Jewish Statistics

Jewish Statistics

November 22, 2015 / Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

The ultra Zionist Jewish Chronicle revealed last week that, “41 per cent of young Jews would back sanctions against Israel to advance peace.” This may sound as if young Jews are, at last, moving in the right direction. Not really!

The JC was quick to amend its article to correct the wrong impression. Though 2 out of 5 young Jews back sanctions on Israel to promote peace, most young Jews “also believed that there is no credible partner (to peace) on the Palestinian side.”

So, many young Jews support Israel in making peace, once they find a ‘partner.’ If only Jews could choose their enemies. I would similarly guess that at least 40% of young Jews would be happy to drive a Rolls Royce if only they could afford it.

If you insist upon indulging yourself with the thought that Jews are moving away from support of Israel, the polls contradict such an idea in clear terms: “On fundamentals such as recognising Israel’s legitimacy, British Jews “speak as one””*

The message is clear. The Jews are not going to bring Israel down and the progressive Jews who insist that Jews are moving in the right direction are lying to us. Maybe for them also, ‘by way of deception,’ is a kosher strategy.

If you ask yourself what the above poll may really mean, the answer is simple. Political Jews do and say what they believe to be ‘good for the Jews.’ Indeed, Jews don’t agree amongst themselves what is good for the Jews. Some believe that Jews should pretend to be humane, other believe that Jews should be seen as hawkish and aggressive. Accordingly 41% amongst young British Jews believe that saying that they support sanctions is good for the Jews because it makes the Jews look empathic and peace loving. But when it comes to questions on the legitimacy of Jews dwelling on someone else’s land, Jews apparently “speak as one.”

* The overwhelming majority – 93 per cent – said that their relationship with Israel forms part of their identity as Jews; 90 per cent supported its existence as a “Jewish state”;