Is He A Likudnik or what? (video)

Is He A Likudnik or what? (video)

April 16, 2016 / Gilad Atzmon

Yesterday we learned that Ali Abunimah thanked Stanford SJP for cancelling a Nakba event featuring a 48 survivor and other Palestinian refugees. However, this story keeps developing. We’ve now found out that Stanford SJP did not cancel the event because they wanted to “take a stand against racism”. The event was canceled because Stanford SJP lost its key speaker. The video below reveals that Palestinian refugee Amena ElAshkar refused to accept Stanford SJP restrictions not to challenge Israel’s right to exist. Here are her own words:

A few questions remain open: Why would Ali Abunimah support Israel’s right to exist? Why does he campaign against a Nakba gathering? What is he getting in return?

For more than a while it has been obvious that we are being confronted with a controlled opposition apparatus. However, standing openly against an event featuring Palestinian refugees and Nakba surviours suggests that Abunimah has now crossed a new line. He is entitled to a Likud party membership card. He may even want to consider changing his name into Eliyahu!

Mazel Tov Eliyahu