Israel trains U.S. Police ready for Zionist Martial Law

Israel trains U.S. Police ready for Zionist Martial Law

Our police are trained in Israel now and more and more are now treating everyone, (not just blacks) like the enemy the same way Isreal treats Palestinians. AND THERE IS A REASON – BECAUSE THEY SCREWED US AND THEY KNOW IT, AND THEY FEAR BACKLASH.

Justifying the installation of an Israeli trained police state is the real reason for the Ferguson riots, which would have never happened absent the Jewish owned media pumping it all up.

After robbing America blind via the Federal Reserve and other venues, they fear a well deserved backlash and want that backlash rendered impotent. This can be accomplished via a Palestinian style military state in America which the riots are supposed to justify.

Ridiculous you say? Consider this:
In Palestine, they stole land, bulldozed homes, and murdered lots of people. In America, they looted the national wealth via the Federal Reserve, sold out practically everything else to foreign interests, bought up all remaining previously Christian owned companies of any significance with money stolen via a totally unlawful “income tax” and private “Federal Reserve”, trashed much of the rest of the world with a military paid for by that same totally unlawful tax and money system, destroyed the culture of America and all the major churches, destroyed many of the children with tainted vaccines, wrecked the schools, YOU NAME IT, THEY DID IT, AND THEY ARE DEEPLY AFRAID OF BACKLASH.

When they are confident they have extracted all value from America and trashed the nation beyond all hope, they want the people crushed under a police force they trained themselves so any backlash will be as impotent as a Palestinian throwing rocks.

And if you think I am wrong about this, then please explain:
Why, after 911, when the FBI themselves said the phone calls from the planes never happened, the Jews proceeded with the police state via increased NSA surveillance, much of which is stationed in Israel? What about building 7? How did the military fail to stop 3 jumbo jets? 911 is the smoking gun that got it all going hardcore, and we know who really did it. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? For a police state, because THEY FEAR BACKLASH FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO AMERICA.

Why, after Sandy Hook, was there a huge push for gun control that still continues to this day, even after it has been proven phony 90 different ways, even from an official level? Because: They want a police state in force that is so powerful any rightful response for what they have done to America will be as impotent as a Palestinian throwing rocks at an F-16 a mile up. Surely guns do not fit into that picture.

APC’s in all the police forces? Drone strikes authorized against American citizens, with police forces getting drones en masse? Billions of rounds purchased by agencies that do nothing but patrol the American people? WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE KNOW WHO IS DOING IT. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT IS TO WATCH THE JEWISH OWNED MEDIA PAID FOR BY JEWISH OWNED COMPANIES AND PLUG IT INTO A FIRST GRADE MATH EQUATION, if you can add 1 plus 1, reality should not evade you.

Ferguson is happening because people figured out 911, figured out Sandy Hook, and figured out the false flag terror meme. Riots are just another tool, and this time they need the media to make it happen. Shut that media down by doing economic damage via boycott. It is far more effective than one might think, and the Jews use boycott all the time because IT WORKS.

A victory in Ferguson will not undo all the previous damage, but it will at least be a step in the right direction.

NEVER FORGET: They only want this huge police state with Israeli trained police officers because they fear backlash from the American people after what they have done to us. FOR WHAT OTHER REASON COULD THEY POSSIBLY WANT ISRAELI TRAINED POLICE FORCES IN AMERICA ARMED WITH APC’s, BILLIONS OF HOLLOW POINT ROUNDS AND DRONES? Who is the enemy? LOOK AT WHO IS TRAINING THE POLICE AND WAKE UP.