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By Rev. Ted Pike

Last Thursday on the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly and John Walsh (“America’s Most Wanted” host) rebuked Sen. Edward Kennedy for delaying a piece of legislation that would help protect America’s children from pedophiles. Kathie Lee Gifford has also spoken up, demanding speedy passage of this pro-family legislation.

For the past two sessions of the Senate, Kennedy has blocked this legislation, insisting that his homosexual-favoring “anti-hate” bill be attached to it.

O’Reilly, Walsh, and all sane Americans are right to be furious with Kennedy. His cold decision to put politics ahead of children is the work of a scumbag.

But, actually, the story gets a whole lot darker. What Kennedy’s critics don’t know is that he hasn’t just delayed the bill. To please his pedophile backers, Kennedy has already gutted and defanged this child-protecting legislation!

Here’s the whole incredible story.


On October 20, 2005 Sen. Edward Kennedy had it all. His cherished “anti-hate bill,” the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2005, had been passed by the House of Representatives. It had been attached as a rider to the Children’s Safety Act, H.R.3132. There was no opposition in the House, and it passed in only 45 minutes.

This combined legislation was now safely on the desks of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Pro-hate bill Senators, including Republican Judiciary chairman Arlen Specter, outnumbered Republicans who opposed it 10 to 8. It was completely within the power of this pro-hate bill majority to approve the Children’s Safety Act and the attached hate bill without any alteration in language. That would have sent the hate bill directly for vote by a Senate that had already proven its overwhelming support during the previous year. After going to the President for signing, it would become the law of the land.

It was a dark day for America. If the hate bill had passed, America would have entered the prison of a “bias-motivation” justice system, with federal and local police jurisdiction largely united. Such a “police state” has already muzzled lovers of free speech in countries like Canada, Sweden, and Germany.

Yet protests by countless Americans to the Senate gave fight and backbone to the Republicans in Judiciary.


The little-known story of what happened in Judiciary on October 20, 2005 was related to me by a Senate Judiciary lawyer on the condition that I never disclose his identity. Sen. Frist’s office subsequently confirmed to me that everything he said was true.

Kennedy, riding high, was in no hurry to pass his hate bill. He considered its passage already assured. What he really wanted was to make his pedophile supporters happy. They were distressed by the restrictions the Children’s Safety Act would impose upon them. Kennedy made this proposal: If the Republicans would water down their version of the Children’s Safety Act (CSA), lightening the penalties for pedophilia, he would wait to attach his hate bill (S.1145) until he introduced it in the Senate.

The eight Republicans on Judiciary took Kennedy’s deal. They were galvanized by massive public support to defeat the hate bill at virtually any cost. They also had a condition: They would create their own version of the CSA, so the differing language between the original House version of the children’s legislation and the Senate Committee’s version would send it to conference after a Senate vote. There, even if Kennedy had succeeded in attaching the hate bill, the Republicans would have one more chance to remove it. Thus came into being Sen. Orrin Hatch’s new version of the CSA, the Sex Offenders Registration and Notification Act of 2005, S.1086.

Did these Republicans do the right thing, by watering down the CSA? Absolutely! Their overwhelming duty was to defeat the federal hate bill, the most dangerous, freedom-destroying legislation ever to come before Congress.


To make his pedophile lobby happy, Kennedy betrayed his long-term hate bill supporters, the homosexual lobby and, even more important, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. ADL is the architect of hate crimes legislation worldwide.

Yet Kennedy assured them he would soon go before the Senate and make everything right. As soon as S.1086 came to the floor of the Senate, he would take the podium, demand a vote, and pass the hate bill. Republicans had shown themselves incredibly weak when they allowed the hate bill to pass the House; they would probably remain just as ineffective in conference. So, Kennedy assured the gay lobby and ADL, they would get everything they wanted in the end.

He reckoned without the untiring resistance of Bill Frist, Senate majority leader, who vowed he would never let the hate bill pass. Frist said he would delay introduction of the children-protecting legislation for as long as necessary to protect America’s freedom. He has done this to the present time.

I was told that Frist has considered alternative ways to pass the important Sex Offenders bill without the hate crimes legislation. One is to rush it through in minutes at a time Kennedy is absent. But another takes my breath away: To back Kennedy down from even calling for a vote, Frist might publicly expose him on two fronts — first, Kennedy betrayed his homosexual and ADL backers by his deal in Judiciary, and second, Kennedy consciously weakened child-protecting legislation. This would infuriate the American public.

When might Frist carry through with his threat? Only he knows. What really matters is that Frist, unlike Kennedy, has remained true to the trust of his supporters and the cause of freedom. America owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Frist and the Republican members of the Judiciary for standing in defense of liberty.

But the battle is not won.


For the past two sessions of Congress Frist has not dramatized the silent stand-off between himself and Kennedy. He wants the Sex Offenders Act passed without drawing undue public attention back to Judiciary where eight Senate Republicans, in order to save free speech, had to weaken a bill protecting America’s children. Correct as that difficult decision was, Frist knows it is a sticky ethical interlude which is wide open to misinterpretation and accusation by those who cannot see the higher good.

Kennedy also has not been forthcoming concerning the reasons for his part in this stand-off. He does not want public curiosity going back to Oct. 20th when he betrayed his followers and the children of America.

Why then am I taking the public in a direction both of these titans of the Senate would rather not have us go?

Because American children are entitled to the fullest possible protection from pedophiles. What compromise did the Republicans make to please Kennedy? It must have been very substantial. Otherwise, why would Kennedy have given up certain passage of his hate bill, something for which he had labored for 18 years?

In order to compensate Kennedy for possible loss of his hate bill, these Republicans must have removed much of the most critical pedophile-damaging wording. The Senate version is, in fact, much shorter than The House’s Children’s Safety Act.

The Sex Offenders Registration and Notification Act purports to provide sufficient protection for our children. But in reality, the very pedophiles it claims to restrict have through Kennedy already seriously weakened it.


Here is what we must do right now:

    Raise an uproar demanding that Kennedy abandon his hate bill in the Senate. Child-protecting legislation must go forward!

    Demand restoration in conference between the House and the Senate of all the anti-pedophile restrictions in S.1086 removed by compromise with Kennedy.

America needs a stiff national law protecting its children, not one crafted to conciliate those who rape little boys and girls. We must do our utmost to insure that never again shall a convicted but unsupervised pedophile commit such an unspeakable act.

Call all 100 senators, voicing the above demands.

Come to for the list of 100 senators. Call tollfree 1-888-355-3588, toll 1-202-225-3121. Your message: “Please tell Sen. Kennedy to abandon his hate bill and let the children’s safety legislation pass.”

After you have given this message to the first senator, don’t hang up. Ask to be transferred to the next senator on the list and so on.

Your calls to the entire Senate will deliver a powerful message that you don’t want a “Big Brother” hate bureaucracy for America. You do want to protect our children from Kennedy’s pedophiles!

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