By: The Unhived Mind

This Jim Condit Jr is a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor who knows full well what he saying is devious and totally incorrect. He will not tell you about the full roots Freemasonry and the Jesuit (Kingdom of Aragon Templars) takeover of the entire Freemasonry division of the Mystery Schools which are currently run by the greatest educated minds, the Jesuit Order. He will not do this because it does not suit his current agenda to protect the Order and its minion Catholicism (not Christianity). Many agents like this will also if pushed claim the Jesuits are Jews in order to save face if they like to push that Jews rule the World, never explaining the difference between Torah Judaics and Sabbatean Frankist Talmudic Labor Zionists.

I guess he pushes that Evelyn De Rothschild is the King of the World? What a joke! The Rothschild family are a tool of the Jesuit Order to help bring about their World Order complete Aragon Templar takeover. The Jesuits were already in control of the Rothschild family through their House of Pallavicini Venetian banking power using the Rothschild’s to hide away their vast wealth from the Jesuit South American reductions. This wealth could not be lost to the Vatican who had suppressed the Order in 1773. What was the option? To use the Protestant banking House of the Rothschild. For this the Jesuits would grant the family eventual guardianship over the Vatican Treasury once their takeover was completed along with protection within their new Templar World Order. Its as simple as that folks and nothing more. I can name numerous people of far higher stature who would not entertain going on news broadcasts like a pip-squeak such as Evelyn de Rothschild. David Rockefeller is commanded by Jesuit soldier, Thomas Smolich SJ, Evelyn de Rothschild is commanded by Jesuit soldier, Dermot Preston SJ. Both Rockefeller and Rothschild are all small fry in comparison to certain Venetian and Italian banking houses and the small few we speak of. The ones you never hear about from the mostly controlled so-called alternative media.

Too many Temporal Coadjutors will make out the Catholic Church has been persecuted whilst forgetting who has been the biggest enemy of all mankind from its roots in Babylon and onwards, yes the Catholic Church, Roman Empire continuum. The Catholic Church has not been destroyed by Rothschild. The Catholic Church has been destroyed by the Jesuit Order which started in 1814-1870 onwards as revenge for 1773. Do you honestly believe the Jesuit Order was suppressed for nothing? Not only the Pope did this but Jesuits have been removed from many nations time and time again for their devious deadly meddling. You see this protection of Catholicism (not Christianity) by that David Livingstone as well. The same anti-Jew agents who will then have the nerve to say something about the suppression of the Jews out of nations as if they are so bad whilst ignoring the Jesuit suppressions, a classic case of doublethink and doublespeak all to suit their agenda of diversion. Ask yourself how the Catholic Church gained so many followers and it was through threat of torture and death. Is it any wonder weak people joined such a vile organization? People like to conveniently forget these types of facts.

The heart of the Vatican is not weakened it is stronger than ever except it is being transitioned as well into the coming new World religion known as the Luciferian Doctrine no different to the rest of the Jesuit cults such as Mormonism remembering they got the Union State of Utah from Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ who handled Brigham Young and the leader of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike. Not forgetting the Jesuits created the first twenty-five degrees of the Scottish Rite whilst the other eight degrees were completed by Alexandre de Grasse the son of Order of Malta Knight Francois de Grasse making sure the thirty-second degree honoured his Jesuit masters. The intention was on dominating all Freemasonry of the middle and lower levels through the Scottish Rite headquartered in Jesuit Washington D.C. and of course control of the United Grand Lodge of England.

No longer would the Sinclair Templar Masonry or the Grand Lodge of France be separate from the only Knights Templar continuum the Aragon Templars who hid in the Order of the Calatrava and The Order of the Montesa and as we all know the Los Alumbrados before becoming known as the Jesuit Order. An order created by the powerful Spanish Borja family and their handled Ignatius Loyola. The only Templars to be allowed by the Pope to survive the suppression in the 14th Century and sent to the ancient Kingdom of Aragon. The only Templars in their own eyes left whilst all others were seen as impostors now. Impostors to be absorbed or killed ready for the rebirth and complete control of the future. Through infiltration and devious Jesuit trickery all Freemasonry was subordinated to the Jesuits.

We must understand the Jesuits are not Catholics at heart far from it, they are the masters of witchcraft which originated with Nimrod the worshiper of Saturn. The same Jesuit Order worshipers of Saturn where as the Vatican is more aligned to Jupiter the son of Saturn. The Jesuits command the mystery schools as many insiders will inform you about and who have been taught by them within the Illuminated system of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati. Making sure we understand that the Los Alumbrados were the original Illuminati before the Order of the Rosy Cross and before the Jesuit created Order of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776. Today the Rosicrucian and the Jesuits are one as you can imagine with the agenda. Their ultimate goal is the perfection of man through the Hermetic degrees and alchemy. They desire the destruction of time, separate climates, gender, race and class. They believe they can join the heavens with Earth and the masculine with the feminine. Its all their occult worship of the Moon and Venus hermaphrodite Gods. In order to part destroy the differing climate the addition of a second Sun is needed. This will be accomplished in the near future with NASA’s Project Lucifer using a probe funny enough named after Jesuit trained Giovanni Cassini.

These people like Jim Condit Jr and David Livingstone wish to ignore the true power of sovereign Washington D.C. through Georgetown University. How convenient! The land of Washington D.C. is Roman Catholic and was given by two Roman Catholic families named Carroll and Pope. Land taken from part Virginia and part Maryland giving you their idol worship blasphemy known as the Virgin Mary. You all know that the non-Christian Catholicism gives more focus on Mary than Jesus. This is Moon Goddess and her waters worship and the reason the Pope is known as the Holy See if you add an ‘a’ and remove the ‘e’ you get ‘sea’. Men going to sea are known as sea men well lets join that together and take away the ‘a’ and we have the semen in the waters of the feminine, its all fertility. The merchant system of the Saturn worshiping Phoenicians was perfected by the Roman Empire and today is based upon Vatican Canon Law. This is known as Maritime Admiralty Law which now usurps all true forms of Law across the globe since the merchant takeover in 1933 with the start of the takeover happening from 1870 onwards.

The whole merchant system is mastered by the Vatican. Your soul, property and rights have been taken away by the Vatican before you were even born through numerous Papal Bulls which tie into the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 mastered at Temple Bar in New Jerusalem by Emperor King Juan Carlos of the New unHoly Roman Empire. The City of London has been under the Vatican since day one but especially since 1215 when all Kingship over the region was stopped entirely due to the signing of the Magna Carta nullifying a contract with the Pope from 1213. Exactly the same reason why today the treasonous Sovereign Dame of Malta, Elizabeth II cannot entire New Jerusalem without permission and can never enter in any of her vile imperialist regalia as she is merely a member of the Temple but not its power. The land is sovereign and once again like Washington D.C. its controlled by the Vatican. The false-Queen of England took her title of Sovereign from the Vatican who created it and grants it through Papal Bull Aterni Regis from 1481. Are you starting to see the bigger picture here? You have Washington D.C., City of London and Vatican City all sovereigns and all commanded by the Vatican Roman Empire continuum.

Howard Everette Hunt of the CIA told you all in the video I have online, that “the Jesuit Order is the greatest intelligence agency on Earth” and that he did not know how they do it but they do! What does that tell you? I noticed that Eustace Mullins claimed that British Intelligence was the premier intelligence agency on Earth and the oldest. Well this is totally incorrect, the oldest intelligence agency is The Entity going back to the middle 16th Century and commanded by the Jesuit Order. This agency is far older than what has been made out, but what do you expect in a game of diversion today? The Entity are the greatest intelligence gatherers on Earth made up of Jesuits for intelligence and assassination. They are the Hashashins of today shall we say and you might be interested to check into Ignatius Loyola’s connection to the Hashashins again going back to their roots working together in the Crusades of old.

The Jesuits have mastered Britain since the late 18th Century and the City of London Corporation since the start of the 19th Century. They had always had their infiltration systems in various organizations gearing up for take over. For instance the Jesuits had a lot of power within The Honourable East India Company which was created and mastered through The Worshipful Company of Mercers. There has always been Jesuit influence on and off in the early days within the British Empire even though you would never of thought so, this was especially so from the early 17th Century. Then from the 19th Century onwards that was it, the Jesuits had The City of London and everything of the Vatican and its Order of Malta. All the visible wrong doings of the British Empire were then blamed on Protestantism when it was the Jesuits mastering everything and using the Protestants as the bait getting their agenda completed whilst causing hatred against Protestants suiting the Council of Trent.

Now in the more modern world we have the ignorance of Catholic atrocities whilst much hatred of Protestantism. How perfect for the continuing counter-Reformation of the Council of Trent don’t you think? Here is an example for you, lets take the slavery for a minute and lets note how Protestantism takes all the blame. What about the Jewish slavery and the Catholic slavery? These do not seem to get a mention do they? Why has all the slave deaths at the hands of the wicked vile Spanish been ignored? Hows about how they had to bring blacks in because they had killed masses of American natives prior? Have people all of a sudden forgotten that the Spanish Empire controlled much of America at one time? Or even who sold the blacks to the slave masters of West in the first place? Lets take a look at who it was sending their black slaves to rape and kill white Protestant women? It was the Catholic slave masters who were also the most wicked of slave masters treating their slaves like shit-on-their-shoes. Most of the Protestant slave masters treated their slaves well and many of the slaves did not have too much of a problem working for them. Something not taught in your history class? I wonder why The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers/Mercers took that out of the education system.

Hows about how the origins of the Ku Klux Klan being Protestantism defending against the chaos of black slaves from the Catholic slave masters. Eventually the KKK became the corrupt Catholic system you know of today which comes from Albert Pike taking over. As I said previously Albert Pike was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ and Pike was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite created by the Jesuits for the takeover of lower/middle Freemasonry. Take note of the KKK clothing being almost identical to Catholic Italian secret societies and the ancient Crusading, The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem run by Grandmaster Bruno Platter. The black peoples could have continued their race and culture in Liberia if it had not been for the Catholic Jesuits putting a stop to it happening. All for the same reasons they continue to aid and push for migration into the United States and Worldwide in order to destroy National Sovereignty and of course to destroy its race and culture. If you want to understand this more you will have to study the Hermetic mindset and read ‘Practical Idealism’ by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi from 1925.

Evelyn de Rothschild does not even come close to the power of Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain, the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. By the way forget Jews if you want to see the powers you need to look to the origins of the Normans and the Gaelics. Once again we do not see proper explanations of the Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden serving their King the Pope of Rome! Evelyn is a useless merchant pawn and nothing more, the as-seen-on-TV pip squeak trumped up by an alternative media which is controlled by the American Protective League continuum protecting Rome still to this very day. Never forgetting the conspiracy arena is riddled with those who blame the Jews and Protestants but never focus on the Harlot and its internals. Reminds me of how Alex Jones had David de Rothschild on his show, which should have rang alarm bells instantly but still the flock come in like the lambs to the slaughter they have been for so long.

Same as how Carroll Quigley focuses on the Anglo-American but forgets conveniently his whore house Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University and the Jesuits. Just another Jesuit diversion to keep you from sniffing at the Roman power in plain sight. Just like Lyndon LaRouche promoting the wicked vile Roosevelt of the Opium smuggling connected click of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and how he was Knight of Malta connected vermin. The only true American Presidents at the end was Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln and of course U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Lyndon LaRouche of course has connections to both French Masonry and the Scottish Rite with his KKK connection. The entire conspiracy arena was set up to control the awakening flock and this was started by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ.

Amazing is it not that people can try to make out that ancient Orders which are still in existence today have become irrelevant. All the time they are mentioning other ancient Orders as some kind of Gods simply because they have been destroyed. The Order of Malta for example is older than the Knights Templar, fought in mighty battles all the same and continue to this day veiled of course as a mere Charity aiding tax avoidance. They took all the Templar wealth and power in 1312 with Papal Bull Ad Providam. Today they are shielded, veiled and ignored all whilst they command the military (Fuellers), pharmaceutical (Apothecaries), industrial (World Traders), educational (Haberdashers) complex for the Jesuit Order (who subordinated the Order of Malta in 1798) through Switzerland and the Livery company system of the City of London Corporation based at New Jerusalem. One look at the Central Intelligence Agency and you can see the extent of the power of the Knights of Malta. But no, today the agents of deception such as Jim Condit Jr will make you think they are suddenly irrelevant when in fact they are one of the seven most powerful groups on Earth. Amazing is it not? The other powers are Jesuit Order, Vatican, Equestrian order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George, Opus Dei and the City of London Corporation. Emperor Juan Carlos being in all of these Papal Orders and over the New Jerusalem since 1975. When you are talking finance you have to understand its highest powers are Sepulchre, Order of Malta and Opus Dei.

The Jesuit Order itself is nearly five-hundred years old and has destroyed Popes, Kings, Princes, Governments and Politicians. Today the Jesuits are now suddenly ignored? How convenient for the Council of Trent. The same as how today you are taught history just happens, where as years ago you were taught history was all a conspiracy where people were conspiring. The same as today they class anything over thirty-years old as ancient history, is it any wonder the dumbed down flock cannot grasp ancient Order knowledge with their lacking intelligence and common sense skills destroyed today part through the linguistic minimalism agenda? All dumbed down of course by The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers/Mercers running the education system of the World from New Jerusalem with the addition of The Company of Educators.

Not forgetting the old true definition of ‘Jesuit’ being a clever person who deceives the people. Another diversion today is how they try to hide the fact of the Jesuit Secret Oath of the 4th Vow. Even though the Secret Oath is on U.S. Congressional Record they still try to claim its faked. Does that not remind you of their attempts to claim the leaked Iron Mountain Report was fake? They have come unstuck since as all that was in that report has come and is coming true to this very day. These cretins rely on the brainwashing by the trend setter the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and its sister branch run by the Stanford Research Institute (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst). Tavistock being the mind bending controller using over five-hundred years of Naval intelligence experience.

The Jesuit Order is the most feared Order on Earth and this will never change and has not for hundreds of years. The Order has roots back to the ancient Crusades the same as the Order of Malta except with name changes and suppressions along the way. When Emperor Juan Carlos says jump, Evelyn de Rothschild urinates himself and jumps to attention for the House of Bourbon Roman Empire which is subordinate only to the Temporal Power and the Curia Generalizia priesthood which the Bourbon’s protect through the Spanish National Intelligence Centre. You should notice the Rome born Emperor has his main dwelling at Piazza di Spagna at Villa Medici in Villa Borghese right next to the powerful Propaganda Fide controlling all the Vatican lands Worldwide. This is the second power of the Vatican and some say a greater power than one would imagine.

You want to ignore the Greatest Merchants on Earth (Order of Malta, the Amalfi) and the most powerful priesthoods, feel free but it is extremely foolish. These agents of deception will have you in gaga land never getting to the core of anything and spinning on that useless gerbil wheel all day long with no destination just large muscled legs in an invisible cage. The heart and kidneys of this conspiracy is the Jesuit Order and their Papal Orders. You will note how Temporal Coadjutors twist information presented by ourselves just to suit their little diversion agenda. The Sabbatean Frankists came about in middle 17th Century not twenty centuries ago. The Vatican has controlled the Talmudic Labor Zionists outright no ifs or buts since the 17th Century and the splitting of the Jews. The Sanhedrin said “we have no King but Caesar.

These agents like to ignore the power of the Roman Empire which is the roots of the Vatican today. Study the Roman Empire and then think very carefully. The Caesar became the Pope and the Senate became the College of red Cardinals (today Washington D.C. is modeled off the Roman Empire command). Nothing more than the continuation of the Mithra solar religion with the Pope being the door to the Sun of Horus and his Cardinals being his hinges. For now the Pope is seen as Osiris but when the final Pope is slain and risen he has finally symbolically become Horus in time for the new World-Religion, Age of Aquarius, Aeon of Horus with the full power over the entire Earth. The atheists will then be mind-reframed once again back into the new worship of Lucifer since their last job was completed in aiding the destruction of all religions along with Jesuit infiltration of all Churches through their infiltration training as pointed out by Hiram Dukes and others. Not forgetting the demonic Charismatic Movement in the destruction of Christianity which can be witnessed in Texe Marrs exposure of the fake Christians up to their trickery. Welcome to the Jesuit New World Order. May its soldiers and coadjutors rot in hell.

To be a true-Christian one has to hold a Puritan true-Christian Bible being the Geneva Bible which has been banned and has never entered a Templar Freemasonic Lodge. The King James Bible was pirated by the New Jerusalem ancient pirates using occultic Enochian Magick master Sir John Dee of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. So when you see Temporal Coadjutor Jordan Maxwell aka Russell Pine attack the astronomy and occult areas of the King James Bible you can now understand why and how it too is not true-Christianity and how it is yet another tool for the eventual destruction of true-Christianity into the Age of Aquarius or the Aeon of Horus. Something which the likes of Maxwell and Icke can harp onto now to aid their agendas of pushing people into the New-Age Movement which was mastered by Jesuit soldier, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ.



Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 11:58 AM
Jim Condit Jr

Scott — the Jesuit Order was the vanguard against Judeo-Masonry, and the top soldiers for the true Popes.

This idea that the Jesuit Order is the force behind the force — is ridiculous. Every person I’ve ever talked to has had to hide behind the ridiculous position that the Jesuits are so clever THEY LEAVE NO FOOTPRINTS OR FINGERPRINTS. How ridiculous! I’m supposed to debate Eric Jon Phelps at some point on who’s behind it all, The Jesuits or the top Jews.

By Vatican II, the false pope had placed modernists or infiltrators in charge of everything, after the Rothschild-Judeo-masonic takeover of the Vatican at the 1958 conclave.

Before that the various masks of the top Jews, Communism, Masonry, etc. mercilessly persecuted Catholics and Christians wherever they could. See “No God Next Door” the book, and “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay for 20 centuries overview.

I know everyone is hurt because we are “home alone” with no leadership — we at the grassroots level.

The removal of the true Pope from public sight and influence is the MAIN reason Judeo-Masonry is taken over the world. Why do you think the Jews stayed in the box under about 1965 — it was then they knew they had consolidated control over the Vatican, and that there would be no reaction to the filth we now witness on all sides. Paul VI (1963-1978), Montini, Marano Jew, — removed any bishop or Cardinal who spoke out. So the way was cleared for Judeo-masonry to run rampant over humanity, still in progress.

Yes, politics is secondary, but important. Before dismissing this, see “Heaven’s Key to Peace” on youtube — I think someone renamed it “Defeat the Illuminati — Heaven’s Key to Peace. Now Fr. Gruner’s group believes that the v-2 antipopes (John XXIII through Benedict XVI — 1958 through to now) are true popes and can do the consecration, so just ignore that part near the end. Also, the Rabbi’s inclusion is quizzical, but not essential to the message.

St. Louis de Montfort said that Our Lord wanted to reserve the credit for the victory in our time to go to his Mother, Mary.

We are probably on the verge of this victory, but it will be preceded by a great chastisement during which the powers of evil will be shattered and the entire human race will suffer. — My essay on this is: “Pope Leo’s Vision, the 100 years of Satan’s increased Power, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” found down the right hand side of the home page at — don’t skip over this line of though without watching the first 30 minutes or so of “Heaven’s Key to Peace” on youtube.

The idea that the Catholic Church was secretly cooperating with Talmudic Judiasm and Freemasonry throughout the last 20 centuries is ridiculous, ahistorical, and anti-historical. Since 1958 — yes — because the Vatican is taken over by Judeo-Masonry, as long predicted by many Catholic holy persons, scholars, and saints: the Eclipse of the Church — which will come to an end at some point, maybe soon. See the five articles here about this long awaited Eclipse of the Catholic Church:

Protestantism was always backed by Judaism and was the first cracks in the wall of Christendom, and the begin of the slide that we are now experiencing. ALL the changes “in the Church” since Vatican II have been in the direction of Protestantism and Judaism. How do the hyper anti-Jesuits explain this? The hyper anti-Jesuits have the Jesuits murdering to STOP Protestantism from 1517 to 1958 — and then PROMOTING protestantism within the structures of the Catholic Church SINCE 1958. Sorry, Scott, ridiculous.

As stated in other emails — parts of the Jesuit order caused problems at some times — but the Jesuits were also unjustly smeared and unjustly suppressed several times.

On the question of this conference: This is a little conference organized by one family, the Sharpe family. Their son, John Sharpe was forced out of the Navy by the highest powers of the Shadow Gov. The unintentionally comical Heidi Beiric (Sp?) of the Southern Poverty Law Institute did a whole hit job, including public speeches, against Lt. Commander John Sharpe. No hidden funds behind this group — I’ve been friends with the Sharpes for at least 15 years, and they supported my efforts since 1990, 8 or so years before they got active in putting on public events.

Those trying to hide that the top wirepullers of Judeo-Masonry (channeling Satan and Hell, quite literally) are behind the current rush to New World Order police state — are originating or pushing the propaganda of these same wirepullers. It’s the Jesuits! It’s the Reptilians! – the last two bastians of diversion. Of course, the everyday Jews in Israel and elsewhere are scheduled to be caught in the crossfire again, just as in WW II. — Eric Jon Phelps is on youtube in one interview ridiculing those who finger the Rothschilds as key bad guys. Maybe he would like to explain that section of his comments.

Jim Condit Jr.

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