Increase Your Knowledge Of Conspiracies, International Judaism, And The 1930s

Increase Your Knowledge Of Conspiracies, International Judaism, And The 1930s


The origins of our Financial (and Corporatized) Servitude are readily identified by those who have already studied the true origins of Judaism and of the Second World War. But such individuals are few and far between. Unfortunately the vast majority would view with trepidation the relatively simple task of acquiring a comparable level of knowledge. The frustrating irony is that all persons of average intelligence need is just a quarter of the time he/she might typically waste (in any given month) on the passive consumption of mindless trash being pumped into society by corporate-sponsored television companies, and more lately, by social media inspired online enclaves.

By mid-1916 America had become the world’s largest economy. It was already the banker (esp. JP Morgan Bank of New York) to France and to bankrupt Britain. That was also the year (1916) when U.S. GDP surpassed that of the British Empire for the first time. In 1914, still parochial U.S.A. was not yet featuring in European diplomatic conversation, but beyond 1916 and Woodrow Wilson’s re-election, American financial and then military might rapidly emerged as the new and decisive factor in the shaping of the (new) world order.

Note especially that the Federal Reserve Act was enacted on December 23, 1913 (during the 63rd Congress) having received the President’s signature. As many of my readers will already know, the plot to establish a privately owned “central bank” whose shareholders would then grow fat on the energy and output of an entire sub-continent, was finalized at a secretive meeting held on Jekyll Island, Georgia State, during November 2010. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, this covert 1910 meeting resulted in draft legislation for the creation of a U.S. central bank. Parts of this draft (the so-called “Aldrich Plan”) were incorporated into the actual 1913 Federal Reserve Act, which in turn created the Federal Reserve Note (FRN). This FRN is the paper currency blind fools the world over (even highly educated ones) keep insisting (out of habit) on calling the “US Dollar”.

Oblivious to the true background of this fraudulent yet astonishingly clever scheme, Wilson declared the new arrangement to be “the first of series of constructive acts to aid business”. About six years later, when overcome with remorse in the knowledge he had been deceived, he would eat those words.

By 1916 America had become the world’s largest economy and by default it had also become the banker (esp. JP Morgan) to both France and an already bankrupt Britain. This is also the year (1916) when US GDP surpassed that of the British Empire for the first time. In 1914 the U.S. was not yet part of the European diplomatic conversation. Since 1916, America’s vibrant economy and corporate might has in one way or other been the decisive factor shaping every morsel of the (new) world order.

The United States stumbled onto the world stage a full-blown colossus; the follies of Europe (especially Freemason-controlled France) had turned it overnight from the world’s largest debtor nation (1913) to practically its sole creditor (1918). This garrulous, emotional, and schmaltzy-sweet nation was then officially declared bankrupt in 1933, only for it to repeat its Phoenix like resurrection from penury to global dominatrix during the short 1939-45 period. No wonder they all love war-war-war over in Lower Manhattan and Washington DC!

British historian Adam Tooze (listed in Further Reading ➡ – to return here click your Browser’s Back Arrow) advances the thesis that President Woodrow Wilson — or at least, his large entourage of close advisers — attempted to exert a form of global financial hegemony during the latter half of World War One as the Entente became increasingly reliant upon those American (i.e., principally Wall Street) loans.

A former Princeton University president and political economy professor, Wilson was known for his high-minded speeches and his advocacy of a parliamentary system. Holding no public office until he was 54 years old Woodrow Wilson was recruited to run for governor of New Jersey in 1910 by a local Democrat-machine big-wig who thought he would be easily controlled. And as any competent revisionist historian will tell you, that is exactly how Wilson’s Presidency turned out. In the three-way 1912 election he received only 42 percent of the popular vote but was elected due to an overwhelming Electoral vote. Perhaps this goes a long way to explain why his sponsors later ensured posterity would remember him as the only US President to have ever been buried in Washington DC.

Wilson’s injudicious selection of advisers undermined and tarnished both his administration and his legacy. One wonders if he was ever more than a go-fer for Wall Street ambitions. His highly ambitious entourage included names many will recognize for other reasons: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Louis Brandeis, Herbert Hoover, Walter Lippmann (author of “Public Opinion”), Edward Mandell (Colonel) House, and Bernard Baruch (who would later advise Winston Churchill during WWII).

The United States has a very peculiar definition for the word “Progressive”. The dark side of the Wilson Administration’s war effort was a series of restrictive laws, censorship decrees, and organized vigilantism designed to silence if not destroy legitimate dissent. All it took was two years to blanket this young and idealistic country (or assembly of independent States) with a cloud of repression almost as egregious as that being suffered under the advancing jack-boots of Bolshevik revolutionaries over on Russian soil.

The Wilson Administration had also encouraged nationalism and self-determination throughout the world. This self-serving policy provoked or inflamed many tensions, especially in the Middle East, the Caribbean, Éire (Ireland), and India. The justification for this irresponsible policy was the undermining of British Imperialism while usefully advancing American (i.e., Federal Reserve) ambitions in order to expand the great American (commercial) empire that had already taken possession of Cuba, Panama, and the Philippines. Throughout the 1920s the U.S.A. declined to underwrite collective security arrangements in Europe — an attitude that almost led to a hot war with Britain over their mutually exclusive competitive Naval expansions, while exacerbating economic problems across the entire European landmass. Yes, you read that correctly. Britain and the USA almost came to blows during the 1927-28 period. It’ avoidance led to the world’s first arms control agreement.

The IRA and Gandhi were great admirers of Wilson. Nevertheless, Wilson lacked support at home and Congress was reluctant for the U.S. to assume a global leadership role. America’s Representatives preferred isolationism and the Monroe Doctrine. For this reason the US Congress did not ratify the Versailles ‘Peace Treaty’ — that French inspired vengeance was rejected by the Senate by 7 votes — and refused to join the League of Nations that had been established in the Swiss city of Geneva; the home of Calvinism, and the adopted home of Lenin: 1895, 1900, 1903-05, and 1907-08.


Understand that the Wall Street Crash does not mark the true start of the Great Depression. It was only the catalyst. During an interview with Eric King (, 3 October 2016), James Turk posits that The Great Depression actually commenced with the failure of the Bank of the United States in December 1930: more than one year after the 1929 stock market crash. Although that bank was privately owned and not (despite its grandiose name) the US central bank, its failure nonetheless sent shockwaves around the globe mostly because its name was so closely associated (psychologically) with the USA and its entire economy.

America’s Rothschild-sponsored entry into World War I (vis-a-vis Balfour Declaration of 1917) through to the onset of the Great Depression could be summed up as a failed attempt to impose a “Judaic-Anglo-Saxon” world order constructed around the rapidly emerging financial supremacy of the U.S.A. Professor Tooze and others see Leninism, Fascism, Nazism [NOTE: Germany’s National Socialists never called themselves “Nazi”], Chinese nationalism, Japanese militarism, and similar movements … all as attempts to reassert national autonomy against this evolving [and increasingly Judaical] Anglo-Saxon imperium. I am sure many will immediately recognize the shocking parallels between that 1916-1941 scenario, and what has been playing out before our eyes since the 1991 Gulf War.

Adam Tooze admonishes this Judaic-Anglo-Saxon financial imperium, as the USA was hell-bent on leading, for its inability to forgive Germany’s war debts and thus put an end to the Versailles reparations, or to prune them. This prejudice forced Germany to rebel and leave the Western bloc. In doing so, it freed itself to work out an alternative that began to set an example for other nations to follow. In 1932 the remains of Weimar Germany had some Germans surviving on grass, and with its treasury devoid of Gold. Yet by 1936, a totally revitalized Third Reich (National Socialist) Germany was healthier, happier, more productive, and better organized than Britain, France, and the United States. While Berlin prepared to host what turned out to be a highly successful and memorable Olympic Games, dust-bowl America, Jarrow-march England, and perpetual disarray France were busy organizing soup kitchens for millions of desperate men and their families.

Common-sense would suggest that Germany’s widely lauded and admired successes — including annual holidays for all German workers, the promotion of healthy family virtues, the construction of an impressive autobahn system, and the establishment of Volkswagon whose first Beetle car was part-designed by Adolf himself — would eventually be interpreted by those benefiting most from the West’s Usurious (Judaic) Banking System as a direct challenge and threat. Might this be the real reason why Hitler, NSDAP philosophy, and Germany all had to be destroyed … and then forever demonized? Think! Use you own brain and stop swallowing the Rothschild-stroke-Yankee Kool-Aid.

Before I acquaint you with three controversial, anti-mainstream and anti-establishment authors of high integrity each, kindly ponder these astonishing suicide statistics. Clearly there is a great deal of calculated, eulogistic garbage written about how wonderful, artistic, and ‘democratic’ the Weimar Republic was (allegedly). So how did this supposed Jew-inspired Utopia (centered around a decadent Berlin) manage to generate so much suffering, malnutrition, sexual depredation, and economic malfeasance in just 12 years? In the Britain of 1932 (i.e., at or near the peak of the 1930’s global depression) there were 85 suicides per million inhabitants; 133 in the United States, 155 in France … and a disproportionate 260 in Germany! Are you finally getting the picture? Three highly rated books that discuss or expose the lurid realities of Weimar Berlin are included within this article’s Further Reading offerings ➡

One day we will all finally get it into our thick heads that the Second World War was not started by Adolf Hitler (which it wasn’t); it was in truth started by the belligerence and combined hostility of a mentally disturbed Franklin D. Roosevelt (who was suffering from Polio) of the United States of America + Winston Churchill (while swallowing a half bottle of whisky every day) of the United Kingdom and the British Empire + Marshal Edward Smigly-Rydz (“Second Man in the State after the President”) of Poland of whom you should appraise yourself here.


The website / blog / publishing platform of author Mike King may look dated — primarily because it is constructed only from HTML-4 code — but it is nevertheless one of the Internet’s richest “one-stop” sources for honest historical commentary, style & wit, and a portfolio of well-written books that will surely transform your view of (especially) 20th century history. Through his meticulous work, Mike presents a convincing case: we are indeed living under a large, interlinked, and thus sophisticated conspiracy … one sustained by more submissive knaves & fools than it is possible to count.

Mike King is a productive author, so you will find several titles displayed on his website’s landing page. Take your pick. Buy several if you can afford. But do make sure you obtain a copy of “The Bad War” … and also “The British Mad Dog”. All of Mike’s titles can be acquired in both print and digital format.

(2) The Greatest Story Never Told (

If you have not been a frequent browser of so-called ‘alternative’ websites and revisionist blogs, then TGSNT may have you scratching your head. The Greatest Story Never Told is a brilliantly condensed 26-episode, 6-hour epic that tells the entire story of Adolf Hitler … from boyhood and political awakening, through to his rise to power and a fair account of his surprisingly common-sense and oftentimes brilliant ideology … one which of course has been twisted for our ears (by our corporate and financial masters) into a grotesque parody of the truth.

Even the 3-minute short trailer for Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told sets the pulse racing. The website promotional blurb states:

Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition it was to become an artist, but who instead became a drifter. His destiny however was not to drift into the awaiting oblivion, but to rise to the greatest heights of power, eventually to become one of the most influential men who ever lived. Now for the first time, here is a documented account of a story many believe to be … The Greatest Story NEVER Told! [… ] Watch this series and uncover the real root causes of World War II. Do your own research and decide what you choose to believe. Think differently.

Many, including those arriving at their first viewing of TGSNT filled with malice and hate towards the Germany of 1933-45, have freely admitted that the unfolding of the truth left them (almost) gasping for breath. Many spend the next few weeks in stunned contemplation as the realization of half a life time of being deceived is finally acknowledged. Commonsense would suggest that in order to narrow down any candidates for those who rule over you and I, then all you need do is write down who you are not allowed to criticize without cost. By sitting through the entirety of TGSNT, you will get far closer to the truth than most. And not before time too!

(3) Michael Hoffman’s Revisionist History

Michael Hoffman is another productive author of literary works that enlighten the darkest and most hostile alleys. His official website (homepage) can be found here. A link rich News Bureau page here neatly presents the universe of Michael’s research, public speaking tours, and book titles.

Michael speciality is deconstructing the rabbinic texts line by line. He has already made discoveries that in a healthy world would have disqualified Jews from all high level positions in both politics and banking, throughout the Western World. For example, he describes Orthodox Judaism as the ideological survival of the most ossified traditions of Babylonian paganism, concealed beneath a complex system of dissimulation and misdirection.

His surgical thesis throws a radical challenge at Judaism’s claims to Biblical provenance and probity. In other words, there is no “Judeo-Christian” Tradition. Such a tradition has never existed; not this year, last year, nor one thousand years prior. Hoffman’s huge reference work, Judaism Discovered addresses and explains in considerable detail the entire gamut of ‘Jewish’ deceit (and conceit) including but not exclusively: Principal Sources of the Divine Law of Judaism; Deceit Mechanisms and Defense Mechanisms; Judaism’s Hermeneutic of Concealment; Power Over the (i.e., our!) Court System; the Tarnish placed upon Hillel’s Golden Rule; Permissible Lying and Deceit, etc., etc.

Judaism’s Strange Gods. Here is the best book about Judaism for educating ordinary adults about the hidden side of this much glorified, but soul-destroying religion of warfare and deception. Contains all of Christian scholar Michael Hoffman’s main facts and most effective research revealing Judaism, in an easy-to-read, quality paperback. Judaism’s Strange Gods is a condensed version of Hoffman’s huge reference work, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit (pp 1102).

Understand that in the USA, Judaism overwhelmed the “Tea Party” until it was rendered irrelevant, while making a determined effort to hijack the so-called ‘Right wing’. It has done this by masquerading as a “family values partner” with patriots (mostly those of European ethnicity) against the forces of evil (those forces conducted by ancient bloodlines working through the Central Banks and Blue-Chip Corporations).

Concurrently, on the so-called ‘Left’, Judaism has for many years posed as a progressive partner with peace activists, loud-mouthed “Social Justice Warriors”, mass immigration evangelists, and the violent BLM crowd.

Hoffman deconstructs that Janus facade in clear and understandable writing, and he does so charitably without vitriol.

Michael’s mastery of research and of Judaic subterfuge routinely attracts plaudits from scholars and serious thinkers the world over. In which case you should endeavour to visit his website with minimal delay to peruse his good works. His opus is Judaism Discovered, but several other titles are available. Determine to join the rapidly growing ranks of the “enlightened resistance to tyranny”. Meanwhile, consider that real Judaism — in stark contrast to the Baby Formula fed to silly and immensely gullible Christian idealists — is little more than “internationally organized crime masquerading as an elitist and universally hostile religion”.