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UHM – Jesuits control the Tavistock
Institute for Human Relations

By The Unhived Mind 21st April 2012

Tavistock Institute for Human Relations is subordinate to the wishes of The Worshipful Company of Mercers and New Jerusalem aka City of London. The City of London has been dominated by the Jesuits since 1814 onwards but their power goes on and off way back before this especially within the Honourable East India Company which was again a Mercers tool and no where near as powerful as people thought compared to the Mercers who created the damn thing along with creating the Bank of England and British Intelligence for starters.

When the Jesuits were suppressed by the Pope this is where they showed their true self more and used their Protestant connected arms based in England and The City of London. The Jesuits bought about the Rothschild alliance and the takeover began utilizing this monster Bavarian Order of the Illuminati created by Giuseppe Balsamo and fronted by sheep-dipped Jesuit soldier, Adam Weishaupt of the University of Ingolstadt. Why do you think Weishaupt got the Jesuits back into the Vatican when he was supposedly against them and the Catholic Church? By 1814 the Jesuits took the Vatican as their very own which was revenge for 1314 and 1773. By 1870 this was almost overtly seen with the Doctrine of Infallibility by the First Vatican Council.

The Jesuits lost a lot of power and wealth during their suppression but they rebuilt their power and wealth just the same. They always still had their massive south Americas reductions wealth but this needed to be placed in Protestant banks because Catholic bankers would have fleeced them completely for the Holy See. So basically this alliance was formed and the Jesuits head the power and command because everyone knows their knowledge and power as being number one in the World. The Rothschild’s and Sabbatean Merchants would look after almost all of the wealth side of back then and even today they have a large part of the operation. Their are secret bankers and banks many have not heard of who have far more wealth and power than the Rothschild’s. Back during the suppression and for a while afterwards these were still enemies but they are now well within the fold under the Jesuit Order. The Rothschild family are known as the guardians of the Vatican Treasury. You have for instance the Pallavicini family who’ve controlled the Rothschild’s since day one and the Cecil family. The Pallavicini have wealth far in excess of the Rothschild. The Nattino family are also a banking family that are not very well known by the masses. This family run the Bank Finnat right near the Chiesa del Gesu of the Jesuits in Piazza del Gesu. You’ll also notice Giampietro Nattino’s connection to the London Stock Exchange Group at New Jerusalem which also controls the Borsa Italiana.

The Jesuits are not Sabbatean but ended up closer to these than imagined due to this suppression and it worked very well indeed. Not surprising when you know that Sabbatai Zevi was a creation by the Jesuit Order in order to split up the Judaics into two branches for divide and conquer purposes as usual. In 1814 the City of London was taken away from the Holy See and Knights of Malta (Ad Providam 1312) and handed to the Jesuits, Holy See and Sabbatean Frankists/Knights of Malta the later being subordinated finally in 1798 after hundreds of years being an enemy of the Knights Templar and Jesuits since 1768. Remember the real surviving Knights Templars are the Jesuit Order originating from Aragon out of the Order of the Calatrava and Order of the Montesa. All others such as the Knights of Christ based in Portugal were seen as inferior by the Jesuits because the Pope wanted them destroyed but not the Aragon Templars. Only those allowed into Aragon are true surviving Templars but had to change their name by order of the Pope of Rome.

Just one of the reasons the Jesuit Jacobites created the original twenty-five degrees of the soon to be Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the 18th Century which then formed in 1804 in the U.S. with the added new eight degrees. This new Order was connected to Alexandre Francois Auguste de Grasse (son of Knight of Malta, François Joseph Paul de Grasse). Alexandre then exported the Order out back into Scotland and mainland Europe starting with France. This Order was created to usurp and destroy all other forms of Freemasonry (Templarism) such as the St Sinclair Freemasonry of Scotland and the Grand Orient of France. Understand? This is why the overt head of the Scottish Rite is the House of the Temple run by The Supreme Council, 33° based in Washington D.C (Land of the Jesuit military might). The real head now covertly controlled from Vatican City within two lodges of the Grand Lodge Ekklesia. A more known control point of the Scottish Rite is of course the one at the Piazza di Gesu right near the Chiesa del Gesu tomb of Ignatius Loyola, the front man of Francis Borgia. You want power in Freemasonry? Look to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and remember Albert Pike was a puppet of Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ just as Brigham Young of the Mormon Cult was. The latter being admitted on the Curia Generalizia website itself. Take a look at the Vengeance degree of the Scottish Rite and then take a very close look at the thirty-second degree connection to the Jesuit Order. The Order that has always sought revenge for their Templar brothers of the past.

Anything the City of London controls you can rest assured its run at the top by the Jesuits through what I’ve told you above. You also need to study the Congress of Vienna in 1814. The Jesuits and the New Holy Roman Empire use the British Empire as the proxy controller of the U.S. Empire and soon the Chinese Empire before the World Company Inc Empire is bought forth. Other than Borgo Santo Spirito the main base of the Jesuits really is Washington D.C. The City of London, British Monarchy and British Intelligence are all monitored and controlled by the Jesuit Provincial Office at 114 Mount Street in Westminster, London. This office is subject only to the power of the Curia Generalizia and in truth no one else regardless of veils such as the Papal Nuncio and Holy See. The Jesuits utilize their Archbishop of Westminster and families like Percy and Howard in their command structure.


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    I known Wikipedia is prone to lies, but I thought you could comment about their page for the Temple Church. They say that after the abolition of the Templars in 1307, King Edward II took control of the Temple Church as a “Crown possession” and that it was later given to the Knights Hospitaller, then in 1540 King Henry VIII abolished the Knights Hospitaller in England and confiscated their property and the Church became “property of the Crown” once again.

    -Freeman in Christ

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    The powers and wealth of the Knights Templar were transferred to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in 1312 via the Papal Bull Ad Providam only five years after the suppression of the Templar Order and two years before the execution of Grandmaster Jacques de Molay. The Templars dominated the City of London since 1215 and the signing of the Magna Carta. The Pope has control over this land regardless of what you think you believe today and especially back then way before the much later Reformation. The Pope allowed the Monarchy rule of the Kingdom but under Papal authority whilst The City of London was totally outside the British Monarchy and in the hands of the Knights Templar for the Pope of Rome. Therefore this means that the true power over the City of London continued under the Vatican but however they desired during the transition phase of the Knights Templar into the Knights of Malta.

    King Henry VIII can abolish who he likes from sovereign England but in truth when it comes to the City of London this is not so, he has zero power to do anything of the sort. When one talks of the Crown they need to understand the real Crown power over Britain is the City of London not the Monarchy. People simply do not understand this double system and how the hidden hand can be the true power. Nothing happens in my lands without the City of London’s say so my friend. When a Prime Minister has tried in luck in the past they have been punished for it. You’ve seen how the Queen cannot enter this area with any powers in the slightest, she is a member and visitor in their eyes but no way a leader of any kind. These people care little for peon titles over once Nations as these merchants are of a far higher level than those below. You are dealing with New Jerusalem and theres a reason this name was chosen of course.

    Very rare does anyone in the Monarchy become anything of status in the City of London. They are a part of it but not it. Princess Anne was the Worshipful Master of The Honourable Company of Master Mariners but then again thats not even a full Livery company. Prince Philip is a Grandmaster of The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. These people are part of the power of the City of London but not thee power. The best a politician has done is enter The Worshipful Company of Mercers and he was very lucky to get this honour from the Livery. This politician was of course Winston Churchhill of the Venetian Party of the North and I believe he was a Knight of Malta. The power directly over the City of London is the Vatican bankers (Rothschild’s the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury, the merchants, the Sabbatean Frankists and Roman merchants no one else other than Vatican or shall we say since 1798 the Jesuits.

    Correct no Order of Malta and Grand Priory of England were in England until recently now based at St John’s Wood but this is England not the City of London. St John’s Wood being an old Knights Templar haunt and base outside their City of London powerhouse. Notice it was Scotland where the Knights Templars fled to. Why? Because the ultimate power over these lands was the Vatican and the Holy See dominated the City of London through the necessary documents and paperwork via his Knights Templar. When the Knights are kicked out, the Vatican carried on as the power. So Knights would have to move on elsewhere to survive or be destroyed or merged into the Order of Malta elsewhere and show their loyalty to their new Order and Grandmaster.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    How do the Black Nobility tie into the grand scheme of things? That is one thing I cannot figure. What do they get out of all of this?


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    The Black Nobility are families of ancient power my friend and Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II is one of these as is the more powerful Marie Camilla Pallavicini. To understand the connection of all these groups and the New Holy Roman Empire of the Jesuits then you need to understand the Congress of Vienna of 1814. Things are not perfect amongst this ruling class but they are strong enough to attempt The Great Work of Architect of the Universe known as Lucifer the God of the Rainbow, the light bringer. Do you still want to keep eating those poisonous Skittles candy now?

    This power is all mixed into Switzerland and the City of London both the powerhouses of wealth and banking as you well know. You will notice how the City of London controls the Italian stock exchange for instance and how Giampietro Nattino is a director on the board of the London Stock Exchange Group and his connections to the powerful merchant Pallavicini family. These families pool their wealth together as Fondi to dominate the World through the Livery system at New Jerusalem aka City of London. Anyone getting in their way of full control and their patent pool will be destroyed financially or physically. Notice how just recently Bill Gates has bought up around two hundred patents from America Online known as AOL? Interesting timing since he recently bought about a system where any original equipment manufacturer bought PC that comes with Windows as standard will soon not be able to dual boot with another form of operating system other than the National Security Agency Windows.

    Now check who controls Bill Gates and you will see he is a slave for The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists who rule this arena with an iron fist. The same as how they murdered a young child and members of John Bennett Ramsey’s family just so they could get their hands on the patent pool of his Access Graphics running the U.S. Navy Operation Looking Glass Continuity of Government program. This server control would aid in their GAPAN/NATO attack of 9/11 on the United States aka Virginia Company. Soon Bill Gates will put the screws on via these patents which are very important patents such as Secure Sockets Layer as an example. This will be how this Livery company will destroy all competition over time and their front company Microsoft will take all the flack. As you can see Bill Gates is also working closely with The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries in order to reduce the Global population through the Global 2000 Report of the Club of Rome.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    Who controls the Grand Orient of France now? Do Jesuits control that lodge of France?
    If Jesuits really control it, when was it happened? Thanks


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    The Curia Generalizia controls all Freemasonry today from the Blue Lodge right the way up into the White Lodges of the Luciferian wisdom the levels only certain bloodline scions can reach and enter. Remember the usurping of Freemasonry by the Jesuits has been going on for near three hundred years. Today the low intelligence populace are taught that anything over thirty years old is ancient history. This is so its hard for them to be bothered to study the real history which shows whats really going on today. Soon The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberbashers will wipe that history clearly away altogether as they have done in the past to cover their tracks. The start of the coming downfall of French Freemasonry was back in 18th Century but didn’t really start until the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was exported back to France in 1804. The first twenty-five degrees which made up the Order were created in Paris, France then exported to the United States by Alexandre Francois Auguste de Grasse where the other eight degrees were created with the thirty-second degree being dedicated to the Jesuits behind the first twenty-five degrees. The Vengence Degree being a perfect example of the real agenda of the Jesuit Order who despise the Vatican and always have. Is it any wonder that hardly any Catholics trust this devils militia called the Jesuit Order? As I keep highlighting to you all the highly respected ex-Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite was Albert Pike who was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    Who is the Enemy? by Lyndon LaRouche


    A Few Excerpts from Venice’s War on Western Civilization:

    Reformation and Counter-Reformation

    One result of the Cambrai crisis [which is when the world rose up and nearly wiped Venice off the map] was the decision of Venetian intelligence to create the Protestant Reformation…. The leading figure of the Protestant Reformation, the first Protestant in modern Europe, was Venice’s Cardinal Gasparo Contarini. Contarini was a pupil of the Padua Aristotelian Pietro Pomponazzi, who denied the immortality of the human soul. Contarini pioneered the Protestant doctrine of salvation by faith alone, with no regard for good works of charity. Contarini organized a group of Italian Protestants called gli spirituali, including oligarchs like Vittoria Colonna and Giulia Gonzaga. CONTARINI’S NETWORKS ENCOURAGED AND PROTECTED MARTIN LUTHER AND LATER JOHN CALVIN OF GENEVA….. Contarini sent his neighbor and relative Francesco Zorzi to England to support King Henry VIII’s plan to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Zorzi acted as Henry’s sex counselor. AS A RESULT, HENRY CREATED THE ANGLICAN CHURCH ON A VENETIAN-BYZANTINE MODEL…. ZORZI CREATED A ROSICRUCIAN- FREEMASONIC PARTY at the English court….


    As the Counter- Reformation advanced, the Contarini networks split into two wings. One was the pro-Protestant SPIRITUALI [the name which Joachim de Fiore anticipated for his end-time religious order], who LATER EVOLVED INTO THE PARTY OF THE VENETIAN OLIGARCHY CALLED THE GIOVANI, AND WHO SERVICED GROWING NETWORKS IN FRANCE, HOLLAND, ENGLAND, AND SCOTLAND. On the other wing were the zelanti, oriented toward repression and THE INQUISITION, and typified by Pope Paul IV Caraffa. The zelanti evolved into the oligarchical party called the vecchi, who serviced Venetian networks in the Vatican and the Catholic Hapsburg dominions. THE APPARENT CONFLICT OF THE TWO GROUPS WAS ORCHESTRATED TO SERVE VENETIAN PROJECTS.


    Sarpi also marks a turning point in the methods used by Venetian intelligence to combat science [proper scientific method, of the type which LaRouche advocates, is important for this stage of our evolution]. Under Zorzi and Contarini, the Venetians had been openly hostile to Cusanus [to whom Steiner attributed deep spiritual insights] and other leading scientists. Sarpi realized that the Venetians must now present themselves as the great champions of science, but on the basis of Aristotelian formalism [i.e. a science with predefined limits which discards observations that don’t fit] and sense certainty [i.e. abject materialism, a Satanic characteristic]. By seizing control of the scientific community from the inside, the Venetians could corrupt scientific method and strangle the process of discovery [just as their later invention, “free trade,” was intended to strangle economic activity].

    During the first half of the 1700′s, the most important activities of Venetian intelligence were directed by a salon called the conversazione filosofica e felice, which centered around the figure of Antonio Schinella Conti. Conti was a Venetian nobleman, originally a follower of Descartes…. Conti went to London where he became a friend of Sir Isaac Newton. Conti directed the operations that made Newton an international celebrity, including especially the creation of a pro-Newton party of French Anglophiles and Anglomaniacs who came to be known as the French Enlightenment. Conti’s agents in this effort included Montesquieu and Voltaire. Conti was also active in intrigues against the German philosopher, scientist, and economist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz [2] whom Conti portrayed as a plagiarist of Newton. Conti also influenced Georg Ludwig of Hanover, later King George I of England, against Leibniz.

    Excerpts from Before Bonaparte: Three Centuries of Venetian Subversion of France


    The no-soul thesis is the one infallible marker for a Venetian agent. Every Venetian agent, every Venetian asset, claims man has no soul, including Pomponazzi, Contarini, Cremonini, and Antonio Conti. In England, the no-soul idea was proclaimed by Venetian assets like Robert Fludd, Thomas Hobbes, John Milton, Cromwell’s ally Sir Henry Vane, and various of the Cromwell- backed radicals including Richard Overton of the Levellers, Laurence Clarkson of the Ranters, Lodovic Muggleton and his Muggletonians, Gerard Winstanley of the Diggers, and Anne Hutchinson of Boston. Martin Luther had his own variation, that the soul slept until the last judgment. Every time you find the no-soul thesis, you have a Venetian agent, and generally also vice-versa. [Obviously a specifically Satanic notion.]

    The modern Venetian Party in France was founded by Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623), a no-soul Satanist [i.e. possibly possessed, as Marlowe seemed to hint in Faustus] and chief Venetian policy maker of the period around 1600. The best name for the Venetian Party of France is THE CABAL OF THE LIBERTINES. That is what they called themselves. THEIR CREED WAS THE NO-SOUL THESIS, MIXED WITH VARIOUS FORMS OF SATANISM AND MYSTICISM. [i.e. Satanism AND LUCIFERIANISM, a combination that reflects the influence of the Beast which inspires black magic – see my piece on Luciferianism; note that the very name of the group reflects the attempt by these three beings to “liberate” us from the benevolent gods].

    I have shown that Gasparo Contarini of Venice was the prime mover behind both Martin Luther and King Henry VIII, thus creating both Lutheranism and Anglicanism. Neither of these doctrines could be sold in France, SO A NEW AND MORE MILITANT FORM OF PROTESTANTISM HAD TO BE CREATED. IT FEATURED TOTAL DEPRAVITY AND ABSOLUTE PREDESTINATION, AND IT CAME TO BE CALLED CALVINISM. [See my essay entitled John Calvin: Schizophrenic Wizard of Oz.]

    Calvin had to be taught how to create a synthetic religion. His teacher was Pierre Taisan de l’Estoile. This Pierre Taisan de l’Estoile was a Venetian operative; his son was an admirer of Paolo Sarpi. The younger de l’Estoile wrote in his Journal (after the Interdict crisis of 1606) that “Father Paul, the Venetian monk of the Servite Order… is, in my judgment, the one who has best and most sincerely written for my lords the Venetians…. The treatise of Paul Sarpi, a monk and professor of Venice, along with his other writings published at this time in support of the Venetians against the attacks of the Pope, are seen in Paris, and are praised and collected by all the men of character and learning…. Sarpi’s life is even more persuasive than his writings, and make him admired and revered in Venice as a holy man and give a great weight of authority to his books.” Thus wrote the son of Calvin’s teacher. CALVIN WAS A VENETIAN AGENT.

    The French King at this time was Francis I, who had been in Spanish captivity after the Battle of Pavia in 1525 in the Cambrai Wars. Francis I was inclined towards a reasonable policy of peace and tolerance until 1534, the year of the so-called Placards Affair. The placards were leaflets with violent protests against the Pope and the mass, put up in numerous public places and on the door of the King’s bedroom. Francis I went wild; 20 heads rolled, and Francis persecuted the Protestants. ONE OF THE PROVOCATEURS HAD BEEN JEAN CALVIN, WHO HAD A PREVIOUS ARREST RECORD FOR SUCH ACTIONS. One of the victims of this operation had been Calvin’s own brother, who was executed and buried under the gallows.

    The greatest French writer, Francois Rabelais, opposed Calvin. In the fourth book of his Gargantua, RABELAIS CONDEMNED THE “LITTLE CALVINIST DEMONS AND OTHER IMPOSTORS OF GENEVA.” [Intriguingly, Geneva is near a segment of the Earth Grid, which is where Satanists like to conduct their rituals for best contact with the forces and beings involved in them.]

    Calvinism was directed much more against the King than against the Pope. THE FRENCH CALVINISTS WERE CALLED HUGUENOTS, MEANING CONFEDERATES…. HUGUENOTS WERE DRAWN CHIEFLY FROM THE OLIGARCHY…. [emphasis added]

    How Venice Creates “Occult” Groups

    (Continuing with excerpts from Before Bonaparte….)

    Jean Bodin was a disciple of Contarini and of Pomponazzi. Jean Bodin was in close contact with Sarpi’s friend Arnaud du Ferrier, as well as with Cecil in London. Bodin was involved in plots to kill Queen Elizabeth of England, and was the judge in a trial in which a woman was executed for sorcery. [Methinks Bodin doth protest too much.]

    “The real Jean Bodin emerges in obscene relief in his long- unpublished Latin work, Heptaplomeres. There is no doubt that Jean Bodin was the author. The scene is Venice, famous for its atmosphere of perfect freedom, where a group of oligarchs discuss religion. They are Coronaeus the Catholic, Salomon the Jew, Toralba the naturalist or empiricist, Fridericus the Lutheran, Curtius the Calvinist, Senamus the skeptic, and Octavius the Moslem. According to some commentators, the tolerant Catholic Coronaeus ‘in several ways resembles the eminent Cardinal Gasparo Contarini.’

    “Coronaeus acts as ireneic mediator, it is Salomon the Jew WHO EMERGES AS THE DOMINANT FIGURE. THIS IS BECAUSE HE IS ABLE TO DRAW UPON THE CABALA, THE MASS OF MYSTICAL WRITINGS MUCH FETISHIZED BY BODIN AND POSTEL. Cabala is of course not a part of Judaism, but represented an entirely different polytheistic religion much inferior to Judaism itself.

    Octavius, a convert from Rome to Islam, is the resident expert on mummies and other exotic spiritual phenomena of the East. This is completely unfair to real Islam [which Steiner credits with preventing a certain high-level occult group from taking mankind down a dangerous path]. Fridericus, the Lutheran, is also a great expert on demons [if so, their expertise is not expressed in their writings]. Toralba recommends reverence for God and following the laws of nature. Senamus, the skeptic, ACCEPTS NO RELIGION BUT AT THE SAME TIME REJECTS NONE [perhaps because they could all be useful as camoflage].

    “What they all agree on is that mummies can stir up storms and have miraculous powers of healing, that the world is full of demons [who would know better?], and that true wisdom is to be found in the mysticism of the Cabala. They are interested in necrophilia, SING HYMNS TO ISIS, talk of Cabbalist Hermes Trismegistus [whom they regarded as the father of magic, and an indication of the Egyptian – not Jewish – source behind their black arts], AND PRAISE GASPARO CONTARINI. The first sentence of the actual dialogue is, ‘Don’t you think we have talked enough about the immortality of souls?’ Voila: the Venetian party.” [emphasis added]

    Like the parlor-tricks fed to Friedrich Schiller as red herrings, upon which he based The Ghost-Seer, I suspect that the aforementioned occultish blab-fests were guided by the purely evil likes of Contarini and Sarpi with intent of generating belief systems and organizations which would serve as smokescreens to allow them to extend their influence around the world and down to the “grass roots” level while remaining invisible. One such creation is Venetian “Rosicrucianism” (which Steiner calls “charlatanry”), which is behind a wide array of occultish BS, including Freemasonry and the Golden Dawn, which Crowely ran for a while.

    (Continuing with excerpts from Before Bonaparte….)


    French intellectual life during the 1600′s was often centered in salons, academies, and cabinets. THE PROCEDURE OF THE VENETIAN PARTY WAS TO ESTABLISH OR TAKE CONTROL OVER THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS AND FASHIONABLE OF THE SALONS, and then use the hegemonic influence of these Venetian-dominated leading salons to set the tone the lesser and provincial salons and academies were expected to follow. A prime example is the leading cultural academy of the early 1600′s, the Academie Puteane. ITS ORGANIZER WAS ELIE DIODATI OF THE INFAMOUS CALVINIST DIODATI FAMILY OF GENEVA, FRIENDS OF SARPI AND CONTROLLERS OF MILTON. DIODATI WAS IN DIRECT TOUCH WITH GALILEO AND HOSTED MILTON DURING THE LATTER’S GRAND TOUR. During the first phase of the Academie Puteane, Diodati functioned as its secretary. ANOTHER MEMBER WAS GABRIEL NAUDÉ, WHO HAD STUDIED WITH CREMONINI IN PADUA [a university in Venice] AND ADMIRED HIM AS A “DENIAISE,” MEANING THAT CREMONINI WAS AN INITIATE WHO HAD SEEN EVERYTHING. NAUDÉ … ADMIRED CREMONINI’S POWERS OF DECEPTION….

    [Rudolf Steiner, on page 111 of The Archangel Michael, indicated that Milton’s “heaven” was actually Lucifer’s trap into which mystics are in danger of falling. For details, see my essay on Luciferianism.]

    A third member was the philosopher Gassendi, the dominant philosopher of the period from 1640 to 1660 in France. Gassendi taught an empiricism similar to Sarpi’s. This included a material soul which was as rarefied as the simplest atoms, but material nonetheless. [A blatantly Satanic idea which is a variation on Sarpi’s “no soul” claim.]

    So, CALVIN WAS A VENETIAN AGENT!!! To comprehend the megatonage of this bombshell, see my articles listed on the Black Magic hub-page on Calvinism and “Christian” Fundamentalism (which will be there, assuming I can recover them from my former site-host, Homestead, from whose servers they conveniently disappeared).

    What UHM think about it?

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    The ‘Jesuit ‘ Occult Order behind Venetian Calvinism?

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