Jewish Executives

Jewish Leaders: Executives


Adam Citroen – “Founder of Citroen, the car company”
Andrew Fastow – Controller of ENRON, under indictment
Andrew Grove – CEO Intel
Andrew S. Grove – CEO of Intel Corp.
Baron Philippe de Rothschilde – Famous wine maker
Ben and Jerry – Ice Cream makers from Vermont
Beny Alagem – CEO and president of Packard Bell Electronics
Calvin Klein – Famous clothing designer
Estee Lauder – Cosmetics company owner
Ivan Boesky – Sleazy son of a Russian-Jewish immigrant. Got caught and is rotting in jail for stockmarket fraud.
Joel M. Kupferman – President Interamerican Car Rental
Larry Ellison – CEO Oracle Corp
Louis Blaustein – Owner of the first gas station in Baltimore (1910)
Pau Allen – Co-Founder of Microsoft Corp.
Ralph Lauren – Famous Clothes Designer (Real name is Ralph Livshitz)
Ronald J. Kupferman – CEO and President Global Software Inc.
Vidal Sassoon – Hair care product company ownert