Israel Dragging U.S. Into Bombing Syria Again Following Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack In Douma

Israel Dragging U.S. Into Bombing Syria Again Following Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack In Douma

Following allegations, new attempts by the media are being made to get the U.S. to attack Syria’s government, despite doing so being highly illegal.

Anime Right News (ARN) — Almost one year to a tee following airstrikes on Syria authorized by U.S. President Donald Trump, based on an alleged chemical attack but conducted illegally due to private business interests, yet another incident has occurred which is being used to push for regime change. This also follows stabilization in Syria through Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s efforts to reclaim the country.

The U.S. Department of State has condemned the alleged chemical weapons attack.

Department of State


.@statedeptspox: We are following disturbing reports regarding alleged chemical attack in . The Assad regime and its backers bear responsibility & the US will continue to use all efforts available to hold those who use chemical weapons accountable. 

On the Chemical Attack in Douma

Calls for a military response by the U.S. are already being heralded in media & by politicians that stand to benefit.

Like the airstrikes conducted last year, an attack would be illegal on multiple levels, as is continued occupation. This is due to the Trump administration’s employment of Ira Greenstein, brought in by Jared Kushner during the presidential transition in 2016, who has private business interests that are exploiting Syria’s natural resources in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights — such as land, oil or water. This is done through the corporation Genie Energy, as well as its subsidiary: Afek Oil & Gas.

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Jason Greenblatt, another Trump administration official who can be found sitting with Kushner behind U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, also has shares in the corporation. This is despite Greenblatt being directly responsible for international negotiations.

These interests for Israel further extend to Naftali Bennett, who Greenstein is involved with through Mosaic United, with Bennett advocating for further settlement of the Golan Heights by Israel. Destruction of Syria’s government is necessary for these activities to take place.

U.S. Department of State

The U.S. has also placed blamed on Russia for the alleged chemical weapons attack, with the full statement referencing last year’s incident in Khan Shaykhun, Syria, while media state that this year’s incident has resulted in more casualties. The White Helmets began once again disseminating propaganda shortly after initial reports.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has refuted claims.

Partisangirl 🇸🇾


BREAKING: rebels in have used chemical weapons on some of the hostages they kidnapped from in Adra.

Partisan Girl, a pro-Syrian activist, has stated that the alleged chemical attack was most likely conducted by rebel factions in Douma. This is in the same vein as suspicions last April.

Partisangirl 🇸🇾


Kidnapping Civilians, using them as human shields, then gassing them is a rebel tactic. Civilians kidnapped in Latakia, may have been gassed in the Khan Shaikyoun Idlib. Today’s attack is exactly one year to the day of strike on Syria. 

Partisangirl 🇸🇾


Last year Trump said “Assad is not the target” then a happened.
This year Trump said “Let’s pull out of Syria,” them another happened. All those people who said this would last week happen called it.