Text of my email letter to Donald Trump and others giving them the evidence that George Soros is behind the constant attempts to murder me…

Nov 28 2016

The attachments are here..


Dear Donald Trump,
Dear Stephen Bannon,
Dear Michael Flynn,
Dear Jeff Sessions,

I am writing to you concerning evidence that Billionaire George Soros is the “mastermind” behind several attempts to murder me, and subsequently to cover up these attempts, on account of my journalism activities on the new media in Greece.

This evidence is so strong that I was allowed to formally accuse George Soros and his associate, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, when I gave testimony to a judge at a criminal court in Larisa, Greece, in October after the Supreme Court in Athens ordered the case to be reopened.

I have been able to prove myword press blog, birdflu666, is read by George Soros himself (see first part of evidence). This fact alone gives credibility to my claim that he was part of an irregular, stealth approach to flooding the US with Ebola in 2014 by standing down standard biosecurity measures.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my blog has been able to uncover an irregular, stealth approach to flooding the US with Ebola only by applying the traditional skills of scientific journalism and by analyzing data. This highlights the need for the USA to develop multiple new information sources, bloggers, or researchers able to carry out an in depth examination of rapidly evolving new areas, including cyber, renewable energy, biological warfare.

To succeed in the new global environment, the USA requires information. The world has become more interconnected, more complex, more unpredictable.

Having a network of bloggers and researchers around the world is potentially a big intelligence asset for the USA. But any new information assets will need protection.

If proper investigation procedures are applied, as is required by law, my evidence will lead, I am sure, to the conviction of Soros.

I, therefore, urge you to exert pressure on the Greek government to ensure an investigation. I also urge you to explore avenues for opening a parallel investigation into Soros in the USA since he is a US resident and falls under US legal jurisdiction.

Groups have formed in the USA seeking to convict George Soros and put him in prison, according to the media.
There are many promising approaches, not least that of convicting him for his admitted role in collaborating with the Nazis in World War Two.

But I believe my case is one of the most promising because the chain of evidence leading to Soros is so strong.

Convicting Soros in a court of law is an elegant solution which will

*minimize his influence

*strenghten your credentials as a person determined to drain the swamp

*win you applause for protecting the new media

*help protect future intelligence assets useful to US security

George Soros has been accused of

*currency and financial wars

*engineering the current migrant invasion of Europe

*helping to trigger the false flag Ebola epidemic

*funding violent groups to cause race war in the USA

*funding a coup in the Ukraine and installing a fascist government, and pushing for a dangerous confrontation with Russia

Soros has funded

*Hillary Clinton

*Democratic Alliance

*protest groups against you

*the “crooked” mainstream media

George Soros has been identified as a major threat to the US security, conducting irregular, hybrid, and Spectre style criminal syndicate campaigns against the USA on multiple fronts including financial, information, and cyber.

Please find attached all the documents you will need to put George Soros in jail. I have given a brief outline my case. I have provided copies of all the key court and police documents. These are in the Greek language and valid in Greece courts. I have an English translation for most of the court documents should you require them. The few remaining can easily be translated by a court certified translator for your inspection.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely, Jane Burgermeister
Evidence: George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, readers of my blog, are behind repeated attempts to murder me.

Greek police reports and court documents sufficient for the conviction of both George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in a court of law for organizing repeated attempts to murder me, Jane Burgermeister, in Larisa, Greece, on account of my journalism activities and on account of my birdflu666 blog, as well as for organizing repeated cover ups of the murder attempts, are attached as pdf files to this email.

The contents of my birdflu666 blog are attached as a zip file.

These Greek court and police documents, in the Greek language and valid in the Greek courts and other courts, prove unambiguously the persistent perversion of justice in my case by officials on the orders of the Greek Ministry of Interior, which is under the control of Alexis Tsipras, a proven reader of my blog along with George Soros.

The documents attached prove that police reports and essential witnesses have been repeatedly suppressed by justice officials in violation of procedures.

In the original crime committed in April 2015, an Orthodox church Abbess Theodekti (Polychronia Vallianatou) in a monastery close to Larisa tried to use a special law in Greece whereby only two people have to testify that someone is mentally ill for that person to be forcibly confined in a psychiatric unit on account of my journalism activities, as she herself said in front of witnesses, in order to allow for my murder there to be reframed as suicide.

Knowing that she was committing a crime, she sent away essential witness Theoktisti Nicola Emsley, a UK citizen and Oxford graduate, who would have testified that my blog met the criteria of journalism.

The repeated illegal suppression of evidence and essential witnesses by justice officials allows Theodekti and another nun Theoniki to repeat their original crime by giving false statements to police in Ajia that I am mentally ill and self harm but in a court room setting, allowing for a judge to have a pseudo legal pretext to order my forcible confinement.

The Supreme Court in Athens or Areios Pagos ordered the investigation into my case to be reopened in September.

The proofs are numbered 1 to 24.

There are two pdf files. The second contains evidence 13 only.

An explanation of each proof and its significance is as follows:

1. Proof in a visual form given to Larisa criminal court as part of document Δ 15/ 218 that George Soros targets my blog. Soros uses exactly the same multi word phrases as I do in his own article published just twenty fours after mine in September 2015, but he makes the opposite policy recommendation in relation to the current migrant influx.

2. A linguistic analysis of the similarities in Soros’ vocabulary, demonstrating they can only be explained by copying in a document submitted to Larisa court and assigned the number Δ 15/ 218 with date January 27th 2016.

3. Proof in a visual form Alexis Tsipras reads my blog and starts to reproduce a rare spelling error I make of the name of the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faynmann.

4. A discussion of the above tweets as proof in Larisa court document Δ 15/ 218.

5. The portion of document Δ 15/ 218 where I state that if Soros and Tsipras both have direct personal, knowledge of my blog, they will try to suppress evidence in my case, something that actually happened.

In this introductory part, I demonstrate that they have the motive, the means and the opportunity to silence me.

I alleged that Werner Faymann showed Tsipras my blog post about their meeting in Vienna in February 2015, that Faymann told Tsipras to get rid of me and suggested the method of forcible pyschiatrization. After this meeting with Faymann in Vienna, Tsipras who had spelled Faymann correctly in his first tweet in Greek letters, introduced my rare spelling mistakeof adding an “n” in his following tweets related to Faymann in Greek letters.

I note Faymann also seems to be behind attempts to have me forcibly confined in Austria in 2010 after I reported accurately on the swine flu pandemic scam using an illegal method. A psychiatrist was offered inducements but refused. Austrian police inspector investigated but the file vanished from the state prosecutors office.

6. The charges filed at Larisa police station on April 22nd concerning the crimes committed on 19th and 20th of April 2015 and the police doctor’s report documenting a physical assault and assigned the police file number 1053/3/136 B.

This report details the crimes of murder attempt and physical assault of Theodekti and Theoniki, and lists essential witnesses, including Theoktisti (Nicola Emsley)

The attempt failed when the local police refused to carry out the instructions.

7. Proof that my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos admitted in an email dated 15thDecember 2015 in Greek that Theoktisti on behalf of Theodekti tried to bribe him on 27 April 2015 in a phone call at 11 46 am to suppress the evidence of their cimes and that he reported the bribery attempt to the police.

He also admits the bribery attempt in a handwritten note in German scanned in to the email.

8. Proof of the cover up of the original crimes by Larisa judges, prosecutors and lawyers, and designed in such a way to repeat the original crime and set up me up for a deadly outcome and also, at the same time, get control of my blog using unlawful ruling and computer hacking is a follows.

A handwritten note on scrap paper by Larisa police officer Evangelas Toutounas dated from 27 July 2015 to 31 July 2015 directing the investigation to a fake person Th Vallaianatou and the wrong monastery.

9. An email from my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos dated 8th July 2015 telling me that the Larisa police had ordered an investigation and instructing me to write a report with everything I know about Th Vallaianatou (I was in Ireland at the time).

10. A copy of my report in Greek in which I state George Soros is likely behind the original murder attempt in April 2015.

11. A confirmation from Larisa police that Christopoulos handed over the above report report to police officer Evangelas Toutounas on 3ist of July between 12. 25 pm and 12. 40 pm .

12. A letter from Greece’s Ministry of Interior citing the file number Δ 15/ 218.
and police file number 1053/3/136 Γ . It is dated September 22nd, 2015, signed by the deputy police commissioner of Larisa, names police officer Evangelas Toutounas and the first state prosecutor of Larisa court as the contact persons for my case.

The file number on the letter (Δ 15/ 218.and police file number 1053/3/136 Γ) correlate to the file numbers on my police report and court documents.

This letter directs police in Ajia to question the two culprits Theodekti and Theoniki as well as a fake person “Th Vallaiantou” mentioned alongside the two culprits. The police are instructed to find out the ID and tax number of “Th Vallaiantou” who was never questioned.

The two culprits Theodekti and Theodekti are instructed to make statements not under oath.

Also a biased witness Garyfalya and non essential witness Roula Kominiou’s are also called to give their statements.

Note the omission of all the essential witnesses named in my original police reports, especially Theoktisti, to suppress evidence and prevent the conviction of the culprits.

The letter heading of the Greek ministry of Interior proves these instructions came from the highest level of government, almost certainly Alexis Tsipras.

13. The statements of the above four witnesses at Ajia police station dated November 2016 assigned the case numbers Δ 15/ 218 and police file number 1053/3/136 Γ by officials.

The two culprits Theodekti and Theodekti, not under oath, falsely state that I am mentally ill and self harm myself and the injuries they inflicted in their assault on me were due to me throwing myself on furniture while drunk.

Theodekti also falsely statements with no evidence that she returned to me most of the 96,000 euros I transferred directly to her bank account and her Skete in Estonia.

Biased witness Garyfalya falsely states she heard me say I wanted to commit suicidal and in all other points contradicts the statements of Theodekti and Theoktisti.

The non essential witness Roula contradicts the statements of all the other three.

The statements of the two culprits and biased witness, however, fulfil the technical requirement to have me forcibly confined under emergency laws as soon as the count proceedings end.

14. My bank account details proving the transfer of 96,000 euros to Theodekti and her Skete in Estonia.

15. The first pages of court document 372 submitted on 19th February documenting the suppression of evidence as documented above.

16. The letter of the then prosecutor Christina Fasoula dated February 16th 2016 asking to resign from my case after I publicly accused her on my blog of trying to pervert the course of justice by suppressing evidence and in such a way as to set me up for a lethal penalty by depicting me as “crazy person” accusing a person invented by the police.

This letter is addressed to Alexander Ekonomou, the head of the court, and the next most senior officials Marianna Bee and Andreas Ziouna, proving that the highest members of Larisa court knew about my case and are engaged in the cover up.

17. Proof that the Supreme Court or Areios Pagos in Athens received all the original police reports and other evidence from me in person on April 4th 2016 and that my case had been assigned the number 2649 and given to prosecutor (Efstathia)Spyropoulou.

18. The accusation against Theodekti and Theoniki for the trial on November 28thof Larisa issued by the prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou with the file number Δ 15/ 218 on 22nd of April 2016.

I am called as a witness in this document although I explicitly named as a party on page four of my police charges in April 22nd 2015.

Note that Papaioannou accuses Theodekti and Theoniki of minor charges (slander for Theoniki and money related crimes t for Theodekti), and makes no concrete reference to any piece of evidence such as my police reports.

Papaioannou also incorporates almost word for word the false claims that Theodekti made in her statement to Ajia that she had returned my donations without any proof.

She names only three witnesses for the trial at the end, myself, the biased and non essential witness for the trial.

The content of this accusation proves my claim that I foundonly the Ministry of Interior letter and the statements of the two culprits, a biased and non essential witness in the trial file.

All my police reports and evidence had been systematically removed. I found the trial file only by chance after Papaioannou made elaborate efforts to hide it from me as detailed in my appeal. Because I was technically listed as a witness and not as a party, this deceit had a pseudo legal justification.

The statements of Theodekti and Theoniki as well as the biased witness that I am suicidal allow for my immediate emergency confinement in a psychiatric unit following the trial on November 28th 2016 under a special Greek law.

19 Confirmation from the judge’s office at Larisa court dated November 17 2016 proving that the Areios Pagos, the Supreme Court in Greece, ordered an investigation into the original crimes and the cover up in Larisa after I supplied the above evidence and given to me to obtain a postponement of the November 28th trial until the trial is completed.

As part of this investigation, I have been able for the first time to testify before a judge, something that is actually the standard procedure. That means the entire “investigation” up to now has been highly irregular.

I testified about the original crimes of Theodekti, Theoniki, police, lawyers, including lawyer Simos Samaras, an associate of Christopoulos, and Soros and Tsipras in October 2016, signing my testimony in person.

I testified about the crimes of judges and prosecutors, including Supreme Court prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou, on November 17th and signed the testimony in person.

20. Rule 363 of the criminal code cited in my lawsuit requiring that proof of a lie is provided and proof of the intention to lie before a person can be accused of lying.

21. Larisa judge Phonete Karanikola’s verdict on a temporary injunction in a civil lawsuit defamation case filed by lawyer Simos Samaras. She calls me a liar and fantasist and orders blog posts to be removed which contain the evidence of the crimes of Larisa police and judges currently being investigated on the orders of the Areios Pagos.

Her ruling is unlawful as she is required according to the criminal code paragraph 363 to prove that I have lied and have done so deliberately. Although she references this paragraph in her ruling, she does not apply it and does not offer any proof I have lied. She also ignored the large body of evidence against Samaras, sufficient to have him included in the Areios Pagos investigation.

Crucially, she gives Simos Samaras the right to apply to the administrator of my web to have the ten posts removed if I do not remove them voluntarily, which I did.

She gives Samaras the right to take down blog posts for 30 days, that is, during the key period of the November 28th 2016 trial when judges and the original culprits have set me up for another attempt at immediate, emergency forcible confinement in a psychiatric unit where my murder will be reframed as suicide.

I note that Karanikola’s husband is Alexander Oekonomou, the head of Larisa civil court, set the hearing for October 7th, allowing Karanikola to deliver her unlawful verdict just in time for the trial and give a pseudo pretext to take down my blog or put up fake posts at the crucial time of the trial, strongly suggesting collusion.

Oekonomou was informed by Fasoula already in February 2016 of the irregularities in my case and continued with the perversion of justice.

22. Proof that one hour after I received news of the verdict, lawyer Simos Samaras hacked my Wifi connection (in café Klimax in Larisa) as well as my computer and tried to intervene directly to prevent a copy of the ruling being uploaded onto my blog even though I had blacked out his name in formal compliance with the ruling.

Computer hacking is a crime.

23.Proof that my computer and internet connection coninue to be hacked

24. Proof that my case is the last to be heard at Larisa court on 28th November 2016 providing the ideal opportunity to have me arrested by police at the court and forcibly confined.
Together these documents prove that George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have direct, personal knowledge of my blog, the means, motive and opportunity to murder me and to keep repeating that attempt using a special law in Greece allowing for forcible confinement on the testimony of only two witnesses by getting judges, prosecutors, police and lawyers to suppress the original police reports and witnesses.

I urge you to use this unprecedented opportunity to put George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in jail by applying correct legal procedures.

If I am murdered following a notification for forcible confinement after the November 28th trial, I urge you to update the charges against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras from attempted murder to actual murder.

As my blog has been verifiably hacked and fake posts can be put up, I will post pictures of myself regularly.