Merchants of The City and their Workfare Slave Labor system

12 Feb 2012
by The Unhived Mind
A few minutes of any study into these Workfare programmes shows you that they’re totally Unlawful and outright bullying slavery. Mega corporations such as Serco and G4S run much of the system and we all know the dirty dealings of those two vermin. Remember these workfare schemes and the benefit system is all now controlled behind the scenes by Unum aka Unum Provident aka Unum Insurance. The same company who’s been up in the United States Court system for bad practice and a totally useless system of workfare on the poor. Now they’re doing it to the English peoples in a time of economic depression (hidden and veiled) where there’s virtually no jobs in sight in the non-existent labor market. Their practices are bad enough in environments where jobs are available but even worse during this economic hell right now.

Unum is the same company on your television screens and internet adverts scaring you about losing your job and needing insurance to cover your losses for a period of time afterwards. You’ll find this company will have a connection to The Worshipful Company of Insurers at the sovereign City of London closely connected to The Worshipful Company of Mercers who rule the banking system and have produced the most powerful merchants around. Everything from British Intelligence, Enockian Magick and even the Boy Souts all stem from this controlling greed called the Mercers. Who do you think created the Bank of England? Where were the first Bank of England meetings held? Who were the money creditors to the Virginia Company of London and their sailing to the New World? Who controls your education system which is today indoctrinating the youth they’ve dumbed down to accepting World Citizenry and World Government in the World Company Inc? Look also to The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and The Company of Educators when dealing with the indoctrination. Don’t be fooled by their names and veils as charities etc, the latter aids them in avoiding tax.

No one tells you how the whole economic depression has been engineered to bring about the New World Order mindset and excuses for the new society being bought forth as you gradually see today. Not telling you how William Clinton and Robert Rubin were the two most important front puppets aiding the start of this collapse we see today. Aiding derivatives which even today are still being traded around as there’s no liquidity but what got us in this mess in the first place? Pie in the sky derivative gambles collateralized as debt to bring the World to its knees for the takeover. So mega corporations can steal whats left for pennies and not pounds and own everything in sight. The eventual goal being the destruction of the family unit (United Nations) and of private property. Wake up, look around you and its happening today in plain sight but in the land of the blind the one-eyed Beast rules. Study the difference between ‘alloidal Title’ and ‘fee simple,’ you own nothing. How can you own anything with debt currency in a state of bankruptcy since the thirties? This is why bullion is not allowed as a method of trade for goods. Bullion is money and you are only allowed debt promissory notes. Study also how one cannot pay off a debt with a debt which the U.K Treasury should even admit to. So why do you believe in a note which is debt and no backing? Its FRAUD!

Notice how at a time when people are loosing their jobs they are then being forced quickly onto the slave labor system. Makes good business sense huh? Only if you want your chattel property slaves to have to compete with outsourced low paid slaves. All to eventually bring about a balanced one World Populace at the same level of peasant easily squashed in any revolt attempt. How? They simply remove all so-called privileges given and you buckle to their whip. This will destroy what few real jobs are left and create even more job losses in the engineered economic depression society. All in aid of aiding the coming ‘Big Society’ which David Cameron is so fond of. His wishes for everyone to work for nothing in a hived mind state during the Post Industrial Zero Growth Society. Not telling you how his family is connected to the opium trade of The Honourable East India Company and the Astor family along with the HSBC bank run by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and connections to the Te-Wu Chinese Intelligence the China-White dope traders of the Far East embedded in the West to aid the opium war of on the Western civilisation desired by the same Mercers who turned China into an opium den from hell with the aid of the London Missionary Society. All so you have something to occupy your mind during a time of zero growth and no jobs. Other than a drugs culture they wish to push an entertainment culture including adult entertainment and sports etc. We see this today and the idea of free love which is the real reason for contraceptive creation other than population reduction. Population reduction aka genocide accepted via hoodwink that the ecosystem is collapsing and man is the cause. Bringing us back to the Club of Rome, U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development, Population Matters aka Optimum Population Trust and then The Company of Educators. Lets not forget Jonathon Porritt the City of London adviser of Prince Charles.

If you don’t go along with all this then you’ll get nothing from the State and die from starvation and lack of shelter. This goes totally against your Human Rights if you bother to study them. Do they care? No. This is why you see their media constantly attacking the Human Rights law which gives people rights as human beings. Remember since the 1906 Food & Drug Act in the U.S. the people of the World have been seen even more as animals for the slaughter. One of the reasons they’ve removed true-Christianity and the Bible whilst turning everyone athiest is simply so you don’t crave your rights as a man and woman. Remember Genesis chapter nine verse six tells you that you were created in God’s image with dominion over all the animals. The establishment cannot have you following such truths.

You’re nothing more than a corporate person which is simply chattel property of the corporation you as a corporation are within. So you are a corporation called ‘John Smith’ within the United Kingdom Plc (listed at Companies House) tied to the sovereign City of London by your certificate of slavery the birth certificate which is attached to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 and tied further back to the 1481 Aeterni Regis. This is why you are given an Admiralty product number known as your ‘National Insurance’ number or in the U.S. this is the ‘Social Security’ number. You’ve been enslaved since the 1933 bankruptcy most have not even been aware of. You don’t exist as a man or woman since your hoodwinked parents registered you as a person defined in Admiralty as a corporation. What law rules the legal World and all business? Its Admiralty Law (the ancient law of the high seas by the Phoenicians) mastered and reworked by the Roman Empire and now based on Vatican Canon Law. Do your homework and fast, everything around you is the Roman system, not Jewish or any other system, its Roman. Study who is the continuum of the Roman Empire and how it veils itself as all sweet and innocent. The way its kept its power and players hidden from site for many decades from the purposely dumbed down populaces of the World.

Boycott all these stores mentioned. May I remind everyone that The Carlyle Group owns Holland & Barrett and that this Group is one of the most devious corporations on Earth run by Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush behind the scenes and Knight of Malta Frank Carlucci. Lets not forget Order of the Garter and Knight of Malta, John Major and how Knight of Malta Tony Blair has connections to this group. Notice all these Knights of Malta all of a sudden? Do the math will you and then ask St John’s Wood some deep questions. I can tell you now that Holland & Barrett have started bully boy tactics on their staff. Forcing them to useless meetings to brainwash them into constantly annoying customers and creating long cues at tills where many customers walk out in disgust of waiting. Does that sound like good customer relations to you? Forcing staff to bombard people with magazines, extra pills of the Holland & Barrett brand for commission and of course pushing loyalty cards for tracking, tagging and locating purposes. Teaching the staff what seems like possible neuro-linguistic programming techniques via words to get the desired response. Since the initial loyalty card signing was over the uptake of this tracking tool slacked off. So now this seemingly NLP wording has been strung together to put a stop to that in its tracks. Now stores have noticed a dramatic increase in people wants and accepting of the cards again which they once shunned, just with a few word changes. Threats that if magazines are not pushed to all customers then job losses will come. Favoring of the young staff who have not even got the needed basic skills to do the job through their low intelligence and lack of communication skills or even wants for the job in the first place. Now you know why from the article above huh? Thank Daddy Bush and his company who these training officers tout and trump up for being mega rich owners of ‘our’ company. Boasting about those who enslave them behind the invisible prison bars.

Holland & Barrett will end up sacking the older workforce of real workers and replacing them with dysfunctional clowns which will also aid the destruction of the company further as wished for by the Codex Alimentarius system. Remember that The Carlyle Group members like Bush are heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry run by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers. Which are more profitable and at the same time depopulate the planet in accordance with the wishes of the Club of Rome and its Global 2000 Report. Notice the disease increase all of a sudden over the last twenty years? All the bad dietary advice all on purpose? Wake up and realize in a zero growth society you cannot pay off your gross domestic product to the sovereign City of London and its The Worshipful Company of Mercers. So what happens? Create a sick society to make profits from pharmaceuticals whilst doing your population control to the levels they desire in a balanced unnoticed fashion. In England this also aids the destruction of the National Health Service. Notice how they like to make the NHS Trust look bad for not accepting over priced drugs? Praying on the sick to make profits and aid in further crippling the socialized health care system.

See whats going on people? This is the New World Order system your ancestors fought and died fighting against in World War II. All run by the groups I highlight including of course king pin Nazi, George H.W Bush the thirty-four year-long leader of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst which hides in the Directorate of Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. Do your homework people and fast before it’s too late do not another Torah-Israelite easily led to the slaughter camps. Rockfeller funded and fuelled (Standard Oil through neutral Spain) Hitler who was controlled by Knights of Malta and Jesuits which the Nazi SS were modeled off. Hitler even admired the Jesuits, the most vile hated soldiers even within the Catholic Church it has infested for the last two hundred years since its suppression. So boycott these stores and stop consuming full stop, its time for we the people to take back out Countries of land (not corporate vessels on the high sea) and to take back our rights as man and woman on that land under our creator. You must fight to keep what the Magna Carta, British Constitution and Common Law have given you and still do to this very day. We shall not be slaves no more…

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    Carlyle Group to Acquire NBTY in $3.8 Billion Deal

    By Cristina Alesci – Jul 15, 2010

    Carlyle Group agreed to acquire NBTY Inc., the maker of Nature’s Bounty, MET-Rx and Solgar nutritional supplements, for $3.8 billion in the biggest leveraged buyout this year.

    NBTY rose $16.24, or 43 percent, to $53.71 by 2:45 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading after saying in a statement that Carlyle offered to pay $55 a share in cash for the Ronkonkoma, New York-based company. The offer is 47 percent higher than yesterday’s closing price.

    Carlyle beat rivals including Blackstone Group LP and TPG to win the support of NBTY’s board, according to a person involved in the deal who asked not to be identified. The Washington-based firm has been the most active in buyouts this year as the industry rushes to invest an estimated $507 billion in capital committed by investors before the buyout market collapsed in mid-2007.

    “This transaction delivers exceptional value to our shareholders,” Scott Rudolph, NBTY’s chief executive officer, said in the statement.

    The deal would be Carlyle’s largest since its $6.3 billion acquisition of nursing-home operator Manor Care Inc. in 2007, and the biggest in the industry since TPG, based in Fort Worth, Texas, and Canada’s CPP Investment Board agreed to buy software- provider IMS Health Inc. for $5.2 billion in November.
    Buyout Slump

    The pace of LBOs is accelerating after the economy and financial markets recovered. Buyouts have increased fivefold to $38.2 billion since the start of the year, compared with $7.2 billion for the same time period last year. That is still a fraction of the $207 billion in deals during the second quarter of 2009, at the peak of the buyout boom.

    Transactions are also smaller, in part because banks are lending less and demanding larger equity commitments. The average deal size so far this year is $357 million, compared with $826 million in 2007. Only 15 of the 360 deals announced this year were valued at $1 billion or more.

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse are providing $2.4 billion in debt for the NBTY takeover, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is private.

    Carlyle is backing the deal with about $1.4 billion in equity, or 37 percent of the transaction value, which will be funded by its Carlyle Partners V fund. The Carlyle fund may split some of that amount with co-investors, the person said.
    Blackstone, TPG

    The other buyout firms vying for the company, including TPG and Blackstone Group LP, were seeking a partner to provide the equity capital for their offers, according to the person.

    Bank of America and Centerview Partners LLC are financial advisers to NBTY. Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse are advising Carlyle.

    Carlyle is leading leveraged buyouts this year with 15 announced deals valued at $4.4 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    “We are impressed with the business that has been built under the leadership of Scott Rudolph, and are excited to work with him and the senior management team to drive continued growth,” Sandra Horbach, Carlyle’s head of the consumer and retail team, said in the statement.

    NBTY may solicit other bids during a 35-day period, the company said in the statement. The company lost a fifth of its value on April 27 after reporting earnings that fell short of analysts’ estimates. The stock was down 14 percent this year through yesterday.
    S&P Watch

    Under the terms of the Carlyle offer, shareholders will get about $3.54 billion in cash, based on 64.3 million outstanding NBTY shares at the end of March. The company had $226 million in net debt, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Standard & Poor’s analyst Jacqueline Hui said she may lower NBTY’s BB corporate credit rating if the transaction leads to a “material” deterioration in the company’s credit measures.

    NBTY’s board has unanimously approved the takeover and recommended the offer to shareholders. The purchase is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.

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