“Lets learn from Israel” – Putin

“Lets learn from Israel” – Putin

Oct 29 2016

“Good deaths in Mosul, bad deaths in Aleppo” – is how Western mainstream media spins anti-Russian propaganda in Syria. Why is this happening? Because Russia is destroying billions of dollars worth of US investment into trained jihadists, with the view that they would eventually take down the legitimate government of Syria. Moreover, the US operation in Mosul is questionable – they say they’re fighting ISIS but reports are conflicting.

In this clip, Putin notes that when it comes to winning – we could learn from Israel. It never gives up its position and doesn’t let things slide. They say that Middle Eastern “dictators” rule with an “iron fist” – but how does Israel rule, if not with an iron fist?

(Do not turn this around to mean that Putin supports the Gaza occupation – it is a separate question all together. ) This comment should only be considered in context to fighting off terrorists from the region.

There is a typo at 2.24 – it is of course Sep 11, 2001