By :The-Unhived:Mind on the 30th Oct 2019

Persons (not people) who’ve applied (no contract) for a mort-gage (death-grip) already borrowed to themselves. How? The bank commits an illegal bank robbery by taking the funds from the applicants Treasury account before giving it back to the Treasury after a few days to prevent a continuation of evidence of the original bank theft. Those funds were deposited into the bank’s account then a 9:1 ratio of fiat fractional banking was added. So a $100,000 mortgage gave the bank $1,000,000 for them to do with as they please. The bank then gave back to the Treasury the $100,000 so now in their account they have funds tallying to $900,000. The bank will then give you the requested $100,000 for the pro-per-ty (no-man-contract) which then leaves the bank with a remaining $800,000 in their account. Now when the bank gave you the $100,000 this was then de-posit-ed (no position contract) into your own bank acc-ount (acc = no) and now that too generates yet another fractional 9:1 scam making $1,000,000 that’s placed into the banks account. The bank has now made $1.7 million dollars from your original $100,000 mortgage app-licat-ion (no contract). The banks will then invest these funds into credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa at around a 18.74% interest rate. The mortgage is also securitized (banks only deal in securities and never money) so it’ll already be paid for if you don’t go delinquent and don’t pay a dime. On top of all this the banks make up numerous ghost mortgages based on your original mortgage.

What a bunch of mugs the people have been as they’ve become poor and slaved all whilst the Jewish bankers continue to make high figure sums of funds from these goyim who were stupid enough to use them and put up with their vile evil and racist Talmudic system.

No one owns land and property since all land was stolen through battle and this is known as ailing (put an ‘F’ in front and you get failing) and this is why no one is all-ow-ed (no contract) lo-di-al (location original contract).  No one can own anything when all they’re is a corpse (corporation = dead contract) dead beyond the sea existing simply as a soul in the sea of the dead and reaped by the Jews through the Crown Bar in New Jersualem aka Londinium the Square Mile.  Donald Drumpf (German Rothschild’s shabbos goyim and Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst agent) isn’t fighting communism he’s aiding communism as the West is Communist.  If you bother to study the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto you’ll soon realize that you’ve been duped but at least the North Koreans and Chinese are told by their Jewish run Governments.  What’s part of Communism?  Central banks and no ownership of property!  Well since you’re a soul/corpse in the Jewish sea of the dead then your soul is used as surety and performance for the allowance of using the promissory note IOU debt instruments which masquerade as money.  When one uses a promissory note then one doesn’t own anything and in truth if one was seen as alive and on the land as a being of God then one would be committing theft.  The Freemasons under the Jews simply won’t allow a land of the living because then they cannot capture the area and control it as easy as they have done since July 1st 1875 but which really started in 1874 with Hawaii.  This is the reality of things but the goyim will continue within the scam games and continue to be milked then herded for the slaughter especially when the full communism is made visible to these Marxist indoctrinated idiots who’ve been dumbed down to not notice (no-title-contract) it already.

Now as I’d posted this article I encountered a good little niddah goyim who said the following:

“Identity Politics is the game of the Left, especially the Globalist-Leftists who want to kill most of us. Some identities are toxic by definition, but assuming that all Jews are toxic is highly problematic. It’s logically fallacious, like “everyone knows…” Find one example and your meme falls apart. I can think of several Jews who don’t fit into your narrative. Unless the group you condemn is defined by their behavior, then you cannot legitimately condemn the entire group. I know of many mortgage bankers who aren’t Jewish!” –Rod Martin Jr.

Now I replied with the following:

“Jewish commerce runs the entire world through the Universal Postal Union and it has been this way since 1874 onward. All banksters regardless of their race and religion are all dealing in Jewish currency debt scams. Now find me a Jew that doesn’t take their inspiration from the Babylonian Talmud and you won’t be able to find a single one. Those Sabbatean Frankists they still follow the Talmud as their Zohar is simply a fork of the Talmud. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shepharim or Ashkenazi they’re both the same at the core but they love the division it causes if someone starts to bypass their lower deceptions and now focus and target on the enemy which are the kids of Satan. Now Jews run both the left and the right in the United States. You had Clinton run by Haim Saban with the Democrats whilst Sheldon Adelson run Drumpf in the Republicans not to mention Jared Kushner and his sugar daddy Netanyahu.  It’s not the left or right which destroys jobs etc it is the JEWS who master behind the scenes and have their racist Talmudic/Zohar agenda. The organization who’s job it is to keep people in work is the Federal Reserve and who owns The Fed? Jewish bankers such as Rothschild and Warburg. What runs the Federal Reserve? The Bank of International Settlements and who runs the BIS in Basel? The Universal Postal Union in Berne. Who runs the UPU?  Freemasonry and the Vatican. Who controls both Freemasonry and the Vatican (since 1823 and especially 1958 onward)? The Sabbatean Frankists!

It’s time to wake up and get out of the their divisions and diversion scams. It’s now time to focus on the enemy who has managed to hide in the shadows for far too long. Not only are they in the shadows but they’re now in your processors and technology with the Arc processor under the Talpiot takeover whilst against diverting your attention onto the NSA, China, GCHQ and five eyes (never mentioning they’re the sixth eye being Israel) via Edward Snowden and Donald ‘Israel First’ J. Drumpf. Do you now start to see through the numerous smokescreens?” :The-Unhived:Mind

Sheldon Adelson (Rep), Lindsay Graham (Rep), Haim Saban (Dem)