Sadly, I believe It’s the chemicals absorbed by the nettles I collected which have injured me. I’ve read something about how the can accumulate nitrate:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16756329 What if it is botulism? Do you have any information on heavy metals and how to detox them? Is ozone a good alternative? Any info on saltbaths? I have some dead seasalt lying around the house and I wanted to try it.

I’ve seen and read some of your great information on homeopathy and I actually found a homeopath in my town, the only one actually. I called her and I told her about my problems/symptoms and also about the things you recommended and she was familiar with all of it of course, she was a bit surprised at the same time I guess to hear about all the knowledge/info you shared. She was like, “Who is this bloke?” haha, I replied(if that’s okay with you sir), a very kind and helpful person that knows a thing or two hehe:) She said I needed some good probiotics and A/D vitamin, she did mention cod liver oil, she also stated as did you that vitamin d is toxic on it’s own and she also wanted to know what bloodtype I am. Then she mentioned some diet based off of the different blodtypes, is that something you’re familiar with? Homepathy is unfortunately very limited in sweden for obvious reasons(they’ve made sure it’s hard to get homepathic treatment here). My problem is it all costs very much and I don’t have much money, but in the end it’s totally worth it I guess. Is there anything I should ask or tell her that you can think off?

I have not found a good chinese doctor yet but I got a flyer in the mailbox which is interesting. They’ve opened up a small traditional chinese clinic somewhat close by and the first examination is for free. They mainly work with traditional chinese tuina massage, acupunture and cupping(I think it’s called?) They’ve also got a webshop with herbs among other things: http://kinaterapi.jetshopfree.se/startsidan-i-44.aspx So I’ve taken your advice and I’ve just emailed them and I’m awaiting an answer.

Thanks in advance Sir! I really appreciate all of the help. Thanks for the info and knowledge.

I utilize both dried herbs and alcoholic extractions/tinctures. Any combination herbal formulas I recommend are usually all mixed together at the same equal parts. Dead sea salts will not really detoxify the body my friend you would be better off with a bath of Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulfate). It is Magnesium sulfate which is used against X-rays and radiation in a bath with sodium bicarbonate and charcoal. Take a bath in this for twenty minutes if you every want to deal with radiation. On the subject of homoeopathy and radiation you would want to work with Phos, Fluoric Acid and Silica. Theres various excellent homoeopathic preparations for the various different type of heavy metals but if you want something which is an excellent cleanser of the body of poisons etc then it would have to be Sulph 30c (Sulphur). Take this 2-3 times daily and over time it will make a lot of changes to your body. You may also get a clearer mind and sharper vision as well as more energy. Ozone is a great cleanser of whatever it reaches and it does this through oxidization. Your body’s natural defenses can cope with the oxidization load but the toxins etc cannot and get removed over time. I have used Ozone for years and it cleared me of a lot of poisons I believe.

I only agree with probiotics from unpasteurized Kombucha or Kefir. Kefir can actually be better with the probiotics than the Kombucha but the Kombucha rules with the acids and other health properties. These methods are all natural unlike a lot of these probiotic supplements. I do not really like promoting supplements because most of them are created by the top pharmaceutical vermin and many health stores are now run by The Carlyle Group such as Holland & Barrett in the U.K. I see no problem with good quality probiotics as I have highlighted above. The vitamin A and D must come from food source only and as before the correct ratios and keeping well away from synthetic vitamin D3 aka rat poison. Put all these supplements into the ground and what will grow? Nothing, they are not living foods or life, just dead poisonous slop. Just look to good organic foods that should be rich in vitamin D like organic eggs. I presume duck eggs will be better as they usually have up to three times the nutrition of a chicken egg but check on the vitamin D content just in case. You can get a nice amount of Vitamin A from Liver either use pig or sheep’s Liver. The only downside with Cod Liver Oil is that the fish is a bottom feeder like crab and thats where the pollution goes unfortunately. Cod Liver Oil is excellent though for vitamin D and vitamin A although you need to be careful they are not added synthetic varieties.

Yes I understand where she is coming from on the blood type diet system and some people do very well with it. I believe Cliff Richard and many others use it. It will aid you to see what foods suit you and what do not. Obviously when you know this you will stop the bad foods asap. It does work because the master of this knowledge was actually Dr William Donald Kelley who reversed thousands of cases of cancer and he was a genius in mind. No one comes close to Kelley in this field of research. Do a study on the man. Some people need a lot more red meat whilst others should not have red meat. It all depends on your blood makeup.

The Clinic may be useful for you and your diagnosis will be free then they will decide on a course of dried herbs for a week and if you desire an acupuncture treatment. You will be asked to go back in a week or less if you can afford it and that week the herbs may be changed to suit any changes that occur in the body. You will notice how they will speak to you the way I have on similar subjects since I have their mind frame today. I utilize a lot of Chinese knowledge on the body and ailments then I utilise western herbalism with Chinese herbalism and now homoeopathy. The most balanced and safe treatment is the Chinese herbal prescription. Homoeopathy can be very powerful but it does not have the balance checks. Homoeopathy can treat some problems a lot quicker than both herbal medicine and acupuncture if done correctly. But you always need herbs as well to keep the balance or bring back more balance in case homoeopathy aids one thing but hurts some balance somewhere else whilst removing another problem. Right now I am taking Sulphur LM1 to aid my body and I’ve taken Nat Mur 30c and Hepar-Sulph 30c and those last two were really powerful especially Hepar-Sulph.

All the herbs I promote should be used daily ideally three times daily or at least twice. The three times daily aids a constant flow of herbs into the system throughout the day and it was always a big favorite of mine when I first started and depending on the illness. You can take those herbs you mentioned three times daily or a minimum twice no problems. Herbs must not be missed out and forgotten, in order to heal the body of illness strict protocols have to be adhered to or else it may not be worth the effort to even start. I have a strict mindset and stick to my thoughts and protocols very well and have done for years. I have seen too many who are quitters and want an easy life but then still moan about their illness. I have even seen idiots try to pretend they are well so they do not have to do their protocols every day. I am also a big promoter of Qi-Gong as its excellent and earthing of the body directly to ground without any resistance (resistor etc) as in nature.

For your skin, paleness and constitution I would look to Sulphur 30c two times daily and over a course of at least two months maybe longer. You will be surprised what this homoeopathic can do for you. It will spin out what should not be within the body and it works well on the constitution. If you get any aggravations with 30c dosages then you can try a 6x or better still the LM1 range pushed by Hahnemann in I believe the fifth edition of his Organon. If dryness of the face skin persists even after a while on Sulphur then try some Iodium 30c or Arsenicum Album 30c.

For your cold hands and feet I’d go with either aloe socotrina, sepia officinalis or zingiber officinale all at 30c unless aggravations arise. The Zingiber is a homoeopathic form of Ginger and Ginger must never be taken by diabetics on diabetic medications.

For the breath issue Sulphur should help this and your thrush like problem and you might want to look to bryonia alba 30c or borax veneta 30c as well.

Sulphur will also aid your brain fog my friend and you should soon notice a sharpness and focusing of the mind. I have treated brain fog quickly in the past with high levels of Greater Celandine herb which removed my brain fog from hypothyroid problems at the time in as little as three days. In Homoeopathy this herb is know as Chelidonium majus 30c and may be better than the typical homoeopathic treatments many homoeopaths may be using, you would have to trial it.

For your burning throat I would suggest you look at either arnica montana 30c or cocculus indicus 30c.

To tackle your sour stomach you may want to look to using populus tremuloides 30c or a little sodium bicarbonate in water in the meantime but not too much of this. This all shows me the Spleen issues I spoke about before.

Sulphur 30c will aid your dry eyes along with arsenicum album 30c and I suggest you get more of the Zinc mineral in your diet.

Sulphur will aid Eczema problems.

Sulphur will also aid Dandruff issues along with phosphorus 30c. You will also see a difference with your hair with Sulphur too.

Sulphur is a must for you thats for sure. You must stick to these treatments and not antidote the homoeopathy by keeping well clear of coffee, menthol, peppermint, camphor, essential oils and Bach flower remedies. Be careful of your toothpastes which are usually riddled with either peppermint or menthol. Use some sodium bicarbonate made into a paste for your teeth instead.

Start off with Sulphur 30c 2-3x daily and watch your body carefully, make notes as you go along. Do not worry if a particular symptom comes back for a while unless its too violent then you just lower your dosage a little but persist. For this you must understand the ‘direction of the cure’ as expressed by Hering’s Law in homoeopathy. You will note the regression of disease as it then gets erased away. As you go along you then treat the next older illness that may come back until its all gone. Sulphur is great because it covers so many ailments it can aid with most whilst you search for a more specific preparation for another. In homoeopathy its all about taking your time and watching before building up for the next remedy. You will be on Sulphur for quite a while ideally minimum two months up to six even. You may at some point have some stomach cramps and/or sulphur smelling flatulence, they will come and go as you settle in. Your bowel movements will definitely change along the way. With homoeopathy you may see some changes within a matter of hours or it could take a week for some problems but by a week onwards you will start to see things happening.

-= The Unhived Mind

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