Jane Burgermeister’s request to Greece’s Supreme Court to have George Soros questioned

My request to Greece’s Supreme Court to have George Soros questioned


Have just emailed the top judge at the Greek Supreme Court and asked her to have George Soros summoned for questioning in relationship to my case, arguing the hacked Soros Open Society Foundation documents and leaked email confirm my allegations.

I noted in my email that the US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, through whom Soros ruled the Ukraine according to leaks, was caught up in a probe for channelling illegal state department funds to prosecutors in the Ukraine apparently as bribes to unseat the top prosecutor. I say in my email I believe Pyatt could try to do the same in Greece to unseat the top judge Vasiliki Thanou, who is struggling to fight corruption, and who already appears to have been targeted once for a smear campaign through prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou acting on behalf of a banker.

Tomorrow, I will email the State Department, Department of Justice, FBI and others and ask them to investigate Soros and Pyatt.

I included Swedish lawyer Henning Witte, who represents relatives of victims of the sinking of the Estonia, in my email. I hope to make an interview soon. He does not have license to represent me in Greece but is good to know an experienced lawyer with a license for Germany and Sweden has taken an interest in my case.

Read my email to the Greek Supreme Court top judge and prosecutor here…Have to say the evidence and line of argument is pretty convincing, and should be enough in any functioning justice system to have Soros called in for questioning in Athens.