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    Good work again The Unhived Mind on your extensive research and thoroughness !

    The simplistic patented answers that controlled Wilcock gives are for the naive goyim to stay the naive goyim.

    -Ken Ardel

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      The Unhived Mind delivers again and time to think more outside the box with more upcoming events scheduled and to start to focus on who and when the batons of torches will be passed to the next in line in each of the areas of focus. Ken well noted as always you too deliver timely information as well. key dates, key time frames, key succession of folks with upcoming meetings and events. It is what it is.


    • theunhivedmind

      Yes the Papal Bull Inter Caetera from 1493 is now close to being complete as you see the Catholic Spanish takeover of United States by the day. This aids the destruction of a common tongue amongst all which aids the destruction of a Nation. The exact same is happening in the United Kingdom with the forced immigration by the Papal European Union of Catholic Eastern Europeans. This aids the quick rise of fast breeding Catholics and the destruction of National Sovereignty aiding acceptance of the treasonous Lisbon Treaty as the Nation becomes once again Catholic. Hiram Dukes highlighted so well how the Catholic Church takes over through influxes of Catholics and breeding. Britain being controlled by Jesuit Provincial, Dermot Preston SJ from the Jesuit Provincial Offices at 114 Mount Street in Westminster where the Jesuits control the Monarchy, Intelligence and even the sovereign City of London from. Westminster being the old power of the Monarch and City of London being the Crusading merchant hand funding and controlling the Monarchy.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    It seems to me that when the nations went bankrupt in 1933, they were incorporated and the bankruptcies were dealt with through the Universal Postal Union. Then after they all signed on to the UN and it’s agencies in 1945, the IMF was the organisation created to now deal with the bankrupted nations and you’ll find the Universal Postal Union has become just another agency of the UN.

    • theunhivedmind

      The Universal Postal Union has not been touched at all as far as I know in the so-called alternative media. Switzerland is an extremely power land that is riddled with strong Knights Templar history. When the Templars were destroyed by the Papacy many fled into Switzerland, Scotland and Portugal. In Portugal they became known as Royal Order of the Knights of Our Lord Jesus Christ and you will see the continuum of this through the Ancient Military Orders with Grand Master, Aníbal Silva. Do a study on the powerful merchant Doria family and their connection to the Knights Templar. The Swiss Canton of Geneva is controlled by Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV and his wife is what? She is a member of the Doria family! Geneva is one of the wealthiest places on Earth along with Zurich and the City of London.

      The United Nations is a front organization run from a blood sacrifice piece of land within New York City. You will notice that the United Nations controllers make sure they are not tied into the Charter of the United Nations from 1945 as you spoke about. This is why these groups like the Knights of Malta, Vatican and Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem keep to ‘permanent observer status’. You are absolutely correct on your logical thinking about the destruction of the sovereign Nations starting in 1933 and ending up in the U.N. Charter from 1945. Around the same time as the bankruptcies you had the Exchange Stabilization Fund created which then went on to produce the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This Exchange Stabilization Fund also took a level of control away from the Federal Reserve of New York which had been created on Jekyll Island in 1913. Do a study on Eustace Mullins work on the subject and skip Edward G. Griffin’s pirate version with information missing.

      The Nations of the World became corporate vessels controlled through Admiralty Law based on Vatican Canon Law. The Lawful Common Law has almost been wiped out by this usurping of Freedom and thus the peoples inherited rights from God have been suppressed. Many Treaties have been formed in order to remove the sovereignty of these vessels into the United Nations. You have seen the extent of the United Nations take over of the United States. The United States has basically been fully taken over since 1992 and this is why Barry Soetoro aka Obama comes seeking ‘international permission’ to start wars and thus bypass Congress. If its okay with the United Nations then its okay with the United States today.

      Look at the United Nations take over of all the U.S. National Parks. Look at the U.N propaganda comics given to children to aid the conditioning for when all is revealed after the gun confiscations have occurred and bloodshed is over. Something that will be termed ‘barbaric actions’ of the domestic terrorists. Look at all the International Airports totally controlled by the United Nations and why you have no choice on the TSA security and face legal action if you do not comply. These are not Federal zones these are United Nations zones. The same with Birmingham in England it has been taken over by the United Nations through the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. The World Government will be fronted by the United Nations or any name change that may occur if need be.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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