Jewish Imperialism is Backdrop to Russian History

Jewish Imperialism is Backdrop to Russian History

December 31, 2015

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In his last book, suppressed in the West, Solzhenitsyn presents the history of the Jews in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union ( 1795-1995), and in particular their participation in the revolutionary movement and destruction of Christian Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet state. Polish historian Bob Korecky says this book should be read by everybody who wants to understand history of Eastern Europe.

When in 1550 the Polish King Sigismund August desired to give Jews free entry into Russia, Tsar Ivan the Terrible rebuffed him with these words: “We absolutely do not permit the entry of the Jew into my lands, because we do not wish to see evil in our lands, but rather may God grant that the people in my land may have rest from that irritation. And you, our brother, should not write us on account of the Jews again, for they had alienated the Russians from Christianity, brought poisonous alcoholic liquids into our lands and done much evil to our lands.”

by Bob Kordecky
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In the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine both sides accuse each other of anti-Semitism, and paradoxically, it happens at a time when oligarchs of Jewish origin play a huge role in both countries.

The presence of anti-Semitic sentiments in both countries is easy to understand, given the history of this part of Europe. The great Russian writer and thinker, Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote s book entitled “200 Years Together,” describing the disastrous impact of Jews on the history of Russia and Ukraine. Not coincidentally, this book was almost entirely concealed in the West, in contrast to other works by the same author like The Gulag Archipelago, which brought him fame and a Nobel prize. This is because his book violated certain taboos and dogmas in the West.

In the second part of his work, Solzhenitsyn described the Jewish domination of the Russian Communist Party, American support for the Bolshevik Revolution, the dominance of Jews at all levels of government of Bolshevik Russia, the extermination of the Russian national elite and Orthodox Church, Jewish communists’ responsibility for the communism crimes, Soviet purges, Jewish nepotism in the Soviet government administration.


Although the Bolshevik Jews were atheists and hostile to all religions, they felt a special hatred towards Christianity, seeded in them in childhood. Most of them came from a families of orthodox Jews. Christian priests sent to the gulag were treated with an exceptionally perverse cruelty. Solzhenitsyn described a scene in which the imprisoned priests were driven naked in the biting cold and drenched in water. Has anyone heard of a similar procedure applied to the rabbis?

Under the Bolshevik rule, Christian churches in Russia become true ” churches of martyrdom “.According to official data provided by Alexander Yakovlev, in the period from 1917 to 1985 about 200,000 clergy of various denominations were murdered, and 300,000 were interned. Only in 1918-1939 Bolsheviks killed more than 130 Orthodox bishops. They also murdered hundreds thousands of the faithful.

Communists wanted to pluck out Christianity by the roots from the Russian soul completely. The fact that Christianity survived in Russia can be considered almost as a kind of miracle. Unfortunately, the modern Catholic Church hierarchy, ignoring that sad history lesson, adopted penitential pose beating their breasts for “sins against Jews”. This seems to be the best proof of the deepening process of “Judaization of the Catholic Church.”


For Poles, the first part of the book describes the historical role of Poland in a particularly irresponsible, even recklessly favorable treatment of the Jews. Where Jews were expelled from the most European countries, Polish kings and gentry opened the gates of the country, giving them special privileges. Poland was sometimes called a haven for Jews (paradisus Judaeorum) and even Judeo-Polonia. As a result of such policy, at the end of the XVIII century, the Jewish ethnic group in Poland was about 10% of the population of the country and was the largest in Europe.

Greedy Polish Jews took an active part in the Polish Drang nach Osten, which ended badly for Poland. After signing in 1569 year the Union of Lublin territories of the the former Kiev Rus were incorporated into Poland.

Solzhenitsyn writes:

“The main population of this land were Orthodox peasantry, long with significant freedom and freedom from taxes. Now began an intensive colonization of Ukraine by the Polish nobility with the participation of Jews. Cossacks were tied to the land and were required to serfdom and contributions … Catholic landowners burdened Orthodox peasants with various taxes and duties, and Jews played a special role in this process. Jews bought up the right for production and sale of vodka and the right to obtain an activity in other sectors of the economy. Jew-inn-keeper, took the place of Polish landlord, in fact he received the power over the peasant, who had previously belonged to the landowner. The Jew-inn-keeper tried to pull out of a peasant greatest possible profit. In this case, peasant hatred headed for the Catholic lord and his partner a Jew administrator.

So, when in 1648, a terrible Cossacks uprising started under the leadership of Khmelnitsky, Jews, along with the Polish landowners were victims. Cossacks killed a few hundred thousands of Jews and Polish citizens with unimaginable cruelty. ..

It is horrifying how deeply the Polish-Jewish oppression and grievances have stuck in the minds of the Ukrainian society when a few centuries later during WWII hatred of “Polish lords” was the reason of terrible crimes committed by the Ukrainian nationalists on the Polish population in so called Volhynia slaughter. This time, however, their main victims were not Polish nobility or the Jews, but innocent Polish peasants – settlers in Ukraine.

On the other hand, in the 1930s, Bolshevik Jews starved to death millions of Ukrainian Orthodox peasants. Ukrainian lands became a huge death camp. Entire villages extinguished and mass graves covered the local landscape. Almost 25% of population disappeared. Sometimes, those crimes are attributed to Russian nationalism and chauvinism in the fight against Ukrainian nationalism. Therefore, this is a necessary reminder of the historical roots of hatred between Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and Jews.