By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 3rd Nov 2019

Kennedy was assassinated for touching the currency and cutting off the funding of the Jews as well as threatening Israel’s illegal nuclear programme. In March of 1961 John F. Kennedy using the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations started the crackdown on the extensive Jewish power interfering in U.S policy, control and foreign policy in the Middle East.  The probe found that Israel was money-laundering cash to the American Zionist Council through the Jewish Agency for Israel.  John F Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy used the Department of Justice to put a stop to this illegal activity which would now under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 designate the American Zionist Council as agents of a foreign Government (Israel).  Kennedy started to issue constitutional money (Executive Order 11110) in an attempt to replace the unconstitutional debt instrument IOU monopoly since 1913 by the Vatican (controlled by the Rothschild family/Jesuits since 1823 and especially 1834) run and privately owned Jewish Federal Reserve (logo has the Vatican banking ‘rising phoenix’ not an eagle as most would think).  Today and after the assassination of Kennedy the influence and corruption of the American Zionist Council continued through a mere name changing to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

President John F. Kennedy wasn’t killed for just highlighting the secret societies or for wanting to destroy the Central Intelligence Agency (funded by the U.S Postal Service).  John F. Kennedy did sideline the Special Operations Coordinating Group later known as the Special Group and formerly known as the 5412 Committee.  The President also recreated the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board in his attempts to shake up the U.S. intelligence services but this would never truly occur especially when dealing with the powerful shadow government power known as the Atomic Energy Commission.  Seven months after Kennedy was whacked President Lyndon Johnson bought back the Special Group but now it was renamed as the 303 Committee.  The Special Group was far higher in power within the shadow government than the Office of the Presidency.  The Special Group had connections far higher in clearance than White House since the President is around forty-five layers of security clearance below these upper echelons of power.  When you have someone with more power and clearance than the President then who runs the show?  Exactly they run the show !  The Special Group is tied in with the Senior Executive Service and Crown Agents meaning British influence.  As I’ve said many times before it’s the powers within the Universal Postal Union through the U.S. Postal Service, Royal Mail and Israeli Postal Company.  This power system has been in place since the 1st of July 1875 (America, Britain) and
the 4th December 1949 (Israel).  The same system is in place today and nothing has changed even since Nov 8th 1999 when the U.S came out of Int’l bankruptcy.  The U.S Postal Service still controls all land, air and sea in the region.  The U.S is still a vessel/corpse under Admiralty controlled by the Universal Postal Union which controls all Worldwide commerce.

Joe Kennedy was one of the heads of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and he tried to prevent Israel getting U.S. nuclear secrets.  John F. Kennedy was attempting to inspect and shutdown the Israeli nuclear program which to this day is still illegal and not signed up to the Non-Proliferation-Treaty (NPT).  Kennedy was assassinated at the top by the Israeli MOSSAD followed by both the French SDECE and OAS.  The three foreign intelligence agencies executed all this through a hit-team connected with the financiers (some who were members of the powerful Order of Malta tied to the Vatican) of the Permanent Industrial Expositions (Permindex) based in Switzerland.  Permindex entered into Canada whilst being paid up through the Bank of Montreal (the same bank used to pay the assassins [John Surrat/John WIlkes Booth] of Rothschild blooded [Springs family] Abraham Lincoln) for the assassination operation.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Mafiosi were much lower levels than the Israeli and French puppet-masters. The MOSSAD’s main power player in the U.S at the time was Efraim Halevy and he controlled both Meyer Lansky (go between with the Mafiosi as he funded this organized crime) and James Jesus Angleton (CIA who some also claim was a member of the Order of Malta and remember the CIA are known as Christians In Action).  Now then ‘The Time Is Now, The Match Is Hot’ meta-bridge operation on September 11th 2001 in New York City was ordered (Israeli intelligence outpost in the United Arab Emirates) through this same MOSSAD power structure on behalf of the Sabbatean full takeover which certainly only suits Israel and not one of the allied powers.  Now who was the Director of the MOSSAD between 1998 and 2002?  The same power player tied to the Kennedy assassination and that’s Efraim Halevy.  We know on that day that the British Ministry of Defence took full control over the United States via the theft/rerouting of the Public Key Infrastructure out of Washington D.C and over into Chicago before ending up in Whitehall, Westminster.  The $28 trillion stolen from the World Trade Center (just before the USPS controlled Port Authority gave Silverstein the nod to call for the “pull it” using Maser microwave co-efficient expansion of hydrocarbons) was electronically transferred over into Honolulu, Hawaii and then out into the Singapore Bank within British controlled Singapore.  Britain was captured by the Sabbatean Masonic power the same time as the United States which was July 1st 1875 but in truth its been dominated by this group since the 16th Century.

US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2016 Policy Conference at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, March 21, 2016. / AFP / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Who controls all Worldwide commerce? The Universal Postal Union in Berne, Switzerland and who touched their commerce? Kennedy !  Where did Permindex originate from?  Basel, Switzerland the same home of the Bank of International Settlements which controls all Worldwide Central Banks including the Federal Reserve.  Who controls the BIS?  The Universal Postal Union in Berne, Switzerland who’re just one street away from the Vatican Embassy.  Now can you see the connection to the banking powers who Kennedy angered?  This is why you will not see Trump slaughtered because so far he’s not touched the currency.  Trump may have hindered trade with China etc but Trump has left the monopoly scam untouched.  Trump placed an Israel first Jew into the U.S Treasury who’s protecting Wall Street by not allowing a Glass Steagall Act.  Trump has done nothing to remove the need for the Federal Reserve and its scam notes even though those notes as a reserve currency are hindering the U.S. economy through the effect what is known as the Triffin Dilemma.  Trump ignores the Israeli nuclear programme and so after all of that he’s as safe as he can be.  The deep state is the power I’ve highlighted and Trump so far is part of the swamp playing one side (Postal gang) of the same sabbatean coin.

Who controls the Israeli Government since 1949 as well as almost all of the rest of the World (1874 onward) even including Iran (1877)? The Universal Postal Union which is controlled by Freemasonry, the Vatican and the Rothschild family. So you can start at the Mafia/CIA level but that’s one outer webbing of the black widow spider’s web and then you come into the Permindex level which is closer to the insect. The deeper levels of the web hit the French OAS and SDECE then you go into the MOSSAD level before coming into the UPU and finally you can see the spider’s legs as you hit Freemasonry and then the spiders body when you hit the Rothschild/Sabbatean Frankist sect who themselves are cursed and descended from the Khazar and Etenoi (Venice) pirates and well if we want to go further then these same cretins go right the way back to the Nile-Delta during Ancient Egypt when they stole the gold of the Hyksos tombs which was sourced from the High Druid Kinds of Ireland (ciullean) in 4,500 BCE.

All this is the real truth behind why Kennedy was slaughtered. Now as soon as Kennedy was murdered the Jews of both Akenaton and Menes-Heh (Ashkenazi Knights of the Flame) made sure that every President gets a warning via the Zapruder video of that murder day in 1963. The first day of the new President’s term the crazy minded Chabad-Lubavitch storm into the White House demanding the President signs documents promising to never hinder, inspect or to talk about Israel’s nuclear program.

Israel has access and surveillance into all National Security databases/Infrastructure so things like the Public Key Infrastructure etc and all controlled through the Talpiot program and the likes of their ARC processor backdoor. If a President doesn’t play ball they can easily get the goods on the President by monitoring all his communications or of course just setting him up in whatever way they see fit. This Talpiot program is now the latest blackmail version of the Samson Option which originally was singularly a nuclear destruction threat by Israel. Now Israel controls all Worldwide technology this means that they don’t need a nuclear war and instead they can turn us all into the stone age with a kill switch and no single amount of nuclear radiation (Israel and Jews are the true Skynet as seen in the Jewish Hellyweird movie called Terminator starring the Rothschild shabbos goy Arnold Schwarzenegger). I wonder if Israel will now stop hindering the Helium-3 production (which could be used for limitless energy from nuclear fusion) since Talpiot replaces the nuclear threat and so Israel doesn’t have to hinder the Torsion Field Satellite production and use. Torsion Field Satellites are the ones used to track and monitor radiation signatures and of course these TFS are run by the National Reconnaissance Office. What chance does the United States have when its National Security is compromised by ‘Israeli first’ dual national citizens who’re just using it as the golden calf before destroying it when their agenda is almost complete?