Jews: Wake Up And Internalise The Meaning Of Corbyn

Jews: Wake Up And Internalise The Meaning Of Corbyn

October 01, 2015 / Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

Here is some good news for a change. “Jeremy Corbyn will be a disaster for Israel unless he changes his views on the Middle East.” So said Israel’s Labor Party’s Michal Biran, as she urged activists at a fringe meeting of the UK Labour Party’s conference yesterday to try and change Mr. Corbyn’s stance and rhetoric on Israel and the Middle East.

It seems that the relentless Jewish campaign against Corbyn is far from over. But it is now relegated to the fringe of the Labour party. Still, one wonders what exactly are Corbyn’s crimes? Apparently, he is simply blind. He “does not see that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where you can see a gay parade,” said Biran. Someone should explain to the Israelis and the Jews once and for all that a ‘gay parade’ is not exactly a ‘value.’ It is simply an exercise in fake tolerance. Corbyn is surely aware of Israel’s attitude towards gays, but it is the Jewish State’s brutality towards the indigenous people of its land, i.e., the Palestinians and minorities in general, that he opposes.

For some reason, the Israeli politician believes that there is a continuum between Britain, a pluralist society and her own racist and supremacist Jews only state. “There is a difference between criticising the Israeli government and being friendly with Hamas and Hezbollah. There is no way in the world that you can say there is any common ground. The society they imagine and they pursue is one that none of us sitting in this room would like to live in.”

Is that true? What makes Biran and the British Jewish Lobby believe that Brits prefer a sham Jewish democracy over Hamas and Hezbollah? In fact, Corbyn’s landslide victory indicates the opposite. The vast majority of the Labour party seems to prefer Hamas and Hezbollah over Likud and its Israeli style fake tolerance and democracy.

However, the fact that the Jewish Lobby has failed to internalise the meaning of Corbyn’s victory shouldn’t take us by surprise. Jewishness is a form of blindness indistinguishable from severe aloofness.