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    stayceemarion on March 11, 2013 at 10:57 pm said: Edit

    Very interesting article. We are currently on Dr. Christopher’s Leaky Gut and Yeast Protocol, and this falls along the same sort of lines, with just a few variations. I have done 2 30 day juice fasts previously, but both done incorrectly as I was more trying to “get through them” rather than focused on the goal. I have hpv, leaky gut, candida and have been successful in reducing symptoms, but not completely healing and recently its making more and more sense why.

    My son is 8yrs old and diagnosed with PDD-NOS, with adhd and pragmatic language delays. He also has the leaky gut and candida, his excema cleared up when he was 3 after we first began the natural route. His symptoms as well have decreased but not completely healed. Been doing alot of research on the brain gut connection as the possible link with his autism-related issues.

    I obviously cannot put my 8yr old on a fast, and just doing this 25 day protocol is driving him crazy. What are your thoughts on healing for this age? If I can get him through this leaky gut and candida issue, I believe he’ll be well on his way to a total recovery.

    I also forgot to mention, we were taking Dr Shulze’s tinctures and when my symptoms got worse, I linked it to those herbs. In reading your article, it is probably the cayenne. We are also highly acidic and this is after 19 days on the program! I would think by now we would be great. I thought maybe our bodies are releasing toxins and that’s why the strip is 5.5? I just started taking the lemon bicarbonate to try and balance it out, but thinking it may have been the cayenne all along because we consume it daily.

    We are also on day 4 of the h2o2 therapy using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I read that should kill off candida while the slippery elm heals the gut. Do you believe the h2o2 therapy would be too intense for leaky gut? Please let me know. Thanks Staycee

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    I think you have been following a flawed protocol to be honest. You have to be careful of big claims from supposed masters like Dr Richard Schulze. He will have you compound your symptoms many folds over with inflammations when he is playing with his large Cayenne dosages. One of the reasons for inflammation is heat, so why would you want to add extra heat? If your room was just starting to set on fire would you throw more fire on the fire or would you use some cooling water or a neutral fire-blanket? This is the problem with the medical mafia and even much of the Western herbalism. What needs to be done is for the inflammation to be cooled at the site of visible symptoms and at the root of the problem.

    Juice fasts will not heal your leaky gut, they will make the problem far worse including feeding the Candida issue. In fact no juices or soups will help your condition as you will notice more symptoms when doing these things since they get through the leaking gut far easier. It does not matter whether it is fruits or vegetables, juices and soups should not to be used. If you want to tackle Candida, I would highly advise a good source of iodine. You want herbs which are cooling or neutral in nature to attack your candida, even Xylitol sugar kills candida. Candida is bacterial overgrowth which stems from antibiotic use in the food supply and pharmaceutical arena amongst other reasons. Bacteria only thrives in a toxic polluted environment. Bacteria is a natural cleanser of filth and thus you are filthy with metals, coal-tar and chemicals from living in this filthy World. Remove the filth and then you remove the food for the bacteria to start and thrive upon. You would do well to supplement with proper natural yogurt loaded with Kefir for awesome bacterial properties which are better than even unpasteurized Kombucha tea.

    I do not agree with Hydrogen Peroxide therapy these days since there is no need for this anymore with the introduction of Ozone which is far safer than Peroxide and MMS solutions. You can pump ozone into your eyes with no problem, you cannot do this with peroxide and you must be careful to dilute it correctly or else.

    I will tell you now that I do not believe in fasting anymore and certainly not juice or any other fancy fasting. The safest fast and most natural fast is the water fast regardless of scare stories favoring juice etc. Fasting ruins the Kidney essence and draws from your life-force which is a serious no no. If you hinder Kidney function you end up hindering brain functions as well as stomach functioning. How? The Kidneys control the brain function and these are balanced by the Spleen which controls the stomach. Any Kidney dysfunctions will see a pulling of energy from either the Liver or Spleen or both, remembering the Liver balances the Spleen. Often overlooked is the role of the heart in this problem since the Kidneys balance the heart and its the heart which controls your small intestine connected with this leaky gut problem. Now can you see how one issue leads to problems elsewhere over time? When the Kidneys and spleen are down the immunity goes down. Remember the root of the immune system is the bone marrow mastered by the Kidneys. Low immunity is a part of the reason you have Candida.

    I would suggest you look up Lemon-balm known as Melissa which may help you with brain issues since it is the sovereign herb for the brain and does so many wonderful things for the body. I think you may also find Chamomile a herb of much interest in your healing protocol. I’d be looking at supporting your Liver, Heart, Spleen and Kidney matrix. If you child tends to be naughty or cannot keep still then look at a homoeopathic preparation of Tarantula. I think you might want to also raise your thyroid functioning with the likes of homoeopathic Iodum using LM1 potency for long-term usage. I strong suggest you get into a Homoeopathic protocol rather than what you have been doing. You can also use a few herbs suitable for the problem and ideally decoctions not alcoholic based herbal tinctures which are hot in nature since alcohol puts heat into every single one of the twelve main meridians in the body. Remember what I said about heat and inflammation. Okay for instance if you have a migraine this is heat traveling from the Liver to the head via the Gall Bladder and/or Stomach meridians. In this case we will use Artichoke leaf to cool the gall bladder channel quickly. Same with gum inflammation which stems from heat from the stomach, we will use a cooling herb to combat this heat and bring balance back to the gums.

    Find a quality homoeopath near to you or who will deal with you via webcam. Make sure you have a lot of your medical history, spiritual history and more handy for the homoeopath to make a proper diagnosis. I have found after a long time that homoeopathy is far superior to both herbs and acupuncture. It works extremely quickly when you have the right preparation for the job. I myself currently use homoeopathy and now use very little herbal medicines at this point in time, in fact I only take Chamomile for now. Please study the subject of homoeopathy in detail it should excite you and remember Queen Elizabeth II’s physician is the U.K’s number one homoeopath by the name of Dr Peter Fisher.

    Try looking into homoeopathic candida albicans, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla and Thuja whilst you take a natural version of Chromium at a potency of 200mcg. These will all aid the control of sugar issues as well as aiding the digestive system, attacking the candida and calming the acidity. Homoeopathy is your answer my friend, but be prepared for possible aggravations as you unravel your disease states one by one until all are removed from your holographic body. When doing homoeopathy it is your own body that is doing all of the healing and decisions unlike herbs and acupuncture. Homoeopathy is also the best for helping to reverse vaccine damage which is a big part of much of the disease today.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    stayceemarion on March 12, 2013 at 3:17 pm said: Edit

    ok, so do you believe I shouldn’t do a 16 day water fast then? I was all set to get some more slippery elm, marshmallow root, and licorice. What about the calendula and thyme you spoke of? These were all things that made sense to me in regards to your article. We did a series of 2 liver cleanses (Dr shulze) two months in a row last year, and after the 2nd, my son stopped his verbal stimming and bedwetting. I do have many fillings in my mouth for years and on top of that my son displayed most symptoms after vaccinations. After years of detox protocols, we have seen much improvement so I do know we were very weighed down by heavy metals and countless toxins. So it does make sense a lot of what your saying we are taxing our organs far too much.

    I can’t afford a homeopath and a lot of the herbs you suggested I’m not sure of the ratios and how much I should take, how much my son should take, and where to buy good quality. I’ve long since stopped trusting the internet on where to buy “supplements” there are just tooooo many 100% guarantees out there.

    Can I make teas out of the lemon balm, chamomille, and tarantula or are tinctures better? We’ve been drinking herbal teas for months now and I haven’t noticed much of a difference. How much does he need and how much of this should we take? And as far as iodine, is it ok to take it in the form of Marine Phytoplankton? And where would you suggest buying iodum and these other items? Do you believe it is too much to be giving him all 5 of these, along with the methyl b-12, hemp oil, cod liver oil, slippery elm & marshmallow root w/licorice gruel, and the calendula & thyme? Or should these be adjusted and cut out? Clearly, I have also fallen victim (a lot over the past 7yrs) of supplement congestion. I am learning as I go by myself with only the inconsistent tool of the internet to go on. Please let me know of any suggestions you have.

    I’ve also heard a lot of xylitol in the past week. I previously thought stevia was the way to go. I read recently that stevia does not help for something. Again, so much conflicting information. Is stevia ok to use or should I toss it. I also stopped doing milk years ago but recently began with a coop getting raw milk products. Can you please let me know if raw milk products are acceptable. I’ve heard the live enzymes are good for candida and leaky gut, then I heard no matter raw or not, dairy shouldn’t be consumed.

    Also, should we be taking a multivitamin? everything is so very conflicting I’m not sure what to do and what not to do. Thanks in advance for your answers, Staycee

    • theunhivedmind

      No I do not believe a water fast is beneficial at all due to Kidney essence depletion. I only spoke of the water fasting earlier because of all the hype for other forms of fasting which I do not consider anywhere near natural such as juice fasting. If your problem is stemming from a spinal issue in the mid-thoracic area then a fast is not going to correct this and you will be back to square one again. I know, I have been through it and it is very frustrating. I would suggest other methods of cleansing the body which allow you to intake food.

      Yes you can utilize thyme and calendula if you desire as these are fine especially the later. Slippery Elm can be negative with a few people but not everyone so you can utilize this and see for yourself. Marshmallow root will be fine and should be mixed 50/50 with the Slippery Elm to make the gruel which will be eaten thirty minutes prior food which should be all cooked and no raw foods. Never eat raw foods or cold foods and you should not drink cold fluids either, everything should be warm in order to please the Spleen.

      Liver cleanses are fine especially if you are not taxing the body with Epsom salts which is a synthetic poison. Problem is that in order to have a really good flush and a safe flush you need Epsom salts in order to open up the ducts enough to allow larger stones to pass freely thus cutting back on the risk of blockage. This is why I find Hulda Clark’s flush the superior flush that works best. Liver flushes do have an effect on your health and if you have certain illnesses you may see how well it can aid the body. The Liver plays a role in causing bed wetting since the Kidneys are balanced by the Spleen which itself is balanced by the Liver. You can get heat or even dampness within the Liver causing this problem. Any problems with the Liver will cause its mother, the Kidneys to dysfunction and vice-versa. Correcting a Liver suffering this problem will have a positive knock-on effect with the bedwetting symptom. The child is suffering from a lack of vital force to the urinary bladder. This means we would need to focus on the Kidney, Livery and Spleen matrix if it was still a symptom.

      I would recommend you utilize the Chlorella herb like Alexandra did on her autistic child which has created a different child who is doing quite well these days. For autistic problems I would highly recommend homoeopathy which seriously targets the root causes, most of which stem from quack vaccinations as you know by now. These vaccinations bypass the body’s natural defenses because they are injected direct into the blood stream as the needle breaks the body’s hermetic sealing going against natures laws. You know some of the poisons withing these vaccinations and how they are now directly entering organs they should not be. In homoeopathy we have what is called nosodes which will do what a vaccination will do but far better and without any of the side effects of vaccines. An example would be the flu vaccine, instead we would simple have a homoeopathic Influenzium 30c once a week and this is the same as having the vaccine without the side effects. At a higher dosage like 200c this would be once a month and at M dosages it could last for months.

      The mouth is an important area for many meridians attached to various tissue and organs. If we load up the mouth with metal fillings we are altering the electrical resistance in the mouth which can have a negative effect on an organ. One of the expose’s of problems with dental work and health is Dr Hulda Clark although she speaks more on the chemical and radiation exposures rather than electrical disturbances. It is true that you are better off without the tooth than having a root filling etc. Today we do have false teeth so you can still eat, years ago people would not have been able to eat properly so keeping a tooth would have been more important back then. Worrying about toxins over time when one cannot eat to live would have been foolish. Yes most dentures give off radiation but you do not have to wear them all the time and they could be used just to eat if one so desired. Study the link at the bottom of this writing which will help you with what tooth is connected with what organ and system within the body.

      Homoeopathy is one of the cheapest forms of alternative health and the most effective. The preparations themselves are very cheap and will last months of continual use and last themselves indefinitely. Imagine a 30ml bottle and how long that will last with just two drops at a time. I’ve had a Sulphur LM1 now for months and I am still only less than a quarter of a way through it. In England that Sulphur cost me just £9. That is an example of how cheap the preparations are. As for the homoeopath these usually charge here around £40 or less and many even include the preparations in that cost. You usually do not have to see a homoeopath for around six weeks or more at a time unless you feel you need to. If a change comes you usually phone the homoeopath and they will advise and/or send you another preparation to work on. It is cheaper than you may be thinking, especially when you add up the costs of all these herbs, supplements and cleanses people are buying and taking.

      When you get a homoeopathic preparation from a registered pharmacy you are getting quality preparations that are monitored and controlled officially unlike herbal medicines etc. So you have no problems with quality issues as with other forms of alternative medicine. It is true that many herbs sold are of poor quality from start to finish. Some are overgrown using chemicals and not organically, then there is the gassing of herbs afterwards to think about. I get the highest quality medicinal herbal tinctures used by the professional herbalists. My herbs are almost always organic and they are also grown with the seasons and via occult agricultural practices to aid their medicinal potencies. Finding quality herbs is difficult and because of this we have some people claiming herbs do not work etc. If you have a quality herbal medicine it will work unless you have an issue with your digestive system which may be impairing its abilities or a blockage that herb just cannot get past. This is where homoeopathy excels because it is vibrational energy medicine. Homoeopathic preparations get straight into the body via the central nervous system not the digestive system. They enter very quickly and can blast past and through blockages when all else has failed.

      Dosages depend on the ratio of herb to alcohol used so for instance a dosage of 1:5-1:2 will be far higher than what you would use with a 1:1 fluid extract. The average doses recommended for an adult are based upon a weight of one-hundred and fifty pounds so what you do is weigh you child and then divide this up to find the dosage for your child. So for example a 50lb child would be a third of the dosage that would be given to an adult, therefore if the adult dosage was 3ml of tincture then you would give the child 1ml of tincture and so forth. I can aid you with herbal dosages if you are stuck. The Slippery elm and Marshmallow powders are simply 50/50 heaped spoons into a gruel for eating. Yes you can infusion quality dried herbs of Chamomile and Lemon-balm (melissa) no problem at all, in fact I take Chamomile this way at the moment. You cannot decoct tarantula it is a homoeopathic preparation only.

      Drinking herbal teas in small dosages like tea bags will not cure ailments like a quality herbal tincture might. You would need many bags and quality herbs to boot. As I said the true cure is homoeopathic energy medicine. Well I prefer promoting tinctures usually but all I can say is try him on one lemon-balm tea a day and see what happens over a week and increase by one extra cup until he is on say three a day unless he has aggravations of course. Tinctures would be better for children as they are small and can be taken in seconds, only downside of tinctures is the alcoholic heat. Do not forget about the power of virgin Coconut oil against fungus etc, this should aid you well with your overall health and your fight against candida. You should try taking one tablespoon of VCO daily, this will also aid your thyroid function as it helps soften the thyroid too.

      Iodine will be just fine from marine phytoplankton, seaweeds are a great source of natural iodine. Dr Christopher always promoted kelp, Iceland moss and so forth as natural alternatives to Lugol’s Iodine. I would say that in many ways Lugol’s is more effective on certain health issues but overall for natural health purposes the natural iodine is superior in the long-run. I personally use homoeopathic Iodum which is basically a preparation based on Lugol’s iodine (potassium iodide). You will kill off many invaders in your body when using iodine, it is a great anti-infection compound as well as useful for so many different things. Just do not go overboard and take it steady, if you do this then Iodine will serve you well. I can only recommend you get Iodum from a registered homoeopathic pharmacy like Helios or Galen in the UK or others Worldwide. I do not know where to promote you get your herbs from in the United States, you will need to find that out. Try finding a local herbalist and seeing where they get their herbs from or try buying them from the herbalist once they have seen you once.

      Most supplements are a form of coal-tar poison no different to pharmaceuticals and most are made by pharmaceutical companies. If you look at Holland & Barrett in the UK this so-called health store is commanded by The Carlyle Group which is a defense based company closely in bed with the pharmaceutical industry and it is connected with the vile George H.W Bush. Does this promote wellness in your mind? I think not. These supplements if placed in the ground will turn to mold and do nothing. Only things which produce life from planting are of worth and thus are life. For an example look at mung bean sprouting and how life comes forth. Imagine a poisonous iron tablet from a health food store doing they? May I remind all that Iron in supplement form is dangerous, only iron from plant form should be taken such as Yellowdock, Nettle and blackstrap Molasses etc.

      If you find the B12 supplement aids the child then continue, if you suspect it does not then simply remove it. Hemp oil is fine if quality cold pressed like other quality oils. Cod Liver Oil is excellent but it can cause throat problems over time and the quality today is dire so its up to you, it is an excellent source of vitamin A but you can get this from eating Liver. You cannot put Licorice powder in your gruel, I would suggest if you want to use licorice root that you decoct the licorice then use that fluid in your gruel but not the physical licorice itself. What you want to do with the child is start slowly, if he is used to those other things by now and he is doing okay then continue with these at the levels you have been. Gradually build him onto the others so if there are any aggravations you know what is causing the problem and then you can either lower the dosages or cut it out entirely. If you take too many things at one time it is hard to work out what is the cause of the problem.

      When I mentioned Xylitol I was not promoting it as a sweetener, I was mentioning it as an anti-fungal for candida. I do not know if Stevia has any anti-fungal properties but Stevia is a far superior sweetener but must only be ingested in its natural state meaning it should be green in color not processed and white like we see sold today. There is no need to take a multivitamin, they are almost useless except for poisoning the body with coal-tar. A good super-food like Wheat-grass or Spirulina will do far more for you.

      If you have dairy and you do not notice any problems then I suggest you ignore the hate against dairy, if you suffer with a problem then you keep away from dairy until you are fixed. There is a lot of hate promoted against saturated fats, dairy and meat eating, there is a reason for this and it is a nefarious one connected to an organization at the top called the Club of Rome. Most of what you hear on TV and even in some of the alternative field is wrong and based on pseudo-science and outright lies which is ruining modern health today. Did you see so many obese people when we ate meat rather than soy? Did you see so many obese when we took sugar (not a good thing but I make the point still) rather than sweeteners? Did you see so many obese people when we had saturated fats rather than these poisonous vegetable oils. I rest my case! It is not the meat which is bad, it is the over consumption and the farming of the meat with chemicals etc. Raw milk is one of the most nutritious whole foods in existence and will do far more for you than a vegan diet could ever do.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      Extensive data on the meridians of the teeth following Chinese medicine


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