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By Rev. Ted Pike
4 Oct 09

I have seen a pattern repeated over and over again during the past decade of resistance to passage of a federal hate crimes bill. Republicans in Congress oppose hate laws. Yet, if the public does not alert them concerning the imminent threat of passage, they, distracted by literally thousands of other bills, will be unprepared and thus silent at the moment of hearings or floor debate; the Democrats and homosexuals will prevail.

Yet, if alerted by the calls of even a small minority of concerned Americans, Congressional Republicans will mobilize, almost always holding the hate bill back. In the five times it has been defeated, initial protest mustering Republican opposition always has been essential to empower resistance to the hate bill – as well as empowerment of God’s final deliverance.

Recently, we have seen this pattern repeated. In the week before the recent ENDA House hearing (in which only one Republican spoke against the bill), I sent out two strong articles and gave five national radio interviews over 160 stations, attempting to rouse protest against ENDA and three other hate bills. (See, Five Hate Bills Surge Forward in Congress) Yet the American people, like House Republicans, were distracted by healthcare debate. There was little protest to Congress. Because House Republicans were not alerted that ENDA was slated for hearings in the House Education and Labor Committee, the homosexual lobby powerfully prevailed.

I was shaken. Had we seen the end of hate bill protest in America? In an emergency e-alert, I described the bitter fruits of such lack of protest: Republicans routed by homosexual Reps. Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin. Many Americans, reading the alert, were evidently shaken also.

Lovers of freedom overwhelmingly responded, warning House Judiciary members of the imminent cyberbullying and AWARE hearing. House Judiciary Republicans sprang into action, focusing on the threat. Under the powerful leadership of Rep. Louie Gohmert and authoritative witnesses, the Republicans assembled and the hate law forces were thrown back. The cyberbullying bill is now ridiculed by major mainstream media. It, AWARE, and the Safe Schools Improvement Act may well be destined for oblivion.

Do you want to do the same to ENDA, ADL’s frightening workplace hate crimes bill, now headed for three more hearings in the House and Senate?

Here’s how YOU can work with NPN over the next several weeks to deliver the same possible death-blow that you dealt the cyberbullying bill and AWARE.

Your Calls NOW Can Save Freedom!

Republican and Democrat members of the House Judiciary, Senate Health, Education and Labor, and Senate Judiciary Committees are available on the Action page HERE at www.truthtellers.org. NPN encourages you to call primarily Republican members because we gain the most if they become energized. Of course, it is of first importance that you call the members of the House and Senate from your district. The number for all Congressional office is1-877-851-6437 toll-free

* ENDA triumphed in the House Education and Labor Committee. Yet, a hearing should soon take place in the equally important Judiciary Committee. Call Republican House Judiciary members and say, “Please oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, ENDA (HR 3017) in the upcoming Judiciary hearing. ENDA discriminates against employers and workers by giving homosexuals rights and protections most Americans don’t enjoy.”

* In the Senate, ENDA (S 1584) is in the Health, Education and Labor Committee. A hearing, not yet scheduled, will occur soon. Call Republican members of this pivotal committee, as well as those of the Senate Judiciary Committee, with the same message.
With members of Congress and most Americans distracted this fall by healthcare reform, ADL and the homosexual lobby thought they had the perfect opportunity to quietly, rapidly rush through some of the most audacious, threatening legislation ever to come before Congress. Yet, YOU roared in protest at the last moment, and Republican Judiciary members took steps toward preparedness in the cyberbullying hearing. Result: Three of these anti-Christian, Orwellian bills have suffered probable defeat. In fact, the threatening language of these bills, which would establish a pro-homosexual educational program in America’s schools and lockdown against criticism, is actually powerfully working against ADL’s hate law agenda. It is inspiring the anger and even mockery of major American media. (See, Media Mocks Cyberbullying Bill)

We can do the same against ENDA. ENDA is just as outrageous, not only stripping business owners of property rights in favor of homosexuals, but forcing employers to allow men claiming to be in “gender transition” access to women’s restrooms and shower facilities!

We changed legislative history this past week. We held back the anti-Christ. We proved victory is still possible.

Let’s do it again!

Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

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