My personal thoughts on how North Korea can progress and counter the Trans-Atlantic Empire

My personal thoughts on how North Korea can progress and counter the Trans-Atlantic Empire

By The Unhived Mind – April 23rd 2019

Addition: North Korea was captured by the Postal gangland Western powers on the 6th of July in 1974

We’re soon to see a meeting take place in Vladivostok, Russia between the legendary Russian PresidentVladimir Putin and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The way in which North Korea can prevent any military conflict with the U.S. is quite simple and it’ll not require the Koreansto give up their sovereignty etc. I would suggest that Russia and/or China protect North KoreaKim-Jong-un should allow Russia or China to come in and use their own weaponry to defend the nation.North Korea will then do away with their own nuclear programs etc and thus the West cannot claim that North Korea has weapons of its own that are a threat to particular regions. The only downsideto this is that North korea will be putting their trust in a third party such as RussiaKim Jong-un has to way up the odds and think about what would happen in a military conflict with the West and if having full independence in his military is worth that price? China will not put up with any rogue actions in any shape or form near its own border with North Korea. I’m sure President Putin has this type of idea and I believe North Korea may soon get hold of the S-400 air defense systemamongst other defensive measuresNorth Korea has a lot of tungsten which I’m sure both Russia and China crave for their space programmes and thus the tungsten can be bartered in for defense trade.

What needs to happen around the world is for all the so-called nations (really UPU corporations) to switch to Russian weaponry and make sure their airspace is completely firewall protected from the tyranny of the Babylonian Talmudicled Western powers. Once the defense is in place then all these Universal Postal Union slaves should quit the international bankruptcy slavery and just start a whole new system with the Golden Horde of the Gold Alliance known as a the BRICS and by using commerce outside of the Freemasonic-led UPU. I’ve promoted the BRICS for a very a long time and before most had ever even heard about the organisation. We’ve now just seen seventeen Arab so-called nations along with two European so-called nations; Switzerland and Italy join the New Silk Road along with even Merkel hinting at Germany joining the Belt and Road Initiative.

Lets hope that Vladimir Putin can speedily sort out the North Korean issue and thus show up and ignore the neocon-led West who’ve failed through their own tyranny and demands using the likes of the warmonger exceptionalist Michael Pompeo who’s also trying to hammer Venezuela and Iran with a coup d’etat, sanctions and military conflictI’ll tell you right now that the Gold Alliance has already won this battle and the only chance for the Talmudic devil-led Trans-Atlantic Anglo-Saxon Empire front is a new Global conflict. Theimminent attempt at the triggering of this World War III is being put into play by Sheldon Adelson/Netanyahu‘s shabbos goy called Donald J Trump (false Commander-in-Chief) on behalf of the UPU who really run the U.S Department of Defense and the U.S. Treasury Department. Some might argue that the UPU no longer controls the U.S since 2000 but when have you not seen the golden fringed flag?

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