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      I have nothing against accepting some of Leo Zagami’s work but I cannot accept parts that I believe are incorrect whether done on purpose or not. I’m looking for truth and unless Leo Zagami has a bloody good answer to get round my deeper questioning then I will not accept his answer. If someone else wishes to go that route then feel free but we know what we know and it will take more than that to try to reverse the information we have that is concrete fact. I’ve addressed this Evangelo group in the Jesuit area including highlighting their logo.

      -= The Unhived Mind


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        That seems an appropriate posture to me also. It is curious also how Leo has apparently been rendered “powerless and vulnerable” for the last couple of years only to begin his resurrection now, a few months before the esotericists’ highly predictively programmed end-of-times climax scenario is scheduled, and most likely orchestrated, to kick into gear.


        • theunhivedmind

          From: Leo Zagami
          Subject: radio shows
          Date: 31 March 2012 17:37:06 GMT+01:00
          To: TS

          Dear Troy & Friends

          Interestingly enough I discuss such topics mentioned by Craig in detail in my trilogy, but as my work consist of 1500 pages (around 500 pages each volume) with hard evidence made up of documents and pictures never released to the public before, there is of course a more in depth analysis but due to my contracts with my publishers I cannot for contractual reasons release the content in any way though the internet

          I am sure you Troy or Craig or the other researchers understand this, as I am in no way living as a destitute or risking my life any longer for making a bunch of internet nerds happy who did not support me in time of need and were actually used by the enemy to try and ruin me if possible.

          I never said the Opus Dei controls the Vatican as control in the Vatican does not mean necessary control over the matter but as you can imagine the ultimate control is over the spirit and over the faith , and the Jesuits have this control and are the official espionage service of the Vatican since their foundation and even if the Opus Dei rules now the more materialistic and economic realm, ultimate control is still in the hands of the Jesuits who work with them hand in hand, as divisions in the Vatican are only between people of power (Cardinals) and some institutions competing with each other, but in the end they all serve the Vatican Satan.

          That’s why Princess Kaoru has recently decided to not accept in the end the position of ambassador within an important new reality of the Church (OPERA DELLO SPIRITO SANTO-POTENZA DIVINA D’AMORE) with Bishop Sigalini as she thinks like me that the whole thing is corrupt, so no distinctions can be made any longer.

          In my trilogy for the first time (in Volume 3) I have hard evidence of all this and bring for the first time to the public, both the addresses of the Jesuit espionage headquarters in Rome and their archive headquarters abroad, with first hand documentation, interviews and testimony from credible sources within the intelligence community with incredible revelations to say the least.

          Also the topic of Chinese Freemasonry is touched in the second volume in a much more complex way than you can imagine. The Triads that’s for sure are just the top of the iceberg, nothing more, and of course all the connections with the western secret societies are discussed and put in evidence in a much more profound way than Craig mentioned, as I have interviewed members and had access to top secret documents.
          The military intelligence service in China is called Er Bu and the driving force of it is in the hands of Chinese Freemasonry (Hong Men and Hong Mun), but many more inside details are given in the book for the joy of my readers.

          In Volume 3 I also bring hard evidence consisting of written documents with Papal Seal about the new Knights Templars in the Vatican and their links to the Jesuits and images that will shock Italy and the world.

          Last but not least Volume 2 focuses on the crucifix of Michelangelo and all the connections that go right up to the Pope and the Jesuits. Then inside documents of the P2 and the Monte Carlo Lodge are shown for the first time and much more.

          Regarding the Araldi del Vangelo, in Volume 1 I interview a close friend of the founder a Templar Grand Master that told me about their secret link to the Jesuits (as long as I did not mentioned his name) and many more inside details.

          Thank you for you support and attention and as we say in Rome “Ad Maiora” (“Ad Maiora” is in use in the Italian AASR of Piazza del Gesu – It means “To even better works” – so there is for sure a Jesuit link, but I use it as a Latin phrase used in Rome before Jesus was even around) and Tune in:


          Leo Lyon Zagami

          And read in my books when they will be translated in the english language very soon. I wrote them with the assistance of other insiders in the intelligence, Templar and Masonic world belonging to my Order (the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis in Rome since 2008/2009) who gave me access at their own risk to material that is already creating a big reaction in Freemasonry after Volume 1 and might truly create panic in the Vatican and Jerusalem when more is released in Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. Hope that’s enough for your curiosity for all the rest you can listen to my radio interviews:
          1ST OF APRIL

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